Bagpat Pincodes

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Pincodes of Bagpat

Welcome to our list of Bagpat Pincodes, a useful tool for locating postal index numbers (PIN codes) for different locations in the quaint Bagpat region of Uttar Pradesh. Bagpat is renowned for its rich cultural history, agricultural heritage, and historical significance. The postal system relies heavily on PIN codes to efficiently sort and deliver mail and packages. Every community in Bagpat has its own PIN code, which makes it possible for postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct destinations. For mail to be delivered precisely and on time, the right PIN must be entered.

Bagpat Pincodes

Here is a list of Bagpat Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agarwal Mandi250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
2Ahera250609BagpatUttar Pradesh
3Alwalpur250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
4Aminagar Sarai250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
5Asara250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
6Asarfabad Thal250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
7Audhapur250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
8Azampur Mulsam250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
9Badarkha250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
10Baghpat250609BagpatUttar Pradesh
11Baghpat Sugar mill250609BagpatUttar Pradesh
12Bali250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
13Bamnauli250602BagpatUttar Pradesh
14Baoli250621BagpatUttar Pradesh
15Baragaon250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
16Baraut250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
17Barawad250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
18Barka250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
19Barnawa250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
20Barwala250621BagpatUttar Pradesh
21Basaudh250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
22Basauli250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
23Bassi250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
24Bazidpur250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
25Begmabad Garhi250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
26Bhagot250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
27Bharal250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
28Bijrol250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
29Bijwara250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
30Bilochpura250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
31Binauli250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
32Bodha250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
33Budhera250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
34Budhpur250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
35Budhsaini250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
36Chamrawal250515BagpatUttar Pradesh
37Chandyan250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
38Chaubli250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
39Chhaprauli250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
40Daha250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
41Daula250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
42Dhanaura Silver nagar250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
43Dhanaura Tikri250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
44Dhikana250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
45Dhikauli250515BagpatUttar Pradesh
46Doghat250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
47Dohja250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
48Duttnagar250626BagpatUttar Pradesh
49Faizpur Ninana250619BagpatUttar Pradesh
50Fakharpur250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
51Fatehpur Poothi250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
52Fazalpur250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
53Gaidbara250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
54Galheta250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
55Gandhi Chowk baraut250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
56Gangnauli250626BagpatUttar Pradesh
57Garhi250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
58Garhi Hazurabad250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
59Garhi Kalanjiri250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
60Gauripur250619BagpatUttar Pradesh
61Ghitora250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
62Gothra250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
63Gunga Kheri250621BagpatUttar Pradesh
64Gurana250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
65Gwali Khera250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
66Hewa250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
67Hilwari250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
68Hisauda250515BagpatUttar Pradesh
69Ibrahimpur Mazra250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
70Idrishpur250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
71Jaunmana250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
72Jhundpur250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
73Jiwana250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
74Johri250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
75Kakor Kalan250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
76Kakripur250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
77Kandera250602BagpatUttar Pradesh
78Kanhar250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
79Kasimpur Khari250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
80Khatta250609BagpatUttar Pradesh
81Khatta Prahladpur250515BagpatUttar Pradesh
82Khekra250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
83Khera Hatana250619BagpatUttar Pradesh
84Kherki250619BagpatUttar Pradesh
85Khwaja Nagla250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
86Kirthal250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
87Kishanpur Baral250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
88Kotana250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
89Kurri250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
90Lalyana250515BagpatUttar Pradesh
91Lohadda250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
92Luhari250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
93Lumb250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
94Malakpur250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
95Mawi Kalan250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
96Mitli250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
97Mozizabad Nangal250626BagpatUttar Pradesh
98Mubarikpur250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
99Muzaffarpur Kanwara250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
100Muzampur Kamala250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
101Nai Mandi baraut250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
102Nehru Rd. baraut250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
103Nerojpur Gujar250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
104Nibali250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
105Nirpura250625BagpatUttar Pradesh
106Pabla Begmabad250515BagpatUttar Pradesh
107Palra250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
108Palri250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
109Phulera250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
110Pilana250515BagpatUttar Pradesh
111Pusar250622BagpatUttar Pradesh
112Rajpur Khampur250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
113Ram Nagar250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
114Ramala250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
115Ranchhar250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
116Rataul250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
117Rathaura250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
118Rly. road khekra250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
119Sabga250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
120Sadiqpur Sinoli250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
121Saidbhar250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
122Sankrodh250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
123Sarurpur Kalan250619BagpatUttar Pradesh
124Shahpur Banoli250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
125Sherpur Luhari250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
126Shikohpur250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
127Silana250617BagpatUttar Pradesh
128Singhaoli Ahir250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
129Sirsalgarh250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
130Sirsali250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
131Sisana250609BagpatUttar Pradesh
132Soop250623BagpatUttar Pradesh
133Sujra250601BagpatUttar Pradesh
134Sujti250626BagpatUttar Pradesh
135Sunehra250101BagpatUttar Pradesh
136Teodhi250611BagpatUttar Pradesh
137Tera250606BagpatUttar Pradesh
138Tikri250626BagpatUttar Pradesh
139Titroda250645BagpatUttar Pradesh
140Tugana250617BagpatUttar Pradesh

About Bagpat

One of the 75 districts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Bagpat district also written Baghpat district has its administrative center at the town of Baghpat. The National Capital Region includes it. The district was established in 1997 and spans 1,321 square kilometers (510 sq mi). 1,303,048 people were living in Bhagpat as per the 2011 census.


The district’s name, Baghpat city, comes from the words vakyaprasth (“place for delivering speeches”) or vyagprastha (“land of tigers”). During the Mughal dynasty, the city was finally given the name Baghpat, or Bagpat. The city, which was formerly a minor trade hub known as the Mandi, gained prominence following the revolt of 1857 and eventually became the seat of the Baghpat tehsil. The district of Baghpat was established in September 1997, taking its name from the former Baghpat tehsil under the Meerut district.


The district covers 1,321 square kilometers, or 510 square miles. The town of Baghpat is located in the National Capital Region and is situated on the Yamuna River’s east bank. It borders the National Capital Territory of Delhi, the districts of Shamli, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, and Sonipat in Uttar Pradesh, and Panipat and Sonipat in Haryana. The national capital, Delhi, is 40 kilometers (25 mi) away, Meerut is 52 kilometers (32 mi), and Ghaziabad is 55 kilometers (34 km).


With 1,303,048 residents, the Bagpat district is about the same size as the US state of New Hampshire or the African nation of Mauritius, according to the 2011 census. It now ranks as the 376th most populous district in India as a result. There are 986 people living in the district per square kilometer (2,550/sq mi). Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 11.87%. Bagpat has a 73.54% literacy rate with a sex ratio of 858 females for every 1000 males. The population’s urban density was 21.11%. Eleven percent of people are members of scheduled castes.


In addition to 103 villages, Bhagpat consists of three cities, a municipal council (Baghpat itself), and two notified area or city councils (Baraut, Khekhda, and Baghpat) inside the tehsil. Riazuddin, in his third term, is the chairman of the Nagar Palika Parishad in Baghpat. Jitendra Pratap Singh is the district magistrate in charge. & Arpit Vijayvargiya is the superintendent of police.


The primary crop of Baghpat town’s agriculture-based economy is sugarcane. Malakpur, Ramala, and Baghpat all have sugar mills. Vegetables, wheat, and mustard are also widely farmed.


Why is Aizwal famous?

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What is the capital of Mizoram in 2023?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Aizawl was the capital of Mizoram. I do not have information on events or changes that may have occurred in 2023. Please verify from a current source.

What is Mizoram most famous food?

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