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Pincodes of Budaun

Welcome to our directory of Budaun Pincodes, a useful tool for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) for several locations inside the ancient city of Budaun, Uttar Pradesh. Budaun is renowned for its lively communities, historical significance, and rich cultural legacy. In order to ensure that mail and packages are sorted and delivered efficiently, PIN numbers are an essential part of the postal system. Every community in Budaun has a distinct PIN code, which enables postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct recipients. To guarantee that your mail arrives at its destination on time, use the correct PIN code.

Budaun Pincodes

Here is a list of Budaun Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Abhigaon243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
2Afjalpur Chhaganpur243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
3Agthra202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
4Allahpur Samaspur202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
5Allapur243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
6Ambiapur243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
7Arifpur Nawada243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
8Asadpur202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
9Asafpur243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
10Asis Berkhin243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
11Aslaur202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
12Asrasi243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
13Atarpura202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
14Azampur Bisaria243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
15Babrala202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
16Bagrain202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
17Bairmai Khurd243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
18Bairpur Maharaji202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
19Baksar243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
20Baksena243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
21Bandarai202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
22Bankota202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
23Bans Barolia243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
24Barachirra243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
25Barategdar202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
26Baror Amanullapur202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
27Baudaun Kty243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
28Behta Gusain243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
29Bela Dandi243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
30Beoli202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
31Beor243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
32Beor Kasimabad202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
33Bhagta Nagla243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
34Bhakrauli202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
35Bhamori243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
36Bhanpur202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
37Bharkuian243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
38Bhatauli243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
39Bhau Nagla243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
40Bhavipur202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
41Bhawampur Kheru243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
42Bhirawati202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
43Bhoor Bisauli243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
44Bhundi243641BudaunUttar Pradesh
45Bhusaya202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
46Bilhat243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
47Bilsi243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
48Binawar243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
49Bisauli202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
50Bondri Bhoora bhadraul243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
51Brahmpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
52Buda R.s.243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
53Budaun243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
54Budaun City243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
55Budhawai243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
56Chandoi202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
57Chani202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
58Chaudhary Sarai243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
59Chhapra202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
60Chitaura243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
61Chitri243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
62Civil Liens243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
63Dabthara Harlal202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
64Dabtori202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
65Dahagawan243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
66Daharpur Kalan243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
67Dakarapukhta243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
68Danbri243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
69Danpur202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
70Dataganj243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
71Dehemu243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
72Deorijeet243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
73Dhanari202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
74Dhandwara202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
75Dharampur Tappa vaish243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
76Dinaura202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
77Dudhauni243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
78Dugraiya243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
79Dupta Kalan202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
80Faizganj Behta243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
81Fatehpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
82Gandah243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
83Gandhrauli202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
84Gangoli243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
85Gari Bichola202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
86Garikhanpur202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
87Gauntara243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
88Gaurami243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
89Gawan202527BudaunUttar Pradesh
90Ghilaur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
91Ghosali Bahan202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
92Gidhaul243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
93Gotha202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
94Gudhani243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
95Gularia243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
96Gunnaur202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
97Gura Barala243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
98Gurgaon243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
99Gurhana243637BudaunUttar Pradesh
100Haibatpur243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
101Halwai Chawk243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
102Harphari202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
103Hatra202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
104Hatsa202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
105Hazratpur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
106Hirauni202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
107Husainpur Pukhata243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
108I.A. babrala242021BudaunUttar Pradesh
109Ikh Khera202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
110Ikona202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
111Ikri243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
112Isampur Danda202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
113Islamnagar202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
114Jagat243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
115Jakheli243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
116Jalalpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
117Jamalpur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
118Jarwar202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
119Jasrathpur202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
120Jeora Parrwala243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
121Jhuksa243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
122Jijora202527BudaunUttar Pradesh
123Jinaura202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
124Kail202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
125Kakheri202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
126Kakora243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
127Kakrala243637BudaunUttar Pradesh
128Kama243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
129Kangwagugna202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
130Karanpur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
131Kariamai202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
132Kariyaban243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
133Kartoli243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
134Kasaraira202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
135Kashipur202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
136Katgaon202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
137Katinna Berchau243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
138Katiyan243637BudaunUttar Pradesh
139Katra Sadatganj243641BudaunUttar Pradesh
140Kendela243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
141Khaill Pur202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
142Khajuria202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
143Khandwa202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
144Khera Jalalpur243641BudaunUttar Pradesh
