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Pincodes of Balrampur

Welcome to our directory of Balrampur Pincodes, a useful tool for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of different locations in the picturesque district of Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. Balrampur is renowned for its historical sites, cultural legacy, and scenic beauty. PIN codes are a crucial component of the postal system since they make mail and package delivery and sorting more effective. Every community in Balrampur has its own PIN code, which makes it possible for postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct destinations. Making sure your mail gets to its destination on time depends on using the correct PIN number.

Balrampur Pincodes

Here is a list of Balrampur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Achalpur Kaithawalia271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
2Achkawapur271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
3Adamtara271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
4Alipur Bujurg271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
5Amauli Dhamali271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
6Amwabas271203BalrampurUttar Pradesh
7Badalpur271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
8Badhara271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
9Badhya Fareed khan271306BalrampurUttar Pradesh
10Bahre Kuiya271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
11Bairihwa271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
12Bakaulirajpur271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
13Baldev Nagar271861BalrampurUttar Pradesh
14Balrampur271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
15Balrampur City271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
16Balrampur Degree college271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
17Bangai271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
18Banghusri271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
19Bank Bazar271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
20Bankatwa271861BalrampurUttar Pradesh
21Bardaulia271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
22Bargadha Sohna271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
23Bargadhi271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
24Bargadwa271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
25Barhara Bhitaura271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
26Beer Pur khairaniya271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
27Belha271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
28Belhsa271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
29Bemiha271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
30Bethaniya Karihniya271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
31Bhagautiganj271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
32Bhagwanpur271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
33Bhagwanpur Khadar271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
34Bhagwanpur Kondar271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
35Bhairampur271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
36Bhangaha Hussain nagar271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
37Bhangaha Kala271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
38Bhathar271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
39Bhatpurwa271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
40Bhatpurwa Kala271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
41Bhdhipur271306BalrampurUttar Pradesh
42Bheekh Pur271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
43Bhelya Madanpur271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
44Bhojpur Tharu271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
45Birahin Pur271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
46Bishunipur271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
47Bishunpur Bel bharia271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
48Bishunpur Sagar271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
49Bisunpur271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
50Bisunpur Grant271306BalrampurUttar Pradesh
51Bisunpur Vishram271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
52Chamrupur271609BalrampurUttar Pradesh
53Chandanpur271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
54Chaudhary Deeh271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
55Chauhattar Kalan271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
56Chauhattar Khurd271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
57Chhitarpara271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
58Dari Chaura271607BalrampurUttar Pradesh
59Datauli271306BalrampurUttar Pradesh
60Deopura271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
61Deoria271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
62Deoria Inayat271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
63Deoria Mubarakpur271607BalrampurUttar Pradesh
64Deoria Rani jot271607BalrampurUttar Pradesh
65Dhabauliya271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
66Dharampur271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
67Dhaurahara271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
68Dhawai271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
69Dualata Bad grant271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
70Dumri271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
71Entai Rampur271605BalrampurUttar Pradesh
72Fakirapur271609BalrampurUttar Pradesh
73Farenda271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
74Gaindas Bujurg271606BalrampurUttar Pradesh
75Gainsari271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
76Gajaihwa271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
77Gajpur Grant271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
78Ganeshpur271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
79Godahana271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
80Golahipur271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
81Gudra271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
82Gugauli271211BalrampurUttar Pradesh
83Gulriha271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
84Gulriha Sandwa271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
85Gumri271609BalrampurUttar Pradesh
86Hallaura271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
87Hasanpur271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
88Husaina Bad grant271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
89Intai271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
90Intai Abdullah271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
91Jabdha271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
92Jahandaria271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
93Jaiprabha Gram271209BalrampurUttar Pradesh
94Jaita Pur271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
95Jamuni Kala271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
96Jarwa271203BalrampurUttar Pradesh
97Jewnar271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
98Jhalidham271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
99Kamrawan271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
100Kataiyabhari271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
101Katra Shankar nagar271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
102Kauwapur271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
103Khajuria271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
104Khamahariya271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
105Kharhawa Deehwa271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
106Kodri271861BalrampurUttar Pradesh
107Kohar Gaddi271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
108Koilara271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
109Kondari271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
110Kotia271306BalrampurUttar Pradesh
111Kundwa271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
112Kutti Ram talha271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
113Lai Budwa271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
114Laliya271861BalrampurUttar Pradesh
115Laukahwa271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
116Laxmi Nagar271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
117Lokiya Tahir271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
118Maddo Chaura271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
119Madha Nagar271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
120Madni271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
121Mahdaiya State271609BalrampurUttar Pradesh
122Mahrajganj271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
123Mahuwa271607BalrampurUttar Pradesh
124Majgaon271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
125Malda271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
126Mangra Kohal271861BalrampurUttar Pradesh
127Manikapur271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
128Maniyaria271607BalrampurUttar Pradesh
129Manpur271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
130Maruia Bujurga271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
131Mathura Bazar271861BalrampurUttar Pradesh
132Mirjapur271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
133Mnohrapur271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
134Motipur271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
135Mujehani271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
136Mundila271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
137Mutera271203BalrampurUttar Pradesh
138Naikiniya271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
139Nandauri271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
140Naubasta Mundila271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
141Newal Garh271203BalrampurUttar Pradesh
142Obarideeh271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
143Pachperwa271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
144Pandari271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
145Parasrampur271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
146Parasrampur Rajahana271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
147Parsona271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
148Pehar271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
149Pipra Bhodhar271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
150Pipra Ram chandar271609BalrampurUttar Pradesh
151Pipriha Jamuni271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
152Pirwartara271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
153Pranpur271861BalrampurUttar Pradesh
154Purab Tola271201BalrampurUttar Pradesh
155Puraina271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
156Puraina Wajid271609BalrampurUttar Pradesh
157Purani Bazar pachperwa271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
158Rajdarwa Tharu271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
159Ram Nagar271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
160Ramapur Grant271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
161Rampur Banghusra271607BalrampurUttar Pradesh
162Ramwapur271203BalrampurUttar Pradesh
163Rani Jot271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
164Raniyapur271203BalrampurUttar Pradesh
165Rehar Mafi271609BalrampurUttar Pradesh
166Rehra Bazar271306BalrampurUttar Pradesh
167Rehra Cahuki271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
168Sadullanagar271307BalrampurUttar Pradesh
169Saraikhas271306BalrampurUttar Pradesh
170Sehrinwa271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
171Shankar Nagar271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
172Shankarpur Kalan271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
173Shivpur Mhadev271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
174Shivpura271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
175Sisai Jangal271204BalrampurUttar Pradesh
176Sonpur271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
177Sriduttganj271607BalrampurUttar Pradesh
178Suganagar Dumri271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
179Sugganagar271205BalrampurUttar Pradesh
180Sukhuiya271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
181Terhawa Nabad271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
182Thakurapur271210BalrampurUttar Pradesh
183Tirlokpur271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
184Tulsipur271208BalrampurUttar Pradesh
185Udaipur271207BalrampurUttar Pradesh
186Utraula271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
187Utraula Bazar271604BalrampurUttar Pradesh
188Vijay Nagar271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh
189Visunpur Tantanwa271206BalrampurUttar Pradesh

