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Pincodes of Dhar

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Dhar Pincodes

Here is a list of Dhar Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ahu454001DharMadhya Pradesh
2Ajanda454446DharMadhya Pradesh
3Ajandikot454446DharMadhya Pradesh
4Akhada454221DharMadhya Pradesh
5Ali454331DharMadhya Pradesh
6Ambada454331DharMadhya Pradesh
7Amjhera454441DharMadhya Pradesh
8Anarad454001DharMadhya Pradesh
9Awaldaman454446DharMadhya Pradesh
10Bachanpur454020DharMadhya Pradesh
11Badchapra454773DharMadhya Pradesh
12Badnawar454660DharMadhya Pradesh
13Badodiya454111DharMadhya Pradesh
14Badwaniya454331DharMadhya Pradesh
15Bagdi454749DharMadhya Pradesh
16Bagh454221DharMadhya Pradesh
17Baglia454446DharMadhya Pradesh
18Bakaner454448DharMadhya Pradesh
19Bakhatgarh454660DharMadhya Pradesh
20Balendi454441DharMadhya Pradesh
21Baloda454660DharMadhya Pradesh
22Balwari454552DharMadhya Pradesh
23Bamandakalan454665DharMadhya Pradesh
24Bandedi454441DharMadhya Pradesh
25Barda454446DharMadhya Pradesh
26Barkheda454111DharMadhya Pradesh
27Barmandal454111DharMadhya Pradesh
28Bhainsola454660DharMadhya Pradesh
29Bhangarh454116DharMadhya Pradesh
30Bharudpur454552DharMadhya Pradesh
31Bhatbamanda454665DharMadhya Pradesh
32Bhavaniabujurg454552DharMadhya Pradesh
33Bhavria454435DharMadhya Pradesh
34Bhopawar454111DharMadhya Pradesh
35Bidwal454665DharMadhya Pradesh
36Bijur454001DharMadhya Pradesh
37Bikhorn454552DharMadhya Pradesh
38Bilda454446DharMadhya Pradesh
39Biloda454001DharMadhya Pradesh
40Bilodakhurd454020DharMadhya Pradesh
41Bimrod454116DharMadhya Pradesh
42Bohrala454449DharMadhya Pradesh
43Bola454111DharMadhya Pradesh
44Borud454446DharMadhya Pradesh
45Chalni454441DharMadhya Pradesh
46Chalnimata454116DharMadhya Pradesh
47Chhadawad454116DharMadhya Pradesh
48Chhayan454660DharMadhya Pradesh
49Chhokla454665DharMadhya Pradesh
50Chikhalda454435DharMadhya Pradesh
51Chikhliya454001DharMadhya Pradesh
52Chilur454001DharMadhya Pradesh
53Chotya Balod454441DharMadhya Pradesh
54Dahi454365DharMadhya Pradesh
55Dahiwar454552DharMadhya Pradesh
56Dasai454441DharMadhya Pradesh
57Dattigaon454116DharMadhya Pradesh
58Dedla454001DharMadhya Pradesh
59Dehri454221DharMadhya Pradesh
60Dehri Ghata billod454773DharMadhya Pradesh
61Deshwalia454435DharMadhya Pradesh
62Dhamanda454441DharMadhya Pradesh
63Dhamanna454660DharMadhya Pradesh
64Dhamnod454552DharMadhya Pradesh
65Dhani454552DharMadhya Pradesh
66Dhar454001DharMadhya Pradesh
67Dhar Collectorate454001DharMadhya Pradesh
68Dhar Motor stand454001DharMadhya Pradesh
69Dharampuri454449DharMadhya Pradesh
70Dharamrai454331DharMadhya Pradesh
71Dholiya454331DharMadhya Pradesh
72Dhulet454116DharMadhya Pradesh
73Dighthan454773DharMadhya Pradesh
74Dolana454660DharMadhya Pradesh
75Dotrya454660DharMadhya Pradesh
76Dudhi454552DharMadhya Pradesh
77Ekalduna454773DharMadhya Pradesh
78Ekalwara454446DharMadhya Pradesh
79Gajgota454331DharMadhya Pradesh
80Gajnod454665DharMadhya Pradesh
81Gandhwani454350DharMadhya Pradesh
82Gardawad454001DharMadhya Pradesh
83Ghatbori454221DharMadhya Pradesh
84Ghatgara454660DharMadhya Pradesh
85Girvaniya454331DharMadhya Pradesh
86Gujri454552DharMadhya Pradesh
87Gulwa454001DharMadhya Pradesh
88Gumanpura454116DharMadhya Pradesh
89Gunawad454001DharMadhya Pradesh
90Haldi454331DharMadhya Pradesh
91Hatod454441DharMadhya Pradesh
92Jajankhedi454446DharMadhya Pradesh
93Jatpura454446DharMadhya Pradesh
94Jeerabad454446DharMadhya Pradesh
95Jetpura454001DharMadhya Pradesh
96Jolana454111DharMadhya Pradesh
97Jotpur454446DharMadhya Pradesh
98Kachhawada454446DharMadhya Pradesh
99Kachibadoda454660DharMadhya Pradesh
100Kachorada454001DharMadhya Pradesh
101Kadmal454435DharMadhya Pradesh
102Kadod454665DharMadhya Pradesh
103Kalibawdi454449DharMadhya Pradesh
104Kalsada454001DharMadhya Pradesh
105Kalsadkhurd454773DharMadhya Pradesh
