Chhindwara Pincodes

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Pincodes of Chhindwara

Chhindwara, situated in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich greenery and scenic landscapes. Nestled in the Satpura Range, it’s a major agricultural district, producing a variety of crops. Chhindwara is famous for its tribal culture and festivals, reflecting the diverse traditions of the region. The district is also a hub for cotton industries and has a significant coal mining sector. Chhindwara pincodes ensure effective communication and postal services across the district. Its blend of natural beauty and cultural diversity makes it a unique and vibrant place.

Chhindwara Pincodes

Here is a list of Chhindwara Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Amarwara480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
2Ambada480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
3Ambamali480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
4Amladepot480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
5Anjangaon480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
6Ankhiya480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
7Badegaon480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
8Badela480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
9Badgaon480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
10Badnoor480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
11Badsaliya480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
12Baghbardia480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
13Bamanwara480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
14Bamhanwara480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
15Bamni480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
16Banabakoda480109ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
17Bangaon480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
18Banka480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
19Banka Mukasa480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
20Bankanaganpur480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
21Banskheda480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
22Barahira480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
23Barelipar480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
24Bargi480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
25Barkuhi480447ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
26Basuriya480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
27Batkakhapa480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
28Belgaon480357ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
29Berdi480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
30Bhajipani480449ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
31Bhamodi480449ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
32Bhandargondi480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
33Bhatodia Khurd480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
34Bheda480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
35Bhimalgondi480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
36Bhula Mohgaon480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
37Bhumka480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
38Bhutai480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
39Bichhua480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
40Bijori480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
41Binjhawara480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
42Bisapur480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
43Bohnakheri480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
44Borgaon480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
45Boria480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
46Chand480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
47Chandametta480447ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
48Chandangaon480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
49Changoba480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
50Chania Kalan480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
51Chawalpani480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
52Chhinda480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
53Chhindi480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
54Chhindwara480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
55Chhindwara City480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
56Chhui480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
57Chichkheda480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
58Chicholi Vad480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
59Chikalmau480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
60Chikhalikalan480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
61Chitanvisganj480002ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
62Chourai480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
63Dadimeta480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
64Damua480555ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
65Darbai480449ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
66Datla480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
67Delakhari480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
68Deori480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
69Devi480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
70Dhadhra480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
71Dhanegaon480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
72Dhanora480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
73Dhanora Jagir480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
74Dhaodikhapa480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
75Dhasanwara480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
76Dhusawani480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
77Dighawani480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
78Dilawar Mohgaon480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
79Dungaria480357ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
80Dungariabhardagarh480555ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
81Eklehra480449ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
82Etawa480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
83Gajandoha480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
84Gangiwara480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
85Ghoghari480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
86Ghoghari Sahani480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
87Ghorad480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
88Ghorawari Kalan480555ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
89Ghorawari Khurd480555ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
90Ghoti480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
91Gopalpur480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
92Gourpani480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
93Gualbra Chhindwara480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
94Gumgaon480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
95Gurriya480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
96Hanotiya480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
97Harnakhedi480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
98Harrai480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
99Hirdagarh480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
100Hiwara Senadwar480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
101Hiwarkhedi480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
102Imlikheda480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
103Jam480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
104Jamkunda480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
105Jamsaoli480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
106Jamuniya480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
107Jatachhapar480449ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
108Jhilmili480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
109Jhirlinga480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
110Jhirpa480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
111Jhontkalan480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
112Jhurre Mines480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
113Jobnikhapa480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
114Jungawani480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
115Junnardeo480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
116Kabarpipla480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
117Kadaiya480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
118Kamthi480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
119Kanhargaon480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
120Kapurdha480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
121Karaghat Kamthi480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
122Kaudia480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
123Keolari480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
124Khairitaygoan480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
125Khamarpani480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
126Khamra480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
127Khazari480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
128Khedikalan480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
129Khireti480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
130Khirsadoha480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
131Khuntpipariya480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
132Kohat480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
133Kohka480357ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
134Kondhali480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
135Koparwarai480109ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
136Koparwari480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
137Kudwari480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
138Kuhiya480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
139Kunda480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
140Kundalikalan480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
141Kursidhana480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
142Lalbagh Chhindwara480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
143Langha480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
144Lawaghoghari480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
145Ledori480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
146Lehgadua480357ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
147Linga480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
148Lingajatlapur480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
149Lodhikheda480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
150Lohangi480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
151Lohangi Raiyat480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
152Lotia480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
153Machagora480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
154Madai480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
155Mahalpur480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
156Mahuljhir480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
157Mainikhapa480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
158Manegaon480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
159Mangurli480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
160Mankadehi480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
161Markahandi480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
162Markawara480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
163Marud480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
164Mau480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
165Meghaseoni480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
166Meghdone480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
167Mohgaon Haveli480000ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
168Mohkhed480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
169Mordongari480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
170Mothar480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
171Moya480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
172Mujawar480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
173Munganapar480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
174Muttor480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
175Nagri480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
176Nandan480554ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
177Nandanwani480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
178Nandewani480000ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
179Navegaon480551ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
180Newton Chikhali480357ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
181Nimni480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
182Nonia Karbal480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
183Pagara480357ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
184Paijanwara480357ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
185Palachourai480449ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
186Paladone480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
187Palakhed480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
188Palatwara480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
189Pandharakheda480000ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
190Pandhurna480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
191Pandhurna Gujari480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
192Panjara480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
193Paradsinga480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
194Parasgaon480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
195Parasia480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
196Parsoli480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
197Partapur480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
198Pathari480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
199Paunar480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
200Pendoni480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
201Petdeori480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
202Pindrai480109ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
203Pindraikalan480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
204Pipalpani480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
205Pipariya Mansingh480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
206Pipariya Rajguru480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
207Piplanarayanwar480109ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
208Pounar480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
209Pradhan Ghoghari480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
210Rajada480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
211Rajadi Pipla480000ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
212Rajana480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
213Rajegaon480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
214Rajora Kalan480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
215Rakhikol480555ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
216Ramakona480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
217Ramgarh480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
218Rampur480555ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
219Rangari480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
220Ranpeth480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
221Ratamati480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
222Rawanwara480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
223Richheda480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
224Ringankhapa480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
225Rohna480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
226Saikheda480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
227Saliwara Sharda480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
228Samaswara480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
229Sangakheda480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
230Sankh480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
231Saonga480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
232Saori Bazaar480331ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
233Sarangbihiri480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
234Sarna480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
235Sausar480106ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
236Sawarni480108ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
237Seja480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
238Seoni Sausar480337ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
239Sidholi480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
240Sihoramal480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
241Singodi480225ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
242Siratha480334ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
243Siregaon480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
244Sirgora480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
245Sitajhir480115ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
246Sonakhar480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
247Sonpur480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
248Surlakhapa480224ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
249Tb Senetorium480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
250Tamia480559ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
251Teegaon480338ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
252Tendani480221ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
253Top480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
254Tumragarhi480111ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
255Turkikhapa480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
256Ubhegaon480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
257Umaranala480107ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
258Umaria Isra480001ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
259Umrad480110ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
260Umreth480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
261Urdhan480441ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh

