Imphal West Pincodes

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Pincodes of Imphal West

Imphal West Pincodes: Imphal West, located in the northeastern state of Manipur, India, boasts several unique pincodes that facilitate postal services in the region. These pincodes serve as essential identifiers for specific localities within Imphal West, ensuring efficient mail and package delivery. Imphal West is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant communities. Whether you’re sending a letter or receiving a parcel, knowing the Imphal West pincodes is crucial for seamless communication and accessibility. Explore the diverse locales and discover the heart of Manipur through its distinct pincodes, each representing a unique facet of this captivating district.
Imphal West Pincodes

Here is a list of Imphal West Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ahallup795002Imphal WestManipur
2Arong795132Imphal WestManipur
3Awang Leikinthabi795136Imphal WestManipur
4Awangpotshangbam795002Imphal WestManipur
5Bengoon Maning leikai795132Imphal WestManipur
6Bidyanagar795115Imphal WestManipur
7Bitrarakhong795009Imphal WestManipur
8Bongmun795116Imphal WestManipur
9Borobekra795116Imphal WestManipur
10Br Colony795115Imphal WestManipur
11Canchipur (t/c/d)795003Imphal WestManipur
12Central Agriculture university795004Imphal WestManipur
13Ch. khongnangpokpi795136Imphal WestManipur
14Chabung Company795132Imphal WestManipur
15Champanagar795116Imphal WestManipur
16Chingmun795116Imphal WestManipur
17Chirai Muslim795132Imphal WestManipur
18Christan Centre haochong795146Imphal WestManipur
19Crpf Langjing795113Imphal WestManipur
20D.M college795001Imphal WestManipur
21Gularthol795115Imphal WestManipur
22Haorang Kairel795113Imphal WestManipur
23Haoreibi795009Imphal WestManipur
24Heibong Makhong795132Imphal WestManipur
25Heibongpokpi795146Imphal WestManipur
26Heingang795002Imphal WestManipur
27Hiyangthang795009Imphal WestManipur
28Ijairong795146Imphal WestManipur
29Imphal795001Imphal WestManipur
30Imphal Bazar795001Imphal WestManipur
31Irengnaga795146Imphal WestManipur
32Iroisemaba795004Imphal WestManipur
33Irom Meijrao795009Imphal WestManipur
34Irong Chessabal795132Imphal WestManipur
35Irong Umang khunou795132Imphal WestManipur
36Jakurdhar795116Imphal WestManipur
37Jiribam Bazar795116Imphal WestManipur
38Kangchup Chiru795146Imphal WestManipur
39Kangchup Hill (p)795146Imphal WestManipur
40Kangchup Makhong795146Imphal WestManipur
41Kanglatongbi795136Imphal WestManipur
42Karakhul795002Imphal WestManipur
43Karam Vaiphei795146Imphal WestManipur
44Kashimpur795115Imphal WestManipur
45Keimai795115Imphal WestManipur
46Kh Jaikhan795116Imphal WestManipur
47Khamnam Bazar795113Imphal WestManipur
48Khangakhul795113Imphal WestManipur
49Khelakhong795132Imphal WestManipur
50Khonghampat795002Imphal WestManipur
51Khoyathong795001Imphal WestManipur
52Khumbong Bazar795113Imphal WestManipur
53Khundong Khukhaiba795146Imphal WestManipur
54Khurukhul795002Imphal WestManipur
55Kodompokpi795009Imphal WestManipur
56Komlakhong795132Imphal WestManipur
57Konthakhabam795002Imphal WestManipur
58Konthoujam795113Imphal WestManipur
59Kunja (p)795003Imphal WestManipur
60Kyamgei795003Imphal WestManipur
61Laiphrakom795140Imphal WestManipur
62Lairen Sajik795146Imphal WestManipur
63Lalkhai795116Imphal WestManipur
64Lamboi Khongnagkhong795004Imphal WestManipur
65Lamdeng795146Imphal WestManipur
66Lamphelpat795004Imphal WestManipur
67Lamsang795146Imphal WestManipur
68Langjing Achouba795113Imphal WestManipur
69Langol Housing complex795004Imphal WestManipur
70Langthabal795003Imphal WestManipur
71Laphupat795132Imphal WestManipur
72Loitang Leikinthabi795002Imphal WestManipur
73Longa Koireng795113Imphal WestManipur
74Longpi795116Imphal WestManipur
75Loukok Mayai leikai795132Imphal WestManipur
76Luwangsangbam795002Imphal WestManipur
77Luwangsangol795136Imphal WestManipur
78Maibam Konjil795132Imphal WestManipur
79Makhan795136Imphal WestManipur
80Maklang Bazar795113Imphal WestManipur
81Mantripukhri795002Imphal WestManipur
82Mayang Impahl bengoon795132Imphal WestManipur
83Mayang Langjing795146Imphal WestManipur
84Mongsangei795003Imphal WestManipur
85Mutum Phibou795132Imphal WestManipur
86Natok Kabui795113Imphal WestManipur
87New Keiphundai795115Imphal WestManipur
88New Keithelmanbi795113Imphal WestManipur
89Ngairangbam795113Imphal WestManipur
90Ngaphabung795116Imphal WestManipur
91Ningombam795003Imphal WestManipur
92Noremthong Bazar795004Imphal WestManipur
93Oktan795146Imphal WestManipur
94Paobitek795009Imphal WestManipur
95Patpuimun795116Imphal WestManipur
96Patsoi Part ii795113Imphal WestManipur
97Phaibok Mullen795116Imphal WestManipur
98Phayeng795146Imphal WestManipur
99Phoubakchao795132Imphal WestManipur
100Ponlian795146Imphal WestManipur
101Potsangbam Khoirou795136Imphal WestManipur
102Sagolband Thingom leikai795004Imphal WestManipur
103Sagoltongba Bazar795113Imphal WestManipur
104Samurou795009Imphal WestManipur
105Sangaiprou795140Imphal WestManipur
106Santhel795132Imphal WestManipur
107Sayang Kuraomakhong795004Imphal WestManipur
108Sekmaijin795132Imphal WestManipur
109Sekmaijin khunou konuma795132Imphal WestManipur
110Sekmaijin Khunou litan makhong795132Imphal WestManipur
111Soibam Leikai795001Imphal WestManipur
112Sonapur795116Imphal WestManipur
113Suangpuimun795116Imphal WestManipur
114Tairenpokpi795113Imphal WestManipur
115Takyel Khongbal795113Imphal WestManipur
116Tendongyang (p)795002Imphal WestManipur
117Tera Bazar795004Imphal WestManipur
118Tera Khoidum mayai leikai795132Imphal WestManipur
119Tharoijam795113Imphal WestManipur
120Tuitengmun795116Imphal WestManipur
121Uchiwa795132Imphal WestManipur
122Uchiwa Wangban795132Imphal WestManipur
123Wangoi795009Imphal WestManipur
124Yarrow Meitram795140Imphal WestManipur
125Yumnam Khunou795009Imphal WestManipur
126Yurembam795113Imphal WestManipur

