Betul Pincodes

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Pincodes of Betul

Betul is a district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, known for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the Satpura Range, it’s characterized by lush forests and scenic beauty. Betul is an important agricultural hub, with farming being a key part of the local economy. The region is well-connected, with several pincodes facilitating communication and services. This area is also noted for its diversity in flora and fauna, making it a destination for nature enthusiasts. Betul pincodes help find addresses, send mails, and reach destinations.

Betul Pincodes

Here is a list of Betul Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Amal460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
2Ambada460553BetulMadhya Pradesh
3Amdhana460449BetulMadhya Pradesh
4Amla460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
5Amla Depot460553BetulMadhya Pradesh
6Amraoti Ghat460669BetulMadhya Pradesh
7Andharia460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
8Anwaria460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
9Ashta460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
10Athanair460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
11Awaria460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
12Badalpur460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
13Badgaon460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
14Badora460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
15Bagholi460004BetulMadhya Pradesh
16Bakud460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
17Bandli460669BetulMadhya Pradesh
18Bansnerkala460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
19Barai460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
20Barangwari460554BetulMadhya Pradesh
21Baravi460004BetulMadhya Pradesh
22Barhapur460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
23Barkhed460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
24Batkidoh460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
25Belkund460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
26Betul460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
27Betul Bazaar460004BetulMadhya Pradesh
28Betul Ganj460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
29Bhadus460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
30Bhagoda460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
31Bhainsdehi460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
32Bhaiyawari460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
33Bharat Bharti460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
34Bharkawarai460004BetulMadhya Pradesh
35Bhimpur460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
36Bhogiteda460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
37Bhoura460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
38Bihargaon460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
39Bijadehi460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
40Birul Bazar460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
41Bisnoor460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
42Bordehi460554BetulMadhya Pradesh
43Borgaon460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
44Bothi460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
45Chadu460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
46Chandbaheda460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
47Chandora Khurad460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
48Chhindi460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
49Chhindkheda460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
50Chhipanya Pipariya460554BetulMadhya Pradesh
51Chichanda460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
52Chicholi460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
53Chikhali460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
54Chikhalikalan460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
55Chikhalpati460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
56Chilhati460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
57Chirapatla460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
58Chopna460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
59Chouthia460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
60Chudia460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
61Chunahajuri460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
62Chunalohna460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
63Dahua460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
64Dehgud460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
65Desawari460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
66Dhabla460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
67Dhamangaon460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
68Dhanora460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
69Dhanora Adarsh460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
70Dhapoda460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
71Dharakhoh460443BetulMadhya Pradesh
72Dhatora460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
73Dudhiya460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
74Dunawa460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
75Etawa460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
76Gargud460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
77Garha460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
78Gehubarsa460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
79Ghatbiroli460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
80Ghatpipariya460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
81Ghisibagla460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
82Ghoradongari460443BetulMadhya Pradesh
83Godhna460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
84Gondigoula460004BetulMadhya Pradesh
85Goula460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
86Gubrel460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
87Gudgaon460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
88Hathanapur460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
89Hidli460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
90Hirapur460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
91Hirawari460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
92Hirdi460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
93Hiwarkhed460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
94Jam460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
95Jambada460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
96Jamthi460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
97Jawara460004BetulMadhya Pradesh
