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Pincodes of Bareilly

Welcome to our Bareilly Pincodes database, where you can find the most recent and correct Postal Index Numbers (PIN codes) for a variety of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, locales. A PIN code is a special numerical code that is allocated to particular locations to help with the effective sorting and delivery of mail and packages. For smooth mail and package delivery, knowing the right PIN number is crucial, whether you’re a visitor, resident, or company owner in Bareilly.

Bareilly Pincodes

Here is a list of Bareilly Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Abhayrajpur262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
2Agras243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
3Ahemdabad262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
4Air Force station bareilly243002BareillyUttar Pradesh
5Akha243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
6Alahiya262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
7Alampur Jafarabad243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
8Aliganj243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
9Angadpur Khamaria243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
10Anurudhpur243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
11Aonla243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
12Aonla Katra243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
13Aonla Kila243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
14Atamanda243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
15Atarchhedi243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
16Athana243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
17Attangachandpur262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
18Aundh243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
19B R factory243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
20Baboora262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
21Baheri243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
22Bairamnagar243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
23Balai Bhagwantpur243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
24Balipur243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
25Baljati243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
26Balli243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
27Ballia243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
28Bamanpuri243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
29Bapu Nagar243406BareillyUttar Pradesh
30Baragoan243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
31Baraur262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
32Bareilly243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
33Bareilly Cantt243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
34Bareilly City243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
35Bareilly College243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
36Bareilly Kty243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
37Bareilly R.s243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
38Bargawan243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
39Barhepura262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
40Barser Sikandarpur243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
41Basantpur243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
42Basudharan243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
43Behroli243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
44Beodhan Khurd243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
45Bhadpura262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
46Bhairpura243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
47Bhamora243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
48Bhandsar243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
49Bhauwa Bazar262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
50Bhitaura243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
51Bhojipura243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
52Bhoor243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
53Bhura Bahadur pur243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
54Bhuta243126BareillyUttar Pradesh
55Biharman Nagla243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
56Bijamau262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
57Bilasnagar262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
58Bilwa243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
59Bisharatganj243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
60Bithri Chainpur243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
61Bohit243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
62Budhauuli243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
63Bus Stand mirganj243504BareillyUttar Pradesh
64C.A.r.i243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
65C.B. ganj243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
66Chakdah243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
67Chanehti243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
68Chathia243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
69Chaubari243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
70Chaupla243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
71Dalelnagar262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
72Dalpura243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
73Damkhoda243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
74Dandia Nagla243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
75Dauli Raghuwar dayal243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
76Deochara243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
77Deorania243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
78Dhakni Rajpuri243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
79Dhaneli243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
80Dhaneta243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
81Dhaura243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
82Dhaurera262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
83Dibna243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
84Digoi243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
85Dunda Sumali243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
86Dunka243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
87Faiznagar243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
88Faridpur243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
89Fateh Ganj (e)243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
90Gaini243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
91Gauntara243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
92Gehluiya243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
93Ghunsa243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
94Girdharpur243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
95Goola243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
96Gotha Khandua243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
97Grem262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
98Gugai243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
99Gulab Nager243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
100Gularia243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
101Gularia Mohammad hussain243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
102Guleli243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
103Gurgaon243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
104Hafizganj262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
105Haldi243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
106Haraulia243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
107Hardaspur243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
108Harharpur262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
109Hazipur Khazuria b243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
110Himmatpur243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
111Hurhuri243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
112Iffcotownship243403BareillyUttar Pradesh
113Itau Dhura243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
114Izzat Nagar243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
115Jaraul243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
116Jasai Nagar243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
117Jeoti Jagir262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
118Jitaur243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
119Jogither243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
120Jokhanpur243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
121Junahi243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
122K.K.niazia243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
123K.S.w.tulsi nagar243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
124Kaimua243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
125Kakra Kalan243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
126Kalyanpur243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
127Kanakpuri243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
128Kangaon243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
129Kangawan Shyam243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
130Kanman243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
131Kareli243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
132Kasumara243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
133Katsari243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
134Keolaria262410BareillyUttar Pradesh
135Kesarpur243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
136Khajuria Sriram262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
137Khalilpur243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
138Khanpur243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
139Khateli243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
140Khazuria Sampat243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
141Khelam243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
142Khera Ramnagar243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
