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Pincodes of Farrukhabad

Farrukhabad Pincodes: Discover the Pincode Directory of Farrukhabad”
Welcome to “Pincodes of My Location,” your go-to resource for all things postal in Farrukhabad. With a rich heritage and diverse neighborhoods, Farrukhabad boasts a range of pincodes to help you navigate this historic city seamlessly. Whether you’re sending mail, locating an address, or simply exploring, our comprehensive list of Farrukhabad pincodes will simplify your experience. From the bustling markets to serene residential areas, every corner of Farrukhabad is covered. Stay connected and informed with the most up-to-date pincode information at your fingertips. Let us assist you in connecting with the heart of Farrukhabad, one pincode at a time.

Farrukhabad Pincodes

Here is a list of Farrukhabad pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ahmadganj207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
2Akbarpur209344FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
3Aligarh209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
4Amlaiya Ashanand209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
5Amratpur209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
6Arjunpur205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
7Ataipur207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
8Awajpur209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
9Babna207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
10Bara Biku207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
11Barai209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
12Barakeshav206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
13Baraun209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
14Barhpur209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
15Barjhala207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
16Barkhera207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
17Barkhiriya205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
18Bazaria Farrukhabad209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
19Bazaza Bazar209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
20Behta Ballu207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
21Bhainsiapur209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
22Bharka209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
23Bhatasa207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
24Bhojpur209749FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
25Bholeypur209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
26Bhopat Patti209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
27Bibiganj209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
28Bihar205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
29Bilsari207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
30Central Jail209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
31Chapra209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
32Chilsara209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
33Chiyasar209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
34Civil Lines209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
35College Rd. kaimganj207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
36Danmandi209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
37Daraura209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
38Dhirpur209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
39Distt. jail209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
40Farrukhabad209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
41Farrukhabad R. s.209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
42Fatehgarh209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
43Fatehgarh R.s.209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
44Gadanpur Deorajpur209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
45Gadanpur Turra209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
46Gaisinghpur209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
47Gandhi209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
48Ganga Darwaja kmj.207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
49Ghatiaghat209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
50Gosarpur206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
51Gutasi209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
52Guthina205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
53Hariharpur209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
54Harsinghpur209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
55Harsinghpur Goa207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
56I.T.e.209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
57J.N.v.road209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
58Jahanganj209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
59Jainpur Maheshpur209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
60Jaitpur209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
61Jarari209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
62Jhasi209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
63Jyonta209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
64K K w207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
65K. p. ghat209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
66Kadhar209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
67Kaimganj207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
68Kamalganj209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
69Kampil207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
70Kanasi207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
71Kandhrapur209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
72Kanheypur209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
73Kanjhiana209602FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
74Kankapur209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
75Karanpur Dutt209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
76Katrauli Patti209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
77Khalwara207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
78Khandauli209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
79Khimseypur209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
80Khinmini207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
81Khudaganj209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
82Kila209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
83Kisrauli207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
84Kotwali Road ftg.209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
85Kuiyan Khera207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
86Kumhraur209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
87Kurar207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
88Kutchery Fatehgarh209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
89Lahra207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
90Lakhanpur207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
91Lal Sarai209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
92Lindsayganj209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
93Madanpur209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
94Mahoi209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
95Manjhana207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
96Maseni209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
97Mathia Devi209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
98Mau Rashidabad207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
99Maudha206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
100Merapur205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
101Mistni Bahbalpur207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
102Mohamdabad206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
103Musakhiria209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
104Nadaura205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
105Nagla Bagh rathaura205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
106Nagla Kel champat205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
107Nagla Nan209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
108Narainamau207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
109Nawabganj207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
110Nehru Road209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
111Nibkarori205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
112Nitganja209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
113Pachpukhra209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
114Paithan207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
115Pakhna205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
116Panda Bagh209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
117Pilkhana207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
118Pipergaon209625FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
119Pitaura207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
120Pithnapur209622FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
121Puthari207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
122Rrc Fatehgarh209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
123Raipur207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
124Rajendra Nagar205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
125Rajeypur Tappa mandal209739FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
126Rajipur209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
127Rampur Majhgaon209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
128Rashidabad Tiwariyan207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
129Rasidpur Mai207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
130Raukari207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
131Rly. road kaimganj207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
132Rohila206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
133Roop Nagar205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
134Roshnabad209745FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
135Rudain209746FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
136Rutaul207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
137Sabalpur209621FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
138Sahaspur209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
139Sakwai206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
140Sankisa205302FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
141Sarah209601FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
142Shamshabad207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
143Shukrullapur207504FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
144Sikanderpur Khas207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
145Silsanda207502FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
146Singhirampur209724FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
147Sirauli206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
148Sirmaura Banger207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
149Sitauli209749FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
150Siwara Khas207505FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
151Tajpur206451FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
152Ugarpur207503FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
153Ugrapur Sultan patti209743FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
154Ukhra207501FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
155Yaqutganj209749FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh

