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Pincodes of Bhind

Bhind, a district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich historical significance and cultural heritage. Situated in the Chambal region, it boasts a diverse landscape with fertile land, primarily due to the Chambal River. Bhind is predominantly an agricultural district, with farming being a major part of the local economy. The area is also famous for its historical forts and temples, attracting tourists and history enthusiasts. The district is well-connected with various pincodes, ensuring easy accessibility and communication. Bhind pincodes in the district, facilitating efficient postal services and communication, include 477001, 477105, and 477116, among others.

Bhind Pincodes

Here is a list of Bhind Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Achalpura477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
2Adokhar477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
3Ahenti477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
4Ahorli Kali477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
5Aino477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
6Ajnar477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
7Ajnodha477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
8Akaha477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
9Akhdewa477446BhindMadhya Pradesh
10Akloni477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
11Akoda477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
12Akon477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
13Alampur477449BhindMadhya Pradesh
14Amayan477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
15Andhiyari477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
16Anto477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
17Aroli477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
18Arusi477449BhindMadhya Pradesh
19Asnet477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
20Aswar477446BhindMadhya Pradesh
21Atarsuma477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
22Attair477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
23Attair Road bhind477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
24Babedi477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
25Badokhari477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
26Baghora477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
27Bagulari477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
28Bahadurpura477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
29Bahera477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
30Bahonapura477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
31Bahtpura477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
32Bajhai477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
33Balapura477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
34Bantharti477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
35Bara Kalan477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
36Barahet477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
37Baran Khurd477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
38Baranso477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
39Baraua477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
40Barehad477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
41Barha477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
42Barhi477566BhindMadhya Pradesh
43Baroli477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
44Barthara477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
45Bhad Khur477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
46Bhagwasa477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
47Bhagwasi477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
48Bharoli477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
49Bhawanpura477566BhindMadhya Pradesh
50Bhind477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
51Bhind Kutchary477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
52Bhind Mandi477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
53Bijora477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
54Bijpur477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
55Bilao477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
56Bindwa477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
57Birgawan477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
58Birkhadi Chochai477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
59Birkhadi Dang477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
60Biswari477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
61Bohara477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
62Bonapura477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
63Buderabhuta477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
64Chachar477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
65Chandokh477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
66Chandokhar477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
67Chandupura477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
68Charetha477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
69Chatthar477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
70Chhenkauri477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
71Chhiwaoli477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
72Chiruli477446BhindMadhya Pradesh
73Chitora477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
74Chomho477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
75Daboh477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
76Daboha477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
77Dehgoun477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
78Dharai477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
79Dharampura477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
80Didi477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
81Donchara477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
82Dulhangan477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
83Endori477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
84Ethar477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
85Gaheli477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
86Gangepura477449BhindMadhya Pradesh
87Garhpara477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
88Ghamori477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
89Gijurra477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
90Gingarkhi477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
91Girongi477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
92Girwasa477446BhindMadhya Pradesh
93Goar Khurd477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
94Goara477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
95Gohad477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
96Gohad Choraha477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
97Gona Kardaspur477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
98Gopalpura477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
99Gorai477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
100Gormi477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
101Guhsar477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
102Gurikha477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
103Gutor477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
104Gyanpura477566BhindMadhya Pradesh
105Harikhsa477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
106Heera Lalka pura477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
107Heerapura477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
108Housing Colony bhind477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
109Indurkhi477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
110Ingosa Raipur477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
111Jaipura Madhi477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
112Jaitpura Gudha477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
113Jakhmoli477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
114Jalalpura477446BhindMadhya Pradesh
115Jamdara477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
