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Pincodes of Basti

Welcome to our directory of Basti Pincodes, a useful tool for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of different locations inside the charming Uttar Pradeshi city of Basti. Basti is renowned for its lively communities, historical significance, and diversity of cultures. PIN numbers are an essential component of the postal system that guarantee timely mail and package delivery and sorting. Every settlement in Basti has a distinct PIN code, which enables postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct recipients. Making sure your mail gets to its destination on time depends on using the correct PIN number.

Basti Pincodes

Here is a list of Basti Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ahra272178BastiUttar Pradesh
2Ainpur272163BastiUttar Pradesh
3Ajgaiba Jungle272163BastiUttar Pradesh
4Amarediha272194BastiUttar Pradesh
5Amari Bazar272155BastiUttar Pradesh
6Ambari272150BastiUttar Pradesh
7Amorha272127BastiUttar Pradesh
8Amrauli Sumali272190BastiUttar Pradesh
9Asnahra272194BastiUttar Pradesh
10Athadama272151BastiUttar Pradesh
11Babhnan272161BastiUttar Pradesh
12Babhni Misra272126BastiUttar Pradesh
13Baghari272178BastiUttar Pradesh
14Baghnagar272002BastiUttar Pradesh
15Bahadurpur272302BastiUttar Pradesh
16Bai Pokhar272002BastiUttar Pradesh
17Bai.Mustahkam272301BastiUttar Pradesh
18Bairagal272131BastiUttar Pradesh
19Bairikhala272163BastiUttar Pradesh
20Bajahara272125BastiUttar Pradesh
21Bankata272002BastiUttar Pradesh
22Bankati Bazar272123BastiUttar Pradesh
23Bankatia272151BastiUttar Pradesh
24Banpur272177BastiUttar Pradesh
25Bansgoan272178BastiUttar Pradesh
26Banskhor Kalan272126BastiUttar Pradesh
27Barahpur272163BastiUttar Pradesh
28Barahuwan272123BastiUttar Pradesh
29Bardia Kunwar272128BastiUttar Pradesh
30Bargadwa272190BastiUttar Pradesh
31Barhata272001BastiUttar Pradesh
32Barhni272131BastiUttar Pradesh
33Barhya272161BastiUttar Pradesh
34Basti272001BastiUttar Pradesh
35Basti Bs272001BastiUttar Pradesh
36Basti Huchhary272001BastiUttar Pradesh
37Basti Sugar factory272003BastiUttar Pradesh
38Beili272302BastiUttar Pradesh
39Belbharia Ram gulam272181BastiUttar Pradesh
40Belghat272163BastiUttar Pradesh
41Belhara272182BastiUttar Pradesh
42Belsar272163BastiUttar Pradesh
43Belwaria Jungle272163BastiUttar Pradesh
44Bemhari272131BastiUttar Pradesh
45Bhadawal272155BastiUttar Pradesh
46Bhagausa272126BastiUttar Pradesh
47Bhainsa Chaubey272163BastiUttar Pradesh
48Bhainsaha272130BastiUttar Pradesh
49Bhangura272301BastiUttar Pradesh
50Bhanpur Babu272196BastiUttar Pradesh
51Bharwalia272123BastiUttar Pradesh
52Bhawanipur272124BastiUttar Pradesh
53Bhelkha272002BastiUttar Pradesh
54Bhitani272177BastiUttar Pradesh
55Bhitehara272151BastiUttar Pradesh
56Bhitiya272126BastiUttar Pradesh
57Bhivra272125BastiUttar Pradesh
58Bishesharganj272128BastiUttar Pradesh
