Hathras Pincodes

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Pincodes of Hathras

Welcome to our Hathras Pincodes database, your trusted source for learning the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of many localities in the historic city of Hathras, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Hathras is noted for its dynamic neighborhoods, rich cultural legacy, and historical landmarks. PIN numbers are an important part of the postal system since they ensure the effective sorting and delivery of mail and deliveries. Each location in Hathras is allocated a unique PIN code, which aids in the accurate routing and timely delivery of mail to its intended recipients. Using the correct PIN code is critical for ensuring that your mail is delivered on time.

Hathras Pincodes

Here is a list of Hathras Pincodes

1Ahabaranpur204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
2Ahen204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
3Akhaipur204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
4Allehpur204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
5Ama Madapur204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
6Arjunpur204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
7Arnot204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
8Arti281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
9Asroi204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
10Baghraya204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
11Bamnoi204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
12Band Abdulhamipur204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
13Bapandai204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
14Barai Shahpur204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
15Bardwari204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
16Barsauli204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
17Basai Babas204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
18Basamaroo281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
19Basgoi204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
20Bastoi204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
21Bazidpur204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
22Bedai281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
23Bhatikara204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
24Bhenkuri204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
25Bhuraka204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
26Bisana204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
27Bonai204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
28Bwarwana204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
29Chandpur Mirza204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
30Chhonda204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
31Dandesari204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
32Dariyapur204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
33Dhadau281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
34Dhatroi204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
35Dwarikapur204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
36Edalpur281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
37G C sasni204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
38Gadola204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
39Gangapur204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
40Gangcholi204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
41Ganthri Shahpur204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
42Garhi Balna204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
43Garhi Hirasingh204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
44Ginoli Kishanpur204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
45Gopi204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
46Guarau Kalan204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
47Gudmai Misripur204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
48Gutehara281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
49Hasanpurbaru281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
50Hasayan204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
51Hathras204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
52Hathras City204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
53Hathras Jn rs204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
54Hatisa Bhagwantpur204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
55I E hathras204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
56Jalesar R.s.281104HathrasUttar Pradesh
57Jansoi204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
58Jarau281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
59Jatoi204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
60Jawar204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
61Jiroli204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
62Jiroli Kalan204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
63Jogia204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
64Jugasana281308HathrasUttar Pradesh
65Kachaura204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
66Kailora204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
67Kanau204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
68Kanya Gurukul204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
69Kapasiya204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
70Karas204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
71Karkauli281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
72Karsaura281308HathrasUttar Pradesh
73Khajauthi281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
74Khonda281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
75Koka204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
76Kota204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
77Kunwarpur204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
78Kursanda281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
79L C hathras204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
80Ladpur204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
81Lakhnu204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
82Luheta Khurd204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
83M M hathras204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
84Madakabhoj281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
85Maho204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
86Mahrara281104HathrasUttar Pradesh
87Mau Chirayal204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
88Meetai204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
89Mendamai204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
90Mendu204105HathrasUttar Pradesh
91Mohariya204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
92Mursan204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
93Nagaria Patti204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
94Nagla Danda204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
95Nagla Veer sahai204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
96Naglaberu281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
97Naj Mandi s rao204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
98Nasirpur281308HathrasUttar Pradesh
99Naugaon281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
100Nayaganj Hathras204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
101Northa Isepur204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
102Pachaun204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
103Parhil204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
104Parsara204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
105Pata Khas204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
106Pateni204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
107Penth Gaon204213HathrasUttar Pradesh
108Pipalgaon204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
109Pora204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
110Punner204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
111Purdilpur204214HathrasUttar Pradesh
112Rasgaon281104HathrasUttar Pradesh
113Ratanpur Hussainpur204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
114Rati Ka nagla204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
115Rudayan204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
116Ruheri204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
117Sadabad281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
118Sahpau281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
119Salempur281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
120Samadpur281306HathrasUttar Pradesh
121Sasni204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
122Shankerpur204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
123Sikandra Rao204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
124Sikhra281307HathrasUttar Pradesh
125Siktara204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
126Sokhana204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
127Srinagar204212HathrasUttar Pradesh
128Sujawalpur204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
129Susayat Kalan204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
130Tati Dadia204215HathrasUttar Pradesh
131Tehra204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
132Thulai204102HathrasUttar Pradesh
133Tikari Kalan204211HathrasUttar Pradesh
134Tilothi204216HathrasUttar Pradesh
135Tochhigarh204106HathrasUttar Pradesh
136Tuksan204101HathrasUttar Pradesh
137Unchagaon281104HathrasUttar Pradesh
138Veernagar204101HathrasUttar Pradesh

