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Pincodes of Bijnor

Welcome to to our database of Bijnor Pincodes, where you may obtain the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of several locations within the stunning district of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Bijnor is renowned for its thriving neighborhoods, historical sites, and rich cultural legacy. PIN numbers are an essential component of the postal system that guarantee timely mail and package delivery and sorting. Every community in Bijnor has a distinct PIN code, which enables postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct recipients. Making sure your mail gets to its destination on time depends on using the correct PIN number.

Bijnor Pincodes

Here is a list of Bijnor Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aasfabad Chaman246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
2Afzalgarh246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
3Agri246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
4Aheerpura246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
5Ajdev Khanpur246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
6Akbarabad246765BijnorUttar Pradesh
7Akhera246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
8Akondha246736BijnorUttar Pradesh
9Alaidadpur Mubarak246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
10Alaihdajpur Khajuba246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
11Alampur Ganvri246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
12Alladinpur bhogi246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
13Allauddinpur246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
14Allhapurmohkam246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
15Amhera246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
16Amkhera sanjarpur246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
17Anwarpur Chandka246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
18Asgaripur246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
19Athai Sheikh246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
20Aurangabad Urf sikanderpur246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
21Azampur246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
22Baberpur246729BijnorUttar Pradesh
23Badhapur246724BijnorUttar Pradesh
24Bagarpur246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
25Bagwara246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
26Bahadarpur Sherfuddin246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
27Bahmanshora246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
28Bahupura246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
29Baibalpur246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
30Bairmabad garhi246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
31Bakaina246736BijnorUttar Pradesh
32Bakherpur Garhi246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
33Bakhrabad urf khatai246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
34Bakshanpur246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
35Balawali246723BijnorUttar Pradesh
36Baldiya246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
37Barampur246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
38Barkhera246724BijnorUttar Pradesh
39Barooki246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
40Basantpur246736BijnorUttar Pradesh
41Bashta246736BijnorUttar Pradesh
42Begrajpur246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
43Bhaguwala246749BijnorUttar Pradesh
44Bhagwanpur246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
45Bhaisa246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
46Bhanauti246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
47Bharaira246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
48Bhatiyana Khushalpur246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
49Bhatpura246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
50Bheekhawala246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
51Bhogli246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
52Bhogpur246735BijnorUttar Pradesh
53Bhojpur246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
54Bijauri246749BijnorUttar Pradesh
55Bijnor246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
56Bilai246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
57Birla Farm246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
58Bishanpur246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
59Budgara246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
60Budhanpur246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
61Chanda Nagli246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
62Chandanpura246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
63Chandok R.s.246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
64Chandpur246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
65Chandpur Sugar factory246729BijnorUttar Pradesh
66Chitawar246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
67Chowkpuri246728BijnorUttar Pradesh
68Daranagar Ganj246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
69Darbara246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
70Datiyana246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
71Daultabad246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
72Dhakka Karamchand246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
73Dhampur246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
74Dhanaura246728BijnorUttar Pradesh
75Dhansini246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
76Dharm Nagri246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
77Dharupur246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
78Dhokalpur246728BijnorUttar Pradesh
79Doodhli246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
80Faridpur Bhogi246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
81Fatehpur Kalan246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
82Fazalpur246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
83Fazalpur Dhaki246729BijnorUttar Pradesh
84Gaindi Khata246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
85Gajraula Paimar246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
86Gajraula Shiv246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
87Gandhore246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
88Gangu Nagla246729BijnorUttar Pradesh
89Ganjalpur246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
90Gordhanpur246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
91Guniapur246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
92Habibwala246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
93Hafizabad246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
94Haijarpur246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
95Haldaur246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
96Haldua Mafi246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
97Haraivli246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
98Harbanspur Dharam246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
99Harganpur246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
100Harganpur Sajauli246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
101Hassupura246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
102Heempur Buzurg246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
103Heempur Deepa246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
104Hidayatpur246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
105Hirawali246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
106Hussainpur246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
107Imliya246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
108Islamabad246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
109Ismailpur246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
110Jahanabad Khovra246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
111Jalalabad (bijnor)246768BijnorUttar Pradesh
112Jalilpur246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
113Jalpur246732BijnorUttar Pradesh
114Jamalpur Kirat246735BijnorUttar Pradesh
115Jamanwala246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
116Jatpura246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
117Jatpura Bonda246749BijnorUttar Pradesh
118Jeetpur Paldi246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
119Jhakaki246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
120Jhalu246728BijnorUttar Pradesh
121Jheeran246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
122Jhilmila246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
123Jogirampuri246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
124Kalluwala246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
125Kasampur Garhi246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
126Khanpur Madho246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
127Kharak Jeetpur246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
128Khari246728BijnorUttar Pradesh
129Khaspura246738BijnorUttar Pradesh
130Khirni Barkatpur246723BijnorUttar Pradesh
131Kiratpur246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
132Kishanpur Amvla246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
133Kiwar246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