59Bishunpurwa272190BastiUttar Pradesh
60Bodwal272178BastiUttar Pradesh
61Burhi Belhar272125BastiUttar Pradesh
62Captainganj272131BastiUttar Pradesh
63Chaukwa272190BastiUttar Pradesh
64Chhagulia Bagulia272125BastiUttar Pradesh
65Chhapia Sheobaran272002BastiUttar Pradesh
66Chhardahi272301BastiUttar Pradesh
67Chilma Bazar272301BastiUttar Pradesh
68Chorkhari272155BastiUttar Pradesh
69Civil Line272001BastiUttar Pradesh
70Dailapur272131BastiUttar Pradesh
71Dakhin Darwaza272001BastiUttar Pradesh
72Dandwakala272126BastiUttar Pradesh
73Dandwapandey272148BastiUttar Pradesh
74Danokuiya272126BastiUttar Pradesh
75Dasia272150BastiUttar Pradesh
76Deferi272130BastiUttar Pradesh
77Deisand272123BastiUttar Pradesh
78Delhwa272301BastiUttar Pradesh
79Dewapar272302BastiUttar Pradesh
80Dhaurahra272194BastiUttar Pradesh
81Dhawai272194BastiUttar Pradesh
82Dhenugawan272129BastiUttar Pradesh
83Dhirauli Babu272127BastiUttar Pradesh
84Dhosar272194BastiUttar Pradesh
85Dihukpura272301BastiUttar Pradesh
86Dingrapur272301BastiUttar Pradesh
87Diwakarpur272181BastiUttar Pradesh
88Dubauli Dubey272131BastiUttar Pradesh
89Dubaulia272141BastiUttar Pradesh
90Dudhara272125BastiUttar Pradesh
91Dudhaura272002BastiUttar Pradesh
92Ekdangi272178BastiUttar Pradesh
93Gaighat272301BastiUttar Pradesh
94Gandhinagar272001BastiUttar Pradesh
95Ganeshpur272002BastiUttar Pradesh
96Garha272131BastiUttar Pradesh
97Gauhania272155BastiUttar Pradesh
98Gaur Rs272163BastiUttar Pradesh
99Gaura272002BastiUttar Pradesh
100Gaura Upadhyay272124BastiUttar Pradesh
101Gauspur272301BastiUttar Pradesh
102Ghorsayen272127BastiUttar Pradesh
103Gonare272171BastiUttar Pradesh
104Gopiapar272131BastiUttar Pradesh
105Gopinathpur272130BastiUttar Pradesh
106Govindpara272131BastiUttar Pradesh
107Gulariha Sirma272178BastiUttar Pradesh
108Gunakhor272126BastiUttar Pradesh
109Hanumanganj272150BastiUttar Pradesh
110Haribanshpur272131BastiUttar Pradesh
111Harish Nagar272130BastiUttar Pradesh
112Harraiya272155BastiUttar Pradesh
113Hathiagarh272002BastiUttar Pradesh
114Hatwa272126BastiUttar Pradesh
115Hiyaroopur272127BastiUttar Pradesh
116Hundrakunwar272181BastiUttar Pradesh
117Iti272001BastiUttar Pradesh
118Itbahara272163BastiUttar Pradesh
119Itwakungai272181BastiUttar Pradesh
120Jagdishpur272130BastiUttar Pradesh
121Jahlipur272190BastiUttar Pradesh
122Jaitapur272127BastiUttar Pradesh
123Jajupur272127BastiUttar Pradesh
124Jamadashahi272002BastiUttar Pradesh
125Jeodhara272125BastiUttar Pradesh
126Jinswa272190BastiUttar Pradesh
127Jitipur272181BastiUttar Pradesh
128Joorie272125BastiUttar Pradesh
129Kachhia272163BastiUttar Pradesh
130Kalwari272301BastiUttar Pradesh
131Kanaila272301BastiUttar Pradesh
132Karah Pithia272178BastiUttar Pradesh
133Karahi272002BastiUttar Pradesh
134Karma Khan272002BastiUttar Pradesh
135Karmahiya272194BastiUttar Pradesh
136Kasaila272302BastiUttar Pradesh
137Kataria272128BastiUttar Pradesh
