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In Hyderabad, Telangana, India’s vibrant Dilsukhnagar neighborhood sits Dilsukhnagar Colony Pincode 500060. Dilsukhnagar Colony is a vibrant urban area that is well-known for its markets, educational institutions, and commercial activity. The region is a center for education because it is home to several universities, coaching facilities, and schools. Both locals and tourists enjoy the vibrant environment created by its bustling retail avenues, dining establishments, and theaters. Dilsukhnagar Colony Pincode 500060 is a lively area in Hyderabad that serves the needs of both urbanites and students. It is a vibrant and diversified community.

Dilsukhnagar Colony Pincode

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NoLocationPincode District State
1Dilsukhnagar Colony500060HyderabadTelangana

About Dilsukhnagar Colony

One of Hyderabad’s biggest residential and business districts is Dilsukhnagar. After merging with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, it was once a part of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.


The agricultural landowner Dilsukh Ramprasad, who resided in the Malakpet area, is the source of the name “Dilsukhnagar”. He allegedly divided his land into plots and established a colony that he called Dilsukhnagar. Dilsukhnagar was formerly only a residential suburb, but during the past ten years, rapid economic expansion has turned it into a significant center of commerce.

Hub for Education

Dilsukhnagar is home to a large number of educational establishments, such as coaching centers, colleges, and schools. Because of these establishments, Hyderabad has become a major center for education, drawing students from all around the city and beyond.

Commercial Center

The area is well-known for its booming marketplaces, retail avenues, and businesses. Dilsukhnagar is a popular location for consumers since it provides a variety of shopping opportunities, from contemporary retail stores to traditional bazaars.

Cultural Diversity

The happy coexistence of people from many areas and backgrounds in Dilsukhnagar is a reflection of Hyderabad’s global culture. There are many different cuisines to sample in the culinary scene, which further demonstrates this diversity.

Entertainment Hub

Dilsukhnagar is a popular destination for moviegoers and those looking for entertainment options because it has a number of theaters, multiplexes, and amusement venues.

Transportation Hub

Easy mobility inside Hyderabad is made possible by the area’s well-connected transportation networks, which include bus terminals and local train stations.


A bus depot owned by Telangana State Road Transport Corporation is located in the area. Dilsukhnagar is served by the Multi-Modal Transport System station in Malakpet. Hyderabad Metro connects it to several places.


Dilsukhnagar, like many other metropolitan regions, has issues with waste management, traffic congestion, and infrastructure development. In an effort to resolve these problems and enhance general living circumstances, local authorities are working.


Is Dilsukhnagar good place to live?

Dilsukhnagar is a fantastic area to live, work, and play all around. It's a fantastic place for everyone to visit, with a thriving culture, a fascinating history, and many of possibilities for shopping, entertainment, and education.

Is Metro available to Dilsukhnagar?

The Red Line of the Hyderabad Metro is where you can find the Dilsukhnagar Metro Station. Mega Theatre, Sai Baba Temple, Konark Theatre, Rajdhani Theatre, Dilsukh Nagar Bus Depot, and Pragathi Degree College are all close by.

Which is the richest part of Hyderabad?

Jubilee Hills is regarded as one of the wealthiest residential and commercial districts in India. Between one of the wealthier neighborhoods in Hyderabad's Banjara Hills business sector and IT's Hyderabad IT of HITEC City lies a fancy suburb known as Jubilee Hills.

How far is Dilsukhnagar from secunderabad?

Dilsukhnagar is located 8 kilometers from Secunderabad (Station).

What is the distance between shamshabad and Dilsukhnagar?

There are 19 kilometers separating Dilsukhnagar and Shamshabad. There are 24.2 kilometers on road.