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Pincodes of Guna

Guna District, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is a region known for its unique blend of history and culture. With Guna town as its center, the district is part of the Ashoknagar Division. It covers an area of approximately 6,240 square kilometers and is surrounded by other districts. Guna is characterized by its rich heritage, and the local people take pride in their traditions and way of life. The district’s geography includes plains and rivers, supporting agriculture. Guna is a place where history and culture come together to create a vibrant and diverse community. Various Guna pincodes are allocated to different areas within the district to facilitate postal services and location identification.

Guna Pincodes

Here is a list of Guna Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aroun473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
2Awan473226GunaMadhya Pradesh
3Babrikheda473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
4Badi Ukawad473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
5Bajranggarh473249GunaMadhya Pradesh
6Bamori473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
7Baneh473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
8Bapcha Lahriya473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
9Barkheda Gird473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
10Barkheda Khurd473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
11Barkhrda Hat473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
12Barod473222GunaMadhya Pradesh
13Barsat473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
14Bataoda473222GunaMadhya Pradesh
15Bhador473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
16Bhadora473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
17Bhamawad473111GunaMadhya Pradesh
18Binaganj473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
19Bishanwada473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
20Chachauda473118GunaMadhya Pradesh
21Dehri Kala473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
22Dhamnar473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
23Dharnawda473110GunaMadhya Pradesh
24Dongar Motipur473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
25Dongar Vijaypur473111GunaMadhya Pradesh
26Dorana473110GunaMadhya Pradesh
27Fatehgarh473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
28Gail Complex473112GunaMadhya Pradesh
29Gaori473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
30Garha473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
31Gehunkheda473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
32Ghatavda473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
33Guna473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
34Guna Bazar473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
35Guna Cantt473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
36Guna City473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
37Guna Collectorate473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
38Hamirpur473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
39Haripur473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
40Hinotia473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
41Jamner473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
42Jangru473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
43Jhagar473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
44Jhajhon473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
45Johri473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
46Kapasi473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
47Khamkheda473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
48Khejra473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
49Kherai473226GunaMadhya Pradesh
50Khiriya Dangi473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
51Khutiyawad473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
52Konya Kala473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
53Kotra473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
54Kumbhraj473222GunaMadhya Pradesh
55Kushepur473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
56Lakhanwas473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
57Magrana473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
58Magroda473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
59Maksudangarh473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
60Markimahu473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
61Masidpur473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
62Mawan473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
63Mrigwas473222GunaMadhya Pradesh
64Mudra Mata473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
65Muhalpur473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
66Muradpur473110GunaMadhya Pradesh
67Murela473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
68Myana473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
69N.F.l.vijaipur473111GunaMadhya Pradesh
70Nasirpur473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
71Nehgawa473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
72Padon473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
73Pagara473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
74Panwari Hat473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
75Paranth473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
76Parkana473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
77Parwah473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
78Patondi473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
79Penchi473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
80Raghogarh473226GunaMadhya Pradesh
81Ramdi473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
82Ramgir Kala473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
83Ramnagar473226GunaMadhya Pradesh
84Rampur473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
85Rampurcolony473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
86Rani Khejra473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
87Ruthiyai473110GunaMadhya Pradesh
88Saleh473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
89Sanai473222GunaMadhya Pradesh
90Satanpur473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
91Sehrog473101GunaMadhya Pradesh
92Shahpur473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
93Sirsi473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
94Sonkhara473105GunaMadhya Pradesh
95Teligaon473115GunaMadhya Pradesh
96Todra473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
97Torai473287GunaMadhya Pradesh
98Ukawad473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
99Umarthana473118GunaMadhya Pradesh
100Umri473001GunaMadhya Pradesh
101Vijaypur473111GunaMadhya Pradesh

About Guna

Guna district, situated in central India, is one of Madhya Pradesh’s 52 districts. Its administrative headquarters is Guna town. The district spans an area of 6,390 square kilometers and had a population of 1,241,519 according to the 2011 census.

Guna is bordered by Shivpuri to the northeast, Ashoknagar to the east, Vidisha to the southeast, Rajgarh to the southwest, and Jhalawar and Baran districts in Rajasthan to the west and northwest. The Sindh River flows along the eastern boundary, separating it from Ashoknagar, while the Parvati River runs through the southern part before entering Rajasthan.


In 2003, Guna District was split into two, with the eastern part becoming Ashoknagar District.

Historically, Guna was part of the ancient Avanti Kingdom, later absorbed by the Magadha Empire. In the 18th century, it was conquered by Maratha leader Ramoji Rao Scindia and became part of the Gwalior Kingdom until Indian independence. The Indian Midland Railway established a rail route through Guna in 1897.

After independence, Guna was initially part of Madhya Bharat and later merged into Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 1956. It has a rich historical nd cultural heritage, influenced by various dynasties and empires that have shaped its identity.


Guna is situated at approximately 24.65°N latitude and 77.32°E longitude, with an average elevation of 474 meters (1555 feet).

This district in Madhya Pradesh serves as the entrance to the Malwa and Chambal regions. It is positioned on the northeastern part of the Malwa Plateau. To the west, the district is bordered by the Parbati River, which flows along this boundary and touches the Rajgarh District in Madhya Pradesh, as well as the Jhalawarh and Kota Districts in Rajasthan. To the north, you’ll find towns like Shivpuri and Kota, while cities like Vidisha, Bhopal, and Rajgarh are situated to the south. The eastern boundary of the district is defined by the Sindh River.


As of the 2011 census, Guna District’s population stands at 1,241,519, ranking it 388th among all districts in India, out of a total of 640 districts. The district has a population density of 194 people per square kilometer, with a sex ratio of 910 females for every 1000 males. The literacy rate in Guna is reported at 65.1%, with 25.18% of the population residing in urban areas.

Hindi is the predominant language spoken by 99.39% of the population in the district.

In the city of Guna, as of the 2011 census, the population was recorded at 180,978, with males constituting 52.29% and females 47.71% of the population. The city boasts an average literacy rate of 81.7%. Additionally, about 13% of the population in Guna is under the age of 6.

Guna is home to several notable landmarks, including the famous Hanumaan Tekri temple, situated atop a hill. The historic Fort of Maharaja Jai Singh can be found in Bajrangarh, located 8 kilometers from Guna. The village also features the renowned Jain Temple known as Jain Atishay Kshetra. Guna is intersected by National Highway 3 (NH3) and serves as the constituency for Jyotiraditya Scindia.


What is Guna district famous for?

Guna boasts several renowned landmarks, including Hanumaan Tekri, a prominent hilltop temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Additionally, the famous Bajrangarh Fort, once the stronghold of Maharaja Jai Singh, is situated just 8 kilometers away from Guna. In the same village, you can also find the renowned Jain Temple known as Jain Atishay Kshetra, making Guna a place of cultural and historical significance.

Which division is Guna in?

Guna falls under the jurisdiction of the Gwalior Division.

On which river is Guna?

Guna, a district in Madhya Pradesh, is famously referred to as the entrance to the Malwa and Chambal regions. It is situated on the northeastern edge of the Malwa Plateau, adjacent to the Parbati River.

What is the famous food of Guna?

Guna is well-known for its delightful street food, which harmoniously blends local spices and traditional culinary techniques. Don't miss the chance to savor the beloved "Poha Jalebi," a popular breakfast treat that marries savory flattened rice with sweet, crispy jalebis. This local specialty is highly recommended and shouldn't be missed during your visit to Guna.