138Kathar Jungle272302BastiUttar Pradesh
139Katya272302BastiUttar Pradesh
140Kaudikol272131BastiUttar Pradesh
141Kerauna272148BastiUttar Pradesh
142Keshwapur272155BastiUttar Pradesh
143Kewarimustahkam272301BastiUttar Pradesh
144Khairati272177BastiUttar Pradesh
145Khambha272151BastiUttar Pradesh
146Kharawan Kunwsar272130BastiUttar Pradesh
147Kharka272177BastiUttar Pradesh
148Khatiyawan272125BastiUttar Pradesh
149Khesuwa272127BastiUttar Pradesh
150Khoria272123BastiUttar Pradesh
151Kodai272131BastiUttar Pradesh
152Kohra272150BastiUttar Pradesh
153Kohriyawan272126BastiUttar Pradesh
154Kondra Pandey272002BastiUttar Pradesh
155Kothwa272124BastiUttar Pradesh
156Kudraha272301BastiUttar Pradesh
157Kurda272163BastiUttar Pradesh
158Kuriyar272178BastiUttar Pradesh
159Kusaura272301BastiUttar Pradesh
160Kusuru Khurd272125BastiUttar Pradesh
161Labnapar272002BastiUttar Pradesh
162Lakhanahat272302BastiUttar Pradesh
163Lalganj272171BastiUttar Pradesh
164Lalpur272130BastiUttar Pradesh
165Lapsi272190BastiUttar Pradesh
166Lauki Lala272125BastiUttar Pradesh
167Madwanagar272002BastiUttar Pradesh
168Mahadewa272181BastiUttar Pradesh
169Mahani272125BastiUttar Pradesh
170Mahrajganj272132BastiUttar Pradesh
171Mahripur272302BastiUttar Pradesh
172Mahson272124BastiUttar Pradesh
173Mahuswar272148BastiUttar Pradesh
174Mahuwadabar272161BastiUttar Pradesh
175Mahuwalakhanpur272131BastiUttar Pradesh
176Mahuwapar272155BastiUttar Pradesh
177Mahuwar272151BastiUttar Pradesh
178Majahuwameer272149BastiUttar Pradesh
179Majhauwa Babu272155BastiUttar Pradesh
180Majhauwa Baikunth272150BastiUttar Pradesh
181Majhauwa Khajuri272002BastiUttar Pradesh
182Majhauwa Khurd272190BastiUttar Pradesh
183Malauli Gosain272129BastiUttar Pradesh
184Manjharia Vikram272002BastiUttar Pradesh
185Manjhilgaon272127BastiUttar Pradesh
186Mansoornagar272163BastiUttar Pradesh
187Manuwa272301BastiUttar Pradesh
188Marwatia Baboo272302BastiUttar Pradesh
189Marwatia Kasaila272002BastiUttar Pradesh
190Meetanjot272302BastiUttar Pradesh
191Melan Khurd272125BastiUttar Pradesh
192Misraulia Bhaiya272150BastiUttar Pradesh
193Mudadeehabeg272125BastiUttar Pradesh
194Munderwa272178BastiUttar Pradesh
195Nagahara272002BastiUttar Pradesh
196Nagar Bazar272302BastiUttar Pradesh
197Naghara272131BastiUttar Pradesh
198Naguwa272177BastiUttar Pradesh
199Naikapar272301BastiUttar Pradesh
200Nande Kuwan272128BastiUttar Pradesh
201Nandnagar272129BastiUttar Pradesh
202Naraiyanpur272124BastiUttar Pradesh
203Nedula272130BastiUttar Pradesh
204Newari272171BastiUttar Pradesh
205Niranjanpur272124BastiUttar Pradesh
206Ojhaganj272131BastiUttar Pradesh
207Orawara272002BastiUttar Pradesh
208Orijote272001BastiUttar Pradesh
209Pachawa272125BastiUttar Pradesh
210Pachwas272127BastiUttar Pradesh
211Padari272178BastiUttar Pradesh
212Pagar272123BastiUttar Pradesh
213Paikolia272181BastiUttar Pradesh
214Pak. bakhtawar272131BastiUttar Pradesh
