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Pincodes of Deoria

Welcome to our Deoria Pincodes directory, a useful tool for learning the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of many locations in Uttar Pradesh’s culturally diverse Deoria district. Deoria is renowned for its rich customs, varied communities, and historical significance. PIN numbers are an essential component of the postal system that guarantee timely mail and package delivery and sorting. Every community in Deoria has a distinct PIN code, which enables postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to the correct recipients. To guarantee that your mail arrives at its destination on time, use the correct PIN code.

Deoria Pincodes

Here is a list of Deoria Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ahirauli274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
2Ahirauli Baghel274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
3Ajana274508DeoriaUttar Pradesh
4Ametahi274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
5Andila274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
6Babhani274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
7Babhnauli Pandey274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
8Badhaya Buzurg274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
9Bagaha274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
10Baghara274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
11Baghauchghat274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
12Bahiari Baghel274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
13Baida274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
14Baidauli274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
15Baikunth Pur274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
16Bairauna274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
17Baitalpur274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
18Bajaratar Mahuawa274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
19Bakhara Khas274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
20Bakuchi274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
21Balepur274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
22Baliawan274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
23Balua274704DeoriaUttar Pradesh
24Balua Afgan274705DeoriaUttar Pradesh
25Banjaria274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
26Bankata274704DeoriaUttar Pradesh
27Bankata Amethia274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
28Bankata Misir274506DeoriaUttar Pradesh
29Bankul274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
30Bansopatti274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
31Bara Dixit274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
32Barakagaon274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
33Baraon274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
34Bardgonia274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
35Bardiha Parsuram274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
36Bardihadal274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
37Barhaj274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
38Barhara274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
39Bariarpur274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
40Barka Gaon274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
41Barpar274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
42Barthi274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
43Batrauli274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
44Batulahi274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
45Baurdih274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
46Baurdih Tiwari274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
47Belawa Dubauli274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
48Belkunda274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
49Belwa274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
50Belwa Baboo274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
51Belwania274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
52Bhagalpur274602DeoriaUttar Pradesh
53Bhaidava274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
54Bhaluani274182DeoriaUttar Pradesh
55Bharahey Chaura274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
56Bhathwa Tiwari274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
57Bhatni274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
58Bhatpar Rani274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
59Bhawani Chapar274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
60Bhelaur274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
61Bhera Pakar274506DeoriaUttar Pradesh
62Bhikhampura274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
63Bhingari Bazar274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
64Bhopatpura274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
65Bhulaipur274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
66Bijapur Jhantaur274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
67Bishunpura Bazar274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
68Bishunpura Dewar274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
69Chakarawa Bahordas274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
70Chakarwa274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
71Chanuki274506DeoriaUttar Pradesh
72Chariayan Buzurg274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
73Chero274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
74Chhapauli274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
75Chhitahi Bazar274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
76Chordiha274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
77Churia274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
78D.B. ashram274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
79Deogaon274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
80Deoria274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
81Deoria urf shampur274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
82Deoria Budhoo khan274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
83Deoria Kutchary274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
84Deoria Meer274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
85Deoria New colony274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
86Deoria Sadar r.s.274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
87Deosia274602DeoriaUttar Pradesh
88Dhanauti Khurd274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
89Dharmer274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
90Dhaula Pandit274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
91Dol Chhapra274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
92Dumari274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
93Dumwalia274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
94Ekauna274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
95Ekla Mishraulia274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
96Fatehpur274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
97G.I.estate274121DeoriaUttar Pradesh
98Garauna274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
99Garer274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
100Gaura274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
101Gaura Jai nagar274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
102Gauri Bazar274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
103Ghanti274705DeoriaUttar Pradesh
104Gotha Rasoolpur274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
105Govindpur274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
106Hanuman Mandir274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
107Hata274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
108Hata Banuadih274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
109Indupur274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
110Inguri Bazar274704DeoriaUttar Pradesh
111Israuli274602DeoriaUttar Pradesh
112Itahua Chandauli274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
113Jaitpura274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
114Jamira274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
115Jogam274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
116Jogia Buzurg274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
117Jokaha Khas274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
118Kalaban274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
119Kanchanpur274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
120Kanhauli274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
121Kaparwar274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
122Karail Shukla274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
123Karaundi274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
124Karauta274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
125Karjahan274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
126Karmajeetpur274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
127Karmtar Sher khan274182DeoriaUttar Pradesh
128Kasili274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
