Bhopal Pincodes

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Pincodes of Bhopal

Bhopal Pincodes encompass a wide array of localities, in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, India. These codes provide access to Bhopal’s rich cultural heritage, scenic lakes, and thriving urban life. Explore iconic landmarks like the Upper Lake, savor the city’s diverse cuisine, and engage with its vibrant arts and culture scene. Bhopal Pincodes offer a gateway to the essence of this city, where history and modernity coexist harmoniously. Whether you’re exploring historic sites or enjoying the city’s economic and cultural vibrancy, these pincodes offer a captivating journey into the heart of Bhopal.

Bhopal Pincodes

Here is a list of Bhopal Pincodes

NoLocationPincode District State
1Air Port462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
2Amarawat Kalan462042BhopalMadhya Pradesh
3Anand Nagar462021BhopalMadhya Pradesh
4Arera Hills462011BhopalMadhya Pradesh
5Arwaliya462038BhopalMadhya Pradesh
6Ayodhaya Nagar462041BhopalMadhya Pradesh
7Bag Mungalia462043BhopalMadhya Pradesh
8Bagroda462026BhopalMadhya Pradesh
9Bairagarh462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
10Bairagarh Chichali462042BhopalMadhya Pradesh
11Bairagarh Kalan462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
12Balachoan463106BhopalMadhya Pradesh
13Balampur462010BhopalMadhya Pradesh
14Bangrasia462045BhopalMadhya Pradesh
15Barkheda Baramad462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
16Barkheda H.e.462021BhopalMadhya Pradesh
17Barkheda Nathu462044BhopalMadhya Pradesh
18Barkhedi462008BhopalMadhya Pradesh
19Basai463106BhopalMadhya Pradesh
20Bawachiya463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
21Bawadia Kalan462026BhopalMadhya Pradesh
22Bazaria Shahajahanabad462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
23Berasia Bhopal463106BhopalMadhya Pradesh
24Berasia Road462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
25Bhel462022BhopalMadhya Pradesh
26Bhonri462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
27Bhopal University462026BhopalMadhya Pradesh
28Bhopal.462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
29Bilakho462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
30C.T.t.nagar462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
31Chandbad462010BhopalMadhya Pradesh
32Chhola Road462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
33Chouk462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
34Dak Bhawan462027BhopalMadhya Pradesh
35Dhamarra462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
36Dhaturiya463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
37Dillod462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
38Dungariya463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
39Durga Chouk462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
40E-2 Sector462016BhopalMadhya Pradesh
41Fanda462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
42Gada Jangeer462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
43Gandhi Medical college462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
44Gandhi Nagar462036BhopalMadhya Pradesh
45Govindpura462023BhopalMadhya Pradesh
46Gunga462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
47H.E. hospital462024BhopalMadhya Pradesh
48Hamidia Road462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
49Harra Kheda462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
50Imaliya462010BhopalMadhya Pradesh
51Industrial Estate462023BhopalMadhya Pradesh
52Islam Nagar462038BhopalMadhya Pradesh
53Itwara462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
54Jahangirabad462008BhopalMadhya Pradesh
55Jamunia Kalan462021BhopalMadhya Pradesh
56Jamusarkalan463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
57Jhagaria Khurd462044BhopalMadhya Pradesh
58Jumerati462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
59Kalara462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
60Kamla Nagar462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
61Kamla Park462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
62Khajuri Kalan462021BhopalMadhya Pradesh
63Khajuri Sadak462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
64Khamkheda462038BhopalMadhya Pradesh
65Khitwas463106BhopalMadhya Pradesh
66Khukharia462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
67Kokata462021BhopalMadhya Pradesh
68Kolar Road462042BhopalMadhya Pradesh
69Kolua Khurd462021BhopalMadhya Pradesh
70Kolukhedi462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
71Kotra Chopra462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
72Kulhoar463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
73Kurana462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
74Kutakipura462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
75Kuthar462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
76Lalariya463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
77Laloi463106BhopalMadhya Pradesh
78M.A.c.t.462007BhopalMadhya Pradesh
79M.L. nagar462038BhopalMadhya Pradesh house462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
81M.P. vidhan sabha462004BhopalMadhya Pradesh
82Mahaveer Nagar462016BhopalMadhya Pradesh
83Mangal Garh462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
84Meghra Kalan463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
85Misrod462026BhopalMadhya Pradesh
86Mungalia Chhap462044BhopalMadhya Pradesh
87Mungaliya Hatt462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
88Nabibagh462038BhopalMadhya Pradesh
89Naya Samund462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
90Nayapura462032BhopalMadhya Pradesh
91Nazirabad462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
92Nishatpura462010BhopalMadhya Pradesh
93North T.t.nagar462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
94Old Secretriate462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
95Parwaliya Sadak462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
96Pipal Khedi463106BhopalMadhya Pradesh
97Pipaliya Jaheerpeer462010BhopalMadhya Pradesh
98Piplani462021BhopalMadhya Pradesh
99R.S.market462016BhopalMadhya Pradesh
100R.S.nagar462016BhopalMadhya Pradesh
101Raipur462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
102Raj Bhawan462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
103Ratibad462044BhopalMadhya Pradesh
104Ratua Ratanpur462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
105Regional College462013BhopalMadhya Pradesh
106Runaha462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
107S.I. line462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
108Satpura462004BhopalMadhya Pradesh
109Sewaniya Gond462044BhopalMadhya Pradesh
110Shahajahanabad462001BhopalMadhya Pradesh
111Shastri Nagar462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
112Shiksha Mandal462011BhopalMadhya Pradesh
113Shivaji Nagar462016BhopalMadhya Pradesh
114Sikandri Sarai462010BhopalMadhya Pradesh
115Sindhora462420BhopalMadhya Pradesh
116Sohaya463111BhopalMadhya Pradesh
117Sonkachh463106BhopalMadhya Pradesh
118South T.t. nagar462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
119Subhash Nagar462023BhopalMadhya Pradesh
120Sukaliya462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
121Sukhi Sewania462010BhopalMadhya Pradesh
122Suraj Nagar462044BhopalMadhya Pradesh
123Tara Sewaniya462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
124Tarawali Kalan462101BhopalMadhya Pradesh
125Tila Khedi462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
126Trilanga462039BhopalMadhya Pradesh
127Tulsi Nagar462003BhopalMadhya Pradesh
128Tumada462030BhopalMadhya Pradesh
129University462026BhopalMadhya Pradesh
130Vallabh Bhawan462004BhopalMadhya Pradesh
131Vidya Vihar462002BhopalMadhya Pradesh

