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Pincodes of Hardoi

Welcome to our Hardoi Pincodes database, your trusted source for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of various localities in Hardoi, India’s historic city located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Hardoi University is well-known for its rich cultural legacy, historical significance, and thriving communities. PIN codes are an essential component of the postal system, ensuring accurate sorting and delivery of mail and parcels. Each settlement in Hardoi is allocated a unique PIN code, which allows postal services to correctly route and deliver mail to its intended recipients. Using the correct PIN code is critical for guaranteeing fast and accurate mail delivery.

Hardoi Pincodes

Here is a list of Hardoi Pincodes

Aihrori241121HardoiUttar Pradesh
Atia Sahpur241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Atrauli241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Atwa Bhasen241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Babnapur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Baghauli241122HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bahar241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Barwan241401HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bawan241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Behander241201HardoiUttar Pradesh
Behta Gokul241125HardoiUttar Pradesh
Beniganj241304HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bhadaicha241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bhagwant Nagar241303HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bharakhani241123HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bharawan241202HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bilgram241301HardoiUttar Pradesh
Bilgram B.s.241301HardoiUttar Pradesh
Chhanoiya241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Civil Lines241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Dalelnagar241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Dhiar Maholiya241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Dhikunni241203HardoiUttar Pradesh
Eja241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Gaus Ganj241305HardoiUttar Pradesh
Gopamau241404HardoiUttar Pradesh
Hardoi241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Hardoi Bazar241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Hardoi R. s.241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Hardoi Sugar mills241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Hariyawan241405HardoiUttar Pradesh
Harpalpur241402HardoiUttar Pradesh
Kachhauna241126HardoiUttar Pradesh
Kakendi241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Kaudha241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Khajurahara241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Kotkalan241406HardoiUttar Pradesh
Kurria241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Kutuwapur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Lalpalpur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Loomamau241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Madara241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Madhoganj241302HardoiUttar Pradesh
Maholiya Shivpar241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Malaiya241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Malehra241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Malihamau241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Mallawan241303HardoiUttar Pradesh
Meer Nagar ajigawan241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Munney Miyan ka chauraha241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Nabi Purwa241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Nai Basti241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Naya Gaon mubarakpur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Neer241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Odra241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Pali241123HardoiUttar Pradesh
Pihani241406HardoiUttar Pradesh
Poora Bahadur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Purwawan241303HardoiUttar Pradesh
Rainso241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Rara241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Saadat Nagar241407HardoiUttar Pradesh
Saank241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sadai Behta241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Saitiyapur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sakara241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sakatpur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sandi241403HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sandila241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sandila I. estate241124HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sandila Town241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sarve241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sathara241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Shahabad241124HardoiUttar Pradesh
Shahabad B.s.241124HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sikarohari241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Sursa241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Tatyora241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Teriya241204HardoiUttar Pradesh
Turtipur241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Uncha Thok241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
Vanshi Nagar241001HardoiUttar Pradesh
White Ganj241001HardoiUttar Pradesh

About Hardoi

Hardoi district, centrally nestled in Uttar Pradesh, India, boasts the city of Hardoi as its bustling hub and district headquarters. Occupying a significant position, it ranks as the state’s third-largest district within the precincts of Lucknow division, historically tied to Awadh State. According to the 2011 census, its population swells to 4,092,845 individuals, residing in 730,442 households, marking it as the 13th most densely inhabited district in Uttar Pradesh. This region brims with vibrant life, embodying the cultural richness and historical tapestry of the heartland.


The district of Hardoi, shaped during the British rule post-1856, was originally part of Lucknow and Khairabad sarkars during Akbar’s era. Lucknow sarkar comprised Sandila, Mallanwan, Kachhandao, “Garanda” (potentially Gundwa), and Bilgram mahals. Although the Ain-i-Akbari mentions a Hardoi mahal in Lucknow district, it refers to the modern Rae Bareli district. In Khairabad sarkar, Gopamau, Sara, Bawan, Sandi, Pali, and Barwar-Anjana mahals were partially or wholly within the boundaries of the present-day Hardoi district.


As of the 2011 census, Hardoi district housed 4,092,845 residents, akin to Lebanon or Oregon in size. It ranks 51st in India, boasting a density of 683 individuals per square kilometer and a growth rate of 20.39% from 2001 to 2011. The sex ratio stands at 868 females per 1000 males, the 62nd highest in Uttar Pradesh, with a literacy rate of 64.6%. Urban areas host 13.24% of the populace, and Scheduled Castes represent 31.14%. Moreover, 15.9% fall within the 0-6 age group. Back in 1901, the district held 1,092,834 inhabitants, with Shahabad leading at 20,036 and Mallanwan at 11,158 residents.


Hardoi, the westernmost district of Awadh, borders Sitapur and Lakhimpur Kheri districts to the east, while Lucknow and Unnao districts lie to the south. The Gomti River marks its eastern boundary, with the Sendha River and Ramganga defining the partial western border until the Ganges completes the rest. Geographically, it divides into kachh or lowlands in the west and bangar or uplands in the east, separated by barren sandhills. The eastern uplands overlook the Gomti, with tarai lowlands and swamps in between. Rolling sandhills dominate the uplands, posing a shifting hazard to the farms below, especially around Gopamau, while steep ravines channel water into lower-lying areas and reedy swamps form in depressions.


In 2006, Hardoi was designated by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of India’s 250 most underprivileged districts among a total of 640. Positioned within the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh, it stands as one of the 34 districts benefitting from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). This initiative channels crucial funds towards regions in need, aiding their development and progress. The acknowledgment of Hardoi’s backward status highlights the challenges it faces, prompting targeted support aimed at uplifting its socio-economic landscape. Through the BRGF, the district receives vital resources and support, enabling endeavors aimed at enhancing infrastructure, education, healthcare, and overall community welfare. 


Why is Hardoi famous?

Hardoi, akin to numerous small Indian towns, boasts myriad temples. Naimisharayan, believed to be the cradle of puraanas, holds immense sanctity in Hinduism within this sacred space.

What is the old name of Hardoi?

Hardoi District is conventionally associated with "HIRNAKASHYAP," and its current name, Hardoi, derives from the earlier name "HARIDROHI," albeit in a distorted form.

Who is the king of Hardoi?

The British, having seized much of Avadh, aimed for Hardoi. Raja Narpat Singh's valor and tactics thwarted them, forcing their defeat in their conquest.

What does Hardoi mean?

Hardoi's name potentially stems from 'Haridrohi,' suggesting defiance against God. Legend claims it was named after King Hiranyakashipu, who opposed the concept of divinity.

How did Hardoi get its name?

Some scholars link "Hardoi" to "Haridwaya," signifying two gods: Vamana Bhagavan under King Bali and Narasimha Bhagavan under King Hiranyakashipu, leading to its name evolution.