215Pakari Araji272125BastiUttar Pradesh
216Pakari Dhaurahra272002BastiUttar Pradesh
217Pakri Jai272002BastiUttar Pradesh
218Pandey Bazar272001BastiUttar Pradesh
219Parasrampur272130BastiUttar Pradesh
220Parsa damya272150BastiUttar Pradesh
221Parsa Jhakaria272125BastiUttar Pradesh
222Parsaon272301BastiUttar Pradesh
223Pendar272163BastiUttar Pradesh
224Pikaura272163BastiUttar Pradesh
225Pipra Kazi272163BastiUttar Pradesh
226Pipragautam272123BastiUttar Pradesh
227Piraila Garib272194BastiUttar Pradesh
228Pokhara272131BastiUttar Pradesh
229Pokharni272302BastiUttar Pradesh
230Puraina Mansoor272002BastiUttar Pradesh
231Puraina Pandey272002BastiUttar Pradesh
232Purani Basti272002BastiUttar Pradesh
233Pursia272002BastiUttar Pradesh
234Raghunathpur272130BastiUttar Pradesh
235Raghwapur272181BastiUttar Pradesh
236Rajpur Bairihwa272301BastiUttar Pradesh
237Ramnagar272194BastiUttar Pradesh
238Rampur272178BastiUttar Pradesh
239Ranipur272302BastiUttar Pradesh
240Rasoolpur272002BastiUttar Pradesh
241Raunakala272150BastiUttar Pradesh
242Rautapar272171BastiUttar Pradesh
243Rayath272148BastiUttar Pradesh
244Roopgarh272128BastiUttar Pradesh
245Rudranagar272151BastiUttar Pradesh
246Sabra272151BastiUttar Pradesh
247Saithawalia272002BastiUttar Pradesh
248Salempur272130BastiUttar Pradesh
249Saltauwa272190BastiUttar Pradesh
250Samaspur272124BastiUttar Pradesh
251Sanda272178BastiUttar Pradesh
252Sangath272125BastiUttar Pradesh
253Sangrampur272127BastiUttar Pradesh
254Sansarpur272182BastiUttar Pradesh
255Sardaha Sukul272163BastiUttar Pradesh
256Sarraiya Atibal272128BastiUttar Pradesh
257Sehuda Kala272148BastiUttar Pradesh
258Semara272302BastiUttar Pradesh
259Semariyawan272126BastiUttar Pradesh
260Shankarpur272129BastiUttar Pradesh
261Shivpur272163BastiUttar Pradesh
262Siarapar272182BastiUttar Pradesh
263Sihari Sardaha272190BastiUttar Pradesh
264Sikandarpur272129BastiUttar Pradesh
265Sillo272124BastiUttar Pradesh
266Sonha272190BastiUttar Pradesh
267Sonkhar272178BastiUttar Pradesh
268Sringinari272130BastiUttar Pradesh
269Subdeiyakala272002BastiUttar Pradesh
270Sudipur272128BastiUttar Pradesh
271Sukrauli272163BastiUttar Pradesh
272Sukrauli Chaudhary272155BastiUttar Pradesh
273Sumha272125BastiUttar Pradesh
274Surwarkalan272151BastiUttar Pradesh
275T B clinic272001BastiUttar Pradesh
276Teliha Deeh272190BastiUttar Pradesh
277Thana Khas272155BastiUttar Pradesh
278Tharuapur272129BastiUttar Pradesh
279Thokwsa272171BastiUttar Pradesh
280Tilakpur272131BastiUttar Pradesh
281Tilja272126BastiUttar Pradesh
282Tinharimafi272126BastiUttar Pradesh
283Tinich272163BastiUttar Pradesh
284Turasi272127BastiUttar Pradesh
285Turkipur272128BastiUttar Pradesh
286Tusail272194BastiUttar Pradesh
287Umaria272301BastiUttar Pradesh
288Unchgaon272178BastiUttar Pradesh
289Unji272131BastiUttar Pradesh
290Ushara Shahid272002BastiUttar Pradesh
291Vedipur272181BastiUttar Pradesh
292Walterganj272182BastiUttar Pradesh