98Jeen460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
99Jhallar460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
100Jhapal460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
101Jogli460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
102Joulkheda460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
103Kachhar460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
104Kalmeshwara460554BetulMadhya Pradesh
105Kanojia460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
106Karpa460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
107Kathi460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
108Kesia460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
109Khairwani460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
110Khamla460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
111Khandara460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
112Khapakhateda460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
113Khedicourt460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
114Khedisaoligarh460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
115Khedlibazar460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
116Khomai460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
117Kolgaon460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
118Kothalkund460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
119Kothi Bazaar460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
120Kujba460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
121Kundi460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
122Kunkhedi460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
123Kurasna460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
124Kutkhedai460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
125Lakhapur460553BetulMadhya Pradesh
126Lalawadi460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
127Lilajhir460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
128Magnonakhurd460669BetulMadhya Pradesh
129Magonakalan460669BetulMadhya Pradesh
130Mahatpur460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
131Majarwani460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
132Malajpur460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
133Mandai Bujurg460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
134Mandvi460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
135Masod460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
136Mathani460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
137Mendha Chhindwad460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
138Mohda460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
139Mohi460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
140Morandhana460553BetulMadhya Pradesh
141Morkha460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
142Multai460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
143Multai Bazaar460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
144Nahiya460553BetulMadhya Pradesh
145Narkhed460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
146Nimpani Padhar460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
147Pahawari460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
148Palasya460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
149Paradsinga460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
150Parmandal460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
151Parsodi460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
152Path460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
153Pathai460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
154Pathakheda460449BetulMadhya Pradesh
155Patri460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
156Pipariyagurwa460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
157Pohar460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
158Pouni460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
159Prabhat Pattan460669BetulMadhya Pradesh
160Pusli460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
161Ragadgaon460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
162Rai Amla460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
163Ramli460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
164Ranipur460443BetulMadhya Pradesh
165Ratanpur460330BetulMadhya Pradesh
166Ratedkalan460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
167Ridhora460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
168Rondha460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
169Sainkheda460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
170Sakadehi460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
171Sakli460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
172Salaiya460449BetulMadhya Pradesh
173Salimet460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
174Sandia460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
175Saongi460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
176Sarai460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
177Sarni460447BetulMadhya Pradesh
178Sarra460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
179Sasundra460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
180Satner460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
181Sawalmendha460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
182Sehangaon460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
183Sehra460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
184Selgaon460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
185Semjhira460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
186Seoni460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
187Shabhapur Colloery460449BetulMadhya Pradesh
188Shahpur460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
189Shaktigarh460449BetulMadhya Pradesh
190Shirdi460668BetulMadhya Pradesh
191Sillot460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
192Silpati460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
193Sipawa460663BetulMadhya Pradesh
194Sitakamath460443BetulMadhya Pradesh
195Sohagpur460004BetulMadhya Pradesh
196Sonegaon460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
197Sonora460660BetulMadhya Pradesh
198Taikheda460666BetulMadhya Pradesh
199Tembhurni460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
200Temni460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
201Temru460440BetulMadhya Pradesh
202Thopoda460220BetulMadhya Pradesh
203Tiwarkhed460669BetulMadhya Pradesh
204Toranwara460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
205Umari460669BetulMadhya Pradesh
206Umaria460551BetulMadhya Pradesh
207Vijaygaram460225BetulMadhya Pradesh
208Vikasnagar Betul460001BetulMadhya Pradesh
209Wadali460110BetulMadhya Pradesh
210Yenkheda460557BetulMadhya Pradesh
211Yenus460660BetulMadhya Pradesh

