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Pincodes of Agra

Welcome to our directory of Agra pincodes! Agra, an Indian city in Uttar Pradesh, is well-known for the magnificent Taj Mahal and its extensive historical legacy. Every locality and region in Agra is given a distinct PIN code, also called the Postal Index Number, in order to guarantee the effective sorting and delivery of mail and packages. You can quickly and easily obtain accurate PIN code information for a variety of Agra localities and neighborhoods by using our Agra Pincodes directory. Our easy-to-use search tool makes it simple to find the correct PIN code for a particular area, whether you’re mailing mail or packages.

Agra Pincodes

Here is a list of Agra Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1509command282001AgraUttar Pradesh
2Achnera283101AgraUttar Pradesh
3Achnera Mandi283101AgraUttar Pradesh
4Agra282001AgraUttar Pradesh
5Agra Barrcks282001AgraUttar Pradesh
6Agra Chauk282003AgraUttar Pradesh
7Agra City282003AgraUttar Pradesh
8Agra Fort282003AgraUttar Pradesh
9Agra University282004AgraUttar Pradesh
10Agwar283202AgraUttar Pradesh
11Aharan283201AgraUttar Pradesh
12Akhabai283102AgraUttar Pradesh
13Akola283102AgraUttar Pradesh
14Anwal Khera283201AgraUttar Pradesh
15Arela283201AgraUttar Pradesh
16Arhera283110AgraUttar Pradesh
17Arnota283111AgraUttar Pradesh
18Arrua Khas283101AgraUttar Pradesh
19Arsena282007AgraUttar Pradesh
20Artoni282007AgraUttar Pradesh
21Atoos283105AgraUttar Pradesh
22Aulanda283110AgraUttar Pradesh
23Ayela283124AgraUttar Pradesh
24B.M. khan282002AgraUttar Pradesh
25B.P oilmill282003AgraUttar Pradesh
26B.V. bichpuri283105AgraUttar Pradesh
27Bah283104AgraUttar Pradesh
28Baharawati283101AgraUttar Pradesh
29Bainpur282007AgraUttar Pradesh
30Balu Ganj282001AgraUttar Pradesh
31Baman283126AgraUttar Pradesh
32Bamnai Kalan283115AgraUttar Pradesh
33Bamrauli283104AgraUttar Pradesh
34Bamrauli Ahir282009AgraUttar Pradesh
35Bamrauli Katara282006AgraUttar Pradesh
36Barara283102AgraUttar Pradesh
37Barauli Ahir283125AgraUttar Pradesh
38Barauli Gujar283111AgraUttar Pradesh
39Barenda283123AgraUttar Pradesh
40Barhan283201AgraUttar Pradesh
41Barobara Khurd283125AgraUttar Pradesh
42Barwar283119AgraUttar Pradesh
43Basai Jagner283115AgraUttar Pradesh
44Baseri Chahar283122AgraUttar Pradesh
45Baseri Kazi283110AgraUttar Pradesh
46Basona283126AgraUttar Pradesh
47Basoni283123AgraUttar Pradesh
48Bateshwar283104AgraUttar Pradesh
49Behrampur283202AgraUttar Pradesh
50Belan Ganj282004AgraUttar Pradesh
51Beman283122AgraUttar Pradesh
52Berichahar283102AgraUttar Pradesh
53Bhadrauli283113AgraUttar Pradesh
54Bhagupur283202AgraUttar Pradesh
55Bhakar283121AgraUttar Pradesh
56Bhalokhara283111AgraUttar Pradesh
57Bhara283115AgraUttar Pradesh
58Bharkol283110AgraUttar Pradesh
59Bhilawali283121AgraUttar Pradesh
60Bhogipura282010AgraUttar Pradesh
61Biara283101AgraUttar Pradesh
62Bichola283113AgraUttar Pradesh
63Bihari283111AgraUttar Pradesh
64Bijhamai283111AgraUttar Pradesh
65Bikapur Tap kharga283112AgraUttar Pradesh
66Billoch Pura282002AgraUttar Pradesh
67Biprawali283123AgraUttar Pradesh
68Birai283124AgraUttar Pradesh
69Birharu283124AgraUttar Pradesh
70Birthala283112AgraUttar Pradesh
71Bisalpur283102AgraUttar Pradesh
72Bitholi283113AgraUttar Pradesh
73Bodla282007AgraUttar Pradesh
