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Pincodes of Annuppur

Anuppur, a quaint town in Madhya Pradesh, is known for its serene natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, it offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle of city life. The town is a gateway to various historical and religious sites, attracting visitors with its unique charm. For residents and tourists alike, navigating Anuppur is made convenient with the use of Anuppur pincodes, which help in accurately identifying locations and ensuring smooth mail delivery within this picturesque region.

Annuppur Pincodes

Here is a list of Annuppur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Achalpur484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
2Amai Colliery484116AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
3Amarkantak484886AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
4Amdari484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
5Amgawan484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
6Anuppur484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
7Anuppur Basti484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
8Audhera484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
9Badra Colliery484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
10Baherabandh484440AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
11Bahgarh484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
12Baitola484440AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
13Balbahra484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
14Bamhani484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
15Bangawan484446AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
16Barbaspur484336AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
17Bargawan484117AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
18Basantpur484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
19Batura484001AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
20Beed484113AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
21Beldongari484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
22Beliabadi484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
23Benibari484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
24Bhad484336AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
25Bhejari484886AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
26Bijuri484440AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
27Bijuri Colliery484440AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
28Bilaspur484886AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
29Biltukari484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
30Chachai484220AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
31Chhilhiyamar484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
32Chhilpa484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
33Cholna484113AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
34Chukan484336AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
35Damehri484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
36Deogawan484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
37Dhangawan484330AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
38Dhirutola484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
39Dhunmaniya484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
40Dhurwasin484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
41Dola484446AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
42Dulhara484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
43Gaurela484330AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
44Ghoghari484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
45Girari484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
46Gorsi484330AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
47Harad484444AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
48Jaithari484330AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
49Jamgaon484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
50Jamudi484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
51Jamuna Colliery484444AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
52Jarha484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
53Jeelang484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
54Jheek Bijuri484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
55Jheemar Colliery484446AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
56Johila Project484886AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
57Kachhratola484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
58Karanpathar484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
59Karaundi484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
60Karpa484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
61Kartora484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
62Katkona484440AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
63Kelhauri484001AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
64Keshwahi484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
65Khamhidol484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
66Khamraundh484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
67Khati484886AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
68Khodri484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
69Khoh484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
70Koilari484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
71Kothi484440AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
72Kotma484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
73Kotma Colliery484336AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
74Laharpur484330AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
75Lakhaura484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
76Lamatola484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
77Lamsarai484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
78Lapta484113AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
79Latar484444AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
80Malga484446AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
81Malya484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
82Mediaras484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
83Nigwani484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
84Pasan484336AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
85Pasla484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
86Patnakalan484001AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
87Payari484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
88Piparia484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
89Pondi484113AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
90Rajendragram484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
91Rajnagar Colliery484446AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
92Ramnagar Colliery484446AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
93Rampur484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
94Reusa484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
95Rupaula484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
96S.K. nagar484120AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
97Semra484446AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
98Seorichandas484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
99Sonmauhari484224AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
100Tengha484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
101Thangaon484440AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
102Thodaha484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
103Tulra484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
104Ufrikala484881AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
105Umania484886AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
106Urtan484334AnuppurMadhya Pradesh
107Venkatnagar484113AnuppurMadhya Pradesh

About Annuppur

Anuppur, a charming town in Madhya Pradesh, stands out for its tranquil natural scenery and deep cultural roots. Surrounded by verdant forests and undulating hills, it provides a calm escape from the busy urban environment. Serving as an entrance to numerous historical and spiritual landmarks, this town draws visitors with its distinctive allure.


The early history of Anuppur district, a recent division from the former Shahdol district, is not very clear. According to local beliefs, this area was once the capital of King Virat. Anuppur is also linked to religious figures like Rishis Bhrigu, Markandeya, and the Pandava brothers from Hindu mythology, especially around the Amarkantak region. Historically, the north of the Son River was under the Magadh empire. The region was also known as Mekala, primarily around the present-day Amarkantak Hills and Maikal range, and was possibly inhabited by a small tribe.

Significant historical constructions in Anuppur include the Narmada Temple, built by the Bhonsles of Nagpur. Maharaja Narendra Prasad Singh from the Chauhan dynasty of Singrauli added the outer boundary of this temple complex. The Kalchuris, another ruling dynasty, constructed the Machendranath and Patleshwar temples in Amarkantak. These elements suggest that Anuppur district was once under the rule of both the Bhonsles of Nagpur and the Kalchuris.


Anuppur, a district in the northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its varied geographical features. The district spans an area of approximately 3,747 square kilometers, characterized by a mix of hilly terrain and fertile plains.

The region is part of the East Satpura Range, which brings a unique blend of hills and dense forests. The geography of Anuppur is significantly influenced by its rivers, with the Johilla, Son, and Narmada being the major ones. The Narmada, one of India’s holiest rivers, originates from Amarkantak in this district, making the area particularly important from both a geographical and cultural standpoint.

Anuppur’s climate is tropical, with hot summers, a monsoon season, and mild winters. This climate supports a diverse range of flora and fauna, contributing to the area’s natural beauty. The topography also includes several waterfalls, most notably the Kapildhara and Dudhdhara falls near Amarkantak, which are popular tourist attractions.

The district’s soil is varied, supporting agriculture, which is a primary occupation for many residents. The region grows crops like paddy, wheat, and legumes. Additionally, Anuppur’s forests are rich in timber and medicinal plants, contributing to the local economy and biodiversity.

Overall, Anuppur’s geography, with its hills, rivers, and forests, makes it a region of scenic beauty and ecological importance.


The 2011 census reported Anuppur district’s population as 749,237, ranking it 492nd among India’s 640 districts. With a density of 200 people per square kilometer, it has a gender ratio of 975 females per 1000 males and a literacy rate of 69.08%. About 27.39% of its inhabitants reside in urban areas. The Gonds are the largest tribal group in the district.

Kotma is the largest town in Anuppur, while Barbaspur (Chondi), near the Bhaloo mada coal mines, is the district’s biggest village.

Religiously, Hindus constitute 91.63% of the population, followed by Muslims at 2.87%. Traditional tribal religions account for 4.73%. Linguistically, during the 2011 Census, 91.89% of the district’s population listed Hindi as their primary language. Bagheli was spoken by 2.97%, and Gondi by 2.23%.




Which district is Anuppur in?

Anuppur district, located in the southeastern region of Madhya Pradesh, was established on August 15, 2003, after being separated from Shahdol district. The total area of the newly formed Anuppur district is 3746.71 square kilometers.

What language is spoken in Anuppur district?

During the 2011 Indian Census, it was recorded that 91.89% of the district's population primarily spoke Hindi, while 2.97% spoke Bagheli and 2.23% used Gondi as their first language.

Which river is in Anuppur district?

The Anuppur district in Madhya Pradesh is notably traversed by the Son River and the Johilla River. Additionally, the Narmada River, one of India's major rivers, originates from Amarkantak, which is located in the Anuppur district.

What is the population of Anuppur district?

As of the 2011 Census, the population of Anuppur district was recorded as 749,237.

How many districts are there in MP?

Madhya Pradesh is divided into 52 districts.