About Hathras

Hathras, a significant city in Uttar Pradesh, India, serves as the headquarters of Hathras district, established on May 3, 1997, amalgamating sections from Aligarh, Mathura, and Agra. This city forms a part of the Aligarh Division. Notably, Hathras boasts a temple and predominantly employs a dialect of Hindi known as Braj Bhasha, closely linked to Khariboli, a dialect prevalent in the Delhi region. The city’s renown lies in the production of asafoetida, commonly referred to as hing.


Established on May 3, 1997, through the amalgamation of sections from Aligarh, Mathura, and Agra districts, Hathras district initially bore the name Mahamaya Nagar, honoring Mayadevi, the Buddha’s mother. However, in 2012, it underwent a renaming process and was officially designated as Hathras district. This change marked a pivotal moment in its history, aligning the district’s identity with a new name while preserving its heritage and historical significance. The alteration from Mahamaya Nagar to Hathras encapsulated the region’s evolution, reflecting the essence of cultural transitions and the dynamic nature of its societal fabric. Since then, Hathras district has continued to thrive, embracing its rich past while stepping into a future guided by its diverse heritage and vibrant communities.


As per the 2011 census, Hathras district boasted a population of 1,564,708, akin to Gabon’s national populace. It held the 319th position among India’s 640 districts. Encompassing an area of 1,840 square kilometres, it sustained a population density of 850 individuals per square kilometre. Notably, the district’s population surged by 17.12% from 2001 to 2011. Hathras recorded a sex ratio of 871 females per 1,000 males, with a literacy rate of 60.2%. Urban areas accommodated 21.27% of the populace, while Scheduled Castes constituted 24.77%. The dominant languages were Hindi (98.16%) and Urdu (1.24%), with Braj as the local dialect.


Hathras, positioned at 27.6°N 78.05°E, rests at an altitude of around 185 meters (606 feet). It lies at the convergence of vital highways connecting Agra, Aligarh, Mathura, and Bareilly. The area is renowned for its drastic temperature shifts. According to the 2001 Indian census, Hathras was home to 123,243 individuals, with a gender split of 53% male and 47% female. Notably, its average literacy rate stands at 60%, surpassing the national average of 59.5%. Among the literate population, 66% are male and 53% are female. Additionally, 14% of the inhabitants are under the age of six, showcasing a diverse demographic.


Hathras, a district headquarters, comprises four subdivisions: Hathras, Sasni, Sikandra Rao, and Sadabad. It falls under the Lok Sabha constituency reserved for the Scheduled Caste category. The district accommodates three assembly constituencies, each aligned with its subdivisions. Established in 1997 as Mahamaya Nagar, Hathras district was formed by merging sections from Aligarh, Mathura, and Agra districts. This consolidation shaped its current geographic identity, and since then, it has grown as a significant administrative entity within Uttar Pradesh, fostering development and representation for its diverse populace.


What Hathras is famous for?

Hathras gained prominence for producing Holi Colors, garments, chemicals, carpets, Moonga-Moti pearls, brassware, handicrafts, edible oil, metal crafts, and beverages, showcasing diverse manufacturing prowess.

Which district headquarters is Hathras?

Hathras, once Mahamaya Nagar, lies in Uttar Pradesh, India. Hathras city is its hub. It's within Aligarh division, shaping Uttar Pradesh's cultural tapestry.

What was Hathras during British rule?

Hathras thrived commercially under British rule, becoming the Doab's second trading hub after Cawnpore. It attained district status on May 6, 1997, merging Aligarh and Mathura Tehsils.

What is the Hindu population in Hathras?

Hinduism dominates Hathras with 84.89%, followed by Islam at 13.54%. Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism collectively represent a fraction of the population.

What is the old name of Hathras district?

Hathras district emerged in 1997, integrating sections from Aligarh, Mathura, and Agra districts, formerly recognized as Mahamaya Nagar.