74Budhana Mustkil282006AgraUttar Pradesh
75C.O.d.282009AgraUttar Pradesh
76Chamraua283104AgraUttar Pradesh
77Chamraula283201AgraUttar Pradesh
78Chaoli283201AgraUttar Pradesh
79Chauma Shahpur283110AgraUttar Pradesh
80Chaurangahar283104AgraUttar Pradesh
81Cheet283119AgraUttar Pradesh
82Chhalesar282006AgraUttar Pradesh
83Chhipitola282001AgraUttar Pradesh
84Chimman Lal road282003AgraUttar Pradesh
85Chitaura283125AgraUttar Pradesh
86Chitra Hat283114AgraUttar Pradesh
87Chokda283201AgraUttar Pradesh
88Churiyari283110AgraUttar Pradesh
89Civil Court282002AgraUttar Pradesh
90Civil Line282002AgraUttar Pradesh
91Collectrate282010AgraUttar Pradesh
92Dabar283110AgraUttar Pradesh
93Dahtora282007AgraUttar Pradesh
94Dankasha283124AgraUttar Pradesh
95Daoli283105AgraUttar Pradesh
96Darki283112AgraUttar Pradesh
97Dauki283111AgraUttar Pradesh
98Daultabad283101AgraUttar Pradesh
99Dayal Bagh282005AgraUttar Pradesh
100Dehgawan283115AgraUttar Pradesh
101Deoretha283122AgraUttar Pradesh
102Deori282009AgraUttar Pradesh
103Dhanaula Kalan283125AgraUttar Pradesh
104Dhandupura282006AgraUttar Pradesh
105Dhanina283115AgraUttar Pradesh
106Dhanoli283102AgraUttar Pradesh
107Dharera283202AgraUttar Pradesh
108Dhaurra283202AgraUttar Pradesh
109Dhim Shree283125AgraUttar Pradesh
110Digner283125AgraUttar Pradesh
111Digrauta283119AgraUttar Pradesh
112Doora283110AgraUttar Pradesh
113Dulhara283110AgraUttar Pradesh
114Etmadpur283202AgraUttar Pradesh
115Fatehabad283111AgraUttar Pradesh
116Fatehabad Bazaar283111AgraUttar Pradesh
117Fatehapursikari283110AgraUttar Pradesh
118Foundry Nagar282006AgraUttar Pradesh
119G. l. emporiaumi282001AgraUttar Pradesh
120G.G industries282004AgraUttar Pradesh
121G.M khan282003AgraUttar Pradesh
122Gajaura283123AgraUttar Pradesh
123Gandhi Nagar282003AgraUttar Pradesh
124Garh Mukha283119AgraUttar Pradesh
125Garhi Lal kalan283125AgraUttar Pradesh
126Garhwar283114AgraUttar Pradesh
127Garsani283102AgraUttar Pradesh
128Garshan283124AgraUttar Pradesh
129Gokulpura282002AgraUttar Pradesh
130Gonseli283104AgraUttar Pradesh
131Gubroth283111AgraUttar Pradesh
132Gurki Mandi283110AgraUttar Pradesh
133Gutila283125AgraUttar Pradesh
134H.N.khera283125AgraUttar Pradesh
135Hansela283101AgraUttar Pradesh
136Hasanpur283126AgraUttar Pradesh
137Hazipur Khera282006AgraUttar Pradesh
138Hironda283124AgraUttar Pradesh
139Holi Pura283113AgraUttar Pradesh
140Holiday In.282001AgraUttar Pradesh
141Hospital Road282003AgraUttar Pradesh
142Hotal Clarkshiraj282001AgraUttar Pradesh
143I. a. f.282008AgraUttar Pradesh
144Idgha Colony282001AgraUttar Pradesh
145Industrial Estate282006AgraUttar Pradesh
146Iradat Nagar283112AgraUttar Pradesh
147Jaganpur282005AgraUttar Pradesh
148Jagdish Pura282002AgraUttar Pradesh
149Jagner283115AgraUttar Pradesh
150Jagrajpur283111AgraUttar Pradesh
151Jaingara283122AgraUttar Pradesh
152Jaitpur283114AgraUttar Pradesh
153Jajau283110AgraUttar Pradesh
154Jajauli283110AgraUttar Pradesh
155Jarar283104AgraUttar Pradesh
156Jarari283111AgraUttar Pradesh
157Jarua Katra283102AgraUttar Pradesh
158John's Mill282004AgraUttar Pradesh
159Johri Bazar282003AgraUttar Pradesh
160Jonai283124AgraUttar Pradesh
161K.H.sansthan282005AgraUttar Pradesh
162Kachaura283101AgraUttar Pradesh
163Kachora Ghat283114AgraUttar Pradesh
164Kagrol283119AgraUttar Pradesh
165Kailash282007AgraUttar Pradesh