106Kalwani454446DharMadhya Pradesh
107Kanwan454665DharMadhya Pradesh
108Kapsi454331DharMadhya Pradesh
109Karoli454446DharMadhya Pradesh
110Keshvi454441DharMadhya Pradesh
111Kesur454001DharMadhya Pradesh
112Khalghat454552DharMadhya Pradesh
113Khandigara454665DharMadhya Pradesh
114Khandlai Jagir454446DharMadhya Pradesh
115Khandwa454774DharMadhya Pradesh
116Khareli454111DharMadhya Pradesh
117Kheda454660DharMadhya Pradesh
118Kherod454001DharMadhya Pradesh
119Khiledi454441DharMadhya Pradesh
120Khutpala454111DharMadhya Pradesh
121Kod454665DharMadhya Pradesh
122Konda454435DharMadhya Pradesh
123Kotbidhota454001DharMadhya Pradesh
124Kothada454449DharMadhya Pradesh
125Kukshi454331DharMadhya Pradesh
126Kundara454331DharMadhya Pradesh
127Kunjrod454020DharMadhya Pradesh
128Kunjrota454116DharMadhya Pradesh
129Kunwarsi454774DharMadhya Pradesh
130Kuradia454020DharMadhya Pradesh
131Kuwad454446DharMadhya Pradesh
132Labrawda454001DharMadhya Pradesh
133Labriya454111DharMadhya Pradesh
134Lebadchowki454773DharMadhya Pradesh
135Ledgaon454111DharMadhya Pradesh
136Limbol454435DharMadhya Pradesh
137Lingwa454435DharMadhya Pradesh
138Lohari454435DharMadhya Pradesh
139Longsari454221DharMadhya Pradesh
140Loni454331DharMadhya Pradesh
141Luneherasadak454446DharMadhya Pradesh
142Lunhera454020DharMadhya Pradesh
143Lunherabujurg454449DharMadhya Pradesh
144Manasa454001DharMadhya Pradesh
145Manawar454446DharMadhya Pradesh
146Mandlawada454774DharMadhya Pradesh
147Mandu454020DharMadhya Pradesh
148Mandvi454435DharMadhya Pradesh
149Mirjapur454446DharMadhya Pradesh
150Mohankheda454116DharMadhya Pradesh
151Mohanpura454001DharMadhya Pradesh
152Multhan454660DharMadhya Pradesh
153Nagda454001DharMadhya Pradesh
154Nagora454001DharMadhya Pradesh
155Nagur454446DharMadhya Pradesh
156Nalcha454001DharMadhya Pradesh
157Nanoda454435DharMadhya Pradesh
158Narmadanagar454435DharMadhya Pradesh
159Narwali454116DharMadhya Pradesh
160Nisarpur454435DharMadhya Pradesh
161Padiyal454331DharMadhya Pradesh
162Padlia454001DharMadhya Pradesh
163Pagara454449DharMadhya Pradesh
164Palwada454001DharMadhya Pradesh
165Panchakwasa454660DharMadhya Pradesh
166Panwa454446DharMadhya Pradesh
167Phulgawdi454111DharMadhya Pradesh
168Pipaldagadi454449DharMadhya Pradesh
169Piparani454116DharMadhya Pradesh
170Pipariapani454221DharMadhya Pradesh
171Piplaj454552DharMadhya Pradesh
172Pipli454446DharMadhya Pradesh
173Piplia454435DharMadhya Pradesh
174Pithampur454775DharMadhya Pradesh
175Pithampur Iii454774DharMadhya Pradesh
176Rajgarh454116DharMadhya Pradesh
177Rajod454648DharMadhya Pradesh
178Rantalab454446DharMadhya Pradesh
179Ringnod454116DharMadhya Pradesh
180Sadalpur454001DharMadhya Pradesh
181Sagore454774DharMadhya Pradesh
182Sagwal454441DharMadhya Pradesh
183Sakalda454449DharMadhya Pradesh
184Salkanpur454001DharMadhya Pradesh
185Salwa454111DharMadhya Pradesh
186Sandla454660DharMadhya Pradesh
187Sarai454020DharMadhya Pradesh
188Sardarpur454111DharMadhya Pradesh
189Semalda454552DharMadhya Pradesh
190Semlia454665DharMadhya Pradesh
191Shergarh454665DharMadhya Pradesh
192Singhana454345DharMadhya Pradesh
193Sirsi454435DharMadhya Pradesh
194Sodpur454020DharMadhya Pradesh
195Sulawad454774DharMadhya Pradesh
196Sultanpur454001DharMadhya Pradesh
197Sundrel454552DharMadhya Pradesh
198Susari454331DharMadhya Pradesh
199Takraoda454441DharMadhya Pradesh
200Talanpur454331DharMadhya Pradesh
201Talwada454331DharMadhya Pradesh
202Talwadi454331DharMadhya Pradesh
203Tanda454221DharMadhya Pradesh
204Tarapur454552DharMadhya Pradesh
205Tawali454449DharMadhya Pradesh
206Teesgaon454001DharMadhya Pradesh
207Tilgara454660DharMadhya Pradesh
208Timaichi454116DharMadhya Pradesh
209Tirla454116DharMadhya Pradesh
210Tonki454446DharMadhya Pradesh
211Tornod454001DharMadhya Pradesh
212Umarban454449DharMadhya Pradesh
213Utawad454001DharMadhya Pradesh
214Zirvi454449DharMadhya Pradesh

