Balaghat Pincodes

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Pincodes of Balaghat

Balaghat, a district in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich mineral resources, especially manganese and copper. Surrounded by lush forests and hills, it offers stunning natural landscapes. The district’s diverse wildlife and scenic beauty make it a destination for nature enthusiasts. Balaghat is also culturally vibrant, with various traditional practices and festivals. For effective communication and navigation, Balaghat pincodes play a crucial role in identifying areas within the district, ensuring accurate postal services and helping in the efficient administration of this resource-rich and picturesque region.

Balaghat Pincodes

Here is a list of Balaghat Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agasi481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
2Agri481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
3Alna481117BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
4Amai481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
5Ameda481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
6Amgaon481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
7Arambha481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
8Atri481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
9Badgaon481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
10Bagholi481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
11Bahela481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
12Baihar481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
13Bakal481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
14Bakera481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
15Bakoda481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
16Balaghat481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
17Balaghat City481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
18Balaghat R.s.481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
19Bamhani481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
20Banera481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
21Beni481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
22Bhandarbodi481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
23Bhanderi481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
24Bhanegaon481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
25Bharveli481102BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
26Bhaurgarh481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
27Bhendara481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
28Bhidi481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
29Bhikewada481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
30Bijatola481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
31Birsa481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
32Birsola481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
33Birwa481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
34Bisoni481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
35Boda481102BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
36Bolegaon481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
37Bori481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
38Budbuda481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
39Budhi481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
40Chalisbodi481102BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
41Chandana481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
42Charega R.s.481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
43Chikhla481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
44Chikhla Bandh481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
45Chillod481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
46Dadiya481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
47Dahedi481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
48Damoh481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
49Deeni481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
50Deori481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
51Devalgaon481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
52Dhansua481102BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
53Digdha481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
54Dongiriya481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
55Dora481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
56Fulchur481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
57Garhi481117BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
58Garra481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
59Garra Tola481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
60Ghansa481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
61Ghoti481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
62Ghunadi481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
63Gongalai481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
64Goreghat481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
65Gudma481116BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
66Gudru R.s.481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
67Hardoli481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
68Hatta481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
69Hatta Road481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
70Hirri481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
71Jaitpuri481117BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
72Jam481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
73Janpur481116BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
74Jarah Mohgaon481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
75Jatta481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
76Jhaliwada481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
77Kachekhani481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
78Kachnari481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
79Kalegaon481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
80Kalimati481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
81Kandrikala481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
82Kanjai481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
83Kanki481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
84Karamsara481116BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
85Karanja481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
86Kareli481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
87Karhu481116BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
88Kariadand481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
89Kaspur481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
90Katangi481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
91Katanjhari481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
92Katedara481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
93Katera481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
94Katori481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
95Kaydi481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
96Keshalewada481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
97Khadkhadi481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
98Khairi481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
99Khairlanji481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
100Khamaria481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
101Khamariya Bazar481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
102Khara481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
103Khari481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
104Kharpadia481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
105Khurmundi481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
106Kinhi481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
107Kinia481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
108Kiniya Kandai481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
109Kirnapur481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
110Kochewada481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
111Kochewahi481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
112Koste481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
113Kothurna481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
114Koylari481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
115Kukarra481117BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
116Kulpa481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
117Kumhali481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
118Kumhari481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
119Kumharikala481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
120Kurenda481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
121Ladsa481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
122Ladsada481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
123Lalbarra481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
124Lalpur481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
125Lamta481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
126Lanji481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
127Laweri481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
128Lawni481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
129Linga481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
130Lingapounar481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
131Lood481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
132Magardarra481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
133Mahkepar481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
134Majhgaon481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
135Malanjkhand481116BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
136Mandai481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
137Manegaon481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
138Maneri481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
139Mangejhari481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
140Mate481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
141Mauda481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
142Mehndiwada481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
143Mendki481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
144Miragpur481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
145Miriya481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
146Mohgaon (b)481116BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
147Mohgaon Batua481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
148Mohgaon Dhapera481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
149Mohgaon-khurd481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
150Mohjhari481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
151Moriya481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
152Mowad481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
153Mukki481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
154Nagarwada R.s.481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
155Nagpura481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
156Nakshi481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
157Nandi481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
158Nandora481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
159Navegaon-3481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
160Neelji481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
161Newargaon481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
162Newargaon Kala481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
163Newarwahi481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
164Nikkum481116BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
165Padriganj R.s481551BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
166Pala481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
167Pandutala481117BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
168Paraswada481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
169Paraswaraghat481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
170Pathargaon481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
171Piparia481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
172Piparia Bhandi481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
173Pondi481117BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
174Pouniya481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
175Pulputta481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
176Rajegaon481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
177Ramgarhi481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
178Rampaily481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
179Ramrama481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
180Rankakodi481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
181Relwahi481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
182Risewara481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
183Roopjhar481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
184Roshna481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
185Sadra481224BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
186Salebardi481335BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
187Saleteka481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
188Saletekari481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
189Samnapur481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
190Saori481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
191Sarekha481111BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
192Sarekha-kosmi481001BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
193Sawan R.s.481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
194Sawari481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
195Selwa481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
196Seoni Sarad481226BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
197Sewati481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
198Shankar Pipariya481337BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
199Sihora481441BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
200Sijhora481117BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
201Sirpur481332BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
202Sonarkakodi481222BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
203Sonpur481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
204Sukli481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
205Tekadi481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
206Temni481115BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
207Thanegaon481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
208Thema481556BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
209Tingipur481051BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
210Tirodi481449BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
211Tumsar481445BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
212Ukwa481105BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
213Waraseoni481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh
214Waraseoni Civil line481331BalaghatMadhya Pradesh

About Balaghat

Located in Central India, the Balaghat district is part of the state of Madhya Pradesh, with the town of Balaghat as its administrative center. The district is notable for its tile manufacturing facilities, rice mills, and extensive forests.


