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Pincodes of Damoh

Damoh, a city in Madhya Pradesh, India, is a place of historical and cultural significance. It’s known for its unique blend of tradition and modernity. Explore Damoh pincodes to locate specific areas and destinations in this charming city. Whether you’re sending mail, searching for a particular spot, or just curious about this region, our Damoh pincodes guide is here to assist you. Discover the city’s rich heritage, vibrant markets, and friendly locals, all while easily navigating its various neighborhoods using the provided pincodes. Dive into the heart of Damoh and unlock its hidden treasures with our user-friendly platform.

Damoh Pincodes

Here is a list of Damoh Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Abhana470662DamohMadhya Pradesh
2Agara470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
3Ajni470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
4Amakheda470771DamohMadhya Pradesh
5Anu470771DamohMadhya Pradesh
6Aslana470675DamohMadhya Pradesh
7Badagaon470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
8Bakayan470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
9Bakeni470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
10Balakot470672DamohMadhya Pradesh
11Ballarpur470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
12Bamorimala470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
13Bandakpur470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
14Bandha470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
15Bangaon470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
16Bansa Tarkheda470672DamohMadhya Pradesh
17Banwar470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
18Bardha470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
19Bari Kanora470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
20Barkhera Bais470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
21Baroda Kalan470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
22Batiagarh470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
23Belai470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
24Bhaisa470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
25Bhajiya470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
26Bhartala470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
27Bhatia470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
28Bhiloni470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
29Bhuri470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
30Bijadongary470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
31Bilani470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
32Binti470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
33Bisnakheda470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
34Botrai470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
35Chaupra470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
36Chaurai Kalumar470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
37Chewala470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
38Chirola470675DamohMadhya Pradesh
39Damoh470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
40Damoh Bazaria470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
41Damoh City470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
42Damoh Civil ward470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
43Damoh Collectrate470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
44Damoh Phutera ward470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
45Damoh R s470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
46Deodongra470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
47Deori Fatehpur470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
48Deori Jmadar470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
49Dhangaur Kalan470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
50Dinari470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
51Emaliya Lanji470672DamohMadhya Pradesh
52Emlai470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
53Fatehpur470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
54Gaisabad470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
55Ghat Pipariya470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
56Ghatera470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
57Gubra Kalan470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
58Gunji470771DamohMadhya Pradesh
59Hardua Mangarh470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
60Harduya Sadak470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
61Hathana470672DamohMadhya Pradesh
62Hatta470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
63Hatta Bazariya470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
64Hindoriya470771DamohMadhya Pradesh
65Hinota Kalan470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
66Hinoti Putrighat470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
67Jabera470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
68Jerath470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
69Jhlaun470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
70Jortala470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
71Jujhar470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
72Kaikheda470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
73Kaithora470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
74Kalehrakheda470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
75Kandipur470771DamohMadhya Pradesh
76Kanti470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
77Karanpura470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
78Kerwana470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
79Kevlari470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
80Khaderi470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
81Khajari470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
82Khamriya Ajitpur470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
83Khamriya Mojilal470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
84Khojakhedi470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
85Kindroh470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
86Kishangarh470675DamohMadhya Pradesh
87Kodakalan470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
88Korta470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
89Kuakheda470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
90Kuakheda Bazi470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
91Kuarpur470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
92Kudai470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
93Kumeriya470672DamohMadhya Pradesh
94Kumhari470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
95Kundalpur470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
96Kusmi Mangarh470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
97Lakhni470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
98Lakhroni470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
99Ludhora470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
100Luhari470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
101Madankheda470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
102Madiyado470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
103Magron470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
104Majhguya Hansraj470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
105Mangola470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
106Mankaura470675DamohMadhya Pradesh
107Marutal470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
108Mojipura470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
109Mudia470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
110Muharai470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
111Muraj470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
112Nandrai470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
113Narsingarh470675DamohMadhya Pradesh
114Nohata470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
115Padrai470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
116Pandajhir470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
117Pashwaha470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
118Patera470772DamohMadhya Pradesh
119Pateriya470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
120Pathariya470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
121Patna Bhangarh470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
122Patnakuya470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
123Patnaraja470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
124Phutera Kalan470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
125Piparia Champat470675DamohMadhya Pradesh
126Pipariya Tikari470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
127Podimangarh470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
128Pura470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
129Rajpura470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
130Ramgarh470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
131Raneh470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
132Rasilpur470662DamohMadhya Pradesh
133Road470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
134Sadguya470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
135Sadpur470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
136Sakha470663DamohMadhya Pradesh
137Salaiya470664DamohMadhya Pradesh
138Salwada470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
139Samnapur470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
140Sanga470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
141Sankuya470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
142Sarkhadi470672DamohMadhya Pradesh
143Sarra470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
144Sarsawagali470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
145Satpara470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
146Semra Madia470661DamohMadhya Pradesh
147Sigrampur470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
148Singpur470881DamohMadhya Pradesh
149Sitanagar470675DamohMadhya Pradesh
150Sojna470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
151Suhela470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
152Sukha470666DamohMadhya Pradesh
153Taradehi470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
154Tejgarh470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
155Tendukheda470880DamohMadhya Pradesh
156Teoriya470775DamohMadhya Pradesh
157Tindua470673DamohMadhya Pradesh
158Umari470661DamohMadhya Pradesh

