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Pincodes of Datia

Datia District, located in the heart of India’s Madhya Pradesh state, is a place of historical significance and natural beauty. Explore Datia pincodes to easily navigate this district and discover its hidden treasures. Known for its stunning Datia Palace and the revered Peetambara Peeth, Datia offers a blend of history and spirituality. With its diverse culture and vibrant markets, it’s a place where tradition meets modernity. Datia Pincodes helps in exploring and uncovering the wonders of every corner of this charming region.

Datia Pincodes

Here is a list of Datia Pincodes

LocationPincode District State
Aser475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Atra475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Atreta475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Badera Sopan475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Badokhari475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bahadurpur475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bardhuan475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bargain475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Baron Kalan475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Baroni Datia475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Basai475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Basturi475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Baswaha475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Beekar475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Berachh475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Berchha475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bhadona475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bhagour475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bhaguapura475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bhalka475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bhandair475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bharoli475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bhitari475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bichhodana475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Bilhati475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Buhara475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Chandrol475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Chhata475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Dabhera475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Datia475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Datia Bada bazar475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Datia Civil line475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Datia R.s.475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Datia Rajgarh475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Derachirula475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Devai475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Diguwan475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Dirolipar475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Durga Pur475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Dursada475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Erai475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Gohana475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Gondan475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Gyara475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Hinotia475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Ikara475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Imalia475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Indergarh475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Ingui475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Jigna475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Jignia475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Jonia475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Joura475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Jouri475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Jujharpur475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kamad475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kamlapuri475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kamrari475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Karkheda475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Khamroli475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Khiria Alam475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Khiria Ghongu475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Khiria Saheb475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kudari475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kularia475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kuleth475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kumhedi475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kurthara475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Kusoli475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Lahar Haveli475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Lanch475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Larayata475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Makdari475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Mangrol475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Marseni Khurd475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Murera475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Murgawan475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Naya Kheda475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Neemdanda475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Nehla475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Nichroli475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Noner475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Nunwaha475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Orina475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Pachokhara475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Padari475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Pandokhar475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Parasari475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Parsoda Baman475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Parsoda Khurd475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Pipraua Kalan475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Piprua475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Raori475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Rarua Rai475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Rasulpura475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Renda475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Richhar475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Rora475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Ruhera475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sadwara475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Salethara475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Salon a475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Salon B.475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sanora475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sarsai475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Satlon475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Semai475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Senguwan475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Seondha475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sersa475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sikari475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Silori475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Singhpura475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sirol475661DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sirsa475682DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sitapur475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Softa475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sohan475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sonagir475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Sunari475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Talgaon475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Targuan475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Tendot475335DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Tharet475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Toda475673DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Tori475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Uchad475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Uchia475675DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Udgawan475686DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Udi475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Udina475336DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Unnao475671DatiaMadhya Pradesh
Uprai475685DatiaMadhya Pradesh

About Datia

Datia District, situated within the Gwalior Division of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, has its administrative center in the town of Datia.


Datia, in simpler terms, was once a princely state in India, specifically in the Bundelkhand region. The rulers of Datia were Rajputs from the Bundela clan, descendants of a former raja of Orchha. They had a good relationship with the Mughals. Datia had a fort palace with unique Indo-Islamic architecture, which partly inspired the design of New Delhi by architect Edward Lutyens.

The state was part of the Bundelkhand agency and was located in the northwest of Bundelkhand, near Gwalior. It was surrounded by other princely states, except in the east, where it bordered the United Provinces. It held the second-highest rank among the Bundela states after Orchha, with a 15-gun salute, and its rulers were titled “Second of the Princes of Bundelkhand.” The state covered an area of 2130 square kilometers and had a population of 173,759 in 1901.

In 1950, Datia, along with the rest of the Bundelkhand agency, became part of the newly formed state of Vindhya Pradesh. Later, in 1956, Vindhya Pradesh was merged with other areas to create the state of Madhya Pradesh within India.


Datia District covers an area of 2,691 square kilometers and had a population of 627,818 as per the 2001 census. Over the years, the population of Datia District has shown steady growth, increasing by 26% between 1981 and 1991, and by 22% between 1991 and 2001. Within this district, you’ll find 445 villages and five towns: Datia, Badoni, Seondha, Bhander, and Indergarh. Each town serves as the administrative center for its respective tehsil.

Datia is geographically surrounded by various districts in Madhya Pradesh, with Bhind to the north, Gwalior to the west, and Shivpuri to the south. On the eastern border lies Jhansi District of Uttar Pradesh. This district is part of the larger administrative Gwalior Division.

Datia’s landscape is diverse, with a mix of rural villages and towns that contribute to its cultural and economic significance. As the district continues to evolve, it remains an integral part of the Gwalior Division and plays a vital role in the state of Madhya Pradesh.


As of the 2011 census, Datia District had a population of 786,754, ranking it 487th among all districts in India. The district displayed a population density of 271 people per square kilometer, with 76% residing in rural areas and 24% in urban centers. Datia recorded a sex ratio of 873 females per 1000 males and a literacy rate of 72.63%. Around 23.13% of the population lived in urban localities.

In terms of language, 91.06% of the district’s population spoke Hindi, while 8.16% identified Bundeli as their primary language. The main dialect spoken in the district is Bundelkhandi. These demographic insights offer a glimpse into the cultural and linguistic diversity within Datia District.


Why is Datia famous?

Datia town is a hub for trading grains and cotton goods. People here are skilled in making handwoven textiles, which is a significant business. The town is well-known for its impressive seven-story palace constructed by Raja Vir Singh Deo in 1614. It's also a popular place for religious pilgrims to visit.

Is Datia under Bundelkhand?

In 1950, Datia, along with the rest of the Bundelkhand agency, became part of a new state called Vindhya Pradesh. Then, in 1956, Vindhya Pradesh was joined with some other regions to create the state of Madhya Pradesh within India.

How many villages are there in Datia district?

There are a total of 735 villages in Datia district.

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Which temple is famous in Datia?

Shri Peetambra Peetha is a group of Hindu temples, which also includes an Ashram. It is situated in Datia city, and is very famous.

Which river flows in Datia?

The Betwa River flows through Datia, a district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.