143Kiara243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
144Kila243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
145Koharapeer243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
146Kuan Tanda243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
147Kudha243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
148Kulchha243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
149Kundaria Faizulapur243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
150Kunwar Pur243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
151Kunwarpur Banzaria243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
152Kusari243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
153Labhari243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
154Langura243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
155Laungpur243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
156Lilaur243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
157Majhgawan243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
158Malgoan243403BareillyUttar Pradesh
159Malook Pur243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
160Man Pur243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
161Mandanpur243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
162Mandauli243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
163Mandora243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
164Mango Road243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
165Manona243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
166Marhi Sukatia243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
167Marhinath Road243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
168Marwari Ganj243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
169Masjid Domni243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
170Mau Chandpur243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
171Mawai Kazian243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
172Meerapur Rafiabad243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
173Meerganj243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
174Mehmoodpur243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
175Mehtarpur243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
176Milak Majhera243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
177Mission Hospital243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
178Mohammad Ganj243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
179Mohammadpur Pathra243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
180Mohanpur243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
181Mundia Ahamad nagar243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
182Mundia Bhikampur262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
183Mundia Jagir243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
184Mundia Nabi bux243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
185Mundia Teli262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
186Municipal Board243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
187Nadeli243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
188Nagaria Kalan243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
189Nagaria Sobarni243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
190Nagaria Vikram243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
191Nandausi243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
192Narharpur Gaurikhera262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
193Narkhera243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
194Naugawan Bramhanan243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
195Naugawan Thakuran243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
196Naurangpur243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
197Nawabganj262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
198Nawada Bilsandi243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
199Nazarganj243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
200Nc Lines bareilly243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
201Nekpur243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
202Ner Workshop243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
203Nisui243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
204Noorpur243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
205Nrmc243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
206Old City243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
207P.A.c.dso243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
208Pachdeora Kalan243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
209Pachomi243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
210Pachpera243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
211Padarathpur243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
212Paiga262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
213Parasrampur262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
214Phulasi243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
215Pindari Ashok243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
216Piperthara243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
217Prem Nagar243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
218Qadarganj243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
219R.K.university243006BareillyUttar Pradesh
220Raipur Hans243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
221Rajau Paraspur243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
222Rajendra Nagar243002BareillyUttar Pradesh
223Rajupur243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
224Rajupur Kalan243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
225Ram Nagar243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
226Rampura Ratan243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
227Rasoolpur243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
228Rath243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
229Ratna262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
230Rehpura Ganimat243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
231Reoti243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
232Richha243215BareillyUttar Pradesh
233Rithora243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
234Rohili243203BareillyUttar Pradesh
235Rukumpur262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
236Sadar Bazar243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
237Sahasa243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
238Sahora243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
239Saidpur Hakins243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
240Samaspur243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
241Sarai Talfi243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
242Sarau243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
243Sardar Nagar ghat243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
244Sardarnagar262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
245Sarkara243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
246Senthal262407BareillyUttar Pradesh
247Shahi243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
248Shahpur Baniyan243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
249Shamat Ganj243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
250Sharif Nagar243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
251Sheeshgarh243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
252Shehdana Colony243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
253Shergarh243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
254Shivaji Marg243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
255Shivpuri243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
256Shivpuri Raudhauli243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
257Shubhash Market243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
258Shubhash Nagar243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
259Shyam Ganj243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
260Siatheri243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
261Simaria243304BareillyUttar Pradesh
262Simra Bahor nagla243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
263Simra Boripur243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
264Singha243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
265Sirauli243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
266Sirohi243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
267Sirsa Jagir243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
268Sona243303BareillyUttar Pradesh
269Soraha243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
270Sudanpur243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
271Sundari Amsah262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
272Sunha243503BareillyUttar Pradesh
273Surkha243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
274Surla243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
275Swale Nagar243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
276Tanda243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
277Tara Khas243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
278Tehsil Aonla243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
279Teolia243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
280Thiria Nizawatkhan243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
281Tiliapurbo243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
282Tiswa243506BareillyUttar Pradesh
283Umarsia243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
284Urla243301BareillyUttar Pradesh
285Yaqoobganj243201BareillyUttar Pradesh

About Bareilly

The northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh includes the Bareilly district. Its six administrative divisions, or tehsils, are Aonla, Baheri, Bareilly city, Faridpur, Mirganj, and Nawabganj. Bareilly city serves as its headquarters. The Bareilly district, which is a part of the Bareilly Division, has 4,448,359 people living in it (up from 3,618,589 in the previous census), covering an area of 4120 square kilometer. Mukrand Rai laid the foundation for the present-day city of Bareilly in 1657.


