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Pincodes of East Sikkim

Greetings and welcome to the East Sikkim Pincodes directory, your reliable source for precise and current pincode data in the stunning state of East Sikkim. Postal Index Numbers (PINs), sometimes referred to as pincodes, are crucial for effective mail delivery, location tracking, and smooth communication. Their service facilitates the sending and receiving of mail, parcels, and packages by assigning a unique code to each geographic location. You can instantly get the pincode for any location in East Sikkim by using our easy-to-use search engine.

East Sikkim Pincodes

Here is a list of East Sikkim Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ahoo Busty737135East SikkimSikkim
2Amba737133East SikkimSikkim
3Aritar737133East SikkimSikkim
4Assam Lingzey737135East SikkimSikkim
5Bardang737134East SikkimSikkim
6Bering737106East SikkimSikkim
7Bermiok737134East SikkimSikkim
8Beyong737134East SikkimSikkim
9Bhusuk737103East SikkimSikkim
10Bojoghari737103East SikkimSikkim
11Changayshanti737106East SikkimSikkim
12Chujachen737131East SikkimSikkim
13Dalapchand737131East SikkimSikkim
14Deorali737102East SikkimSikkim
15Dhajey737102East SikkimSikkim
16Dikchu737107East SikkimSikkim
17Dipudara Nhpc complex737134East SikkimSikkim
18Duga737132East SikkimSikkim
19East Pendam737132East SikkimSikkim
20Gangkha Busty737134East SikkimSikkim
21Gangtok737101East SikkimSikkim
22Gangtok Bazar737101East SikkimSikkim
23Gnathang737102East SikkimSikkim
24Gor737107East SikkimSikkim
25Karthok737106East SikkimSikkim
26Kateng Bokrang737132East SikkimSikkim
27Khamdong737134East SikkimSikkim
28Kokalay737134East SikkimSikkim
29Kyanglasha737102East SikkimSikkim
30Latuk737131East SikkimSikkim
31Lingdok737103East SikkimSikkim
32Lingdum737102East SikkimSikkim
33Lingee737134East SikkimSikkim
34Lingmoo737134East SikkimSikkim
35Lingtam737131East SikkimSikkim
36Lingzey737134East SikkimSikkim
37Linkey737106East SikkimSikkim
38Luing737103East SikkimSikkim
39Lumlingthyang737107East SikkimSikkim
40Lunsing737134East SikkimSikkim
41Majitar737135East SikkimSikkim
42Makha737138East SikkimSikkim
43Mamring737132East SikkimSikkim
44Maney Dara737132East SikkimSikkim
45Middle Camp737135East SikkimSikkim
46Namcheybong737106East SikkimSikkim
47Namphing737134East SikkimSikkim
48Namthang737132East SikkimSikkim
49Nandok737135East SikkimSikkim
50Nazitam737134East SikkimSikkim
51Neya737134East SikkimSikkim
52North Regu737131East SikkimSikkim
53Pabyiok737102East SikkimSikkim
54Pacheykhani737106East SikkimSikkim
55Pakyong737106East SikkimSikkim
56Parkha737131East SikkimSikkim
57Penlong737103East SikkimSikkim
58Phadamchen737131East SikkimSikkim
59Rajbhawan737103East SikkimSikkim
60Rakdong737107East SikkimSikkim
61Raley Khesey737107East SikkimSikkim
62Rangli Bazar737131East SikkimSikkim
63Rangpo737132East SikkimSikkim
64Ranipool737135East SikkimSikkim
65Rautey-rumtek737135East SikkimSikkim
66Ray-mindu737135East SikkimSikkim
67Rhenock737133East SikkimSikkim
68Rolep737131East SikkimSikkim
69Rorathang737133East SikkimSikkim
70Rumtek737135East SikkimSikkim
71Sakhu Busty737134East SikkimSikkim
72Samdong737107East SikkimSikkim
73Samdur737102East SikkimSikkim
74Samlick-marchak737135East SikkimSikkim
75Sangkhola737134East SikkimSikkim
76Sherathang737102East SikkimSikkim
77Shivalaya Mandir lingsey737133East SikkimSikkim
78Sichey Gaon737101East SikkimSikkim
79Sinchuthang737134East SikkimSikkim
80Singtam737134East SikkimSikkim
81Song737134East SikkimSikkim
82South Regu737131East SikkimSikkim
83Sudunglakha737133East SikkimSikkim
84Sumin737134East SikkimSikkim
85Tadong737102East SikkimSikkim
86Tarku737134East SikkimSikkim
87Tashiling737103East SikkimSikkim
88Taza737133East SikkimSikkim
89Temi Tarku737134East SikkimSikkim
90Tshalamthang737106East SikkimSikkim
91Tumin737134East SikkimSikkim
92Turung737132East SikkimSikkim
93Upper Dalapchand737133East SikkimSikkim
94Upper Khamdong737133East SikkimSikkim
95Upper Martam737135East SikkimSikkim
96Upper Pendam737132East SikkimSikkim
97West Pendam737134East SikkimSikkim
98Yangyang737134East SikkimSikkim

