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Pincodes of Banda

Welcome to our list of Banda Pincodes, a useful tool for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) for different locations inside the ancient Uttar Pradeshi city of Banda. Banda is renowned for its rich history, diverse communities, and cultural legacy. For mail and packages to be sorted and delivered efficiently, PIN numbers are essential. Every locality in Banda has a distinct PIN code, which makes it possible for postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the designated recipients. To guarantee that your mail arrives at its destination on time, use the correct PIN code.

Banda Pincodes

Here is a list of Banda Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Achharaund210001BandaUttar Pradesh
2Adri210126BandaUttar Pradesh
3Ajeetpur210001BandaUttar Pradesh
4Akuna210203BandaUttar Pradesh
5Aliha210121BandaUttar Pradesh
6Alona210001BandaUttar Pradesh
7Amara210126BandaUttar Pradesh
8Amlikaur210128BandaUttar Pradesh
9Amlor210126BandaUttar Pradesh
10Anathuwa210201BandaUttar Pradesh
11Arjunah210001BandaUttar Pradesh
12Armar210125BandaUttar Pradesh
13Atarahat210001BandaUttar Pradesh
14Atarra210201BandaUttar Pradesh
15Audaha210125BandaUttar Pradesh
16Augasi210121BandaUttar Pradesh
17Baberu210121BandaUttar Pradesh
18Bachhaundha210203BandaUttar Pradesh
19Bachhaunha210125BandaUttar Pradesh
20Badagaon210121BandaUttar Pradesh
21Badausa210202BandaUttar Pradesh
22Badokhar Bujurg210001BandaUttar Pradesh
23Badokhar Khurd210001BandaUttar Pradesh
24Bagehta210121BandaUttar Pradesh
25Bagha210203BandaUttar Pradesh
26Baghelabari210202BandaUttar Pradesh
27Baheri210129BandaUttar Pradesh
28Ballan210201BandaUttar Pradesh
29Banda210001BandaUttar Pradesh
30Banda Kty210001BandaUttar Pradesh
31Bansi210001BandaUttar Pradesh
32Banthari210125BandaUttar Pradesh
33Baragaon210126BandaUttar Pradesh
34Baraimanpur210001BandaUttar Pradesh
35Basahari210001BandaUttar Pradesh
36Benda210128BandaUttar Pradesh
37Beonja210121BandaUttar Pradesh
38Berraon210125BandaUttar Pradesh
39Bhabhua210121BandaUttar Pradesh
40Bhadedu210121BandaUttar Pradesh
41Bhujrakh210128BandaUttar Pradesh
42Bichhwahi210123BandaUttar Pradesh
43Bilgaon210001BandaUttar Pradesh
44Bira210125BandaUttar Pradesh
45Birauna210129BandaUttar Pradesh
46Bisanda210203BandaUttar Pradesh
47Bisandi210203BandaUttar Pradesh
48Budhauli210125BandaUttar Pradesh
49Chandwara210129BandaUttar Pradesh
50Charka210125BandaUttar Pradesh
51Chausar210201BandaUttar Pradesh
52Chhehraon210001BandaUttar Pradesh
53Chhenahra Lalpur210001BandaUttar Pradesh
54Chhoti Bazar210001BandaUttar Pradesh
55Chillatara210123BandaUttar Pradesh
56Chillolar210203BandaUttar Pradesh
57Dadhwamanpur210202BandaUttar Pradesh
58Dharikhera210126BandaUttar Pradesh
59Dighwat210123BandaUttar Pradesh
60Durendi210001BandaUttar Pradesh
61Gadaria210126BandaUttar Pradesh
62Ganaon210201BandaUttar Pradesh
63Ganchchha210001BandaUttar Pradesh
64Garchappa210208BandaUttar Pradesh
65Gauri Kalan210126BandaUttar Pradesh
66Gazipur210126BandaUttar Pradesh
67Ghauraunda210001BandaUttar Pradesh
68Girwan210001BandaUttar Pradesh
69Goeramugli210001BandaUttar Pradesh
70Goiya Kalan210208BandaUttar Pradesh
71Gokhia210201BandaUttar Pradesh
72Gugauli210123BandaUttar Pradesh
73Gumanganj210129BandaUttar Pradesh
74Gureh210001BandaUttar Pradesh
75Gurha Kalan210129BandaUttar Pradesh
76Hanna Vinaika210209BandaUttar Pradesh
77Harbamafi210202BandaUttar Pradesh
78Hardauli210121BandaUttar Pradesh
79Hastam210001BandaUttar Pradesh
80Hathaura210001BandaUttar Pradesh
81Ingua210125BandaUttar Pradesh
82Jabrapur210202BandaUttar Pradesh
83Jalalpur210121BandaUttar Pradesh
84Jamalpur210001BandaUttar Pradesh
85Jamoo210203BandaUttar Pradesh
86Jamwara210129BandaUttar Pradesh
87Jaria210001BandaUttar Pradesh
88Jaspura210126BandaUttar Pradesh
89Jauharpur210123BandaUttar Pradesh
90Jaurahi210001BandaUttar Pradesh
91Jhanjhari Ka purwa210126BandaUttar Pradesh
92Kailnjar210129BandaUttar Pradesh
93Kairikhurd210203BandaUttar Pradesh
94Kamasin210125BandaUttar Pradesh