145Khitaura243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
146Khukri243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
147Khurampur Bhamori202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
148Kichhla243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
149Kolhai243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
150Kotha202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
151Kudah Shahpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
152Kumargaon243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
153Kurau243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
154Labhari243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
155Lahara Nagla shyam202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
156Lakhanpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
157Lani Faridpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
158Laxmipur243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
159Lilwan243641BudaunUttar Pradesh
160Madkawali202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
161Mahclai243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
162Mailha243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
163Majhara243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
164Malpurtatera243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
165Manikapur Kaur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
166Mansanagla243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
167Manunagar243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
168Marandpur202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
169Maraura243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
170Mausampur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
171Mehmoodpur202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
172Mehtabpur243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
173Mehua Hasanganj202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
174Mewali202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
175Miaoo243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
176Mirzapura Sohra243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
177Mithappur243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
178Mn Sulra243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
179Mohamadpurmi202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
180Mohkampur243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
181Mongar243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
182Mundia Dhure ki202521BudaunUttar Pradesh
183Musajhag243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
184Musepur243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
185Musta Fabad jaretha243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
186Nadail243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
187Nadha202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
188Nadrauli202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
189Nagaria Khanu243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
190Nagarjhoona243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
191Nagla Ajmeri202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
192Nagla Barah202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
193Naithura243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
194Nana Khera243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
195Narsena243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
196Nauli Fatuhabad243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
197Nauli Harnathpur202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
198Nauni243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
199Naushera243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
200Naviganj243631BudaunUttar Pradesh
201Nawada Madhukar243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
202Neora202527BudaunUttar Pradesh
203Nizampur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
204Nizamuddin Purshah243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
205Noorpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
206Noorpur Binoni202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
207Paharpur243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
208Palia Gujar243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
209Palia Pukhta243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
210Papar Hamzapur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
211Parauli243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
212Parveznagar202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
213Pataria202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
214Patiali Sarai243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
215Pepal202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
216Phakawali243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
217Pindol243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
218Pipla243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
219Pipraul Pukhta243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
220Pipri Raghunathpur202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
221Police Line243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
222Prasidhpur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
223Prithvipur202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
224Puraini243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
225Pusawali202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
226Puthi Sarai243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
227Qadarchawk243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
228Qadrarabad243640BudaunUttar Pradesh
229Qaji Tola243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
230Qazi Mohalla243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
231Rahma243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
232Rajpura202527BudaunUttar Pradesh
233Rajthal202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
234Ram Zanpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
235Rasoolpur Bela243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
236Rasoolpur Kalan243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
237Rehariya202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
238Reonai243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
239Reonaiya243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
240Rewara202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
241Rizola243641BudaunUttar Pradesh
242Roop Pur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
243Rota202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
244Rudauin202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
245Sadullaganj243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
246Sagrai243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
247Sahanagar Patpar ganj243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
248Sahaswan243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
249Saidpur202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
250Saijani243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
251Saitua202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
252Sakhanu243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
253Sakri Kasimpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
254Salarpur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
255Salempur243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
256Samrer243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
257Samspurmalik Fatta243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
258Sangrampur243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
259Santigarh (ujhani)243639BudaunUttar Pradesh
260Sarah Bagholi243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
261Sarah Barolia243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
262Sarai Brahman202522BudaunUttar Pradesh
263Sarai Piparia243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
264Sareli Pukhta243641BudaunUttar Pradesh
265Sarup Pur243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
266Sateti243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
267Shahjanabad202421BudaunUttar Pradesh
268Shahnagar Patpara ganj243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
269Sheikhupur243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
270Shyam Nagar243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
271Sigholi Kallu202527BudaunUttar Pradesh
272Sigthara202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
273Sikandrabad243636BudaunUttar Pradesh
274Sikrauri243634BudaunUttar Pradesh
275Sikri243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
276Silhari243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
277Simarra Bhojpur243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
278Singhaula Daulatsingh202527BudaunUttar Pradesh
279Singraura243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
280Sirasaul243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
281Sirsa Babarai243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
282Sirsa Khurd243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
283Sirtaul243633BudaunUttar Pradesh
284Sisaiya Gusain243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
285Sisaraka243632BudaunUttar Pradesh
286Sitholi202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
287Sohi202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
288Sotha243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
289Station Road243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
290Sujawali243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
291Sukhaura243630BudaunUttar Pradesh
292Sukrullapur243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
293Surahi202523BudaunUttar Pradesh
294Sursena202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
295Tara Pathakpur202520BudaunUttar Pradesh
296Tehra243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
297Tigra243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
298Ughaiti202524BudaunUttar Pradesh
299Ujhani243639BudaunUttar Pradesh
300Uraula243601BudaunUttar Pradesh
301Urena202525BudaunUttar Pradesh
302Usawan243621BudaunUttar Pradesh
303Usehat243641BudaunUttar Pradesh
304Usmanpur243638BudaunUttar Pradesh
305Wazirganj202526BudaunUttar Pradesh
306Zarifnagar243638BudaunUttar Pradesh