About Basti

The district headquarters is located at Basti town. Basti district is one of the districts in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Basti Division includes the Basti District. Basti was formerly referred to as a village. This location was once the Ashram of Rishi Vashistha, which is said to be the origin of the name Vaishishthi. For a while, Lord Rama and his younger brother Laxman had been visiting Rishi Vasistha. The area that now makes up the district was isolated and mostly covered with forest.


Vaishishthi was the ancient name of Basti. Since this region once served as Rishi (sage) Vashistha’s ashram, the name Vaishishthi has its origins in this. Rishi Vashistha had brought Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana to this place some time ago. Nasir-ud-din Mahmud, the oldest son of Iltutmish, took over as governor of Awadh in 1225 and is credited with crushing all Bhar opposition throughout the early years of the 13th century.


The district is located between the longitude lines of 82° 17′ and 83° 20′ East and the latitude lines of 26° 23′ and 27° 30′ North. Its greatest length is approximately 75 km in the north-south direction and 70 km in the east-west direction. The district is located between Gonda on the west and the recently established district Sant Kabir Nagar on the east. It is divided from Faizabad and the recently established district known as Ambedkar Nagar on the south by the Ghaghra River, which is close to Amorha Khas, formerly known as Amorha Province or State of Raja Zalim Singh.


There were 114,657 people living in Basti as per the 2011 Indian Census, 60,095 of whom were men and 54,562 women. There were 13,349 people in the 0 to 6 age group. In Basti, there were 84,389 literate people, or 73.6% of the total population. Of them, 78.3% of men and 68.5% of women were literate. The people aged 7 and over in Basti had an effective literacy rate of 83.3%, with a male literacy rate of 88.6% and a female literacy rate of 77.5%.


The area is well-known for its sugar and cotton textile businesses. This area is home to cottage industries and small-scale businesses that produce brassware, iron and wood items, agricultural tools, bricks, agro-products, footwear, soaps, candles, and ceramics. Basti is renowned for its populations of bamboo, shisham (Dalbergia sissoo), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus teritrornis), and mangoes. The neighborhood is home to four sugar plants. Common crops include sugarcane, maize, potatoes, barley, wheat, and legumes. A large portion of the population makes their living from agricultural techniques. The district’s strong economy is reflected in its excellent connectivity via NH 28.


How can a PIN code in Basti mean something?

A PIN code, also known as a Postal Index Number, is an important number that facilitates the effective delivery and sorting of mail and deliveries in Basti. It guarantees that your letter will arrive at its intended location on time.

How can I locate the Basti PIN code for a particular area?

Using our PIN code finder tool, it's simple to locate the PIN code for a certain region in Basti. All you have to do is type in the name of the location or area, and our system will give you the associated PIN code.

What happens if I send mail or packages in Basti with the incorrect PIN code?

Mail and package delivery may be delayed or delivered incorrectly if the PIN is entered incorrectly. Always double-check and enter the right PIN code for the recipient's address in Basti to guarantee a successful delivery.

Why is it crucial that companies in Basti employ precise PIN codes?

For firms in Basti to optimize their shipping and logistics processes, precise PIN numbers are crucial. They guarantee client happiness, cut down on delivery times, and lessen shipping faults. Companies should make sure that their shipment information always includes the right PIN code.

Is it free to locate Basti Pincodes using this website?

Of course! All users can utilize our service without any cost at all. For the benefit of Basti locals, companies, and guests, we want to make the process of locating precise PIN codes as easy as possible.