About East Sikkim

An administrative district of the Indian state of Sikkim is called Gangtok District. It was given a new name in 2021 as a result of the state’s administrative restructuring, which also saw three East Sikkim district subdivisions split off to form the Pakyong district. Gangtok, the state capital, serves as the seat of the Gangtok district. Gangtok serves as the center of the state’s administrative operations. The district is bordered by the People’s Republic of China in the northeast, Namchi District in the west, Pakyong District in the south and southeast, Mangan District in the north, and Bhutan in the east.


For the majority of its history, East Sikkim was a component of the Sikkim monarchy. The district was ruled by the Bhutanese throughout the 1800s. Following the Anglo-Bhutan War, the region was essentially ruled by British forces. The region was under Indian protection as part of the kingdom of Sikkim following India’s independence in 1947. A few clashes between China and India occurred along the Nathula Pass during the 1962 Sino-Indian War. Sikkim officially joined the Indian Union as the 22nd state of India in 1975.


The district is 560 square kilometer (220 sq mi) in size. East Sikkim has two significant mountain crossings that link the state with China: Nathula and Jelepla. From a military perspective, the district is extremely delicate, with the Indian army controlling much of the territory east of Gangtok and close to its borders with Bhutan and the People’s Republic of China. Only a small portion of the lands east of Gangtok are accessible to tourists, and access to this region is restricted.


As to the 2011 census, the combined population of East Sikkim and Pakyong districts is 283,583, which is almost equivalent to the population of Barbados. As a result, it is ranked 574th in India. The population density of the district is 295 people per square kilometer, or 760 people per square mile. From 2001 to 2011, the population grew at a pace of 14.79%. East Sikkim has an 84.67% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 872 females for every 1000 males.


The district’s climate can be broadly classified into three zones: tropical, temperate, and alpine. Because there is rainfall every month, the weather is typically cold and muggy for the majority of the year. Because to its closeness to the Bay of Bengal, the area receives a lot of rainfall. Everywhere you look, the general tendency of rising altitude and falling temperature is true. April through May sees pre-monsoon rains, while May marks the start of the regular south-west monsoon, which lasts until early October.


The East District was established as an Administrative District alone in 1973. Prior to that, it was a part of the East Zone (region), since the Sikkim State was then split into the East and West administrative zones. Revenue Officers chosen by Chogyal, the then-king of Sikkim, controlled each zone, while tribal authorities such as Mandal heads, Zonepals at the district level, Yaplas feudal landowners, and Pipon (head men) handled the administration of justice.


Why are pincodes significant in East Sikkim, and what do they mean?

Pincodes, which are distinct number codes linked to certain geographic locations, are also referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN). They are necessary in East Sikkim for effective postal delivery, location determination, and smooth communication, guaranteeing that your letters and packages get to their destinations on time.

How can I locate the pincode of a specific East Sikkim location?

On the East Sikkim Pincodes page, you can use our easy-to-use search tool to locate the pincode for a given location in East Sikkim. All you have to do is type in the name of the town, village, or area, and the associated pincode will appear.

Is it possible to look up pincodes in East Sikkim by neighborhood or by specific areas?

Yes, you may look up pincodes in East Sikkim by specific cities, villages, localities, and regions inside the directory. This tool makes it simple for you to find pincode information for the location you're looking for.

Do postal services and courier firms in East Sikkim use the same pincodes?

Yes, all courier services and postal providers in East Sikkim use the same, standardized pincodes. Regardless of the service provider, proper and timely delivery is ensured by using the correct pincode.

What are the advantages for businesses using the East Sikkim Pincodes directory?

In East Sikkim, businesses frequently depend on precise pincodes for shipping, addressing, and logistics. For companies in the area, our directory is an invaluable tool that guarantees smooth operations and happy clients.