In the past, the area served as the capital of the Panchala kingdom. The region between the high Himalayas and the Ganges River, east of the Kurus, was inhabited by the Panchalas. Dakshina-Panchala and Uttara-Panchala were created from the division of the nation. While the seat of the southern Panchala was Kampilya or Kampil in the Farrukhabad district, the capital of the northern Panchala was Ahichatra (also known as Adhichhatra and Chhatravati, near present-day Aonla) tehsil in Bareilly district. The kingdom of Panchala contained the well-known city of Kannauj, also known as Kanyakubja. The epic Mahābhārata states that Draupadi, also known as “Panchali,” was born in the Bareilly area (Panchala, in modern-day Uttar Pradesh and surrounding territories).


Bareilly is in northern India and is situated at 28°10′N, 78°23′E. Its boundaries are Badaun in the south, Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand) in the north, Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur in the east, and Rampur in the west. It is a flat area with several streams providing water, and its overall slope is southerly. The communities have a tidy, wealthy appearance, the land is rich and well-cultivated, and there are many groves of fine trees.


Throughout the year, the average temperature is 25 °C. The hottest month of the year is June, with an average temperature of 32.8 °C, while January is the lowest, with an average temperature of 15 °C. The average annual precipitation in Bareilly is 1038.9 mm. Average monthly precipitation is 307.3 mm in July and 5.1 mm in November. July is the month with the highest average monthly precipitation.


Bareilly district’s population, as of the 2011 census, is 4,448,359, or about the same as that of the US state of Louisiana or the country of Croatia. As a result, it is ranked 39th in India. The district has 1,084 people per square kilometer (2,810/sq mi) of population. Between 2001 and 2011, its population increased at a pace of 23.4%. Bareilly has a 60.52% literacy rate with a sex ratio of 883 females for every 1000 males. The population resides in cities in 35.26% of cases.


The district magistrate and collector (DM) of Bareilly, an IAS official, is in charge of the district administration. The DM is in charge of the city’s elections as well as property records and revenue collection for the federal government. Upholding law and order in the city is another duty of the DM. A chief development officer, two more district magistrates, one city magistrate, and four more city magistrates support the DM.


India’s economy has grown quickly in Bareilly since economic liberalization. Despite the area’s rural economy still being centered on agriculture and handicrafts, bamboo, and cane furniture, commerce has expanded along with mall culture. The national capital, New Delhi, and the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, are both equally far from the city. Bareilly is therefore a key location connecting two important Indian cities. Early in the nineteenth century, Bareilly was a thriving cotton center. In 1802, the city had around 20,000 looms, producing goods valued at Rs 30,00,000 annually.


Why are pincodes significant in Bareilly, and what do they mean?

Pincodes, which are distinct number codes issued to certain locations and localities within Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, are sometimes referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN codes). They are necessary for the timely and accurate delivery of mail and packages to their intended locations, as well as for the effective sorting and sorting of mail.

How can I locate the Bareilly PIN number for a certain location or locality?

With the use of our PIN code search tool, locating the PIN code for a certain Bareilly location is simple. All you have to do is type in the name of the location or area, and our system will give you the associated PIN code.

What occurs in Bareilly if I enter the incorrect PIN when sending or receiving mail?

Misrouting and delayed mail delivery might result from using the wrong PIN. Using the right PIN number is essential to guaranteeing timely and accurate delivery of your mail and parcels in Bareilly.

Why are correct PIN codes crucial for Bareilly businesses?

PIN numbers that are accurate are essential to the operations and logistics of Bareilly enterprises. They guarantee effective client delivery, reduce shipping mistakes, and optimize product distribution. Companies should always include the right PIN in their mailing and shipping addresses.

Is it free to locate Bareilly Pincodes using this website?

Yes, all users can utilize our service without any cost at all. For the benefit of locals, companies, and tourists alike, our goal is to make the process of locating precise PIN numbers as easy as possible.