About Bhopal

The administrative hub of Bhopal division and Bhopal district, as well as the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is Bhopal. Because of the numerous man-made and natural lakes there, it is referred to as the City of Lakes. It is also among India’s greenest cities. It ranks 131st in the globe and 16th in size in India. Following Madhya Pradesh’s creation, Bhopal was a part of the district of Sehore.

In 1972, it split, creating the new district of Bhopal. The city, which flourished around 1707, served as the capital of the erstwhile Bhopal State, a British princely state controlled by the Nawabs of Bhopal till India gained her independence in 1947.


Folklore holds that the Paramara monarch Bhoja, who reigned from his capital at Dhar, created Bhopal in the eleventh century. According to this hypothesis, Bhopal’s original name was Bhojpal, after a dam (pal) built by the minister of the king. According to a different legend, the city is named after Bhupala, also known as Bhupal, a different ruler. Another legend claims that Raja Bhoj was afflicted with leprosy. According to his doctor, he should construct a lake using water from 365 rivers and take daily baths in it. This lake was named Bhoj Tal when it was constructed. People began referring to the city as Bhojpal and then Bhopal throughout time.


Bhopal is situated in central India, just north of the upper Vindhya mountain ranges, and has an average height of 500 meters. Situated atop the Malwa plateau, the terrain rises towards the Vindhya Range to the south and is elevated above the northern Indian plains. The Katara hills in the south and the Idgah, Arera, and Shyamala hills in the north are the most notable hills in Bhopal. There are five reservoirs and seventeen lakes, the largest of which are upper and lower lakes. The Lower Lake is 1.29 square kilometer in surface area and 9.6 square kilometer in catchment, whereas the Upper Lake is 36 km2 in surface area and 361 square kilometer in catchment.


The climate in Bhopal is humid subtropical, with hot summers, chilly, dry winters, and a humid monsoon season. Summers begin in late March and last until mid-June, with an average temperature of about 30 °C. May is when summer peaks, with highs that frequently reach 40 °C. The record high for May was 46.7 °C on May 19, 2016, while the record high for June was 45.9 °C on June 7, 2019. Late June is when the monsoon begins, and it concludes in late September. Approximately 40 inches (1020 mm) of precipitation, frequent thunderstorms, and flooding occur during these months.


As per the 2011 census, there are 1,798,218 people living in Bhopal city (the area under Bhopal Municipal Corporation): 936,168 men and 862,050 women. In 2011, 1,886,100 people called the Bhopal metropolitan area—the urban agglomeration that encompasses the city of Bhopal—home. With male and female literacy rates of 89.2% and 80.1%, respectively, the overall effective literacy rate for the population aged seven years and older was 85.24%.


In Bhopal, Diwali is a significant event. Exchanges of sweets and gifts take place, along with charitable donations. On Diwali, people worship Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Idols of Ganesh and Durga are set up in jhankis all around the city during the Navratras of Ganesh and Durga. People swarm to pay their prayers to their gods. Massive effigies of Ravan are burnt in various sections of the city on the day of Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra, which marks the conclusion of Navratras. In addition to jhankis, a grandiose annual Durga puja is held, featuring the installation of massive statues of the mother goddess and pandals along with the serving of bhog. Numerous cultural events and pujas, such as Saraswati Puja and Kali Puja, are also held.


What is Bhopal famous for?

Anantapur, an ancient town, was formerly a significant constituent of the thriving Vijayanagar kingdom. Among the city's noteworthy historical landmarks, the Penukonda Fort stands out, constructed by the Vijayanagar rulers. Additionally, the Ravadurg Gooty Fort and the Rayadurg Fort hold historical significance as well.

Who is Bhopal named after?

The large dam that currently supports the lakes of Bhopal city, known as Bhojpal or Bhoj's dam, is supposed to have been constructed by a minister of Raja Bhoj, the Parmar king of Dhar, and is the source of the city's name. The even more impressive piece that previously supported the Tal (lake) was credited to this king.

Why is Bhopal India important?

The largest industrial accident in history occurred in Bhopal in December 1984 when around 45 tons of the hazardous chemical methyl isocyanate broke out of an insecticide facility controlled by the Indian division of the US company Union Carbide Corporation.

What is famous in Bhopal to buy?

Handloom sarees, textiles, jewelry, handicrafts, and silk from Chanderi and Maheshwari are among Bhopal's most well-known products.

What food is famous in Bhopal?

Known for its variety of chaat offerings, including chole tikki, pani puri, dahi puri, bhel puri, and ice golas and faloodas, this is the most well-known spot to grab a fast lunch for those in the mood for something sweet.