95Kanwara210001BandaUttar Pradesh
96Karaundi Kalan210207BandaUttar Pradesh
97Kartal210129BandaUttar Pradesh
98Katra210001BandaUttar Pradesh
99Katrawal210001BandaUttar Pradesh
100Khambhaura210201BandaUttar Pradesh
101Kharauli210125BandaUttar Pradesh
102Khaunda210128BandaUttar Pradesh
103Khurand R.s.210001BandaUttar Pradesh
104Khurhand210001BandaUttar Pradesh
105Korrahi210203BandaUttar Pradesh
106Kulsari210129BandaUttar Pradesh
107Lahureta210129BandaUttar Pradesh
108Lakhanpur210125BandaUttar Pradesh
109Lama210001BandaUttar Pradesh
110Lohda210206BandaUttar Pradesh
111Lohra210125BandaUttar Pradesh
112Lucktara210001BandaUttar Pradesh
113Madauli Kalan210126BandaUttar Pradesh
114Mahokhar210001BandaUttar Pradesh
115Mahua210001BandaUttar Pradesh
116Mahui210128BandaUttar Pradesh
117Mahuta210202BandaUttar Pradesh
118Majhila210121BandaUttar Pradesh
119Majhiwan210121BandaUttar Pradesh
120Makri210001BandaUttar Pradesh
121Malehra Newada210001BandaUttar Pradesh
122Mamsi Khurd210125BandaUttar Pradesh
123Manipur210001BandaUttar Pradesh
124Marauli210203BandaUttar Pradesh
125Marjha210126BandaUttar Pradesh
126Marka210125BandaUttar Pradesh
127Masuri210001BandaUttar Pradesh
128Mau210125BandaUttar Pradesh
129Mawai210001BandaUttar Pradesh
130Mawaighat210126BandaUttar Pradesh
131Mohanpurwa210001BandaUttar Pradesh
132Mungus210128BandaUttar Pradesh
133Murwal210121BandaUttar Pradesh
134Museewan210125BandaUttar Pradesh
135Naditaura210206BandaUttar Pradesh
136Nagnedi210001BandaUttar Pradesh
137Nahri210129BandaUttar Pradesh
138Nandadeo210126BandaUttar Pradesh
139Nandin Kurmiyan210207BandaUttar Pradesh
140Naraini210129BandaUttar Pradesh
141Narauli210126BandaUttar Pradesh
142Narayanpur210125BandaUttar Pradesh
143Nari210126BandaUttar Pradesh
144Nauhai210129BandaUttar Pradesh
145Nibhaur210121BandaUttar Pradesh
146Nilathu210121BandaUttar Pradesh
147Ora210206BandaUttar Pradesh
148Oraha210201BandaUttar Pradesh
149Oran210203BandaUttar Pradesh
150P G college attara210201BandaUttar Pradesh
151Pachnehi210001BandaUttar Pradesh
152Pachokhar210201BandaUttar Pradesh
153Padarathpur210123BandaUttar Pradesh
154Padmai210129BandaUttar Pradesh
155Padohra210126BandaUttar Pradesh
156Padui210001BandaUttar Pradesh
157Paigambarpur210001BandaUttar Pradesh
158Pailani210126BandaUttar Pradesh
159Palhari210121BandaUttar Pradesh
160Palra210123BandaUttar Pradesh
161Pangara210129BandaUttar Pradesh
162Pannah210125BandaUttar Pradesh
163Paprenda210001BandaUttar Pradesh
164Para210203BandaUttar Pradesh
165Paras210121BandaUttar Pradesh
166Parsahar210129BandaUttar Pradesh
167Parsauli210125BandaUttar Pradesh
168Parsaunda210001BandaUttar Pradesh
169Pathara210202BandaUttar Pradesh
170Patwan210121BandaUttar Pradesh
171Pauhar210202BandaUttar Pradesh
172Pawaiya210121BandaUttar Pradesh
173Pindaran210121BandaUttar Pradesh
174Pindkhar210201BandaUttar Pradesh
175Pipargawan210128BandaUttar Pradesh
176Piprahari210123BandaUttar Pradesh
177Piprodar210126BandaUttar Pradesh
178Piyar210202BandaUttar Pradesh
179Pongari210129BandaUttar Pradesh
180Punahur210201BandaUttar Pradesh
181Rampur210126BandaUttar Pradesh
182Ranipur210203BandaUttar Pradesh
183Rasin210202BandaUttar Pradesh
184Rauli Kalyanpur210202BandaUttar Pradesh
185Risaura210129BandaUttar Pradesh
186Sabada210126BandaUttar Pradesh
187Sadimadanpur210123BandaUttar Pradesh
188Sahewa210001BandaUttar Pradesh
189Samgara210121BandaUttar Pradesh
190Sandasani210125BandaUttar Pradesh
191Sarha210129BandaUttar Pradesh
192Sathi210121BandaUttar Pradesh
193Satnyaon210125BandaUttar Pradesh
194Saunta Syondha210001BandaUttar Pradesh
195Saya210203BandaUttar Pradesh
196Semri Basilpur210128BandaUttar Pradesh
197Sheo210121BandaUttar Pradesh
198Sikahula210126BandaUttar Pradesh
199Simauni210121BandaUttar Pradesh
200Sindhan Kalan210126BandaUttar Pradesh
201Singhpur210203BandaUttar Pradesh
202Tilausa210125BandaUttar Pradesh
203Tindura210203BandaUttar Pradesh
204Tindwara210001BandaUttar Pradesh
205Tindwari210128BandaUttar Pradesh
206Trivedi210001BandaUttar Pradesh
207Turra210202BandaUttar Pradesh
208Umarahni210121BandaUttar Pradesh