About Chhindwara

Chhindwara district, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, with its headquarters in the town of Chhindwara, is the largest district in the state, covering an area of 11,815 square km. It’s a part of the Jabalpur division. The district gets its name from the ‘Chhind’ tree, commonly found in the area. Established on November 1, 1956, Chhindwara lies in the southwest region of the Satpura Range. Geographically, it extends from 21.28 to 22.49 degrees North latitude and 78.40 to 79.24 degrees East longitude. It’s bordered by Nagpur district of Maharashtra to the south, Hoshangabad and Narsinghpur districts to the north, Betul district to the west, and Seoni district to the east.


The early history of Chhindwara is largely unknown. However, copper-plate inscriptions from the area and nearby Seoni suggest that the Vakatakas ruled here until the 3rd century CE. By the late 7th century, their power waned, and the Gaulis took over. The district’s southern part was under the Rashtrakutas for some time, as indicated by a 9th-century copper plate given to a Kannada Brahmin in a village, possibly today’s Mohgaon in southern Chhindwara.

Chhindwara’s detailed history begins with the Gond dynasties in the 14th century. Before that, the region’s history is sparse, with the western part possibly being part of the Kherla kingdom in Betul. Deogarh, on the Chhindwara plateau, was the last stronghold of the Gaulis. Gond dynasty’s founder, Jatha, is said to have defeated Gauli chiefs Ransur and Ghamsur. Under the Mughals, Deogarh became a tributary state. King Bakht Bulund, a powerful Gond ruler, embraced Islam during Emperor Aurangzeb’s reign. By 1720, he had asserted considerable independence and expanded his territory.

The Marathas eventually took over Deogarh, and it became part of the Bhonsles of Nagpur’s domain. The British East India Company seized the kingdom in 1803, and after the 1857 rebellion, Chhindwara became part of the Central Provinces and Berar. Following India’s independence in 1947, it joined the state of Madhya Bharat, which later became Madhya Pradesh. Initially, Nagpur was Chhindwara’s capital, but in 1956, when Maharashtra was formed and Nagpur became part of it, Chhindwara was reconstituted with its own capital.


