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Pincodes of Ariyalur

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Ariyalur Pincodes

Here is a list of Ariyalur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Adhanakurichi621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
2Adhikudikadu621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
3Alagapuram608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
4Alagiamanavalam621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
5Alathipallam612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
6Alathiyur621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
7Ambapur621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
8Ameenabad621713AriyalurTamil Nadu
9Anaikudam612902AriyalurTamil Nadu
10Anandavadi621718AriyalurTamil Nadu
11Andimadam621801AriyalurTamil Nadu
12Anganur621709AriyalurTamil Nadu
13Angarayanallur621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
14Anikduichan621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
15Annanagar621713AriyalurTamil Nadu
16Aranmanaikurichi621851AriyalurTamil Nadu
17Ariyalur621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
18Ariyalur Bazaar621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
19Ariyalur Cement factory621729AriyalurTamil Nadu
20Arungal621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
21Asaveerankudikadu621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
22Attukurichi608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
23Ayanathur621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
24Ayanthattanur621709AriyalurTamil Nadu
25Ayuthakulam621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
26Ayyappanaickenpettai612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
27Ayyur608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
28Cement Nagar dalavoy621730AriyalurTamil Nadu
29Chinnavalayam621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
30Dalavoy621730AriyalurTamil Nadu
31Devamangalam612902AriyalurTamil Nadu
32Devanur621806AriyalurTamil Nadu
33Edayakurichi621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
34Edayar621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
35Edayathangudi621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
36Edayathimangalam621218AriyalurTamil Nadu
37Elakurichi621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
38Elangaicheri621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
39Eravangudi621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
40Gangaikondacholapuram621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
41Govindapuram621713AriyalurTamil Nadu
42Govindaputhur621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
43Hasthinapuram621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
44Idanganni612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
45Ilaiyur621806AriyalurTamil Nadu
46Ilandaikudam621851AriyalurTamil Nadu
47Ilayaperumanallur612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
48Iluppaiyur621718AriyalurTamil Nadu
49Inam Athur621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
50Irugaiyur612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
51Irumbilikurichi621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
52Jayamkondacholapuram621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
53Jayamkondacholapuram West621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
54Kadambur621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
55Kadugur621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
56Kaduvettankurichi612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
57Kallankurichi621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
58Kallathur Thandalai621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
59Kalleri621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
60Kaluvanthondi621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
61Kamarasavalli621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
62Kandiankollai621806AriyalurTamil Nadu
63Kandirathitham621851AriyalurTamil Nadu
64Karadikulam621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
65Karaikurichi612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
66Kargudi612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
67Karuppilakattalai621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
68Karuppur Senapathy621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
69Kasankottai621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
70Kattagaram612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
71Kattathur621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
72Kavanur621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
73Kavarapalayam608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
74Keelamichaelpatti612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
75Kidaramkondan621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
76Kilaiyur621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
77Kilakavattankurichi621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
78Kilakolathur621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
79Kilakudiyiruppu621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
80Kilamaligai621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
81Kilaneduvoi621805AriyalurTamil Nadu
82Kilapaluvur621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
83Kilaveli621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
84Kodali612902AriyalurTamil Nadu
85Kodalikaruppur612902AriyalurTamil Nadu
86Kodukkur621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
87Koilesanai621851AriyalurTamil Nadu
88Kokkudi621653AriyalurTamil Nadu
89Kollapuram621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
90Koovathur621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
91Kottiyal612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
92Kuhur621703AriyalurTamil Nadu
93Kulamanickam621722AriyalurTamil Nadu
94Kulathur621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
95Kulumur621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
96Kumiliam621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
97Kumiliankuli621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
98Kunamangalam621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
99Kundaveli612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
100Kuruvadi621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
101Kuruvalapparkoil621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
102Kuvagam621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
103Lingathadimedu621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
104Malathankulam621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
105Managethi621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
106Manakudayan621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
107Manakudi621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
108Manapathur621709AriyalurTamil Nadu
109Manjamedu Karaipakkam621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
110Marudur621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
111Maruvathur621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
112Mathur621709AriyalurTamil Nadu
113Meikavalputhur621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
114Melanikuli612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
115Minsuritti612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
116Muthuservaimadam612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
117Muthuvancheri621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
118Naduvalur612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
119Nagalkuli621806AriyalurTamil Nadu
120Nagamangalam621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
121Nagampandal608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
122Nakkambadi621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
123Nallampalayam621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
124Nayanganaipiriyal621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
125Neivanam621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
126O Koothur621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
127Olaiyur608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
128Ottakoil621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
129P.Kudikadu621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
130Padanilai612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
131Palanganatham621651AriyalurTamil Nadu
132Palayakudi621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
133Papakudi612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
134Paranam621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
135Parukkal621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
136Pattanamkurichi621801AriyalurTamil Nadu
137Periakrishnapuram621805AriyalurTamil Nadu
138Periathirukonam621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
139Periyakurichi621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
140Periyanagalur621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
141Periyavalayam621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
142Pichanur621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
143Pilakurichi621806AriyalurTamil Nadu
144Pilichikuli621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
145Ponparappi621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
146Poondi621653AriyalurTamil Nadu
147Pottaveli621718AriyalurTamil Nadu
148Poyyadhanallur621718AriyalurTamil Nadu
149Pudukkottai-thirumazhapadi621851AriyalurTamil Nadu
150Pudukudi621806AriyalurTamil Nadu
151Pungangudi621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
152Rajajinagar621713AriyalurTamil Nadu
153Rangiam608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
154Rayambaram621718AriyalurTamil Nadu
155Reddipalayam621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
156Saluppai612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
157Sannasinallur621730AriyalurTamil Nadu
158Sannavur621651AriyalurTamil Nadu
159Sathambadi621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
160Sedankudikadu621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
161Sendurai621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
162Sengunthapuram621802AriyalurTamil Nadu
163Sennivanam621718AriyalurTamil Nadu
164Silambur608901AriyalurTamil Nadu
165Siluppanur621730AriyalurTamil Nadu
166Sirukalathur621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
167Siruvalur621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
168Solamadevi612902AriyalurTamil Nadu
169Solankudikadu621709AriyalurTamil Nadu
170Srinivasapuram621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
171Sripurandan621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
172Sriraman608703AriyalurTamil Nadu
173Subbarayapuram621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
174Sullangudi621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
175Sundakudi621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
176Suthamalli621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
177T.Solankurichi621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
178Tamaraikulam621705AriyalurTamil Nadu
179Tattanur621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
180Telur621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
181Thaluthalaimedu621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
182Thathampettai Palur612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
183Thavuthaikulam621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
184Thengachiperumalnatham612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
185Thennur621805AriyalurTamil Nadu
186Therkupatti621710AriyalurTamil Nadu
187Thirumanur621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
188Thirumazhapadi621851AriyalurTamil Nadu
189Thular621719AriyalurTamil Nadu
190Thuthur621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
191Tirukalappur621805AriyalurTamil Nadu
192Tiruppeyar621715AriyalurTamil Nadu
193Udayanatham612902AriyalurTamil Nadu
194Udayarpalayam621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
195Udayarpalayam West621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
196Ulkottai621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
197Ulliakudi621701AriyalurTamil Nadu
198Unjini621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
199Vadugarpalayam621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
200Valajanagaram621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
201Vanarathirayankuppam621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
202Vanathirayanpattinam621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
203Vanavanallur621901AriyalurTamil Nadu
204Vangudi612903AriyalurTamil Nadu
205Vanjinapuram621714AriyalurTamil Nadu
206Varadarajanpettai621805AriyalurTamil Nadu
207Varanavasi621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
208Variankaval621806AriyalurTamil Nadu
209Vazhaikurichi612904AriyalurTamil Nadu
210Vellur621718AriyalurTamil Nadu
211Venganur621851AriyalurTamil Nadu
212Venmankondan621804AriyalurTamil Nadu
213Vettiarvettu621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
214Vettiyur621707AriyalurTamil Nadu
215Vilangudi621704AriyalurTamil Nadu
216Vizhapallam621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
217Z.Melur621803AriyalurTamil Nadu
218Zamin Suthamalli621804AriyalurTamil Nadu

