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Pincodes of Darjeeling

Greetings and welcome to the Darjeeling Pincodes directory, your trustworthy resource for locating exact postal codes in the stunning Darjeeling district. Whether you’re a visitor, a business owner, or a resident, our easy-to-use tool can help you quickly obtain precise pincode information. Every town, village, and hamlet in Darjeeling has a postal index number (PIN), which is a special code. These PINs are necessary to guarantee effective mail delivery, make accurate location identification possible, and allow smooth communication. You can quickly find pincodes in Darjeeling by using our directory to search by name, locality, or certain areas.

Darjeeling Pincodes

Here is a list of Darjeeling Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
17th Mile kalimpong734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
2Adhikari734427DarjeelingWest Bengal
3Ahlay735231DarjeelingWest Bengal
4Algarah734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
5Ambeok735231DarjeelingWest Bengal
6Ambootia734203DarjeelingWest Bengal
7Badamtam734105DarjeelingWest Bengal
8Badrajote734429DarjeelingWest Bengal
9Bagdogra734014DarjeelingWest Bengal
10Bagdogra Air port734421DarjeelingWest Bengal
11Bagora734224DarjeelingWest Bengal
12Bagrakote735202DarjeelingWest Bengal
13Baigunta Pur734008DarjeelingWest Bengal
14Balasun734209DarjeelingWest Bengal
15Bankim Park734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
16Bannersberg734104DarjeelingWest Bengal
17Bansbotey734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
18Bar Dara734312DarjeelingWest Bengal
19Batasia734221DarjeelingWest Bengal
20Belgachi734423DarjeelingWest Bengal
21Bendubi734424DarjeelingWest Bengal
22Bhajanpur Jote734427DarjeelingWest Bengal
23Bhaktinagar734007DarjeelingWest Bengal
24Bhanugram734101DarjeelingWest Bengal
25Bhutia Busty734101DarjeelingWest Bengal
26Bijanbari734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
27Bilaksu734427DarjeelingWest Bengal
28Bloom Field734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
29Bong Busty734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
30Buraganj734426DarjeelingWest Bengal
31Champasari734003DarjeelingWest Bengal
32Chathat734436DarjeelingWest Bengal
33Chhotapubong734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
34Chhumirchin Manchu734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
35Chibo Busty734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
36Chitalghatta734426DarjeelingWest Bengal
37Chowpukuria734014DarjeelingWest Bengal
38Chunbhati734223DarjeelingWest Bengal
39Dabgram734004DarjeelingWest Bengal
40Dara Goan734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
41Darjeeling734101DarjeelingWest Bengal
42Darjeeling Bazar734101DarjeelingWest Bengal
43Darjeeling Court734101DarjeelingWest Bengal
44Deorali734220DarjeelingWest Bengal
45Desbandhupara734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
46Dhajea734215DarjeelingWest Bengal
47Dooteriah734121DarjeelingWest Bengal
48Dowhill734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
49Dulal Jote734429DarjeelingWest Bengal
50Dumaram Busty734203DarjeelingWest Bengal
51Duptin-10734214DarjeelingWest Bengal
52East Bhaktinagar734007DarjeelingWest Bengal
53Echhey734317DarjeelingWest Bengal
54Fulbari Hat734015DarjeelingWest Bengal
55Gairibas734502DarjeelingWest Bengal
56Gayabari734223DarjeelingWest Bengal
57Gayanganga734426DarjeelingWest Bengal
58Geile Banjyang734226DarjeelingWest Bengal
59Ghoom734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
60Ghugumali734006DarjeelingWest Bengal
61Gitdubling734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
62Goke Bazar734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
63Gopal Dhara734214DarjeelingWest Bengal
64Gossaipur734014DarjeelingWest Bengal
65Gulma734009DarjeelingWest Bengal
66Gumba734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
67Haidarpara734006DarjeelingWest Bengal
68Hardigachh734434DarjeelingWest Bengal
69Hatighisa734429DarjeelingWest Bengal
70Jalpahar734103DarjeelingWest Bengal
71Jamdar Vitta734217DarjeelingWest Bengal
72Jhepi734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
73Jyoti Nagar734005DarjeelingWest Bengal
74Kadamtala734011DarjeelingWest Bengal
75Kafer734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
76Kagay Bazar734311DarjeelingWest Bengal
77Kaijalia734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
78Kalachandgach734426DarjeelingWest Bengal
79Kalijhora734320DarjeelingWest Bengal
80Kalimpong734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
81Kalimpong Bazar734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
82Kamala Bagan734426DarjeelingWest Bengal
83Kantivitta734434DarjeelingWest Bengal
84Khoribari734427DarjeelingWest Bengal
85Kolbong734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
86Kumai735206DarjeelingWest Bengal
87Kurseong734203DarjeelingWest Bengal
88Lake Town734401DarjeelingWest Bengal
89Lama Goan734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
90Lamahatta734213DarjeelingWest Bengal
91Latpanchar734008DarjeelingWest Bengal
92Lava734319DarjeelingWest Bengal
93Lebong734105DarjeelingWest Bengal
94Lensipokhari734434DarjeelingWest Bengal
95Lingia734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
96Lodhomahat734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
97Lohapool734008DarjeelingWest Bengal
98Lolay734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
99Lopchu734213DarjeelingWest Bengal
100Lower Chongtong734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