166Kakua282009AgraUttar Pradesh
167Kalal Kheria282006AgraUttar Pradesh
168Kalayanpur Bhagirathpur202124AgraUttar Pradesh
169Kalibari282003AgraUttar Pradesh
170Kalwari283105AgraUttar Pradesh
171Kamala Nagar282004AgraUttar Pradesh
172Kamtari283104AgraUttar Pradesh
173Kanjauli283126AgraUttar Pradesh
174Karahara283105AgraUttar Pradesh
175Karkoli283123AgraUttar Pradesh
176Karodhana Kala282009AgraUttar Pradesh
177Kathwari283101AgraUttar Pradesh
178Kaulara Kalan283111AgraUttar Pradesh
179Keetham282007AgraUttar Pradesh
180Khanda283201AgraUttar Pradesh
181Khandauli283126AgraUttar Pradesh
182Khander283111AgraUttar Pradesh
183Khandri282002AgraUttar Pradesh
184Kheragarh283121AgraUttar Pradesh
185Kheria283102AgraUttar Pradesh
186Kheria Airport282008AgraUttar Pradesh
187Khilawali283114AgraUttar Pradesh
188Kiraoli283122AgraUttar Pradesh
189Korai283110AgraUttar Pradesh
190Kukapur283114AgraUttar Pradesh
191Kukthala283105AgraUttar Pradesh
192Kukthari283123AgraUttar Pradesh
193Kundaul283111AgraUttar Pradesh
194Kurra Chittaipur282009AgraUttar Pradesh
195Kwari283104AgraUttar Pradesh
196Labour Colony282004AgraUttar Pradesh
197Ladhu Khera283124AgraUttar Pradesh
198Lahra283125AgraUttar Pradesh
199Lajpat Kunj282002AgraUttar Pradesh
200Lakhurani283125AgraUttar Pradesh
201Loha Mandi282002AgraUttar Pradesh
202Mahab283112AgraUttar Pradesh
203Maharajpur283111AgraUttar Pradesh
204Mahuar283122AgraUttar Pradesh
205Mahwatpur283201AgraUttar Pradesh
206Maloni283104AgraUttar Pradesh
207Malpura283102AgraUttar Pradesh
208Malupur283126AgraUttar Pradesh
209Malviya Kunj282002AgraUttar Pradesh
210Mandi Mirja khan283110AgraUttar Pradesh
211Mangrol Jat283101AgraUttar Pradesh
212Manikpura283123AgraUttar Pradesh
213Mankeda283102AgraUttar Pradesh
214Mau283114AgraUttar Pradesh
215Medical College282002AgraUttar Pradesh
216Mehdau283110AgraUttar Pradesh
217Mehra Chudhary283111AgraUttar Pradesh
218Midhakur283105AgraUttar Pradesh
219Mihawa283112AgraUttar Pradesh
220Mitaoli283201AgraUttar Pradesh
221Moti Katara282003AgraUttar Pradesh
222Mukhbar283201AgraUttar Pradesh
223Murkia283102AgraUttar Pradesh
224Murthar Alipur283201AgraUttar Pradesh
225N.M.palika282002AgraUttar Pradesh
226N.V.colony282004AgraUttar Pradesh
227Nadeem283124AgraUttar Pradesh
228Nadgawan283114AgraUttar Pradesh
229Nagar283110AgraUttar Pradesh
230Nagar Chand283111AgraUttar Pradesh
231Nagaria283111AgraUttar Pradesh
232Nagla Bari283201AgraUttar Pradesh
233Nagla Bel283201AgraUttar Pradesh
234Nagla Dulhe khan283121AgraUttar Pradesh
235Nagla Kali282009AgraUttar Pradesh
236Nagla Patam283112AgraUttar Pradesh
237Nagla Sabla282006AgraUttar Pradesh
238Nahchani283122AgraUttar Pradesh
239Nai Ki mandi282010AgraUttar Pradesh
240Nainana Jat282009AgraUttar Pradesh
241Namner282001AgraUttar Pradesh
242Naraich282006AgraUttar Pradesh
243Naugawan283114AgraUttar Pradesh
244New Agra282005AgraUttar Pradesh
245Nibohara283111AgraUttar Pradesh
246Noni283115AgraUttar Pradesh
247Nunhai282006AgraUttar Pradesh
248P.R.r282001AgraUttar Pradesh
249Prtc282010AgraUttar Pradesh
250Palia283111AgraUttar Pradesh
251Panwari282007AgraUttar Pradesh
252Parna283114AgraUttar Pradesh
253Pathauli283105AgraUttar Pradesh
254Patsal283110AgraUttar Pradesh
255Pent Khera283126AgraUttar Pradesh
256Pentikhera283125AgraUttar Pradesh
257Pharera283113AgraUttar Pradesh
258Phool Pur283125AgraUttar Pradesh
