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Pincodes of Etawah

Etawah Pincodes: Explore the Heart of Uttar Pradesh Welcome to “Pincodes of My Location,” your ultimate guide to Etawah pincodes! Etawah, situated in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, boasts a rich cultural heritage and vibrant community. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, our comprehensive list of Etawah pincodes ensures you can navigate this historic city with ease. From the bustling marketplaces to serene neighborhoods, find the right code to access any corner of Etawah effortlessly. Discover the essence of this beautiful city by exploring its pincodes and unlocking the hidden gems it has to offer. Make your stay in Etawah a memorable one with our indispensable pincodes.

Etawah Pincodes

Here is a list of Etawah Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Abhinaypur Pathakpur206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
2Adhiyapur206002EtawahUttar Pradesh
3Aheripur206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
4Ajabpur206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
5Anantraam Sonasi206128EtawahUttar Pradesh
6Andawa206128EtawahUttar Pradesh
7Ashok Nagar206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
8Bachheri206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
9Bahadurpurghar206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
10Baharpura206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
11Bahuri206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
12Baisolighat206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
13Bajaria206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
14Bakauli206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
15Bakewar206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
16Balrai206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
17Bansari206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
18Baralokpur206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
19Barauli Jamunapar206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
20Barechha206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
21Barhpura206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
22Baroli Khurd206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
23Basrehar206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
24Bauth206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
25Beena206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
26Ber206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
27Bhadsan206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
28Bharthana206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
29Bibamau206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
30Bidauri206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
31Bidhipura206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
32Bijoli206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
33Bindwa Kalan206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
34Bindwa Khurd206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
35Birari206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
36Birondhi206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
37Bithauli206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
38Bojha206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
39Chakar Nagar206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
40Chakwa Bujurg206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
41Chandanpur206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
42Chandrapura206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
43Chaubia206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
44Chaurela206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
45Chindauli206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
46Chitbhawan206003EtawahUttar Pradesh
47Colleger Road bharthana206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
48Dadora206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
49Darbatpur206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
50Dataoli206002EtawahUttar Pradesh
51Dhanua206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
52Dharwar206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
53Distt Board etawah206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
54Durgapura206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
55Ekari206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
56Ekdil206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
57Eknaur206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
58Etawah206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
59Etawah City206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
60Etawah Kutchary206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
61Etawah New city206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
62Fatehpura206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
63Garhaita206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
64Garhi Ram dhan206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
65Garhwana206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
66Gati206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
67Gauhani206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
68Ghughsina206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
69Ginja206301EtawahUttar Pradesh
70Girdharipura206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
71Gulabpura206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
72Hardoi206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
73Heonra206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
74I. t. i. etawah206002EtawahUttar Pradesh
75Indraukhi206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
76Ingurri206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
77Jagannathpur206128EtawahUttar Pradesh
78Jagsora206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
79Jagtauli206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
80Jaitpura Par206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
81Jarhauli206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
82Jasohan206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
83Jaswant Nagar206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
84Jaswant Nagar bazar206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
85Jhabrapura206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
86K. k. d. c. etawah206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
87Kadampur206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
88Kaisth206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
89Kakrahi206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
90Kamet206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
91Kandheshi Dhar206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
92Kandheshi Pachar206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
93Karba Bujurg206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
94Karri206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
95Kathua206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
96Kauwa206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
97Kharagpur Saraiya206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
98Kharduli206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
99Kharkauli206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
100Kheda Helu206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
101Kudrail206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
102Kuiya206301EtawahUttar Pradesh
103Kukaoli206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
104Kumahwar206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
105Kunetha206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
106Kunwara206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
107Kursena206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
108Kushna206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
109Lakhana206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
110Lalpura Etawah206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
111Larkhaur206301EtawahUttar Pradesh
112Lavedi206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
113Ludhiani206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
114Malajani206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
115Malhausi206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
116Maman206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
117Mandir Mahewa206128EtawahUttar Pradesh
118Maniamau206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
119Manikpur Bissu206003EtawahUttar Pradesh
120Merhi Dudhi206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
121Moonj206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
122Mugalpur Naraini206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
123Murong206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
124Musaoli206003EtawahUttar Pradesh
125Nagaria Yadwan206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
126Nagla Ram sunder206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
127Nagla Taur206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
128Nandgaon206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
129Niloi206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
130Niwarikalan206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
131Pachhayagaon206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
132Paharpura206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
133Pali Khurd206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
134Parasana206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
135Phoolpur206128EtawahUttar Pradesh
136Pilkhana206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
137Pilkhar206003EtawahUttar Pradesh
138Piproli Gadhia206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
139Pratapner206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
140Prithvipur206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
141Prithvirampur206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
142Punja206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
143Purana Bharthana206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
144Puraoli206128EtawahUttar Pradesh
145Purela206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
146Rahin206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
147Rajpur206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
148Ram Lila road206003EtawahUttar Pradesh
149Ramain206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
150Ritaur206126EtawahUttar Pradesh
151Sahson206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
152Saifai206301EtawahUttar Pradesh
153Sainfi206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
154Samhon206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
155Samthar206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
156Santoshpur Ghat206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
157Sarai Chauri206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
158Sarangpura206002EtawahUttar Pradesh
159Sarawa206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
160Sarsai Helu206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
161Sarsai Nawar206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
162Satyawadi Etawah206001EtawahUttar Pradesh
163Sekhupur Adhar singh206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
164Sherpur206124EtawahUttar Pradesh
165Sindaus206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
166Sirhaul206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
167Sirsa206253EtawahUttar Pradesh
168Sishat206245EtawahUttar Pradesh
169Takha206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
170Takrupur206127EtawahUttar Pradesh
171Titawali206125EtawahUttar Pradesh
172Udi206131EtawahUttar Pradesh
173Ujhiani206128EtawahUttar Pradesh
174Umarsenda206242EtawahUttar Pradesh
175Ureng206120EtawahUttar Pradesh
176Usrahar206123EtawahUttar Pradesh
177Vaidpura206002EtawahUttar Pradesh
178Vijaypura206245EtawahUttar Pradesh