101Lower Soureni734214DarjeelingWest Bengal
102Madati734426DarjeelingWest Bengal
103Mahakal Dara734316DarjeelingWest Bengal
104Mahanadi734203DarjeelingWest Bengal
105Mahananda Bridge734218DarjeelingWest Bengal
106Mahananda Project734015DarjeelingWest Bengal
107Malat Bazar734215DarjeelingWest Bengal
108Maney Dara734213DarjeelingWest Bengal
109Maneybhanjeng734221DarjeelingWest Bengal
110Mangarjung734215DarjeelingWest Bengal
111Margarets Hope734224DarjeelingWest Bengal
112Marybong734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
113Matigara734010DarjeelingWest Bengal
114Mim734221DarjeelingWest Bengal
115Mineral Spring734105DarjeelingWest Bengal
116Mirik734214DarjeelingWest Bengal
117Moonda Koti734209DarjeelingWest Bengal
118Mungpoo734313DarjeelingWest Bengal
119Munsong734315DarjeelingWest Bengal
120Nagrispur734215DarjeelingWest Bengal
121Naksalbari734429DarjeelingWest Bengal
122Nalichor734209DarjeelingWest Bengal
123Nemai734010DarjeelingWest Bengal
124New Chumta734009DarjeelingWest Bengal
125New Rangia734013DarjeelingWest Bengal
126Nijbari734434DarjeelingWest Bengal
127Nimbong734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
128Norbung734223DarjeelingWest Bengal
129North Bengal university734013DarjeelingWest Bengal
130North Point734104DarjeelingWest Bengal
131Ookayati734214DarjeelingWest Bengal
132Pabring Tar734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
133Pagag Gumpa734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
134Pani Ghatta734423DarjeelingWest Bengal
135Pankhabari734217DarjeelingWest Bengal
136Pedong734311DarjeelingWest Bengal
137Peshok734312DarjeelingWest Bengal
138Phansidewa734434DarjeelingWest Bengal
139Phuguri734218DarjeelingWest Bengal
140Plungdung734221DarjeelingWest Bengal
141Pokhriabong734216DarjeelingWest Bengal
142Pradhan Nagar734003DarjeelingWest Bengal
143Pudung734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
144Pulbazar734122DarjeelingWest Bengal
145Pussimbing734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
146Putung734423DarjeelingWest Bengal
147Rabindra Sarani734006DarjeelingWest Bengal
148Rajbari734103DarjeelingWest Bengal
149Rangali734426DarjeelingWest Bengal
150Rangapani734434DarjeelingWest Bengal
151Rangbang734216DarjeelingWest Bengal
152Rangbull734123DarjeelingWest Bengal
153Rangli Rangliot734226DarjeelingWest Bengal
154Rangmook734209DarjeelingWest Bengal
155Ranidanga734012DarjeelingWest Bengal
156Ranju Valley734313DarjeelingWest Bengal
157Rath Khola734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
158Reang734321DarjeelingWest Bengal
159Relling734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
160Rimbick734201DarjeelingWest Bengal
161Ringtong734209DarjeelingWest Bengal
162Risheehat734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
163Rose Bank734101DarjeelingWest Bengal
164Rousay Bazar734316DarjeelingWest Bengal
165Sahabad734431DarjeelingWest Bengal
166Saktigarh734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
167Sakyong734311DarjeelingWest Bengal
168Salugarah734008DarjeelingWest Bengal
169Samthar734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
170Santook Mirik734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
171Satellite Township734015DarjeelingWest Bengal
172School Dhura734313DarjeelingWest Bengal
173Seeyok734214DarjeelingWest Bengal
174Selimbong734216DarjeelingWest Bengal
175Selpu734008DarjeelingWest Bengal
176Seokbir734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
177Sevoke Road734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
178Siliguri734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
179Siliguri Bazar734005DarjeelingWest Bengal
180Siliguri Junction734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
181Siliguri New market734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
182Siliguri Road734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
183Siliguri Town734004DarjeelingWest Bengal
184Simkuna734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
185Simulbari734009DarjeelingWest Bengal
186Sindebong734316DarjeelingWest Bengal
187Singbulli734218DarjeelingWest Bengal
188Singla734104DarjeelingWest Bengal
189Singritam734213DarjeelingWest Bengal
190Singtam734104DarjeelingWest Bengal
191Sinji734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
192Sitong734008DarjeelingWest Bengal
193Sonada734209DarjeelingWest Bengal
194Soom734104DarjeelingWest Bengal
195Soureni Bazar734227DarjeelingWest Bengal
196St.Mary's hill734220DarjeelingWest Bengal
197Subashpally734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
198Sukhiapokhari734221DarjeelingWest Bengal
199Sukna734009DarjeelingWest Bengal
200Suruk734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
201Sushrut Nagar734012DarjeelingWest Bengal
202Swansay734316DarjeelingWest Bengal
203Takdah734222DarjeelingWest Bengal
204Takling734312DarjeelingWest Bengal
205Tamsang734102DarjeelingWest Bengal
206Tamsing Dhura734209DarjeelingWest Bengal
207Tarbandha734014DarjeelingWest Bengal
208Tashiding734301DarjeelingWest Bengal
209Teesta Valley734226DarjeelingWest Bengal
210Tendrabong734314DarjeelingWest Bengal
211Tharjhorabagan734427DarjeelingWest Bengal
212Thurbo734214DarjeelingWest Bengal
213Tinchuley734222DarjeelingWest Bengal
214Tindharia734223DarjeelingWest Bengal
215Tista Bridge734312DarjeelingWest Bengal
216Topkhana734316DarjeelingWest Bengal
217Tukvar734124DarjeelingWest Bengal
218Tung734224DarjeelingWest Bengal
219Udaigram734104DarjeelingWest Bengal
220Upper Dalapchand734316DarjeelingWest Bengal
221Vivekanandapally734001DarjeelingWest Bengal
222Yangmakum Pambu734301DarjeelingWest Bengal