134Kmala246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
135Kolasagar246735BijnorUttar Pradesh
136Kotkader246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
137Kotwali246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
138Kumharpura Urf ibrahimpur246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
139Kumhera246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
140Lakhuwala246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
141Lal Dhang246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
142Lodhipur Milak246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
143Mahawatpur Billoch246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
144Maheswari Jat246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
145Maheswari Nagla246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
146Mahua246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
147Majhera Shakroo246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
148Manawwarpur said246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
149Mandawali246749BijnorUttar Pradesh
150Mandawar246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
151Mangolpura Roopchand246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
152Maniyawala246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
153Manjhola Billoch246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
154Mankuaa246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
155Manpurshivpuri246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
156Maqsoodpur246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
157Maseet246729BijnorUttar Pradesh
158Maujampur Suraj246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
159Mauri Kedarpur246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
160Mauzampur Jaitra246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
161Mauzzampur Narayan246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
162Mehamdabad246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
163Meharlipur246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
164Mehmoodpur246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
165Meman Bhanera246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
166Mewa Nawada246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
167Milak Mukeempur246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
168Milak Puranpur246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
169Mirzapur246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
170Mirzapur Khader246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
171Mirzapur Mahesh urf bankpur246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
172Mithi Beri246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
173Mo. pur mandawali246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
174Mohammedpur Kamil246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
175Mohammedpur Rajauri246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
176Mohanpur246749BijnorUttar Pradesh
177Mohd.Pur devmal246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
178Mohiddinpur246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
179Morna246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
180Mukarabpuri246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
181Murhat246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
182Mustafabad246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
183Nagal246732BijnorUttar Pradesh
184Nagal Jat246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
185Nagina246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
186Nagli Pathwari246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
187Nainpura246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
188Najibabad246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
189Nakibpur Khajoori246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
190Narayan Kheri246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
191Narayanpur246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
192Nasiri246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
193Nasirpur Banwari246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
194Nawada246728BijnorUttar Pradesh
195Nawada Kesho246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
196Naya Gaon246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
197Nayak Nagla246729BijnorUttar Pradesh
198Neendru246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
199Nehtaur246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
200Noorpur246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
201Nwadasaidpur Jalal246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
202Padla246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
203Padli Basera246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
204Paijaniya246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
205Pakhanpur246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
206Palanpur246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
207Pawati246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
208Pheena246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
209Phoolsanda246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
210Pipalsana246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
211Pipli Jat246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
212Prithvipur246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
213Qaziwala246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
214Rahu Nagli246737BijnorUttar Pradesh
215Raipur Berisal246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
216Raipur Sadat246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
217Raja-ka-tajpur246735BijnorUttar Pradesh
218Rajapur Sadat246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
219Rajpur Nawada246732BijnorUttar Pradesh
220Rampur Bidar246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
221Rampur Bishna246731BijnorUttar Pradesh
222Rasoolabad246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
223Rasoolpur Nagla246736BijnorUttar Pradesh
224Ratagarh246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
225Rawana Shikarpur246735BijnorUttar Pradesh
226Rawli246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
227Rehar246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
228Roniya246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
229Rustampur Sherpali jat246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
230Sabdalpur246735BijnorUttar Pradesh
231Sabdalpur Bitra246732BijnorUttar Pradesh
232Sabdalpur Rehra246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
233Sadafal246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
234Sadaranpur246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
235Saddobair246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
236Sadruddin Nagar246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
237Sahanpur246749BijnorUttar Pradesh
238Sahaspur246745BijnorUttar Pradesh
239Saidabad246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
240Saidpura Sultan246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
241Saidpuri Mahichand246762BijnorUttar Pradesh
242Saindwar246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
243Sardhani246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
244Sarkara Chakrajmal246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
245Sarkathal Sahni246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
246Sedha246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
247Seohara246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
248Shadipur246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
249Shadipur Milak246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
250Shahnagar Kurali246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
251Shahpur Kheri246727BijnorUttar Pradesh
252Shahzadpur246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
253Shergarh246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
254Sherkot246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
255Sherpur Balla246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
256Sherpur Kalyan246726BijnorUttar Pradesh
257Shiwala Kalan246734BijnorUttar Pradesh
258Siau246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
259Sikanderpur Basi246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
260Sikri Buzurg246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
261Simla Kalan246721BijnorUttar Pradesh
262Singha246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
263Sipahiwala246746BijnorUttar Pradesh
264Sirwasuchand246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
265Sisauna246729BijnorUttar Pradesh
266Sofatpur246732BijnorUttar Pradesh
267Suawala246747BijnorUttar Pradesh
268Sudnipur Rawati246725BijnorUttar Pradesh
269Sunpata246764BijnorUttar Pradesh
270Suwheri246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
271Taharpur Said246733BijnorUttar Pradesh
272Tanda Maidas246763BijnorUttar Pradesh
273Tanda Shahuwala246724BijnorUttar Pradesh
274Tibri246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
275Tisotra246723BijnorUttar Pradesh
276Udaipur246722BijnorUttar Pradesh
277Uledha246701BijnorUttar Pradesh
278Umri246761BijnorUttar Pradesh
279Vidur Kuti246701BijnorUttar Pradesh

