Auraiya Pincodes

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Pincodes of Auraiya

Welcome to our Auraiya Pincodes directory, a useful tool for locating postal index numbers (PIN codes) for several locations in the quaint Uttar Pradesh district of Auraiya. Auraiya is renowned for its beautiful scenery, cultural richness, and long history. For mail and packages to be sorted and delivered efficiently, PIN numbers are necessary. Every community in Auraiya has an own PIN code, which makes it possible for postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct destinations. Making sure your mail gets to its destination on time depends on using the correct PIN number.

Auraiya Pincodes

Here is a list of Auraiya Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Achhalda206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
2Adhasi206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
3Aghara206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
4Ailly206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
5Airwa Katra206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
6Ajitmal206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
7Alipur206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
8Amaota206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
9Asjana206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
10Ata206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
11Atsoo206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
12Auraiya206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
13Ayana206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
14Babain206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
15Babarpur206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
16Badera206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
17Badharipur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
18Badhin206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
19Baghaipur206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
20Bakhriya206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
21Ballapur206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
22Bamuripur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
23Bandhmau206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
24Bansi206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
25Banthara206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
26Barahar206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
27Barauna Kalan206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
28Bela206251AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
29Belhupur206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
30Bhadpur206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
31Bhagya Nagar206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
32Bhainsol206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
33Bhaipur206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
34Bhareh206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
35Bharsen206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
36Bhason206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
37Bhaupur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
38Bhikhara206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
39Bhikhepur206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
40Bhurepurkalan206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
41Bidhuna206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
42Bijhai206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
43Bilawan206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
44Binpurapur206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
45Birhuni206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
46Burhadana206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
47Chapta206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
48Chhachhund206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
49Chirhuli206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
50Dahgaon206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
51Dakhlipur206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
52Dashehra206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
53Daulatpur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
54Deoraon206250AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
55Dhupkari206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
56Dibiapur206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
57Dibiapura Mandi206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
58Dondapur206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
59Fatehpur Beni206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
60Gada Kasda206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
61Gailly206251AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
62Gapchariapur206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
63Gauhani Kalan206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
64Ghasara206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
65Goora206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
66Gulariha206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
67Gwari206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
68Haidarpur206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
69Harchandpur206250AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
70Hardoo206251AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
71Harvanspur206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
72Ikaurapur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
73Indapamau206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
74Itailly206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
75Jaitapur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
76Jalalpur206255AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
77Janishnagar206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
78Jua206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
79Juhikha206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
80Kaithawa206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
81Kakhaotoo206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
82Kakor Buzurg206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
83Kalabhoj206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
84Kamara206250AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
85Kanchausi Bazar206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
86Kanhausi206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
87Karampur206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
88Kariawali206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
89Keontra206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
90Khanpur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
91Kharka206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
92Khetupur206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
93Kudarkot206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
94Kursi206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
95Lahrapur206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
96Luhiapur206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
97Madahadaspur206255AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
98Madhwapur206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
99Madokmeet206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
100Mahmoodpur206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
101Mahoo206251AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
102Malhosi206255AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
103Masoodpur206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
104Muhammdabad206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
105Muradganj206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
106Murhi206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
107N. t. p. c. dibiapur206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
108Nagaria206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
109Narainpur206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
110Nauli206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
111Navgawan206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
112Nevilganj206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
113Nigra206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
114Panhar206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
115Pasuwa206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
116Pata R.s.206241AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
117Patna Airwa206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
118Phaphund206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
119Phariha206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
120Piparpur206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
121Piprauli Shiv206255AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
122Purakalan206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
123Purva Jain206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
124Purwa Bhikha206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
125Pusauli206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
126Rajaumau206250AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
127Rathgaon206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
128Roshangpur206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
129Ruruganj206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
130Rurukalan206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
131Sahabda206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
132Sahar206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
133Sahayal206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
134Sahbad206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
135Salhapur206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
136Samayan206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
137Sanphar206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
138Sarai Sheesgram206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
139Saraipukhta206250AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
140Seengpurva Mana206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
141Sehud206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
142Senganpur206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
143Sherpur Saraiya206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
144Shivganj206248AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
145Sikharna206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
146Sohari Garhia206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
147Sondhemau206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
148Surendha206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
149Tilak Nagar206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
150Tilakpur Farm206243AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
151Ucha206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
152Umrain206252AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
153Umri206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
154Yakubpur206255AuraiyaUttar Pradesh