116Jamna477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
117Jampura477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
118Jamsara477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
119Jamuha477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
120Janora477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
121Jari477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
122Jarsena477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
123Jawasa477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
124Jhankri477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
125Jori Kotwal477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
126Jroi Brahman477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
127Kachnao Kalan477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
128Kachogra477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
129Kakahara477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
130Kanathar477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
131Kanawar477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
132Kanchanpura477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
133Kanera477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
134Katha477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
135Kathana Hazi477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
136Kathma477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
137Katrol477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
138Khadit477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
139Khaneta477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
140Khanrika477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
141Kheria Sindh477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
142Khitoli477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
143Kishupura477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
144Kiti477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
145Konhar477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
146Kosad477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
147Kot477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
148Kripe Ka pura477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
149Kurthar477449BhindMadhya Pradesh
150Lahar477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
151Lahroli477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
152Lalpura477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
153Lapwah477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
154Larol477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
155Lawan477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
156Machand477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
157Mahua477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
158Malanpur477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
159Mangarh477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
160Masuri477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
161Mau477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
162Mehda477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
163Mehdoli477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
164Mehdwa477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
165Mehgaon475115BhindMadhya Pradesh
166Mehgoun477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
167Mehra477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
168Mehra Bujurg477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
169Menhad477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
170Mihona477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
171Mihoni477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
172Misa477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
173Mitawali477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
174Muraoli477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
175Muratpura477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
176Nadna477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
177Nai Garhi477566BhindMadhya Pradesh
178Nai Zameen bhind477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
179Nandha477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
180Nanhad477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
181Naya Goun477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
182Nibsai477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
183Nonera477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
184Nunheta477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
185Pachera477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
186Pachokhara477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
187Padhora477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
188Palawali477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
189Pali477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
190Pali Darman477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
191Pandori477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
192Paragoun477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
193Parghana477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
194Pariksha477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
195Parosa477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
196Pawai477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
197Phoop477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
198Pidora477001BhindMadhya Pradesh
199Pipadi477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
200Pipahadi477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
201Piparsana477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
202Pratappura477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
203Rahawali477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
204Raipur Jakholi477447BhindMadhya Pradesh
205Raipura477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
206Raja Ki pali477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
207Rama477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
208Ramthiyankapura477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
209Rani Birgoun477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
210Rari477441BhindMadhya Pradesh
211Rarua477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
212Ratwa477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
213Raun477335BhindMadhya Pradesh
214Ridoli477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
215Rohini Jagir477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
216Rurai477446BhindMadhya Pradesh
217Sada477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
218Sagra477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
219Sakaraya477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
220Sankari477566BhindMadhya Pradesh
221Sapad477566BhindMadhya Pradesh
222Sarsai477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
223Sarwa477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
224Sayaana477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
225Semara477227BhindMadhya Pradesh
226Senthari477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
227Sherpur477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
228Sihunda477332BhindMadhya Pradesh
229Sikroda477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
230Simar477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
231Simrao477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
232Sitaram Ki lawan477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
233Siyawali477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
234Sondha477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
235Soni477557BhindMadhya Pradesh
236Suhsan477116BhindMadhya Pradesh
237Sukand477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
238Sunarpura477660BhindMadhya Pradesh
239Sundarpura477445BhindMadhya Pradesh
240Surpura477555BhindMadhya Pradesh
241Tarsokhar477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
242Tehangur477333BhindMadhya Pradesh
243Tola477446BhindMadhya Pradesh
244Tundila477117BhindMadhya Pradesh
245Udhotgarh477111BhindMadhya Pradesh
246Udhotpura477105BhindMadhya Pradesh
247Ujhaawl477222BhindMadhya Pradesh
248Umri477331BhindMadhya Pradesh
249Usha Nagar colony bhind477001BhindMadhya Pradesh

