Firozabad Pincodes

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Pincodes of Firozabad

Firozabad Pincodes: Discover the Key to Locality Precision! Welcome to ‘Pincodes of My Location,’ your gateway to pinpointing locations in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, with ease. Firozabad, renowned for its glass industry and historical significance, is dotted with unique pincodes that define its various neighborhoods and areas. Our comprehensive list of Firozabad pincodes ensures you never lose your way. From 283203 to 283207, each code holds the secret to your destination. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, use our database to navigate the city effectively. Explore Firozabad effortlessly by knowing its pincodes. Trust ‘Pincodes of My Location’ to guide you accurately!”

Firozabad Pincodes

Here is a list of Firozabad Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1A G m bhawali205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
2Akalabad Hasanpur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
3Akbarpur Kutukpur215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
4Alhadadpur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
5Ali Nagar kenjra283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
6Amaur Nagla jeevan205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
7Asafabad283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
8Asan283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
9Asua205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
10Bachhagaon283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
11Bachhela Bachheli205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
12Badshahpur205121FirozabadUttar Pradesh
13Baghai283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
14Bahat215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
15Balipur205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
16Banbara215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
17Bara Bazar shikohabad205135FirozabadUttar Pradesh
18Bara Gaon205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
19Bartara283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
20Basai Mohammadpur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
21Bhadan205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
22Bhadana205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
23Bhagner205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
24Bharaul205121FirozabadUttar Pradesh
25Bilhena283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
26Chandwar283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
27Chulhawali283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
28Collectorate -firozabad283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
29Dakhinara205135FirozabadUttar Pradesh
30Datawali283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
31Dev Kherha283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
32Dhatari205135FirozabadUttar Pradesh
33Dheerpura283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
34Dodsa Mohammadpur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
35Dokeli283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
36Dolupura283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
37Eka205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
38Farida205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
39Firozabad283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
40Firozabad Bazar283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
41Gagani283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
42Garhsan205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
43Gazipur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
44Ghaghau205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
45Gonchh283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
46Gondai283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
47Gopalpur205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
48Gudaun283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
49Gurha205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
50Gwari Nagla singhi283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
51Harha205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
52Himmatpur283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
53Hirangaon283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
54Husainpur283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
55I L c shikohabad205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
56Jajumai205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
57Jakhai283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
58Jalalpur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
59Jarakhi283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
60Jarauli Kalan283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
61Jasrana215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
62Jatau283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
63Jaundhary283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
64Jaymai205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
65Jhapara215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
66Kadipur205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
67Kailai205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
68Kanwara205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
69Karhara205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
70Katana205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
71Katki283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
72Kaurara Bujurga215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
73Kaurari Kherha205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
74Kaytha207301FirozabadUttar Pradesh
75Keshari205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
76Keshpura205147FirozabadUttar Pradesh
77Ketana Harsha205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
78Khair Garh205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
79Kharaua205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
80Kharit205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
81Kheria Patikara205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
82Konder205147FirozabadUttar Pradesh
83Kotaki283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
84Kotla283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
85Kurri Kuppa283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
86Kushiyari215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
87Labour Collony firozabad283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
88Madanpur205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
89Madhoganj205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
90Main bazar283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
91Mainpuri Gate firozabad283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
92Makkhanpur205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
93Mandai205135FirozabadUttar Pradesh
94Matsena283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
95Mersena283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
96Milawali215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
97Mohammadi283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
98Muiddinpur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
99Mustfabad205147FirozabadUttar Pradesh
100Nagla Bajdar205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
101Nagla Beech283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
102Nagla Dheer205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
103Nagla Dutt283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
104Nagla Gulal205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
105Nagla Kanchan205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
106Nagla Nahar205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
107Nagla Sikander283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
108Narakhi283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
109Nasirpur205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
110Nepai283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
111Oef firozabad283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
112Okhara283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
113Pachokhara283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
114Pachwan283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
115Paigu205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
116Pamari283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
117Parham205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
118Pariyar205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
119Patti215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
120Pendat205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
121Phariha205147FirozabadUttar Pradesh
122Pilakhatar205147FirozabadUttar Pradesh
123Pratappur205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
124Railway Road firozabad283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
125Raipura283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
126Rasoolabad283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
127Ruchan manikpur205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
128Rupaspur283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
129S N h road firozabad283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
130Salempur215126FirozabadUttar Pradesh
131Saray Bhartara205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
132Saray Murlidhar205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
133Sarhamai283203FirozabadUttar Pradesh
134Sarhupur205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
135Sekhupur hatwant205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh
136Shikohabad205135FirozabadUttar Pradesh
137Shikohabad Rs205141FirozabadUttar Pradesh
138Sirsaganj205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
139Sothara205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
140Suraya205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
141Thanumai205135FirozabadUttar Pradesh
142Tikari283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
143Tilyani205151FirozabadUttar Pradesh
144Tundla283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
145Tundla Chauraha283204FirozabadUttar Pradesh
146Ukhrend205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
147Urawar--hastref205142FirozabadUttar Pradesh
148Uresar205152FirozabadUttar Pradesh
149Urmura205135FirozabadUttar Pradesh
150Usayani283103FirozabadUttar Pradesh
151Usneedha205130FirozabadUttar Pradesh
152Viltigarh205145FirozabadUttar Pradesh