About Bijnor

One of the 75 districts that make up the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is Bijnor District. Located in Bijnor city is the district office. Because Uttar Pradesh is so near to the National Capital Region (NCR), the government wants it to be a part of the NCR. Two of the top five sugar mills are located in the district of Bijnor, which is well-known for its sugarcane output and mills.


With its headquarters located at Nagina, Bijnor district was once known as Nagina district when it was formed in 1817 from a portion of Moradabad district. The area was formally renamed as Bijnor district in 1837, but it was still referred to as “Nagina district” until the headquarters moved there in 1824. Timur destroyed the area in 1399. Bijnor was included in Akbar’s Mughal Empire at a later period. The Rohilla Pashtuns gained their freedom in the region known as Rohilkhand around the beginning of the eighteenth century.


The northwest section of the Moradabad Division is home to Bijnor, or more accurately, Bijnaur (historically, Rohilkhand or Bareilly area). The deep Ganges stream forms the whole western boundary, and the four districts of Haridwar, Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, and Meerut are situated beyond it. The submontane road, which connects Haridwar to Ramnagar, Nainital, Haldwani, and Tanakpur along the foot of the Himalayas, divides the hill region of Garhwal to the north and northeast.


The population of Bijnor district, as of the 2011 census, is 3,682,713, or about the same as that of the US state of Oklahoma or the country of Liberia. As a result, it is ranked 74th in India. There are 808 people living in the district per square kilometer (2,090/sq mi). From 2001 to 2011, the population grew at a pace of 17.64%. In Bijnor, there are 913 females for every 1000 men, and the country’s literacy rate is 70.43%. The population’s urban density was 25.13%.


Nine sugar mills are located in the Bijnor district, two of which are among the best in India: Dhampur and Bundki. Planting sugarcane takes up around 2.09 lakh hectares of land. Aside from a few agroindustrial facilities, cane cultivation is the district of Bijnor’s primary economic driver. Sherkot is well-known for its brush business, but the district’s Nagina neighborhood is more well-known for its handicrafts.


Why is a PIN code important in Bijnor?

An essential numerical code used to identify certain locations and places in Bijnor is called a PIN code, or postal index number. By preventing delays and mistakes, it guarantees that mail and packages are accurately sorted and delivered to their designated locations.

How can I locate the Bijnor PIN code for a specific area?

Our easy-to-use PIN code finder tool makes it simple to locate the PIN code for a certain region in Bijnor. To obtain the matching PIN code, simply input the name of the region or locality.

What happens if I send mail or goods in Bijnor and by accident enter the incorrect PIN?

Delivery of mail or packages may be delayed if the PIN is entered incorrectly. Always double-check and enter the right PIN number for the recipient's address in Bijnor to guarantee a successful delivery.

Why is using precise PIN numbers so important for businesses in Bijnor?

For companies in Bijnor to maximize their shipping and logistics operations, precise PIN numbers are crucial. They shorten delivery times, lower shipping mistakes, and raise customer satisfaction. Companies should make sure that their shipment information always includes the right PIN code.

Does this website charge for the use of its Bijnor Pincode search function?

Not at all! All users can utilize our service without any cost at all. For the convenience of Bijnor locals, companies, and guests, we want to make the process of locating precise PIN numbers as easy as possible.