129Kataura274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
130Katrari274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
131Kauntey Nagar274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
132Khaira Banua274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
133Khairatia274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
134Khampar274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
135Khareshar274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
136Kharwania274508DeoriaUttar Pradesh
137Khema Dei274508DeoriaUttar Pradesh
138Khori274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
139Khukhundoo274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
140Khurwasia274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
141Kodara274506DeoriaUttar Pradesh
142Koilgarha274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
143Korawa274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
144Koraya274182DeoriaUttar Pradesh
145Kothilwa274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
146Kotpur Pipra274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
147Kotwa Misir274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
148Kukur Ghanti274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
149Kushahari274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
150Labkani274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
151Lahilpar274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
152Langra Bazar274182DeoriaUttar Pradesh
153Lar274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
154Lar Road274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
155Laxmipur274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
156Lerha274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
157Madanpur274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
158Madhawapur274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
159Madrapali Bharth rai274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
160Mahen274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
161Mahiganj274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
162Mahuapatan274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
163Mahuja274506DeoriaUttar Pradesh
164Majha Narain274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
165Majhauli Raj274506DeoriaUttar Pradesh
166Majhgaon274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
167Majhwalia274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
168Malkauli `274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
169Manga Kodar274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
170Marhawa274182DeoriaUttar Pradesh
171Maripar274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
172Markara274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
173Mathia Sahu274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
174Mathura Chhapar274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
175Matiara Jagdish274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
176Mauna Garhwa274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
177Mehaharhangpur274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
178Mehraunaghat274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
179Mirjapur274603DeoriaUttar Pradesh
180Mushari274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
181Nadauli274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
182Nagawa Khas274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
183Nai Bazar274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
184Naini274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
185Naipur274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
186Nakail274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
187Nandana274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
188Nariaon274602DeoriaUttar Pradesh
189Nawapar274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
190Nema274602DeoriaUttar Pradesh
191Nonapar274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
192Noonkhar274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
193Pach Lari274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
194Pachrukha274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
195Padari Bazar274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
196Paikauli Maharaj274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
197Paina274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
198Pakaha274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
199Pakri Baboo274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
200Pandaypur274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
201Panika Bazar274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
202Paratappur274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
203Parsia Chhitani singh274704DeoriaUttar Pradesh
204Parsia Dewar274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
205Parsia Jaddu274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
206Parsia Mishir274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
207Patherdewa274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
208Patherhat274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
209Payasi274506DeoriaUttar Pradesh
210Peokol274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
211Phulwaria Lachhi274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
212Pindi274508DeoriaUttar Pradesh
213Pipara Bithal274705DeoriaUttar Pradesh
214Pipara Chandrabhan274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
215Pipara Dixit274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
216Pipara Kachhar274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
217Pipara Mishir274505DeoriaUttar Pradesh
218Pipara Ramdhar274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
219Pipara Shukul274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
220Piperpanti274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
221Pipra Madan gopal274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
222Pipra Uttar patti274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
223Piprajham274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
224Puraini274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
225Rahimpur274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
226Raibari274705DeoriaUttar Pradesh
227Ram Gulam tola274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
228Rampur274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
229Rampur Awasthi274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
230Rampur Buzurg274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
231Rampur Khori bari274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
232Rampur Mahuabari274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
233Rampurgarh274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
234Ranihawa274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh
235Ratsia274703DeoriaUttar Pradesh
236Rawatpar Amethia274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
237Reoli274602DeoriaUttar Pradesh
238Ropan Chhapara274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
239Rudrapur274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
240S.V.marg274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
241Sadhopur274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
242Sajaon274508DeoriaUttar Pradesh
243Sakutai274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
244Salaempur274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
245Sallahpur274501DeoriaUttar Pradesh
246Samogar274205DeoriaUttar Pradesh
247Saraon274208DeoriaUttar Pradesh
248Sarya274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
249Satraon274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
250Sawarenji274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
251Shahjahanpur274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
252Shahpur Shukla274404DeoriaUttar Pradesh
253Shitalmajha274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
254Sidhua274405DeoriaUttar Pradesh
255Sirjam Khas274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
256Sirsia Gotha274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
257Sirsia Khohia274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
258Sisawa274701DeoriaUttar Pradesh
259Siswa Panday274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
260Sohanpur274704DeoriaUttar Pradesh
261Sohasa274202DeoriaUttar Pradesh
262Sohnag274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
263Sohnaria274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
264Sonari274601DeoriaUttar Pradesh
265Sonughat274001DeoriaUttar Pradesh
266Srinagar274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
267Sutawar274502DeoriaUttar Pradesh
268Takia274602DeoriaUttar Pradesh
269Tara Sara274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
270Tarkulwa274408DeoriaUttar Pradesh
271Tekua274182DeoriaUttar Pradesh
272Telia Kalan274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
273Thakur Deoria274182DeoriaUttar Pradesh
274Thengval Dubey274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
275Tikampar274702DeoriaUttar Pradesh
276Tikar274604DeoriaUttar Pradesh
277Tiwai274204DeoriaUttar Pradesh
278Tulsi Bara274509DeoriaUttar Pradesh
279Udhopur274201DeoriaUttar Pradesh