About Budaun

The seat of the Budaun district in Uttar Pradesh, India, is the historic city of Budaun. It is situated in the Uttar Pradesh area of Rohilkhand, roughly a mile east of the Sot River and 27 km north of the Ganges River. Its entire population, as reported by the 2011 census, is estimated to be 161,555 at this time. During Sultan Iltutmish’s four-year rule (1210–1214 CE), Budaun gained historical significance as the capital of the Delhi Sultanate. During the Mughal era, it was the most significant station on the Northern Frontier.


The ancient tales state that Ahir prince Budh inspired the name Budaun. This city was named Budaun after the Ahir ruler Budh, who is said to have built it in 905 A.D., according to local legend. and an inscription that lists twelve Rathore rulers who ruled at Budaun during the period known as Vodamayuta, is most likely from the 12th century. Mahmud, the son of the Ghaznavid Sultan, drove away the Rashtrakuta chief and captured Kanauj after 1085. After that, the Rashtrakuta ruler moved their capital to Vodamayuta, where they remained in power until Qutb-ud-din Aibak overthrew them.


39,613 (12.3%) of Budaun City’s 159,221 residents (83,475 males and 75,746 females, or 1000/907) were under the age of six. There were 73.0% adult literate people. In the city, Hindi and Awadhi are the most commonly spoken languages. In Budaun City, there are 907 men for every 1000 residents. The number of females born for every 1000 boys is 882. The city is 81 square kilometers in size. The Budaun Metro Area covers 103 sq km (40 sq mi) and is home to over 417,000 people. Shekhupur, Bahedi, Islamganj, Chandanpur, Salarpur, Salarpur Industrial Estate, Shekhupur Firing Range, Padauna, and Khera Buzurg are included together with Badaun City.


Both Muslims and Hindus regard Budaun as having great religious significance. With its quiet streets and dusty roads, it appears to be a little, isolated village at first look. However, there are a lot of monuments and ruins that disclose a lot of the city’s tales. Budaun takes tourists to a time of powerful monarchs and mystic Sufi saints like the Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya, all while exuding a nostalgic appeal. The village has a mystical air that adds to its attraction.


The five tehsils that make up the district are Budaun, Bisauli, Bilsi, Dataganj, and Sahaswan. The district is home to six Vidhan Sabha constituencies: Dataganj, Sahaswan, Bilsi, Badaun, Shekhupur, and Bisauli. The remaining areas are included in the Badaun Lok Sabha constituency, whilst Shekhupur and Dataganj are part of the Aonla Lok Sabha constituency.


How does a PIN code in Budaun mean anything?

For effective mail and package sorting and delivery, a PIN number, also known as a Postal Index Number, is a special code that is allocated to particular districts in Budaun. It guarantees that postal packages arrive at their destinations precisely and on schedule.

How can I locate the PIN number for a specific Budaun location?

With our online PIN code finder tool, finding the PIN code for a certain place in Budaun is simple. To obtain the matching PIN code, just input the name of the region or locality.

In the event that I accidentally enter the incorrect PIN when mailing or delivering items in Budaun, what should I do?

Delivery of packages or mail may be delayed if the PIN is entered incorrectly. Make sure you enter the right PIN code for the recipient's address in Budaun every time to prevent this from happening. For delivery to be successful, the PIN code must be verified.

Why is using precise PIN numbers crucial for Budaun businesses?

For firms in Budaun to optimize their shipping and logistics processes, precise PIN numbers are essential. Correct PIN code usage shortens delivery times, lowers shipping mistakes, and raises customer satisfaction levels.

Is there a cost associated with locating Budaun pincodes using this website?

No, our service is available to all users and is totally free of charge. For the convenience of Budaun locals, companies, and guests, we want to make the process of locating precise PIN numbers as easy as possible.