East Garo Hills Pincodes

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Pincodes of East Garo Hills

East Garo Hills Pincode encompasses the captivating landscapes and communities in this district of Meghalaya, India. With a rich tribal heritage and lush natural beauty, these pincodes offer an authentic experience of Garo culture. Explore dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and unique traditions that make East Garo Hills special. Whether you’re trekking through Nokrek National Park, interacting with local tribes, or witnessing the vibrant Wangala Festival, these pincodes unlock the wonders of this region. East Garo Hills Pincode is your gateway to an immersive journey into Meghalaya’s enchanting wilderness and the vibrant Garo way of life.

East Garo Hills Pincodes

Here is a list of East Garo Hills Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Balkinigiri794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya
2Dabu794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
3Dagal794108East Garo hillsMeghalaya
4Dainadubi794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
5Daram794108East Garo hillsMeghalaya
6Darugiri794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
7Dokangsi794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
8Gairong794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
9Gambil794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
10Haluapara794108East Garo hillsMeghalaya
11Jadigitim794107East Garo hillsMeghalaya
12Mangsang794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
13Nongcharan794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
14Rombagiri794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya
15Ronga Agal794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
16Rongchek Akhong794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
17Rongjeng794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
18Rongmil794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
19Rongrengiri794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya
20Rongrong794108East Garo hillsMeghalaya
21Rongsakgiri794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya
22Sakhadongiri794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya
23Samanda794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya
24Songsak794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya
25Thapa794108East Garo hillsMeghalaya
26Wagachi794110East Garo hillsMeghalaya
27Williamnagar794111East Garo hillsMeghalaya

About East Garo Hills

In order to bring the government closer to the people, the former Garo Hills District was reorganized, and as a result, East Garo Hills District was elevated from a subdivision to a full-fledged district in 1976. East Garo Hills District was significantly reorganized in 2012, separating it from the former Resubelpara Sub-Division to create a new district. South Garo Hills to the south, West Garo Hills to the west, East Khasi Hills to the east, and North Garo Hills to the north are the boundaries of the district.


In an effort to bring the government closer to the people, the former Garo Hills district of Meghalaya was reorganized in 1976, giving rise to the East Garo Hills district. The Williamnagar district headquarters complex bears the name of Captain Williamson A. Sangma, the first Chief Minister of the State of Meghalaya. Williamnagar is situated at Simsanggre, on the expansive plains beside the Simsang River. In a way, these plains are historical since in 1837, the Garos mounted their final significant defense against the British incursion into the Garo Hills.


The district of East Garo Hils is located in a mountainous area, as implied by the name. The Arbella Range, which passes across the district’s south-central region, is one of the hills’ most notable formations. The hills are extensively divided. The range is made up of peaks that are 700 meters above sea level on average. Situated in the southern section of the district, the Simsang Valley is a significant physiographic feature. The longest river in the Garo Hills is the River Simsang, which rises in West Garo Hills and travels through East Garo Hills before entering South Garo Hills.


The population of the East Garo Hills district, as of the 2011 census, is 317,917, or almost the same as that of The Bahamas. Based on this, it is ranked 569th out of 640 in India. There are 122 people living in the district per square kilometer (320/sq mi). Between 2001 and 2011, the population of the area grew at a rate of 26.75%. East Garo Hills has a 75.51% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 968 females for every 1000 males.


The district is part of Purno Agitok Sangma’s Tura (Lok Sabha constituency), which he represented in the Lower House of the Indian Parliament from 1975 to 2016. Former Union Minister Purno Agitok Sangma holds the distinction of becoming the only Speaker of the Lok Sabha to be elected unanimously (during the 11th Lok Sabha). Conrad Sangma, his son, became a representative for this constituency after his death.


How many districts are there in East Garo Hills?

India's Meghalaya state has the district of East Garo Hills. East Garo Hills is divided into three subdistricts in total. Additionally, you can view the East Garo Hills village list and block list.

How many blocks are there in East Garo Hills?

The division of East Garo Hills is made up of five blocks: East Garo Hills district map with clickable areas showing the five C.D. blocks.

How many villages are there in East Garo Hills?

Approximately 1,058 settlements can be found in the East Garo Hills District. Administrators further subdivide the East Garo Hills district into subdivisions, blocks, PS, and community development blocks (C.D. Blocks).

Is Garo a Naga tribe?

Since the Garos of Nagaland have a distinct history that has been acknowledged since the state's founding, the government has recognized them as an essential indigenous tribe, based on reality rather than legend.

Is Garo a part of the Nagaland True or false?

The five Garo Hills districts in Meghalaya, the Mymensingh district in Bangladesh, and the Kamrup, Goalpara, and Karbi-Anglong districts in Assam are home to the Garo people. They can also be found in small quantities in Nagaland and Tripura.