Dewas Pincodes

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Pincodes of Dewas

Dewas is a town in India known for its rich history and culture. It’s located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Dewas has many temples, including the famous Kaila Devi Temple, which is a popular pilgrimage site. The town also has some industrial areas and educational institutions. People here celebrate various festivals with great enthusiasm. Dewas is a vibrant place where tradition and modernity coexist. Dewas pincodes has been assigned to different areas within the town to facilitate postal services and location identification.

Dewas Pincodes

Here is a list of Dewas Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agrod455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
2Agurli455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
3Ajnas455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
4Alri455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
5Amla455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
6Amlataj455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
7Amona455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
8Anabad455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
9Anwalia Piplia455115DewasMadhya Pradesh
10Arlaoda455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
11Atwas455459DewasMadhya Pradesh
12Babai455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
13Bagankheda455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
14Bagli455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
15Bahirawad455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
16Baijagwada455459DewasMadhya Pradesh
17Bairagarh455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
18Balgarh455111DewasMadhya Pradesh
19Balon455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
20Bamnikhurd455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
21Bangar455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
22Bangarda455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
23Baodi Kheda455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
24Barkheda Purvaiya455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
25Barkhedasoma455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
26Barotha455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
27Bedgaon455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
28Bhamori455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
29Bhandaria455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
30Bhesun455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
31Bhonrasa455115DewasMadhya Pradesh
32Bhutiyabujurg455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
33Bijalgaon455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
34Bijwad455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
35Bilawli455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
36Binjana455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
37Bisakhedi455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
38Burada455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
39Chandpura455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
40Chandrashekhar Dam455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
41Chandwana455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
42Chapda455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
43Chaubapipliya455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
44Chaubara Jagir455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
45Chichli Rajor455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
46Chidawad455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
47Chobaradhira455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
48Churlai Badi455115DewasMadhya Pradesh
49Dangarkheda455459DewasMadhya Pradesh
50Dattotar Mandi455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
51Daulatpur455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
52Deepgaon455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
53Dehri Sahu455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
54Deogarh455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
55Deoguradia455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
56Dewas455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
57Dewas Bada bazar455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
58Dewas Bank note press455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
59Dewas Bhavanisagar455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
60Dewas Industrial estate455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
61Dewas Radhaganj455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
62Dewas Vijayganjmandi455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
63Dokakui455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
64Double Chowki455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
65Eklera455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
66Eklera Mataji455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
67Gandharvpuri455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
68Ganora455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
69Garhkhajuria455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
70Ghasad455459DewasMadhya Pradesh
71Godhna455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
72Gorba455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
73Guradiakalan455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
74Harangaon455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
75Harnoada455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
76Hatpipliya455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
77Jamgod455115DewasMadhya Pradesh
78Jamoniya455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
79Jinwani455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
80Jiyagaon455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
81Jiyagarh455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
82Kalma455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
83Kalwar455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
84Kankakhajuriya455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
85Kankariya455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
86Kannod455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
87Kantaphod455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
88Karnawad455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
89Katkut455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
90Kelod455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
91Khajuriabina455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
92Khal455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
93Khareli455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
94Khategaon455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
95Kheriajagir455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
96Khiroda455459DewasMadhya Pradesh
97Khokriya455115DewasMadhya Pradesh
98Khutkheda455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
99Kolari455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
100Kshipra455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
101Kusmania455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
102Lasudiya Brahaman455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
103Lasudiya Kulmi455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
104Limboda455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
105Loharda455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
106Mankund455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
107Matmautr455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
108Maukheda455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
109Mohai455459DewasMadhya Pradesh
110Mundheda455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
111Mundladangi455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
112Murjhal455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
113Nagda455111DewasMadhya Pradesh
114Nanasa455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
115Nandal455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
116Nanukheda455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
117Nemawar455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
118Neori455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
119Nipania455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
120Nipaniya Hurhur455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
121Omkara455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
122Padliya455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
123Pandajagir455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
124Pandutalab455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
125Panigaon455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
126Pankua455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
127Patadi455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
128Patlawada455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
129Patrani455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
130Pipalkota455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
131Pipalrawa455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
132Piplani455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
133Piplianankar455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
134Pipri455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
135Polai455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
136Punjapura455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
137Raghogarh455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
138Rajoda455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
139Ranayal Kalan455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
140Randankhedi455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
141Ratanpur455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
142Richi455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
143Sadikheda455115DewasMadhya Pradesh
144Salamkhedi455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
145Sandalpur455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
146Sannod455221DewasMadhya Pradesh
147Sanwarsi455115DewasMadhya Pradesh
148Satwas455459DewasMadhya Pradesh
149Sawasada455339DewasMadhya Pradesh
150Singawada455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
151Siroliya455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
152Siya455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
153Sonkhedi455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
154Sonkutch455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
155Sukardi455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
156Sulgaon455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
157Sundrel455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
158Sunwanigopal455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
159Surmania455440DewasMadhya Pradesh
160Talod455118DewasMadhya Pradesh
161Tappa Suklia455225DewasMadhya Pradesh
162Thuria455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
163Tigira Chota455111DewasMadhya Pradesh
164Tigiria Goga455111DewasMadhya Pradesh
165Tiwdiya455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
166Tonkhurd455116DewasMadhya Pradesh
167Tonkkalan455001DewasMadhya Pradesh
168Udaynagar455227DewasMadhya Pradesh
169Umaria455336DewasMadhya Pradesh
170Vikrampur455332DewasMadhya Pradesh
171Zikrakhedi455221DewasMadhya Pradesh

About Dewas

Dewas District is a place in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The main town in Dewas District is Dewas itself. This district used to be the territory of two Maratha princely states called Dewas Junior and Dewas Senior.