About Banda

In India’s state of Uttar Pradesh, there is a municipal board and a city named Banda. There are four divisions in Banda: north, east, west, and south. Banda is in the Bundelkhand area, to the south of the Yamuna River. This is the Banda District’s administrative center. The community has excellent state highway and railroad connections to larger cities. The town is located 189 km southwest of Allahabad, close to the right bank of the Ken River.


One of the areas covered under the general designation Bundelkhand is Banda, which has served as a battleground for India’s various ethnic groups fighting for sovereignty. The Maratha emperor of the Banda domain was Shamsher Bahadur I, also known as Krishna Rao. He was Bajirao I and Mastani’s son. He inherited part of his father’s domain, which included Banda and Kalpi. He fought alongside the Peshwa at the Third Battle of Panipat (1761), which pitted the Afghans against the Marathas. He was hurt in that fight and passed away at Deeg a few days later.


The district’s lowlands, which are frequently submerged during the rainy season, are mixed with erratic uplands featuring outcrops of rock. The district is traversed by the Baghein River, which runs from south-west to northeast. The Yamuna River to the north and the Ken River to the east are two more significant rivers. In this region, the Kshatriya, Patels, Chandraul, Chandela, Bundela, and other communities constitute the majority.


The population of Banda is 154,428 according to the 2011 Indian Census, with 82,116 men and 72,312 women. The number of people in the 0–6 age group is 18,621. In Banda, there were 111,432 literate people, or 72.16% of the population, with 77.4% of men and 66.2% of women being literate. The population aged 7 and over in Banda had an effective literacy rate of 82.1%, with a male literacy rate of 87.9% and a female literacy rate of 75.4%. There is an 881 sex ratio. There were 17, and 18,539 members of the Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Castes, respectively. In 2011, there were 27987 households.


It is 3,061 square miles (7,930 sq km) in size. In certain places, it climbs into erratic uplands and elevated plains with scattered granite boulders; in other places, it descends into swampy lowlands that are frequently submerged during the rainy season. There are many ravines along the sloping region along the Yamuna (formerly known as the Jamuna) river. The Vindhya chain of hills originates in a short range to the southeast that is little higher than 500 feet (150 meters), and it is the district’s natural boundary in that direction.


Why are pincodes significant in Banda, and what do they mean?

Pincodes, which are distinct number codes issued to particular areas and localities within Banda, Uttar Pradesh, are sometimes referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN codes). They are essential to the effective delivery and sorting of mail and packages, guaranteeing that they get to their intended recipients.

How can I locate the Banda PIN code for a particular location?

With the use of our PIN code search tool, locating the PIN code for a specific area or locality in Banda is simple. All you have to do is type in the area name, and our system will give you the associated PIN code.

What occurs if I enter the incorrect PIN in Banda for my goods or mail?

Misrouting and delays in mail delivery might result from using the wrong PIN. Use the right PIN code to guarantee timely and accurate delivery of your mail and goods.

Why is it that Banda enterprises need precise PIN codes?

For businesses in Banda, accurate PIN numbers are essential since they simplify operations, lower shipping mistakes, and guarantee that goods get at consumers' destinations on schedule. Companies should always include the right PIN in their mailing and shipping addresses.

Is it free to locate Banda Pincodes using this website?

Yes, everyone may utilize our service without any cost at all. For the convenience of Banda locals, companies, and guests, we want to make the process of locating precise PIN codes as straightforward as possible.