About Bhind

Bhind district, located in the Chambal division of Madhya Pradesh, India, has the town of Bhind as its administrative center. Positioned in the northwest part of the state, it is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, Etawah, Jalaun, and Jhansi districts to the north and east. Within Madhya Pradesh, it is bordered by Datia to the south, Gwalior to the southwest, and Morena to the west. The district’s landscape is a mix of uneven ravines, fertile plains, and sparse forests, covering an area of 4,459 square kilometers.

The region’s agriculture is supported by rivers like the Chambal, Kali Sind, Kunwari (also known as Kwari), Pahuj, and Baisali, along with a well-developed canal system. Initially, Bhind comprised four tehsils: Bhind, Mehgaon, Gohad, and Lahar. However, it has now expanded to ten tehsils, which include Bhind, Ater, Gormi, Mau, Mehgaon, Gohad, Lahar, Mihona, Raun, and the most recently added, Amayan. Bhind district is an integral part of the Chambal Division in Madhya Pradesh.


Bhind district gets its name from the mythical Hindu sage Vibhandak Rishi, also known as Bhindi Rishi. Historically, during the Mahabharata era, it was under the rule of the Chedis and Yadus, with the Chedis being a prominent Mahajanapada. Subsequent rulers included the Nandas, Mauryas, and Shungas, followed by branches of the Nagas with centers in Kantipuri and Padmavati. After a period under the Kushans, the Nagas returned to power. Notably, around 270 copper coins from the 3rd and 4th centuries CE were found in Akoda village in Bhind. The Gupta Empire took control in the 4th century, later succeeded by the Vardhanas and then the Rajput-Pratiharas in the 8th century.

By 1195, Mohammed Ghuri had conquered the region, bringing it under the Delhi Sultanate’s rule for three centuries. During the Mughal period, Bhind was managed by the Subedar of Agra. In the 17th century, a Jat family established Gohad town, but was eventually defeated by the Bhadawar Rajputs. The Marathas conquered the region in the mid-18th century. In 1805, the British handed Bhind to the Scindias of Gwalior, and in 1899, the Bhind-Gwalior light rail was established.

Bhind became part of the newly formed state of Madhya Bharat in 1948, inaugurated by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Later, in 1956, Madhya Bharat merged with Madhya Pradesh, making Bhind one of its districts.


Bhind district, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is geographically notable for its position in the Chambal region. The landscape is predominantly characterized by a mix of rugged terrain and fertile plains. The Chambal River, a significant geographical feature of the district, not only enhances the region’s natural beauty but also plays a crucial role in agriculture and the local ecosystem.

The district spans an area of approximately 4,459 square kilometers. It’s bordered by several districts of Uttar Pradesh to the north and east, and by other districts of Madhya Pradesh to the south and west. This location makes Bhind a transitional area between the two states, influencing its culture and economy.

Bhind’s topography includes uneven ravines created by soil erosion over the years, alongside flat, fertile fields ideal for agriculture. This dual landscape supports diverse agricultural activities, making farming a key part of the district’s economy. The region’s minimal forest cover consists mainly of sparse vegetation.

The climate of Bhind is typical of central India, with hot summers, moderate winters, and a monsoon season that brings much-needed rainfall. This climate affects both agricultural patterns and the daily lives of its residents. Overall, Bhind’s geography, with its unique blend of ravines and fertile plains, shapes the district’s identity and lifestyle.


As per the 2011 census, Bhind District’s population was 1,703,005, placing it 286th among India’s 640 districts. It has a population density of 382 people per square kilometer. The gender ratio in Bhind is 837 females for every 1,000 males, and the literacy rate is 64.29%. About a quarter of the population, 25.42%, resides in urban areas. Hindi is the main language spoken by 99.59% of the people in the district.


Why is Bhind district famous?

Bhind is adorned with mountains, valleys, and forests, adding to its natural charm. The continuous flow of the Chambal and Sind rivers blesses the area with fertile soil, ideal for cultivating various crops and supporting diverse vegetation. Bhind is well-known for these natural and agricultural features.

Which language is spoken in Bhind Madhya Pradesh?

In Bhind, Hindi, which is the official language of the state, is predominantly spoken by the majority. In the southern and eastern regions of the state, as well as in the upper valley of the Narmada River, dialects of Eastern Hindi such as Bagheli and Awadhi are commonly used.

What is the Tehsil of Bhind?

Originally, the district of Bhind was divided into four tehsils: Bhind, Mehgaon, Gohad, and Lahar. However, it has now expanded to include eight tehsils, namely Bhind, Ater, Gormi, Mehgaon, Gohad, Lahar, Mihona, and Raun.

Which temple is famous in Bhind district?

The Vankhandeshwar Temple, situated in Bhind town, is a Shiva temple constructed by King Prithviraj Chauhan in 1175 AD. It is believed that a sacred flame, or "Jyoti," has been continuously burning in the temple since its establishment.