Balrampur Pincodes

The district of Balrampur, located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is a part of both the traditional Awadh regions and the Devipatan division. In 1997, it was removed from the nearby district of Gonda. situated alongside the West Rapti River. Balrampur is well-known for the Shakti Pitha temple of Pateshwari Devi and the surrounding ancient city ruins of Sravasti, which is now a Buddhist and Jains’ pilgrimage site. The closest airport is located 23.3 km (14.5 mi) from the town at Shravasti Airport; however, it is not an international or regular airport. The closest regular airport is located 235 km (146 mi) away at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow.


G.D.No. 1428/1-5/97/172/85-R-5 Lucknow issued May 25, 1997, by the District Gonda division, created Balrampur. Nepal State is located on its northern side, and Siddharth Nagar, Shrawasti, and Gonda District are located on its east-west and south, respectively. The district has a total size of 336917 hectares. which has 22,1432 hectares of irrigated land for agriculture. The Tarai Region, which includes the Shivalik peaks of the Himalayas, is located to the district’s north.


The southern edge of the Dudhwa Range in the Siwaliks forms the district’s northern border with the Dang Deukhuri District of Nepal. Nepal’s Kapilvastu District is to the northeast. The remaining portion of Balrampur is encircled by Uttar Pradesh, which includes Shravasti on the west, Gonda on the southwest, Basti on the south, and Siddarthnagar on the east. The area of Balrampur is 3,457 sq km.


The largest sugar production industry in the nation, Balrampur Chini Mills, is the reason for the town’s notoriety. Balrampur was listed as one of the 250 most backward villages in the nation by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj in 2006. At present, the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF) is providing cash to 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh, including this one. The district is divided into nine blocks: Balrampur, Gaindas bujurg, Gainsari, Harya satgharwa, Pachpedwa, Rehera bazar, Shriduttganj, Tulsipur, and Utraula Sadullaah Nagar. The three tehsils in the district are Balrampur, Tulsipur, and Utraula.


The population of the Balrampur district is 2,148,665 as per the 2011 census. As a result, it is ranked 210th in India. The population density of the district is 64.2 people per square kilometer, or 166 people per square mile. Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 27.74%. Balrampur has a 51.76% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 922 females for every 1000 males. The population’s urban density is 7.74%. 12.90% of people are members of Scheduled Castes, and 1.16% are members of Scheduled Tribes. Tharus are the tribal people in this district.


What are Balrampur pincodes, and why are they significant?

Pincodes, which are numerical codes assigned to certain areas and localities within Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, are sometimes referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN codes). They are essential in ensuring that mail and goods are delivered to their proper locations precisely and efficiently.

How can I locate the PIN code for a specific Balrampur neighborhood?

Using our PIN code finder tool, it's simple to determine the PIN code for a certain Balrampur area or locality. All you have to do is type in the area's name, and our system will send you the associated PIN code.

What occurs in Balrampur if I enter the incorrect PIN for my mail or packages?

Misrouting and delays in mail delivery can arise from using the wrong PIN code. Use the correct PIN code to guarantee that your mail and packages arrive at their destination without any issues.

Are correct PINs crucial for Balrampur businesses?

Indeed, Balrampur enterprises require precise PIN codes. They assist in streamlining logistics, minimizing shipping mistakes, and guaranteeing prompt product delivery to clients. Companies should make sure that their shipment information always includes the correct PIN code.

Is it free to locate Balrampur pincodes using this website?

Yes, everyone can utilize our service without any cost at all. It is our intention to make it easier for Balrampur locals, businesses, and tourists to locate precise PIN codes.