About Imphal West District

Located in the northeastern region of India, Imphal West district stands as one of Manipur state’s sixteen administrative districts. With the latest census data from 2011, it emerges as the most densely populated district within the state. Imphal West boasts a diverse and culturally rich landscape, encompassing urban and rural areas, along with vibrant communities that contribute to its dynamic character. This district serves as a vital hub for economic, cultural, and administrative activities, playing a significant role in the overall development and cultural heritage of Manipur. Its population density and cultural significance make Imphal West a prominent and unique part of the state.


Imphal West, Manipur, boasts a captivating history rooted in the annals of Indian heritage. Home to Imphal, the district has been a witness to pivotal events, including conflicts during World War II. Imphal served as a battleground, notably during the Battle of Imphal, a turning point in the war against Japanese forces. The region’s history is intricately tied to Manipur’s rich cultural tapestry, showcasing its resilience and spirit. Over time, Imphal West has evolved into a vibrant district, blending its historical significance with modern developments, serving as a cultural and administrative nucleus within the beautiful landscapes of Manipur.


As per the 2011 census, Imphal West district is home to a population of 517,992, approximately equivalent to the entire nation of Cape Verde. This positions it at the 545th rank among Indian districts, out of a total of 640. The district exhibits a high population density, with 992 individuals per square kilometer (2,570 per square mile). Over the decade spanning 2001-2011, Imphal West experienced a population growth rate of 15.82%. Gender-wise, there are 1029 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate stands impressively at 86.7%. Moreover, a notable 62.33% of the population resides in urban areas. Additionally, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes constitute 3.19% and 4.66% of the district’s populace, respectively.


Imphal West, situated in the northeastern state of Manipur, is a geographically diverse district characterized by its varied topography. It encompasses rolling hills, fertile valleys, and lush plains, making it a region of scenic beauty. The district is traversed by several rivers and streams, enhancing its natural charm. Imphal West is blessed with a moderate climate, with temperatures ranging from pleasantly cool in winter to comfortably warm in summer. This geography not only supports agriculture, with paddy fields and vegetable gardens, but also provides a picturesque backdrop to the urban areas, adding to the overall allure of this culturally vibrant and historically significant part of Manipur.


The district is administratively divided into four sub-divisions and ten circles, each with its distinct identity and significance. Lamphelpat Sub-Division serves as the central administrative unit, encompassing Lamphelpat itself. Patsoi Sub-Division is notable for its Patsoi and Konthoujam circles, contributing to the district’s administrative structure. Lamsang Sub-Division comprises Salam, Lamsang, and Sekmai circles, each playing a role in the region’s governance. Finally, Wangoi Sub-Division encompasses Hiyangthang, Lilong Chajing, Wangoi, and Mayang Imphal circles, adding to the district’s diverse geographical and cultural tapestry. These sub-divisions and circles collectively form the administrative framework that guides the development and governance of Imphal West.


How big is Imphal West?

Covering a total area of 519 square kilometers, this district boasts a diverse landscape that encompasses urban and rural regions.

What is the profile of Imphal West District?

Imphal West District, categorized within Manipur's valley region, is a central plain surrounded by neighboring district plains, with Imphal City as its pivotal center.

How many villages are there in Imphal West District?

Imphal West district in Manipur, India, comprises four sub-divisions, with 4 municipal councils/corporations and 178 villages, as of 2023.

How many sub divisions are in Imphal West?

There are 4 subdivisions in Imphal West district. Here is the list of all Imphal West Subdivisions / Blocks / C.D. Blocks along with area & population information.

Who is the district magistrate of Imphal West?

Th. Kirankumar holds the position of Deputy Commissioner, while Samson Huidrom serves as the SDO/SDM Patsoi in their respective roles.