About Etawah

Etawah, also known as Ishtikapuri, is a charming city nestled along the banks of the Yamuna River in Western Uttar Pradesh, India. Serving as the administrative hub of Etawah District, it holds a population of approximately 256,838, as per the 2011 census, ranking it as the one hundred and eightieth-most populous city in India. Located 300 km (190 mi) southeast of the national capital, New Delhi, and 230 km (140 mi) northwest of the state capital, Lucknow, Etawah boasts a strategic geographical position that adds to its significance in the region. Explore this historic city with a blend of heritage and modernity.


The land’s historical significance dates back to the Bronze Age, enduring through medieval times. Etawah was once an integral part of the ancient Panchala region, stretching from the Himalayan foothills in the north to the Chambal River in the south, gaining prominence during the Mahabharata era. Local traditions link the modern tehsil of Chakar Nagar, likely identifying it as the Ekchakra mentioned in the Mahabharata. Legend has it that Ekchakra served as the clandestine refuge for the Pandavas and their mother, Kunti, during their year-long exile. Etawah’s rich history is deeply intertwined with these ancient tales.


According to the 2011 census, Etawah city had a population of 256,790, comprising 135,829 males and 120,961 females. This marked a 22% increase from the 2001 census figure of 211,460. The entire Etawah district had a population of 1,581,810 in 2011. The city boasted a commendable literacy rate of 82.89%. Hinduism stood as the predominant religion in Etawah city, with 74.64% of the population adhering to it, followed by Islam at approximately 23.61%. Additionally, there were smaller communities of Christians (0.19%), Jains (1.05%), Sikhs (0.24%), and Buddhists (0.24%). A negligible percentage claimed ‘Other Religion’ (0.01%), while around 0.19% identified as having ‘No Particular Religion’.


The Etawah district is overseen by a District Magistrate (DM), an IAS officer of high rank. It is then subdivided into Tehsils, with each Tehsil led by a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM). These Tehsils are further segmented into Blocks, and each Block is administered by a Block Development Officer (BDO). This hierarchical structure ensures efficient governance and administration within the district, facilitating the implementation of various government programs and services for the benefit of the local population.


Why is Etawah famous?

Etawah is famous for its historical significance, being the birthplace of the legendary "Bharat Ratna" awardee, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, a prominent figure in India's social and political history.

Which division is Etawah District in?

Etawah District is located in the Agra Division of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Which are the five rivers in Etawah?

Etawah District in Uttar Pradesh, India, is primarily traversed by two rivers, namely the Yamuna and Chambal. There are no significant other rivers within the district's boundaries.

Is Etawah urban or rural?

Etawah District in Uttar Pradesh, India, has both urban and rural areas. The district includes Etawah city and several rural villages, making it a blend of urban and rural regions.

What is the name of the lake in Etawah?

The prominent lake in Etawah is known as "Nana Rao Park," which features a serene artificial lake where visitors can enjoy boating and a peaceful environment.