About Farrukhabad 

Farrukhabad, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, serves as the bustling administrative center for the Farrukhabad tehsil. Situated alongside the majestic river Ganges, this city holds a strategic geographical position, lying approximately 295 kilometers (183 miles) from the nation’s capital, Delhi, and just 210 kilometers (130 miles) away from the state’s capital, Lucknow. With its rich cultural heritage and proximity to key political and economic hubs, Farrukhabad is not only a pivotal administrative hub but also a significant point of connection within the heartland of India.


In 1714, Farrukhabad was established by Nawab Muhammad Khan Bangash, who bestowed upon it the name of the reigning emperor at the time, Farrukhsiyar. This historical city, with its roots dating back to that era, is situated within the larger context of Kanpur division. Over the centuries, it has evolved into a significant region, characterized by its unique blend of culture and heritage. The name “Farrukhabad” continues to pay homage to its imperial origins, while the district’s inclusion within the Kanpur division underscores its importance within the administrative landscape of Uttar Pradesh, India.


According to the 2011 India census, Farrukhabad, in conjunction with Fatehgarh, boasted a combined population of 276,581, with 145,641 males and 130,940 females. Among them, 34,474 individuals fell within the 0 to 6 years age group. The city exhibited a significant literacy rate, with 177,793 individuals being literate, constituting 64.2% of the total population. This included 98,659 males and 79,134 females. Among the 7+ population, the effective literacy rate stood at 73.4%, with males having a literacy rate of 77.6% and females at 68.8%. Farrukhabad’s sex ratio was recorded at 899 females per 1000 males. The city also had 48,850 households in 2011, with a Scheduled Castes population of 32,769 and 43 Scheduled Tribes.


In 2006, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj designated Farrukhabad as one of India’s 250 most underdeveloped districts among a total of 640. Currently, it is one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh benefiting from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). Despite its historical significance in cloth printing and intricate zardozi embroidery work, industrial progress in Farrukhabad has been sluggish. The city and its rural outskirts remain dedicated to the thriving zardozi industry, with approximately 175,000 skilled artisans contributing to it. The district houses around 360 registered zardozi units, exporting their exquisite embroidery to international markets in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.


Why Farrukhabad is famous?

Farrukhabad is renowned for its expertise in zardozi embroidery and cloth printing, with a legacy of skilled artisans producing intricate and exquisite textiles that are exported to international markets.

Which art is Farrukhabad famous for?

Farrukhabad is famous for its intricate and exquisite zardozi embroidery, a traditional Indian art form that involves the use of metallic threads and embellishments to create stunning and intricate designs on textiles.

Which religion is practiced in Farrukhabad district?

Farrukhabad district, like many parts of India, is characterized by religious diversity. The major religions practiced in Farrukhabad include Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism. These communities coexist, contributing to the region's cultural and religious tapestry.

Is Farrukhabad urban or rural?

Farrukhabad district consists of both urban and rural areas. The city of Farrukhabad itself is urban, while the district also encompasses various rural villages and towns.

What is the old fort in Farrukhabad known as?

The old fort in Farrukhabad is known as "Farrukhabad Fort," also referred to as "Farrukhabad Qila" or "Farrukhabad Quila" in the local language. It holds historical significance in the region.