259Phulatti Bazar282003AgraUttar Pradesh
260Pidhora283113AgraUttar Pradesh
261Pinahat283123AgraUttar Pradesh
262Poiya Tarrakpur283126AgraUttar Pradesh
263Pura Guman singh283104AgraUttar Pradesh
264Pura Kanhera283113AgraUttar Pradesh
265Pura Tinnet283104AgraUttar Pradesh
266Puramana283122AgraUttar Pradesh
267Puseta283112AgraUttar Pradesh
268R.B.s.college282002AgraUttar Pradesh
269Rahlai283112AgraUttar Pradesh
270Raibha283101AgraUttar Pradesh
271Raja Mandi282002AgraUttar Pradesh
272Rajora283113AgraUttar Pradesh
273Rajpur282001AgraUttar Pradesh
274Rakabganj282001AgraUttar Pradesh
275Rampur283101AgraUttar Pradesh
276Rasoolpur283121AgraUttar Pradesh
277Ratoti283113AgraUttar Pradesh
278Rawatpara282003AgraUttar Pradesh
279Reha283123AgraUttar Pradesh
280Rehan Kalan282006AgraUttar Pradesh
281Richhpura283114AgraUttar Pradesh
282Richoba283115AgraUttar Pradesh
283Rithori283124AgraUttar Pradesh
284Rohta282009AgraUttar Pradesh
285Rojholi283122AgraUttar Pradesh
286Rudhmuli283104AgraUttar Pradesh
287Runkata282007AgraUttar Pradesh
288Sabora283123AgraUttar Pradesh
289Sadar Bazar282001AgraUttar Pradesh
290Sadarbhatti282003AgraUttar Pradesh
291Sahara283105AgraUttar Pradesh
292Sahata283105AgraUttar Pradesh
293Saiyan283124AgraUttar Pradesh
294Saket Colony282010AgraUttar Pradesh
295Salemabad283122AgraUttar Pradesh
296Samara283110AgraUttar Pradesh
297Samsabad283125AgraUttar Pradesh
298Sandhan283101AgraUttar Pradesh
299Sanjay Place282002AgraUttar Pradesh
300Sanjeti283114AgraUttar Pradesh
301Sarai283126AgraUttar Pradesh
302Sarai Khawaja282001AgraUttar Pradesh
303Sarendha283119AgraUttar Pradesh
304Sarendi283119AgraUttar Pradesh
305Sawain283202AgraUttar Pradesh
306Semera283126AgraUttar Pradesh
307Semri282009AgraUttar Pradesh
308Seola Jat282001AgraUttar Pradesh
309Shahaganj282010AgraUttar Pradesh
310Shahganj Bazar282010AgraUttar Pradesh
311Shahi283105AgraUttar Pradesh
312Shahpur Brahman283114AgraUttar Pradesh
313Shahpur Toola283125AgraUttar Pradesh
314Shiaupura283114AgraUttar Pradesh
315Shiv Nagar283114AgraUttar Pradesh
316Shoe Market282003AgraUttar Pradesh
317Shyamo283125AgraUttar Pradesh
318Sidhaoli283104AgraUttar Pradesh
319Sikandra282007AgraUttar Pradesh
320Sikraondha283110AgraUttar Pradesh
321Sikrara283111AgraUttar Pradesh
322Siktara283201AgraUttar Pradesh
323Singaich283115AgraUttar Pradesh
324Soni Khera283115AgraUttar Pradesh
325Sultan Pura282001AgraUttar Pradesh
326Sunari283105AgraUttar Pradesh
327Swara283111AgraUttar Pradesh
328T.P. nagar282002AgraUttar Pradesh
329Taj282001AgraUttar Pradesh
330Tajganj282001AgraUttar Pradesh
331Tanora Noorpur283111AgraUttar Pradesh
332Tarauli Gujar283111AgraUttar Pradesh
333Tasond283123AgraUttar Pradesh
334Tehra283124AgraUttar Pradesh
335Tehu283201AgraUttar Pradesh
336Thana Shankar dwari283125AgraUttar Pradesh
337Therai283125AgraUttar Pradesh
338Tiwaha283111AgraUttar Pradesh
339Tnatpur283115AgraUttar Pradesh
340Turkia283101AgraUttar Pradesh
341Ujarai283102AgraUttar Pradesh
342Umretha283123AgraUttar Pradesh
343Uncha283126AgraUttar Pradesh
344Undera283110AgraUttar Pradesh
345Ushmanpur283201AgraUttar Pradesh
346Vikrampur283104AgraUttar Pradesh
347Waha283119AgraUttar Pradesh
348Wazir Pura282003AgraUttar Pradesh
349Wazitpur283111AgraUttar Pradesh
350Yamuna Bridge282006AgraUttar Pradesh
351Yamuna Kinara282003AgraUttar Pradesh