About Damoh

Damoh District, situated in central India within the state of Madhya Pradesh, has its administrative center in the town of Damoh. This district is a constituent of the Sagar Division.


The history of Damoh District, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is a rich tapestry of cultural, historical, and geographical influences. During the medieval period, Damoh was an integral part of the Chandela kingdom, known for its magnificent temples, including those at Khajuraho. The Chandela dynasty left a lasting architectural legacy in the district.

In the 16th century, the region came under the control of the Mughal Empire, contributing to its cultural diversity. Later, it saw the influence of the Marathas and various regional powers.

In the 19th century, Damoh became a part of British India, playing a significant role during the Indian freedom struggle. Prominent freedom fighters emerged from this district, actively participating in movements against British colonial rule.

After India gained independence in 1947, Damoh District continued to thrive and develop as an important administrative, cultural, and economic center in Madhya Pradesh. Its diverse culture, historical landmarks, and natural beauty continue to attract tourists and researchers, providing a window into its fascinating history. Today, Damoh District stands as a testament to its enduring heritage and resilience.


The geography of Damoh District in Madhya Pradesh, India, is characterized by its diverse topography, natural features, and climate. Situated in central India, Damoh has a varied landscape that includes plains, hills, and rivers.

The district is located on the Vindhya Range, which imparts a hilly terrain to the southern and southwestern parts of the region. The Bagh and Ken rivers flow through the district, providing a vital water source and contributing to the fertility of the land.

The district’s geography supports a variety of vegetation, including forests and agricultural lands. The Ken Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Damoh, is home to various wildlife species.

Agriculture is a significant part of Damoh’s economy, with crops like soybeans, wheat, and pulses being cultivated. The district’s geographical diversity, with its hills and rivers, contributes to the fertility of the soil and sustains agriculture.


In 2006, Damoh was designated as one of India’s 250 most underdeveloped districts out of a total of 640 by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj. Currently, Damoh is among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that are beneficiaries of the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF), aimed at fostering development in these areas.


As per the 2011 census data, Damoh District had a population of 1,264,219 residents, which ranked it 383rd among all districts in India. The population density in the district was recorded at 173 individuals per square kilometer. Damoh also exhibited a sex ratio of 913 females for every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 70.92%. Approximately 19.82% of the population resided in urban areas.

During the 2011 Census of India, it was found that 68.63% of the district’s population spoke Hindi, while 30.27% identified Bundeli as their primary language.


Why is Damoh famous?

Damoh, located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is famous for hosting the Bade Baba Temple in Kundalpur, which holds significance as a Jain pilgrimage destination.

What is the main crop of Damoh district?

Wheat stands as a prominent crop in Damoh District, cultivated across nearly all of its blocks. Meanwhile, the district's primary crop is gram.

What is the history of Damoh district?

Damoh District spans across an expanse of 7,306 square kilometers. The city derived its name from Damayanti, the spouse of King Nal in Hindu mythology. In the era of the Mughal emperor Akbar, Damoh formed a part of the Malwa province (subah).

How many Tehsil are there in Damoh district?

There are six tehsils in the Damoh District : 1. Damoh 2. Tendukheda 3. Pathariya 4. Hatta 5. Patera 6. Jabera 7.Batiyagarh

How many villages are there in Damoh district?

Damoh district has a total of 1,219 villages.