About Ariyalur

One of the 31 districts in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the administrative district known as Ariyalur. The district office can be found in Ariyalur. The total area of the district is 1,949.31 km². This district is home to Gangaikonda Cholapuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site constructed by King Rajendra Cholan of the Chola Empire. The district is renowned for having a wealth of fossils from prehistory.

Here have been found fragmentary fossils of sauropod and theropod dinosaurs, at least one fossilized dinosaur egg, and numerous fossils of enormous mollusks and jawed fishes. Fossils at Keelapazhur are being conserved and preserved by the establishment of an on-site museum. There are significant lignite reserves in Jayankondam, and Ariyalur is well-known for its cement industries.


Tiruchirappalli was divided into the districts of Karur and Perambalur in 1995. On January 1, 2001, the Perambalur district was divided into the Ariyalur district. However, on March 31, 2002, it was combined with the Perambalur district. The district of Ariyalur was redrawn on November 23, 2007. The districts of Thanjavur to the south and south-east, Cuddalore to the north and northeast, Mayiladuthurai to the east, Tiruchirapalli to the south-west, and Perambalur to the west encircle the district.


The population of the Ariyalur district, as of the 2011 census, is 754,894, or about the same as that of the US state of Alaska or the nation of Guyana. As a result, it is ranked 491 in India. The population density of the district is 387 people per square kilometer, or 1,000 people per square mile. Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 8.19%. Ariyalur has a 71.99% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 1016 females for every 1000 males. The population that resides in cities is 11.01%.


All year round, the weather is hot to oppressive, but it’s particularly bad from October to December, when the northeast monsoon brings in the rainy season. Ariyalur experiences very little rainfall during the southwest monsoon due to the Western Ghats’ rain shadow, but the city is also too far inland to receive enough rainfall during the northeast monsoon to have a tropical wet and dry climate.


Large industrial companies with cement divisions in this region include Birlas (UltraTech Cement), India Cements, Dalmia Cement, and Madras Cement. The TANCEM factory, owned by the Tamil Nadu government, is the first to establish cement production in Ariyalur. Grown as a major commercial crop is sugar cane. The district is home to one operating private sugar factory near Keelapalur, which has a daily crushing capacity of 3,000 tons. Cashew is a major crop grown in the district of Ariyalur. In the district, red sanding soil predominates, with sporadic pockets of black soil.


During British rule, the municipality of Ariyalur was founded in 1943 as a second-class town panchayat. In October 2004, it was elevated to a special grade after being promoted from a town panchyat in the first grade in 1995 to a second grade in 1966. The district of Ariyalur has its first municipality, Jayankondam. It received a promotion to a third-class municipality in December 2004. The municipality had 18 members overall and a total area of 7.62 km2 (2.94 sq mi) as of 2008.


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