Chandauli Pincodes

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Pincodes of Chandauli

Welcome to our Chandauli Pincodes database, a useful tool for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of several locations within the historic Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. Chandauli is renowned for its lively neighborhoods, stunning scenery, and rich past. The postal system relies heavily on PIN codes to efficiently sort and deliver mail and packages. Every locality in Chandauli has a distinct PIN code, which makes it possible for postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct destinations. To guarantee that your mail arrives at its destination on time, use the correct PIN code.

Chandauli Pincodes

Here is a list of Chandauli Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Adsand232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
2Akorha232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
3Alampur232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
4Alinagar232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
5Amaon232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
6Amara232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
7Amdaha232111ChandauliUttar Pradesh
8Amilai232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
9Amilia232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
10Arangi232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
11Arkaura232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
12Asana232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
13Awajapur232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
14Awati232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
15Babhniyaon Raipur232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
16Baburi232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
17Bagahikumbhapur232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
18Baghari232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
19Ballipur232107ChandauliUttar Pradesh
20Baluwa221001ChandauliUttar Pradesh
21Barahan232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
22Barahani232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
23Baraura232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
24Barthara Kalan232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
25Basila232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
26Bathawar232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
27Bentairi232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
28Bhabhaura232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
29Bhadauliya232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
30Bhaisahi232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
31Bharchha232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
32Bhatiza232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
33Bhatraul232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
34Bhikhampur232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
35Bhojapur232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
36Bhorsar232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
37Bhujana232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
38Bishauri221001ChandauliUttar Pradesh
39Chakarghatta232111ChandauliUttar Pradesh
40Chakia232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
41Chandasi232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
42Chandauli232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
43Chhapara221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
44Chilabali232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
45Chiraigaon232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
46Dabaria232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
47Dandi232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
48Darahara232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
49Derhgaonwa232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
50Derwakalan232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
51Dhanapur232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
52Dhaneja232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
53Dharaon232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
54Dharauli232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
55Dharde232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
56Dheena232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
57Dhunnoo232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
58Dighghi232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
59Dighwat232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
60Dul;hipur232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
61Farsandpurmohanpur232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
62Fesuda232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
63Gaighat232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
64Gauri232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
65Ghosawa232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
66Gurera232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
67Hanumanpur232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
68Hetampur232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
69Hingutarjagdishpur232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
70Illia232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
71Imilia232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
72Jagdish Sarai232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
73Jalalpur232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
74Jalilpur232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
75Jamunipur232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
76Janso Ki marai232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
77Jarkhor232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
78Jeori232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
79Jurahardhan221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
80Kadirabad232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
81Kamalpur232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
82Kamharia232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
83Kanta232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
84Karnaul232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
85Katwamafi232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
86Kavarua232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
87Kawaipaharpur232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
88Kawanr232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
89Keraigaon232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
90Keshavpur232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
91Khagwal232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
92Khakhara232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
93Kharan232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
94Kharaujha232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
95Kharkhara232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
96Khilchi232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
97Khurja232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
98Kori232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
99Kurahana232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
100Launda232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
101Laxmangarh232107ChandauliUttar Pradesh
102Maharkha232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
103Mahesua Nai bazar232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
104Mahuwarikhas232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
105Mahuwarkalan221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
106Majhghain232111ChandauliUttar Pradesh
107Majhwarkhas232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
108Maniyarpur232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
109Marhi232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
110Marufpur221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
111Mathela232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
112Mavaiya232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
113Meerasarai232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
114Merahan232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
115Mugalsarai232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
116Musakhan232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
117Nadi Nidhaura232107ChandauliUttar Pradesh
118Naikot232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
119Nairhi232107ChandauliUttar Pradesh
120Naraina232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
121Naubatpur232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
122Naugarh232111ChandauliUttar Pradesh
123Niyamatabad232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
124Noori232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
125Oyarchak232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
126Pachokhar232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
127Pachwania232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
128Papaura232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
129Parasikalan232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh
130Pasahi232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
131Patelnagar232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
132Patti221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
133Paura232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
134Pipari232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
135Piparia232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
136Prabhupur232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
137Railway Colony mugalsarai232101ChandauliUttar Pradesh
138Raiytha232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
139Ramgarh232107ChandauliUttar Pradesh
140Rampur232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
141Rampurkala232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
142Ranepur232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
143Rewasa232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
144Rupetha232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
145Sadalpura232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
146Sahabganj232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
147Sahupuri221009ChandauliUttar Pradesh
148Saidupur232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
149Saifpur232107ChandauliUttar Pradesh
150Saiyadraja232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
151Sakaldiha232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
152Sakaldiha Bazar232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
153Sakrari232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
154Samudpur221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
155Sanghati232120ChandauliUttar Pradesh
156Seruka232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
157Sewari232109ChandauliUttar Pradesh
158Shaheedgaon221001ChandauliUttar Pradesh
159Shamsherpur232111ChandauliUttar Pradesh
160Shivpur232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
161Sikanderpur232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
162Sikarganj232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
163Sikari232102ChandauliUttar Pradesh
164Sishaurakalan232106ChandauliUttar Pradesh
165Sogai232110ChandauliUttar Pradesh
166Tanda Kalan221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
167Targaonajgara221115ChandauliUttar Pradesh
168Tiyara232118ChandauliUttar Pradesh
169Tiyari232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
170Torwan232105ChandauliUttar Pradesh
171Tulsiashram Nonar232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
172Utraut232103ChandauliUttar Pradesh
173Verdisanda232108ChandauliUttar Pradesh
174Vishunpura232104ChandauliUttar Pradesh