Dewas used to be two separate places ruled by important families during British India. They were called Dewas Junior and Dewas Senior. These two places were started in the early 1700s by two brothers, Jivaji Rao and Tukaji Rao, who were part of the Maratha Puar clan. They came to this area with the Maratha leader Baji Rao in 1728. The brothers decided to divide the land between them, and their families ruled as separate groups.

After 1841, each group ruled their part as if it was a different place, even though their lands were mixed up together. Both Dewas places were in the Malwa Agency of the Central India Agency.

In these places, there were important people like Sardars, Mankaris, Istamuradars, Thakurs, and Jagirdars in their courts.

When India became independent in 1947, the rulers of Dewas decided to join India. Their lands were added to a state called Madhya Bharat, which later became part of Madhya Pradesh in 1950.


Dewas district is situated in the western part of Madhya Pradesh, on the flat terrain of the Malwa plateau. As you move towards the south, the land gradually slopes upward to meet the Vindhya Range. This mountain range serves as the origin for the Chambal and Kali Sindh rivers, which flow northward through the district, eventually joining the Ganges River.

Dewas District has different types of land. In the north, it’s on a high area called the Malwa plateau, and in the south, it’s in a valley near the Narmada River. The Narmada River is the southern edge of the district.

To the east, there’s another district called Sehore, to the south there’s Harda and Khandwa districts, to the west there are Khargone and Indore districts, and to the north, there are Ujjain and Shajapur districts. Dewas District is in the Ujjain Division.

Dewas is about 152 kilometers from Bhopal and 40 kilometers from Indore if you travel by road. It’s also believed that the Devsaal Rawats of Uttarakhand have their roots in Dewas during the time of King Vikramāditya.


In the 2011 census, Dewas District had a total population of 1,563,715 people. This ranked it 319th among all districts in India. The district had about 223 people living in every square kilometer of land. In Dewas, there were 941 females for every 1000 males, and around 70.53% of the people could read and write.

Out of the total population, about 28.89% lived in cities and towns. According to the 2011 census, most people in Dewas spoke Hindi (55.51%), followed by Malvi (32.73%), Nimadi (3.10%), Urdu (1.90%), Gondi (1.31%), Bareli (1.08%), and Bhili (0.91%) as their first language.


Dewas District is divided into eight areas called “tehsils”: Sonkatch, Dewas, Bagli, Kannod, Tonk Khurd, Khategaon, Hatpiplya, and Satwas. Dewas town is in the north-west, Sonkatch is in the north-east, Bagli is in the south, Kannod is in the south-central, and Khategaon is in the south-east. Dewas town, where the district headquarters is located, is connected by a major highway and railway.

The district sends representatives to the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha (state legislative assembly) from five areas: Dewas, Sonkatch, Hatpipliya, Bagli, and Khategaon.

Dewas is also part of three Lok Sabha (national parliamentary) constituencies: Dewas (which includes Sonkatch, Dewas, Tonk Khurd, and Hatpipliya tehsils), Khandwa (covering Bagli and Satwas tehsils), and Vidisha (which includes Khategoan and Kannod tehsils).



Which district is Dewas in?

Dewas District is in the Ujjain Revenue Division and is located in the western-central part of Madhya Pradesh on the Malwa plateau. It stretches between 20°17´ and 23°20´ North latitude and 75°54´ and 77°08´ East longitude.

How many Tehsil are there in Dewas?

The district is currently divided into 9 tehsils, which are Sonkatch, Dewas, Bagli, Kannod, Tonk-Khurd, Khategaon, Satwas, Hatpipliya, and Udainagar.

Why is Dewas famous?

Dewas is famous for the Devi Chamunda temple and the Devi Tulaja Bhavani temple, both located on a tall hill known as "Tekri," rising 300 feet (91 meters) above the ground. You can reach these two goddess shrines by climbing a wide set of stone steps. One temple is dedicated to Choti Mata (Chamunda Mata), and the other to Badi Mata (Tulja Bhavani Mata).

Which river originates from Dewas?

The Kalisindh River begins its journey at an elevation of approximately 610 meters near Barziri hill in the village of Bagli within the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. It flows for a total distance of 351 kilometers until it merges with the Chambal River. Within Madhya Pradesh, the Kalisindh River travels a distance of 180 kilometers.