About Agra

Situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is a city on the banks of the Yamuna river. It is roughly 140 miles (230 km) southeast of Delhi, the capital of the country, and 330 km west of Lucknow, the state capital. Agra is the fourth most populous city in Uttar Pradesh and the twenty-third most populous city in India, home to about 1.6 million people. Sikandar Lodi’s reign marked the beginning of Agra’s noteworthy historical period, but the Mughals marked the start of the city’s golden age. The Mughal emperors Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan all made Agra the capital of the empire and the most important city on the Indian subcontinent.


Two distinct histories of Agra exist: the old city on the east bank of the Yamuna, also known as the left bank, which dates back so far that it was lost in the stories of Krishna and Mahabharata and was rebuilt by Sikandar Lodhi in 1504–1505. The other is the history of the modern city, founded by Akbar in 1558 on the right bank of the river, which is connected to the Mughals and is popularly known as the city of the Taj. All that’s left of ancient Agra are the faint remnants of its foundations.


The area surrounding Agra is primarily a level plain, with some hills in the far southwest. The Yamuna and Chambal rivers are two of the area’s rivers. The Agra Canal provides water to the area as well. Among the crops farmed in the nearby countryside are millet, barley, wheat, and cotton. Crops are raised in both Rabi and Kharif seasons. Fatehpur Sikri, an abandoned city, is located approximately 40 km southwest of Agra. The sandstone hills on the district’s southeast boundary and close to Fatehpur Sikri are outgrowths of Central India’s Vindhya mountain range.


The city experiences hot, dry summers, pleasant winters, and a monsoon season. Due to its proximity to the sandy Thar Desert to the west, the Agra district experiences more extreme weather than other districts located further east. It is also relatively dry. Loo, the hot west wind, blows most fiercely in April, May, and June and can be fatal in cases of heatstroke. The highest April temperature ever recorded in Agra was 47.3 °C (117.1 °F) on April 29, 2022. The first week of July marks the start of the monsoon season, which ends in mid-September on average.


Agra is the fourth most populous city in Uttar Pradesh and the twenty-third most populous city in India, home to about 1.6 million people. Agra city’s population is 1,585,704 according to the 2011 Indian Census, while the metropolitan area’s population is 1,760,285. In Agra city, there are 875 females for every 1000 males, and 857 girls for every 1000 boys in the child sex ratio. The city of Agra has an average literacy rate of 73.11%, with rates for men and women being 77.81% and 67.74%, respectively.


Agra’s tourism industry is flourishing due to the presence of the Taj Mahal and other historical monuments. The city is also known for its royal crafts, which include Pietra Dura, carpets, and marble inlay. About 40% of people work in agriculture, while others are employed in iron foundries, the leather and shoe industries, or both. In 2007, Agra ranked second in India for the number of self-employed people, after Varanasi, and ahead of Bhopal, Indore, and Patna.


PIN codes what are they?

To help with the effective sorting and delivery of mail, PIN codes, also known as Postal Index Numbers, are specific codes assigned to areas within Agra (and other regions). It makes mail and package destinations more precisely identifiable to postal services.

How can I locate an Agra locality's PIN code?

By using the search feature on our website, you can quickly locate the PIN code for a specific area in Agra. Our system will give you the associated PIN code when you enter the name of the location, region, or landmark.

Why is it crucial to send mail in Agra using the correct PIN?

For your mail and packages to be delivered promptly and accurately, you must enter the correct PIN. Delivery problems may arise from misrouting and delays caused by incorrect PIN codes.

Can companies in Agra profit from precise PIN codes?

Of course! For businesses in Agra to improve customer satisfaction, minimize shipping errors, and streamline logistics, accurate PIN codes are essential. Successful deliveries depend on your shipments being correctly addressed and having the right PIN coded.

Is it free to obtain Agra PIN codes using this website?

Yes, anyone can use our service and it is completely free. For the convenience of Agra's citizens, businesses, and visitors, we are dedicated to making the process of locating PIN codes as easy as possible.