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Pincodes of Burhanpur

Burhanpur, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is a historic city known for its architectural and cultural heritage. Rich in Mughal history, it features various historical monuments and mosques. The city is nestled along the Tapti River, adding to its scenic beauty. Burhanpur pincodes facilitate efficient postal services and communication in and around Burhanpur.

Burhanpur Pincodes

Here is a list of Burhanpur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ambada450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
2Amulla450001BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
3Asirgarh450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
4Bahadarpur450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
5Bambhada450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
6Basad450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
7Bhatkheda450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
8Bhawasa450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
9Biroda450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
10Bodarli450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
11Bori Bujurg450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
12Borsar450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
13Burhanpur450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
14Burhanpur City450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
15Burhanpur R.s.450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
16Burhanpur Rajpura450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
17Chandani450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
18Chapora450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
19Dabhiyakheda450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
20Dapora450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
21Dargah-e-hakimi450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
22Daryapur450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
23Dedtalai450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
24Dhamangaon450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
25Dhulkot450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
26Doifodia450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
27Ghagharla450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
28Gulai450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
29Haidarpur450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
30Hasinabad450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
31Ichhapur450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
32Jainabad450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
33Jasondi450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
34Khaknar450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
35Khamni450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
36Khatla450661BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
37Loni450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
38Mahalgurada450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
39Manjrodkala450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
40Mohad450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
41Nachankheda450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
42Nagjhiri450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
43Nawara450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
44Nepanagar450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
45Nimbola450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
46Palasur450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
47Paretha450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
48Patonda450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
49Phophanar450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
50Pipalpani450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
51Raitalai450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
52Sangrampur450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
53Sarola450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
54Shahbazar Burhanpur450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
55Shahpur450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
56Sheikhpur450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
57Sheikhpura450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
58Sirpur450331BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
59Siwal450221BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
60Tukaithad450332BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
61Turakgurada450445BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh

About Burhanpur

Burhanpur District, located in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, has its district headquarters in the city of Burhanpur. Established on August 15, 2003, it was formed from the southern part of the Khandwa District. The district is notable for the Tapti River, which flows from east to west through it. It is bordered to the north by the Satpura Range, separating it from Khandwa District and marking the division between the Narmada River valley and the Tapti valley. The Satpura pass, a key route linking northern and southern India, features the strategic Asirgarh fortress, often referred to as the “Key to the Deccan”.

Administratively, the district comprises two development blocks, Burhanpur and Khaknar, and three tehsils: Nepanagar, Burhanpur, and Khaknar. It is a part of the Indore Division.

Burhanpur is significant for the Dawoodi Bohra Community, as it is home to the revered and large Dargh-E-Hakimi. The historical city of Burhanpur is encircled by gates, giving it a fort-like appearance.


The Burhanpur district has a rich history, once being a part of the Nimar and Khandesh regions and the Khandesh province. It was ruled by various dynasties over time. Initially part of Avanti during the Buddhist era, it was later governed by the Mauryas, followed by the Satavahanas and Vakatakas. After the decline of the Gupta Empire, it came under Harshavardhana’s rule in 608 CE. The Asirgarh area was then controlled by the Tak Rajputs until Alauddin Khilji conquered it in 1296.

During Mughal rule, Burhanpur was the capital of the Khandesh province. Humayun, a Mughal ruler, visited in 1536 and brought the region under Mughal control. Akbar had to suppress a rebellion here, and Shah Jahan stayed in Asirgarh fort for two years, where his wife Mumtaz Mahal passed away and was initially buried.

In the late 17th century, under Aurangzeb, the Marathas raided and looted Burhanpur in 1681. The Nizam of Hyderabad took control in 1720, only to face continuous Maratha opposition until it was ceded to them. The Scindias or Holkars controlled the district until the British took over in 1818 after the Third Anglo-Maratha War.

In 1857, Tatya Tope, a prominent figure in the Indian Rebellion, passed through the district. Post-independence, Burhanpur became part of Madhya Pradesh.


Burhanpur district is surrounded by the state of Maharashtra to its south and southeast, Khandwa district to the north, and Khargone district to the west. The Tapi River runs through the district.


The 2011 census recorded Burhanpur District’s population at 757,847, ranking it 490th among the 640 districts in India. It has a population density of 221 people per square kilometer. The gender ratio in the district is 900 females to every 1,000 males, and the literacy rate is 65.28%. A significant portion, 34.35%, of the population resides in urban areas.

During the 2011 Census of India, the linguistic diversity of the district was evident. Marathi was spoken by 26.97% of the population, followed by Hindi at 17.18%, Urdu at 16.52%, Korku at 10.42%, Bareli at 6.23%, Bhilali at 5.33%, Banjari at 3.78%, Bhili at 2.81%, Gujarati at 2.54%, and Nimadi at 2.24%.




What is Burhanpur district famous for?

Burhanpur is renowned for its thriving textile sector and is a major center for the Power Loom industry in Madhya Pradesh. The region is also known for its manufacturing industry, particularly in producing pipes and agricultural equipment. Additionally, the area hosts several cotton and oil mills.

In which state Burhanpur lies?

Burhanpur is located along the Tapti River in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Why Burhanpur is called historical city?

Founded in 1399 by Naṣīr Khan, the first independent ruler of the Fārūqī dynasty in Khandesh, Burhanpur was later incorporated into the Mughal Empire by Emperor Akbar in 1601. The city, known for its fortified walls and large gates, functioned as the Mughal's main base in the Deccan region until 1636, when Aurangzeb relocated the capital to Aurangabad.

Which fort is famous in Burhanpur?

The Asirgarh Fort, a prominent Indian fortress, is located in the Satpura Range, approximately 20 kilometres north of Burhanpur city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.