Chhindwara district’s geography can be broadly categorized into three regions. The western region, which includes the towns of Junnardeo and Parasia, and the central region, encompassing Chhindwara, parts of Amarwara, and the northern part of the Sausar region, is predominantly a plateau. The northern region lies in the higher areas of the Satpura Range and also includes a section of the Narmada valley plains. The district’s altitude varies significantly, ranging from 1,550 feet (470 meters) to 3,820 feet (1,160 meters) above sea level, with an average elevation of around 2,215 feet (675 meters).

Chhindwara is traversed by five major rivers: the Kanhan, Pench, Jam, Kulbehra, and Shakkar. The Kanhan River flows south through western Chhindwara before joining the Wainganga River, while the Jam River, primarily running through the Sausar area, also merges with the Kanhan. The Pench River, flowing along the borders of Chhindwara and Seoni districts, joins the Kanhan in Nagpur District. Additionally, the Kulbehra River originates in Umreth, passes through Chhindwara and Mohkhed, and eventually meets the Pench River. The district is also rich in forests, covering over one-third of its area (about 4212.556 km2). These forests are home to commercially valuable species like bamboo, teak, harra, saalbeej, and tendu patta.


Chhindwara district, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, has a diverse demographic profile. According to the 2011 Census, the district’s population is around 2,090,922. This population is a mix of various communities and cultures, contributing to the district’s rich cultural tapestry.

In terms of religious composition, the district is predominantly Hindu, with a significant portion of the population practicing Hinduism. There are also minority communities, including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains. These diverse religious groups live together, contributing to the district’s multicultural environment.

Language-wise, Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in Chhindwara. It is used for daily communication as well as in administrative and educational settings. Additionally, regional dialects and languages like Bundelkhandi and Gondi are spoken by specific communities within the district. These languages reflect the local cultural and ethnic diversity.

Overall, Chhindwara district’s demographic composition, with its blend of different religions and languages, mirrors the broader diversity of Madhya Pradesh. The district’s population is a microcosm of the cultural and social pluralism that characterizes much of central India.


Chhindwara district, located in Madhya Pradesh, is administratively divided into 13 tehsils, which are key local government units. These tehsils include Amarwara, Bichhua, Chand, Chourai, Harrai, Junnardeo, Mohkhed, Pandhurna, Parasia, Sausar, Tamia, Umreth, and Chhindwara itself. Each tehsil functions as a distinct administrative segment, managing local governance and development. Additionally, the district comprises 11 development blocks, which are smaller administrative units focused on rural development. These blocks are Chhindwara, Parasia, Junnardeo, Damua, Tamia, Amarwara, Chourai, Bichhua, Harrai, Mohkhed, Sausar, and Pandhurna. These blocks play a vital role in implementing local development and welfare schemes.

In terms of urban local governance, Chhindwara district features a variety of urban administrative bodies. There is one Nagar Nigam (municipal corporation) in Chhindwara, which is responsible for the overall development and administration of the city. Additionally, there are 8 Nagar Palikas (municipalities) in Parasia, Junnardeo, Damua, Bichhua, Pandhurna, Sausar, Amarwara, and Chourai. These municipalities manage smaller towns and urban areas. Furthermore, the district has 9 Nagar Panchayats (town councils) in Chandameta-Butaria, Newton Chikhli Kalan, Chand, Harrai, Mohgaon, Chourai, Bichhua, Lodhikheda, and Piplanarayanwar. Beyond these, Chhindwara also includes eleven small towns such as Umranala, Dighawani, Jata Chhapar, Iklehra, Pagara, Kali Chhapar, Damua, Pala Chourai, Bhamodi, Ambada, and Barkuhi, each with its own local governing body.


Why is Chhindwara famous?

Chhindwara is famous for housing Asia's largest coal wash plant and boasts approximately 15 coal mines in the Kanhan area. This region has significant importance in the railway sector, especially due to its extensive coal transportation network. The town of Parasia, located about 30 km from Chhindwara, is famously referred to as the "Coal Mines Belt" because of its concentration of coal mining activities.

Which tribes are in Chhindwara district?

The majority of Chhindwara District's population is tribal, with prominent communities including the Gond, Pardhan, Bharia, and Korku. The district is linguistically diverse, with languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gondi, Urdu, Korku, Musai, and Parvari being spoken among these communities.

How big is Chhindwara district?

Chhindwara District has an area of 11,815 square kilometers.

What is the famous food of Chhindwara?

Chhindwara's vibrant culinary traditions are showcased in its famous dishes such as Poha Jalebi, Sev Tamatar, and Bhutte Ka Kees. Each of these dishes offers a true taste of Chhindwara's authentic flavors and is bound to tantalize your taste buds for more.

What is the main crop grown in Chhindwara?

Chhindwara is often referred to as the Corn City, owing to the widespread cultivation of corn across the district. The area's suitable soil and favorable climate conditions make it an ideal place for corn growth. The corn produced here is not only used locally but also exported to other districts.