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Pincode of Anakapalle

The charming town of Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India, is home to Anakapalle Pincode 531001. Anakapalle provides a tranquil fusion of tradition and rustic charm. It is well-known for its natural beauty, cultural legacy, and agricultural significance. Visit ancient temples, stroll through verdant meadows, and take part in the town’s cultural events. The center of this area, where agriculture, spirituality, and the natural beauty coexist together, can be reached with the help of the Anakapalle Pincode 531001. This Pincode provides an enlightening trip into the spirit of Anakapalle, whether you’re taking in the breathtaking scenery or partaking in local customs.

Anakapalle Pincode

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No.LocationPincode District State
1Anakapalle531001VisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh

About Anakapalle

The Anakapalli district headquarters in Andhra Pradesh is located in the residential neighborhood of Anakapalli (sometimes spelled Anakapalle) in the city of Visakhapatnam. 2015 saw the merger of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation with the Anakapalli municipality. Zone 7 of the GVMC applies to it. Here’s the second-largest jaggery market in India.


Several dynasties, including the Chedi Kingdom of Kalinga (Orissa), the Eastern Ganga dynasty of Orissa, the Gajapati Kingdom of Orissa, the Kakatiya, and the Qutub Shahi empires, dominated this region prior to the town falling under the jurisdiction of the Kalinga Empire (ancient Orissa). The territory was ruled by Kakarlapudi Appala Raju Payakarao circa 1611, when he succeeded the Nawab of Golconda, with Anakapalli serving as his stronghold. The story of Anakapalli begins when a historian by the name of “Tallapragada” discovered Anakapalli. The historical data discovered on Bojjana Konda proved this. The region was ruled by the Satavahanas, Vishnukundina, Gajapathi’s, Vijayanagara Samrats, and Golkonda Samanta Rajulu.


Anakapalli is situated at 17.6913°N 83.0039°E, 29 m (95 ft) above sea level, on the banks of the Sarada River. It occupies 23.28 square kilometer (8.99 sq mi) in total.


Anakapalli encompassed 143 villages and covered 297 square miles (770 km2), according to the Imperial Gazetteer of India. There were 84,523 people living in Anakapalli as of the 2001 Indian census. Males make up half of the population, and females the other half. With 54% of men and 46% of women literate, Anakapalli has a higher average literacy rate than the country as a whole, at 67%. Ten percent of the population is younger than six.


The Municipality of Anakapalli has a 120-year history. In 1877, the municipality was established. Anakapalli used the Madras City Development Act to become a municipality. The Madras District Municipality Act of 1884 states that its membership was decided to be thirteen.In 1885 and 1897, the municipality had a municipal chairman who was elected directly. In 1956, it attained first-class municipality status. A municipality with thirty-two wards. The annual revenue for this municipality is approximately one crore. Later, in 2015, zone-07’s G.V.M.C. combined with this.


The primary products of agriculture include rice, corn, sugarcane, and other kinds of vegetables. The primary crop grown in this area is sugarcane, and Anakapalli is well-known for having the second-largest jaggery market in India. Near Anakapalli, Velagapudi Steels owns a steel factory.


What is Anakapalli famous for?

The primary products of agriculture include rice, corn, sugarcane, and other kinds of vegetables. The primary crop grown in this area is sugarcane, and Anakapalli is well-known for having the second-largest jaggery market in India.

Why do you like Anakapalli?

The jaggery market in the town of Anakapalli is well-known. When it comes to imports and exports of jaggery, its market is the second largest in India.

How many villages are there in Anakapalle district?

The Anakapalli Mandal covers 161.62 square kilometers. There are 26,224 houses in Anakapalli Mandal, which is home to 100,418 people living in 64 villages, 43 panchayats, and 1 census town.

What is the another name of Anakapalle?

Anakapalli, Anekaphalle, Vijaypuri, Veniapalii, Kanakapuri, Bellampatnam, Anakapally, and Anakapalli are some of its alias names. It is situated next to the revered Sarada River.

What are the borders of Anakapalli district?

It is bordered to the east by the Bay of Bengal, to the west by the Andhra Pradesh districts of Annamayya and Chittoor, to the north by the Andhra Pradesh districts of SPSR Nellore and Annamayya, and to the south by the Andhra Pradesh districts of Chittoor and Tamilnadu State.