About Betul

Betul district, located in the central part of Madhya Pradesh, India, serves as an important administrative region with the city of Betul as its central administrative hub. This district is a key part of the Narmadapuram Division. It is situated in the Satpura range, covering almost the entire breadth of the range. This positioning places it between the Narmada Valley in the north and the plains of Berar to the south.

Betul district, in the heart of India’s Madhya Pradesh, boasts a rich and diverse history, reflective of the broader historical and cultural narratives of central India. The region’s past is marked by the influence of several dynasties and empires, owing to its strategic location in the Satpura range.


Historically, Betul was part of the ancient Vidarbha Kingdom, mentioned in the Mahabharata. It later came under the rule of various dynasties such as the Mauryas, the Guptas, and the Vakatakas. During the medieval period, it was under the dominion of the Gond kings. The Gond dynasty left a significant imprint on the region, evident in various cultural and architectural remnants.

In the 16th century, Betul came under the Mughal Empire’s influence, and later, with the decline of the Mughals, it saw the rise of the Maratha power in the 18th century. The region witnessed several conflicts during the Maratha reign, including battles for supremacy among different Maratha factions.

The British East India Company began exerting influence in Betul around the early 19th century. During the British colonial period, Betul was part of the Central Provinces and played a role in the 1857 Indian Rebellion. Post-independence in 1947, Betul became a part of the newly formed Madhya Pradesh state.

The district’s history is also rich in tribal culture, with significant tribal populations like the Gonds and Korkus, whose traditions and customs add to the cultural tapestry of the region. Betul’s history, thus, is a blend of royal dynasties, colonial influences, and rich tribal heritage, contributing to its unique identity in central India.


Betul district lies in the Satpura Range, a series of hills in central India. This hilly terrain gives Betul a unique landscape, characterized by rugged peaks, dense forests, and rich biodiversity.

The district covers an area of about 10,043 square kilometers, providing a home to diverse flora and fauna. The forests in Betul are primarily tropical dry deciduous, hosting various species of plants and wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and researchers.

One of the significant geographical features of Betul is the Tapti River, originating in the eastern part of the district. This river is a lifeline for the region, supporting agriculture and providing water for daily use. Additionally, several smaller streams and rivers originate from the Satpura hills, contributing to the area’s water resources.

The climate of Betul is typical of central India, with hot summers and moderate winters. The monsoon season brings substantial rainfall, which is crucial for agriculture. This rainfall patterns significantly impact the district’s agricultural practices and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Overall, Betul’s geography, with its hilly terrain, dense forests, and significant river systems, forms an integral part of its identity and plays a crucial role in shaping the local economy, culture, and environmental health.


As of the 2011 census, Betul district in Madhya Pradesh, India, had a population of 1,575,362, ranking it 314th among India’s 640 districts. The district’s population density is 157 people per square kilometer. In terms of gender ratio, there are 970 females for every 1,000 males, and the literacy rate is 70.14%. Notably, 19.62% of the population resides in urban areas.

Betul district spans an area of 10,043 square kilometers. The majority of its residents, about 95.58%, practice Hinduism, while Muslims make up 2.39% of the population. Buddhists are also present, numbering around 9,600.

Linguistically, the district is diverse. Hindi is spoken by 44.69% of the population, Gondi by 27.69%, Marathi by 12.86%, Korku by 11.13%, Bhoyari/Pawari by approximately 6%, and Bengali by 1.69%.


In 2006, Betul was recognized by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of the 250 most underdeveloped districts in India, out of a total of 640. It was among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that were beneficiaries of financial support from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF) to address its developmental challenges.



Why is Betul famous?

Betul is renowned as a significant pilgrimage site for Jains, attracting devotees from all over India who come to seek blessings. Among its most famous landmarks is the Balajipuram Temple, an impressive and well-known temple situated approximately eight kilometers from the city's heart. This temple is a key reason for Betul's fame and religious significance.

Which river is near Betul?

The Tapi River originates from the Satpura ranges in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. The river's basin extends across regions of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, eventually flowing into the Arabian Sea.

What is the old name of Betul?

In the early 20th century, the area now known as Betul was referred to as Badnur. The current name, Betul, is taken from a small town named Batul Bazaar, which is located approximately 5 kilometers to its south.

Which language is spoken in Betul?

During the 2011 Indian Census, it was recorded that 44.69% of Betul district's population primarily spoke Hindi, 27.69% spoke Gondi, 12.86% Marathi, 11.13% Korku, about 6% Bhoyari/Pawari, and 1.69% Bengali. The district is predominantly inhabited by two main tribal groups: the Gonds and the Korkus.

What is the economy of Betul?

The economy of Betul district largely depends on agriculture, which forms its economic backbone. Additionally, due to the extensive forest cover in the area, forestry plays a significant role in its economic activities. Key forest products from Betul include Tendu leaves, Chironji, Harra, Amla, Haldu, Saja, and Dhaoda.