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Bellandur Pincode 560103 is a bustling locality in Bangalore, Karnataka. Known for its proximity to the city’s IT hubs, it attracts professionals and tech enthusiasts. The area features residential communities, educational institutions, and commercial centers, offering a well-rounded urban lifestyle. Bellandur Lake, although facing environmental challenges, remains a prominent landmark. With a plethora of restaurants, shopping options, and recreational facilities, Bellandur Pincode 560103 caters to diverse interests. It represents a blend of modernity and convenience, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a dynamic and well-connected lifestyle in Bangalore.

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About Bellandur

In Bangalore, Karnataka, India’s southeast lies a suburb called Bellandur. Sarjapur Road borders it to the south, Bellandur Lake to the north, Devarabisanahalli to the east, and HSR Layout to the west. The largest lake in Bangalore, Bellandur Lake, divides Bellandur from the HAL Airport. Bellandur is a key hub for transportation between east and south Bangalore because of the Outer Ring Road. Bellandur, which was formerly a rural area, has recently seen a significant increase in population and real estate development as a result of Bangalore’s IT boom.


Bellandur Lake was constructed in the tenth century CE, during the Western Ganga dynasty’s rule in Bellandur. Archaeological finds unearthed alongside the Bellandur Lake’s bed provide proof of prehistoric human habitation in the area. Bellandur is home to dolmens, standing stones, stone circles, tools, and other relics that date back to the Megalithic Era. Ancient Roman coins were discovered in the area in 1945 during another dig conducted by historian D.R. Gordon. Bellandur was known as Vikrama Chola Mandala in the eleventh century CE, when the Chola dynasty ruled.


Bellandur is located within BBMP ward 150. Under the Mahadevpura assembly constituency is the Bellandur ward. The ward has 26.37 km2 in total size. There were 22,368 houses and 80,180 people living in the ward as per the 2011 Census. Between 2001 and 2011, the ward’s population increased by 290.60%. During the second wave in 2021, the local government faced harsh criticism. While Bellandur and the nearby HSR Layout were among the places that continuously recorded the greatest incidence of COVID-19 infections, the proportion of vaccines distributed to these areas was less than that of the rest of Bangalore.

IT Hub

Bellandur is ideally situated close to the Outer Ring Road (ORR), which is home to a large number of IT enterprises and IT parks. The populace has become more tech-savvy and diversified due to the presence of corporate offices, startups, and large IT organizations. Bellandur’s quick commute makes it a great home option for professionals working in these areas.

Residential Hub

Bellandur offers a variety of housing alternatives, including independent homes, gated communities, and apartments. This range meets the housing requirements of young professionals, families, and people. Bellandur’s housing need has sped up the area’s real estate development.

Bellandur Lake

Although Bellandur Lake is a significant local natural landmark, pollution has caused environmental problems for it recently. The ecological equilibrium of the lake is being restored via ongoing efforts to solve these problems.


What is Bellandur famous for?

Because Bellandur has multiple special economic zones, it is a popular residential region for workers in Bangalore's finance and information technology (IT) sectors. The suburb is home to the corporate headquarters of numerous large IT and finance companies, including SAP Labs, Microsoft, AT&T, Cisco, Intel, Wipro, and KPMG.

Is Bellandur a good area to live in?

Its close proximity to Koramangala further enhances its appeal as a residential hub. Social Infrastructure: Bellandur has excellent social infrastructure because it is situated on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and is home to multiple Tech Parks.

Which metro station is near to Bellandur?

Bellandur's closest metro station is Baiyappanahalli, which is located on the Bangalore Metro's Purple Line.

Is Bellandur a posh area?

The southern region of the city, Bellandur, is renowned for its upscale apartment buildings and tranquil lakefront vistas. Thanks to its close proximity to major tech parks and beautiful, modern living, it is a favorite choice among IT professionals.

Why is Marathahalli famous?

Located on the Outer Ring Road (ORR), Marathahalli is a well-known business district and a developed residential area in Bangalore's eastern region. It has good access to Whitefield, HAL, KR Puram, Electronic City, and Banashankari, among other parts of Bangalore.