In the early 18th century, the Balaghat district was divided between two Gond kingdoms. The western part belonged to the Gond kingdom of Deogarh, while the eastern part was under the Garha-Mandla kingdom. The Marathas of Nagpur annexed Deogarh in 1743 and later expanded their territory to most of the district. The northern section, along with the rest of Garha-Mandla, was annexed to the Maratha province of Saugor in 1781, which was then under the Maratha Peshwa. By 1798, the Marathas acquired the former Garha-Mandla territories as well.

Following the Third Anglo-Maratha War in 1818, the Nagpur kingdom, including Balaghat, became a princely state under British India. In 1853, the British annexed this region, creating the province of Nagpur, and Balaghat was divided between the British districts of Seoni and Bhandara. In 1861, it became part of the reorganized Central Provinces.

Post-Independence in 1947, it became part of Madhya Pradesh. In 1956, Balaghat joined the Jabalpur Division when districts to its south were reallocated to Bombay State. The name ‘Balaghat’, meaning ‘above the ghats’, was chosen to signify its location above the mountain passes.

By the early 20th century, Balaghat had limited road infrastructure but saw the completion of the Jabalpur-Gondia railway line in 1904. Today, it is part of the Red Corridor and is known for its mineral wealth and forests. It became an independent district in the newly formed state of Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 1956.


Balaghat District is situated in the southern part of Jabalpur Division, Madhya Pradesh. It covers the southeastern part of the Satpura Range and the upper valley of the Wainganga River. The district spans from approximately 21°19′ to 22°24′ north latitude and 79°31′ to 81°3′ east longitude, with a total area of 9,245 square kilometers. It shares its borders with Mandla District to the north, Dindori District to the northwest, Rajnandgaon District in Chhattisgarh to the east, Gondia and Bhandara districts in Maharashtra to the south, and Seoni District in Madhya Pradesh to the west.

The primary languages spoken in the district include Hindi, Gondi, Chattishgarhi, and Pawari, with Marathi in the southern part. The district is characterized by the Wainganga River and its tributaries, which play a vital role in the region’s geography. Balaghat town is located on the banks of the Wainganga River, which flows from north to south through the district.
Balaghat is divided into three main areas: Southern Lowlands, Mau Taluka ( a long narrow valley between the hills and the rivers), and the Plateau region.


Balaghat District plays a significant role in India’s mineral production, contributing to about 33% of the country’s manganese output. Additionally, the district is known for its vast copper deposit in Malanjkhand, considered the largest in India. Other valuable minerals found in the region include bauxite, kyanite, marble, dolomite, clay, and limestone.

In recognition of its socio-economic challenges, Balaghat was identified as one of India’s 250 most underdeveloped districts by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj in 2006. Currently, the district is among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that receive financial support through the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF) to address development disparities and uplift the local communities.


According to the 2011 census, Balaghat District has a population of 1,701,698, ranking it 288th in India out of 640 districts. The district has a population density of 184 people per square kilometer. The sex ratio is 1021 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate is 78.29%. About 14.39% of the population resides in urban areas.

In terms of religion, Hindus make up 89.29% of the population, while Buddhists account for 4.24%, and Muslims comprise 2.26%. Other religions, primarily tribal traditions, make up 3.41% of the population.

Regarding languages, during the 2011 Census of India, 40.85% of the population in the district spoke Hindi as their first language, followed by 16.41% Marathi, 9.64% Powari, 9.35% Gondi, 5.33% Chhattisgarhi, 5.22% Lodhi, and 1.18% Kalari. Additionally, 9.55% of the population spoke another variety classified under Hindi.


The district is divided into eleven development blocks or Tehsils for administrative purposes. These Tehsils are Balaghat, Baihar, Birsa, Paraswada, Katangi, Waraseoni, Lalbarra, Khairlanji, Lanji, Kirnapur, and Tirodi.


Why is Balaghat famous?

Balaghat is famous for several reasons which include mineral resources like mineral deposits (including manganese and copper), natural beauty ( forest, rivers and hills), cultural diversity ( diverse languages and traditions), agriculture (rice mills, rice production), archaeological sites (buddhists temples, hindu temples).

What is the old name of Balaghat district?

The old name of Balaghat district was "Barahghat."

Which tribe is in Balaghat?

In Balaghat district, Madhya Pradesh, several tribes are present. Some of the prominent tribes in the district include the Gond tribe, Powari tribe, and Kalari tribe, among others. These tribal communities have their own unique cultures, traditions, and languages.

Which religion is in Balaghat district?

Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh has a diverse religious composition. The major religions in the district include Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and various tribal traditions. Hindus form the majority of the population, followed by Buddhists, Muslims, and other tribal or indigenous religious practices. The district reflects religious diversity with followers of different faiths coexisting in the region.

Which river is in Balaghat range?

Balaghat district is situated between the Satpura Range and the upper valley of the Wainganga River. The Wainganga River is one of the prominent rivers in the district, and its tributaries, including the Bagh, Nahra, and Uskal rivers, also flow through the region. These rivers play a significant role in the geography and landscape of Balaghat district.