About Auraiya

Located in the Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh state, India, Auraiya comprises both a city and a municipal board. The town center is traversed by NH 19. The closest railway station is in Phaphund. The closest airport, Saifai Airstrip, has little private usage. The Kanpur Airport is the closest commercial airport.It was the Etawah district’s tehsil headquarters before to becoming the district headquarters.  Kanpur Mandal is in charge of this district. This is the Sengar Rajputs’ heroic locale. Maharaja Jaichand Gaharwar (Rathore) of Kannauj’s sister Devkala was married to Sengar dynasty Kanardhani Maharajadhiraj Vishok Dev. This whole territory had been given to him as dowry.


In the Rohillas Ahmad Shah Durrani entered India in 1760 AD; the Marathas battled him in the battleground of Panipat in 1761, and he decisively defeated them. Govind Rao Pandit, among other Maratha chieftains, was killed in the incident. The Durrani chief gave the Rohilla chieftains enormous swathes of land before leaving India; Dhunde Khan got Shikohabad, while Inayat Khan, son of Hafiz Rahmat Khan, got the district of Etawah. Since the Marathas were in control of this at the time, Mullah Mohsin Khan dispatched a Rohilla force in 1762 to seize the allocated property from the Marathas.


The district of Auraiya is located in the Kanpur Division and in the southwest of Uttar Pradesh at 26.4667°N 79.5167°E. It shares borders with the districts of Jalaun to the south, Ramabai Nagar district on the east, Etawah district on the west, and Kannauj district on the north. It is located at an average elevation of 436 feet, or 133 meters. Over one-third of the 2,054 sq km (793 sq mi) Auraiya District’s land area is classified as rural. The Yamuna and Sengar rivers are the principal waterways that traverse the district.


In Dibiyapur and Auraiya, the rice and dal mills are operating efficiently. Other than these mills, the Auraiya district has a few small-scale companies that produce cement products and steel furniture at various locations. From Agra and Kanpur, raw materials are imported for these small-scale enterprises. Mostly, rice, lentils, and desi ghee are shipped in bulk to neighboring states and districts. Due to its affordability and high quality, wooden furniture is produced extensively in the city of Auraiya and is well-liked in the markets of the surrounding areas.


Popular folk music genres, such as the Allaha, Phaag, Kajari, and Rasiyas, which are sung throughout the district at various seasons of the year, are also popular throughout the western U.P. In the villages, folk tunes called Dhola, Unchari, and Langadia are also widely performed. The people in the district enjoy listening to bhajans and Kirtan performed in unison on musical instruments. A frequent element of rural life in the district is the numerous open-air concerts that combine folk music and dancing with a central subject specific to the area.


There were 87,736 people living in Auraiya as of the 2011 India census. 53% of the population is male, and 47% is female. The average literacy rate in Auraiya is 87.25%, which is higher than the 74.37% national average. Of the literate population, 90.88% are men and 83.23% are women. The percentage of the population under six is 12.16 percent.


What are Auraiya pincodes, and why are they significant?

Pincodes, which are distinct number codes issued to particular areas and localities within Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, are sometimes referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN codes). They are essential to the effective delivery and sorting of mail and packages, ensuring that they get to their intended recipients.

How can I locate the PIN code for a specific Auraiya area?

It's simple to find the PIN code for a certain Auraiya location. The search feature on our website allows you to find the PIN code for any area or neighborhood in Auraiya. All you have to do is type in the area's name, and our system will send you the associated PIN code.

What occurs if I send mail in Auraiya using the incorrect PIN?

In order to guarantee that your mail and packages are delivered on time and correctly, you must use the correct PIN code. Misrouting the mail due to an erroneous PIN code might cause delivery problems and delays.

Do businesses in Auraiya need precise PIN codes?

Indeed, Auraiya enterprises need precise PIN codes. They facilitate more efficient logistics, lower shipping errors, and guarantee on-time product delivery to clients. Businesses must make sure that their shipping and postal details contain the correct PIN code.

Is there a cost associated with utilizing this service to find Auraiya pincodes?

Yes, everyone can use our service for free and it is available to all users. For the convenience of Auraiya locals, companies, and guests, we want to make the process of locating precise PIN codes as straightforward as possible.