About Deoria

Districts Kushinagar in the north, Gopalganj & Siwan (Bihar state) in the east, Mau & Ballia in the south, and Gorakhpur in the west encircle District Deoria. The Deoria district headquarters is located 53 kilometers east of Gorakhpur on a road. The district’s principal rivers include the Ghaghara, Rapti, and Chhoti Gandak.

Gorakhpur district gave way to Deoria district on March 16, 1946. The term “Devaranya” or, more likely, “Devpuria,” is whence the name DEORIA originates. Official gazzettes state that the district name “Deoria” is derived from the name of the headquarters, “Deoria,” which normally refers to a location with temples. A fossilized (broken) Shiva temple at the north bank of the Kurna River gave rise to the name DEORIA.


The region that is currently the Deoria District was formerly a part of the Kosala Kingdom, which was bounded by the Himalayas to the north, the Shyandika River to the south, the Panchala Kingdom to the west, and the Magadh Kingdom in Bihar to the east. The Kosala Kingdom was a major center of ancient Aryan civilization. In addition to the numerous myths associated with this location, there are archeological artifacts such sculptures, coins, bricks, and temples. In the Deoria District, the majority of people with the surname Rao are members of the Kshatriya caste.


The Deoria district lies between latitudes 26° 6′ and 26° 48′ north and longitudes 83° 23′ and 84° 16′ east. The districts of Kushinagar in the north, Gopalganj and Siwan in Bihar’s east, Mau and Ballia in the south, and Gorakhpur in the west encircle it. There are two Nagar Palika Parishads in the district: Deoria and Gaura Barhaj. Baitalpur, Hetimpur, Rudrapur, Rampur Karkhana, Bariyarpur, Bhatni Bazar, Bhatpar Rani, Gauri Bazar, Lar, Majhauli Raj, and Salempur are its nine Nagar Panchayats.


3,100,946 people live in the Deoria district, according to the 2011 census. As a result, it is ranked 114th in India. The population density of the district is 1,220 people per square kilometer, or 3,200 people per square mile. From 2001 to 2011, the population grew at a pace of 14.23%. In Deoria, there are 1013 females for every 1000 men and a 73.53% literacy rate. The population that resides in cities is 10.22%. 15.11% of people are members of Scheduled Castes, while 3.54% are members of Scheduled Tribes.


How do Deoria Pincodes work?

India Post has issued number designations, known as Deoria Pincodes, to several places in the Uttar Pradesh district of Deoria. Postal mail sorting and delivery are made easier by these codes.

What's the number of pincodes in the Deoria district?

The Deoria district is made up of many pincodes, each of which denotes a different location. When additional regions emerge, the precise number may change.

Why does using the right pincode in Deoria matter?

In Deoria, precise and fast mail and package delivery is ensured by using the right pincode. It facilitates the effective sorting and routing of mail by postal services.

How can I locate the pincode in Deoria for a certain location?

Pincodes for certain places in Deoria may be found by using the India Post website or other online pincode search tools.

Do Deoria pincodes differ for every location?

Yes, every Deoria pincode is exclusive to a neighborhood, street, or occasionally a single, sizable structure or organization.