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Pincodes of Dindori

Dindori is a district in central India, part of Madhya Pradesh state. Its main town is Dindori, and it’s in the Jabalpur Division. The district covers an area of 6,128 square kilometers and is in the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, near Chhattisgarh. It shares borders with Anuppur, Umaria, Jabalpur, and Mandla districts in Madhya Pradesh, as well as Chhattisgarh’s Mungeli and Kabirdham districts. Various Dindori Pincodes assigned to different areas within the district to facilitate postal services and location identification.

Dindori Pincodes

Here is a list of Dindori Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ajawar481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
2Amani Piparia481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
3Amarpur481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
4Amera481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
5Bachchhargaon481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
6Badaigarh481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
7Bajag481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
8Bamni481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
9Barchha481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
10Bhaiswahi481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
11Bhusanda481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
12Bilgaon481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
13Bilgarha481885DindoriMadhya Pradesh
14Bondar481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
15Chabi481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
16Chanda481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
17Chandrani481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
18Chandwahi481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
19Chhanta481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
20Chhirpani481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
21Darri Mohgaon481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
22Deori Mal481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
23Dhamni481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
24Dhanwasi481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
25Dindori481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
26Duhania481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
27Dullopur481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
28Gadasarai481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
29Ghusia481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
30Ghutalwa481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
31Gopalpur481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
32Gorakhpur481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
33Guraiya481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
34Harratola481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
35Jadasurang481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
36Jamgaon481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
37Jhanki481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
38Jugdehi481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
39Junwani481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
40Kachhari481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
41Kachharimal481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
42Kamrasoda481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
43Kanheri481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
44Karanjia481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
45Karondi481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
46Kathotiya481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
47Khargahna481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
48Khutia481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
49Kisalpuri481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
50Kohani Deori481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
51Kukarramath481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
52Lalpur481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
53Madiyaras481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
54Majhiyakhar481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
55Manikpur481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
56Margaon481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
57Marwari481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
58Matiyari481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
59Mehadwani481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
60Mendakhar481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
61Mohtara481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
62Mudki481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
63Newsapondi481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
64Nighori481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
65Padariya Kala481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
66Parapani481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
67Parsel481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
68Patangarh481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
69Piparia Kasturi481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
70Rai481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
71Raipura481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
72Raitwar481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
73Rampuri481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
74Raypura481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
75Rusha Raitwar481884DindoriMadhya Pradesh
76Sakka481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
77Salheghori481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
78Samnapur481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
79Sangrampur481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
80Sarasdoli481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
81Sarastal481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
82Shahpur481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
83Shahpura Niwas481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
84Sigholi Mohgaon481778DindoriMadhya Pradesh
85Silhari481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
86Simariya481880DindoriMadhya Pradesh
87Sukulpura481882DindoriMadhya Pradesh
88Surhali481672DindoriMadhya Pradesh
89Tendumer Mohtara481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
90Thonda481990DindoriMadhya Pradesh
91Tikari Pipari481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh
92Vikrampur481879DindoriMadhya Pradesh

About Dindori

Dindori District, previously known as Ramgarh District, is situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The district’s administrative center is the town of Dindori, and it falls under the Jabalpur Division. Covering a total area of 6,128 square kilometers, it is located in the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, sharing its border with the state of Chhattisgarh. Dindori District is surrounded by Anuppur district to the northeast, Umaria district to the north, Jabalpur district to the west, Mandla district to the southwest, and Mungeli and Kabirdham districts in Chhattisgarh to the south.


Dindori, a district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, has a historical narrative that unfolds over several centuries. This region, previously known as Ramgarh, has witnessed the ebb and flow of different dynasties and cultures.

In ancient times, the area was inhabited by indigenous tribal communities who lived in harmony with nature. Over time, the region came under the influence of various dynasties, including the Kalchuris and Gonds, each leaving its mark on the local culture and heritage.

During the colonial period, Dindori was under British rule, and it was a part of the Central Provinces and Berar. The district was later reorganized and renamed Dindori.

Post-independence, Dindori continued to develop, with a focus on education, infrastructure, and governance. The district is characterized by its rich tribal heritage, and the local culture is deeply rooted in traditions and customs. The indigenous tribal communities have preserved their unique way of life, including their art, music, and folklore.

Dindori is blessed with natural beauty, including lush forests, rivers, and scenic landscapes. Today, it stands as a testament to the blend of history, culture, and natural wonders that make up this unique district in Madhya Pradesh.


Dindori District, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is characterized by its diverse geography and natural beauty.

The district covers an area of approximately 6,128 square kilometers and is situated in the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, sharing its border with the state of Chhattisgarh. Dindori is known for its rich forested areas, hills, and fertile plains.

The Maikal Range, part of the Satpura Range, extends into Dindori, offering picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and wildlife sanctuaries. The district is home to various wildlife species, making it a hotspot for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

The district is traversed by several rivers, including the Narmada, Sonbhadra, and Banjar, which contribute to the fertile plains and agricultural activities in the region. The lush greenery and natural water resources make Dindori conducive to farming, with crops like rice, soybean, and pulses being cultivated.

Dindori’s eastern border is marked by the Maikal Hills, which gradually give way to the fertile plains in the western part of the district. These plains are well-suited for agriculture and have contributed to the district’s economy.

Overall, Dindori District’s geography is a captivating blend of hills, forests, rivers, and plains, offering a diverse and beautiful landscape that appeals to both nature enthusiasts and those interested in agricultural activities.


As of the 2011 census, Dindori District had a population of 704,524, ranking it at the 501st position among all districts in India, out of a total of 640 districts. The district’s population density is approximately 94 people per square kilometer. Dindori exhibits a sex ratio of 1,002 females for every 1,000 males, and the literacy rate stands at 63.90%. In terms of urbanization, approximately 4.59% of the district’s population resides in urban areas.

During the 2011 Census of India, the primary language spoken by 82.78% of the population in the district was Hindi, while 14.09% reported Gondi as their first language. Additionally, 1.10% of the population communicated in languages categorized as ‘Other’ under Hindi.

It’s important to note that while many individuals indicated “Hindi” as their language, the local dialect in Dindori District is a hybrid between Chhattisgarhi and Bagheli, representing a unique linguistic blend in the region.


Which tribes are in Dindori district?

The Baiga and Gond tribes have a deep affinity for dancing and music, considering it a divine gift. Their dance forms can be categorized into two main types: social dances and religious dances.

What is the new name of Dindori?

Dindori, once called Ramgarh, is a town and a local governing body (nagar panchayat) in the Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Dindori is known for its historical and sacred sites, including places like Laxman Madva, Kukarramath, and Kalchuri Kali Mandir.

How many tehsil are there in Dindori district?

Dindori District is divided into three tehsils: Dindori, Shahpura, and Bajag.

What is Dindori famous for?

Dindori is renowned for its grape cultivation and serves as a hub for spirituality through the "Shree Swami Samarth Seva Marg (Dindori Pranit)" organization, founded by Shree Sadguru Pithale Maharaj.

What language is spoken in the Dindori district?

In the 2011 Census of India, Hindi was reported as the first language by 82.78% of the district's population, while 14.09% indicated Gondi as their primary language.