About Dhar

Dhar district, located in central India within the state of Madhya Pradesh, has its administrative headquarters in the historic town of Dhar.


Dhar District, situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, boasts a rich and diverse history that spans centuries. Its historical significance can be traced back to ancient times when it was part of the Malwa region and was associated with various dynasties and rulers.

One of the prominent early rulers was Raja Bhoj, who played a significant role in shaping the region’s cultural and architectural landscape. Dhar was a key center of learning and arts during his rule.

The region subsequently witnessed the rise and fall of different dynasties, including the Paramaras, the Delhi Sultanate, and the Mughals. It was during the Mughal period that Dhar saw significant development in trade and commerce.

In the 18th century, the Marathas established their presence in the region, and Dhar became part of the Maratha Empire. Afterward, it came under British colonial rule during the 19th century.

Post-independence in 1947, Dhar became an integral part of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Today, it continues to preserve its historical heritage through various landmarks and monuments, such as the Dhar Fort and the Bhoj Shala.

Dhar District’s history reflects the cultural, political, and social changes that have shaped this region over the centuries, making it a fascinating and historically significant part of India.


Dhar, situated in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, encompasses an area of 8,153 square kilometers. It is geographically bounded by several neighboring districts: Ratlam to the north, Ujjain to the northeast, Indore to the east, Khargone (West Nimar) to the southeast, Barwani to the south, and Jhabua and Alirajpur to the west. This district is an integral part of the Indore Division within the state of Madhya Pradesh.

As of the 2011 census, Dhar district had a population of 2,185,793 people, reflecting a substantial increase of 25.60% from its 2001 population of 1,740,329. Within Dhar district, Pithampur stands out as a significant industrial hub. The largest tehsil in the district is Kukshi.

The geography of Dhar district varies, with the Vindhya Range extending east and west through its territory. The northern part of the district rests on the Malwa plateau, while the northwestern section is part of the Mahi River’s watershed and its tributaries. The northeastern part falls within the watershed of the Chambal River, which eventually flows into the Ganges through the Yamuna River. To the south of the Vindhya Range lies the region within the Narmada River’s watershed, forming the southern boundary of the district.


Dhar district is organized into six sub-divisions: Dhar, Sardarpur, Badnawar, Manawar, Kukshi, and the newly added Dharampuri. These sub-divisions, in turn, consist of eight tehsils: Dhar, Badnawar, Dharampuri, Sardarpur, Manawar, Kukshi, Dahi, and Gandhwani.

In terms of political representation, the district comprises seven Vidhan Sabha constituencies: Sardarpur, Gandhwani, Kukshi, Manawar, Dharampuri, Dhar, and Badnawar. All of these constituencies are part of the single Lok Sabha constituency for the district, known as the Dhar Lok Sabha Constituency.

Dhar district encompasses various villages, including Kadod Kala, Tirla, and Tornod.


As of the 2011 census, Dhar District had a total population of 2,185,793 people, ranking 208th among all districts in India out of 640. The district had a population density of 268 people per square kilometer. In terms of gender distribution, there were 961 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate stood at 60.57%. Approximately 18.90% of the population resided in urban areas.

Regarding languages spoken, during the 2011 Census of India, it was found that 51.28% of the district’s population spoke Hindi as their first language, while 15.62% spoke Malvi, 15.29% spoke Nimadi, 11.49% spoke Bhili, and 3.87% spoke Bhilali.



What is Dhar district famous for?

Mandav, located in Dhar district, is a renowned historical tourist destination that attracts thousands of international visitors annually. Some of its notable attractions include Jahaj Mahal, Rani Rupmati Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jami Masjid, Nilkantheshwar Mahadev Temple, Shriram Temple, and Hathi Darwaja.

Who made Dhar capital?

Dhar remained under the rule of the Delhi Sultans until the era of Muhammed II. During his reign, Dilawar Khan Ghuri, who served as the Governor of Malwa, declared himself a king in 1401 A.D. He went on to establish an autonomous Kingdom of Malwa, with Dhar as its capital.

Which state is Dhar in?

Dhar is in Madhya Pradesh.

What is the GDP of Dhar district?

In the fiscal year 2019-20, the district's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Dhar, MP, amounted to Rs. 27,72,497 lakhs at current market prices.

How many Tehsil are there in Dhar?

There are total 9 districts in Dhar district. Namely Dhar, Kukshi, Badnawar, Sardarpur, Gandhwani, Manawar, Dharampuri, Pithampur and Dahi.