About Chandauli

The district headquarters is at Chandauli town. Chandauli district is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi Division includes the district of Chandauli. The district of Chandauli was established on May 20, 1997. The busiest railway station in Northeast Uttar Pradesh is located in the city of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Nagar. The area is home to several waterfalls, including those at Devdari and Rajdari, as well as the Chandraprabha (nature) Sanctuary. By supplying different commodities from the area, such as wheat and paddy, the district increases India’s GDP. Known for being the “Dhaan Ka Katora of Uttar Pradesh” due to the Gangetic Plain’s bountiful plains.


Most people don’t know the district’s history. In the district’s tahsils, there are a few abandoned locations, tanks, and kunds that are associated with hazy stories. Situated around 21 km south of Tahsil Sakaldiha near the banks of the Ganga River, which runs from east to west, is one of the district’s historic sites, “Baluwa.” Every year, in January, there is a religious fair for Hindus called “Pachchim Vahini Mela” in the month of magha. It is said that there are only two locations in the nation where the Ganga flows from east to west: Allahabad and Baluwa.


The coordinates of Chandauli are 25.27°N 83.27°E. The average elevation is seventy meters, or two hundred feet. It is within the Uttar Pradesh division of Varanasi. About 30 kilometers separate it from Varanasi. Mughalsarai, a significant railway intersection connecting Northern and Eastern India, is situated in the district of Chandauli. Chandauli is served by the Chandauli Majhwar railway station.


The Ministry of Panchayati Raj listed Chandauli as one of the 250 most backward districts in the nation in 2006. At present, the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF) is providing cash to 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh, including this one.


The population of Chandauli district, as of the 2011 census, is 1,952,756, or about the same as that of the US state of New Mexico or the nation of Lesotho. As a result, it is ranked 238th in India. The population density of the district is 768 people per square kilometer (1,990 people per square mile). Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 18.83%. There are 913 females for every 1,000 males in Chandauli. The population that resides in urban areas is 12.42%. The proportions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to the total population are 22.88% and 2.14%, respectively.


Local self-government, law and order, revenue, and the judiciary make up district administration. The District Magistrate is in charge of managing revenue. Additional District Magistrate, Finance and Revenue, or ADM (F&R), supports him. The Sub Divisional Magistrate, who has been renamed as Up-Jila Adhikari, is in control at the tahsil level. He is supported in every tahsil by Tahsildars, and each tahsil is further given up to Naib Tahsildars and Kanongos circles, respectively, for the purpose of collecting money. Lekhpal is the village head for each revenue village. The district’s development operations are overseen by the chief development officer and the district development officer.


Why is a PIN code significant in Chandauli, and what does it entail?

Postal Index Numbers, or PINs, are special codes that are allocated to particular sections of Chandauli in order to streamline the sorting and delivery of mail. It guarantees that mail items properly and on time reach their intended receivers.

How can I locate the PIN code for a certain Chandauli locality?

Using our online PIN code lookup tool, locating the PIN code for a certain Chandauli locale is easy. To obtain the matching PIN code, simply input the name of the region or locality.

What should I do if I unintentionally send mail to Chandauli with the incorrect PIN?

Delivery of mail or packages may be delayed if the PIN is entered incorrectly. Always double-check and use the right PIN code for the recipient's Chandauli address to prevent this. PIN numbers must be accurate in order for deliveries to be completed.

Why is it crucial that Chandauli companies employ precise PIN codes?

For companies in Chandauli to maximize their shipping and logistics operations, precise PIN numbers are crucial. It is possible to cut delivery delays, lower shipping mistakes, and improve customer satisfaction by using the right PIN code.

Is there a cost associated with locating Chandauli Pincodes using this website?

No, our service is available to all users and is totally free of charge. For the convenience of Chandauli locals, companies, and guests, we want to make finding precise PIN codes easier.