About Darjeeling

West Bengal, an Indian state, has a town and municipality called Darjeeling in its northernmost part. It is situated at an average elevation of 2,045 meters (6,709 feet) in the Eastern Himalayas. The easternmost province of Nepal is located to the west of Darjeeling, followed by the Kingdom of Bhutan to the east, the Indian state of Sikkim to the north, and the Tibet Autonomous Region in China to the north. Bangladesh is located to the south and southeast, and the majority of West Bengal state, which is connected to the Darjeeling region by a small tract, is located to the south and southwest.


In the Eastern Himalayas, Darjeeling is situated between the Mechi and Teesta rivers. It was a boundary zone of various South Asian states in the 18th century, which had sparked ambitions and fears. The Chogyal monarch of the northern Kingdom of Sikkim had claimed this land for the better part of a century. The Gurkha kingdom of Nepal grew eastward in the last decades, incorporating Darjeeling into its domain. The Teesta, which at the time contained the Kingdom of Bhutan, was beyond the reach of its troops.


The Darjeeling hills comprise the entire Kalimpong district as well as portions of the Darjeeling district. Specifically, they include the Kurseong subdivision, the Kalimpong subdivision, and the Darjeeling Sadar subdivision. The Sadar subdivision contains the town of Darjeeling. Situated on the south-to-north Darjeeling–Jalapahar range, which begins in Ghum, it has an average elevation of 2,045 meters. While the north-western arm drops gradually, going via North Point and ending in the valley next to the Tukver Tea Estate, the north-eastern arm dips quickly and finishes in the Lebong spur.


The climate in Darjeeling is temperate subtropical highland. About 3,100 mm (120 in) of precipitation falls on Darjeeling each year on average. Because to South Asia’s monsoon, 80 percent of the yearly rainfall occurs between June and September. The percentage of rain that increases from May to June is known as the “June–May ratio,” and it is 2.6 or 260%. In comparison, the months of December through March account for only 3% of the yearly precipitation. In the peak months of May, June, and July, its mean monthly UV radiation is roughly 4500 microwatts per square centimeter every day.


The Darjeeling municipality had 118,805 residents according to the 2011 Indian decennial census. 1007 females for every 1000 males is the gender ratio based on 59,618 females and 59,187 males among them. The municipality had a population density of 15,990 people per km^ (or 41,000 people per square mile). The rates of literacy were 93.9%, 91.3% for women, and 96.4% for men. among the groups whose historical disadvantages the Indian Constitution has acknowledged and those have been identified for improvement in later commissions and initiatives.


As early as 1860, Darjeeling had established itself as a popular tourist resort. Following India’s economic liberalisation in 1991, Darjeeling has seen a decrease in tourism costs and an increase in accessibility for mass travel, despite previously being regarded as a premium resort. According to a 2016 study, the number of tourists that visited Darjeeling town between 2009 and 2014 ranged from 243,255 in the 2010–2011 season to 488,675 in the 2012–2013 season. The majority of visitors were from within the country, and the number of foreign tourists was never more than 35,000 per year.


What is a postal index number, or PIN?

To help with the effective sorting and delivery of mail inside India, each location or neighborhood is given a PIN, or Postal Index Number. It facilitates precise destination identification for postal services.

How can I locate my Darjeeling locality's PIN code?

By utilizing the search function on the Darjeeling Pincodes page, you may quickly get the PIN number for your area in Darjeeling. All you have to do is type in the name of your community, and the associated PIN code will appear.

Are PINs the same in Darjeeling for all areas?

No, every Darjeeling town, hamlet, and area has a distinct PIN code. For precise letter delivery and addressing, it is imperative to utilize the exact PIN code.

How important is it to enter the right PIN code?

Your mail, shipments, and packages will arrive at their destination precisely and on time if you use the right PIN code. It improves mail delivery efficiency and simplifies postal operations.

In Darjeeling, how can businesses profit from precise PIN codes?

PIN codes that are precise are useful for addressing, shipping, and logistics for businesses in Darjeeling. A valid PIN number lowers shipping errors, guarantees on-time delivery of goods, and improves customer happiness.