About Firozabad

Firozabad, located near Agra in Uttar Pradesh, India, is renowned as the epicenter of the nation’s glassmaking industry. This vibrant city is celebrated for its exquisite bangles and high-quality glassware production. Historically, during Akbar’s rule, the city faced plunder by Afghan invaders. In response, Akbar dispatched his trusted officer, Firoz Shah, to transform the city into a tax collection cantonment. Consequently, the city of Chandrawar was rechristened as Firozabad in his honor. Firoz Shah’s tomb stands as a testament to this historical transformation. Throughout its history, Firozabad has been a hub for glass and bangle craftsmanship and small-scale industries.


Firozabad, situated in the culturally rich region of Braj, has a deep historical lineage. During the Vedic Age, it formed a part of the Surasena Mahajanapada. Over time, it came under the dominion of significant kingdoms such as the Mauryas, Guptas, Scythians, Kushans, Indo-Greeks, and Harsha, before being ruled by Brahmin Peshwas and Rajput rulers. Prior to the establishment of modern Firozabad, the primary city in the area was Chandwar, positioned on the left bank of the Yamuna, slightly southwest of Firozabad. Chandwar, rooted in antiquity and founded by Chandrasen, a Chauhan ruler, witnessed numerous conquests by the Delhi Sultanate, yet the Chauhan rulers tenaciously retained their autonomy across several centuries.


According to the 2011 India census, Firozabad City had a population of 603,797, with males accounting for 53% and females for 47% of the total. The city boasts a commendable average literacy rate of 75.01%, surpassing the national average of 74%. Notably, male literacy stands at 85.32%, while female literacy is at 63%. Furthermore, Firozabad has a youthful population, with 16% of its residents being under the age of 6, reflecting a vibrant and growing community.


The district enjoys excellent connectivity, with rail and bus links to major cities, while the nearest airport is situated in Agra. Its geographical coordinates place it at a longitude of 78 degrees east and a latitude of 27 degrees north, with an elevation of 164.467 meters (539.59 ft) above sea level. Firozabad district shares its borders with Etawah district to the north and Mainpuri and Etawah to the east, with the majestic Yamuna River forming its southern boundary. Despite covering only 0.8% of Uttar Pradesh’s total area, it accommodates 1.1% of the state’s population, with 73.6% residing in rural areas. The majority of the district’s terrain is characterized by a gentle northwest-to-south slope.


What is Firozabad in UP famous for?

Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh is famous for its glassmaking industry, renowned for producing high-quality glassware and exquisite bangles. This city has a rich tradition of craftsmanship and is a hub for glass-related activities.

What is the old name of Firozabad?

The old name of Firozabad was "Chandrawar," which was later renamed in honor of Firoz Shah, a historical figure associated with its transformation.

What is the religion of Firozabad?

Firozabad, like many other cities in India, is characterized by religious diversity. The majority of its population practices Hinduism, but it also has significant Muslim, Sikh, Christian, and Jain communities.

What is Firozabad famous food?

Firozabad is renowned for its delectable street food, including dishes like chaat, pani puri, samosas, and jalebi. The city's culinary delights offer a blend of flavors and textures to satisfy diverse palates.

On which river is Firozabad?

Firozabad is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River, which forms the southern boundary of the district and contributes to its geographical and cultural significance.