Indore Pincodes

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Pincodes of Indore

Indore, the largest city in Madhya Pradesh, India, is renowned for its blend of rich history and modernity. It’s famous for its vibrant street food, especially Poha-Jalebi, and bustling bazaars. Indore’s cultural heritage is reflected in its majestic palaces and temples, and it’s celebrated as India’s cleanest city. The city is also a commercial hub, known for its textile industry. Indore’s educational institutions, like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM), add to its prestige, making it a key destination for both tourists and professionals. Indore pincodes are created for essential for precise mail delivery and location mapping.

Indore Pincodes

Here is a list of Indore Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agra453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
2Ajnod453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
3Alwasa453111IndoreMadhya Pradesh
4Ambachandan453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
5Army Head quarter452006IndoreMadhya Pradesh
6Attahada453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
7Atwada453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
8Aurangpura453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
9Bachhoda453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
10Badgonda453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
11Badodia Khan453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
12Bai453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
13Baloda Tkun453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
14Banadia453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
15Baoliakhurd452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
16Barlai Jagir453771IndoreMadhya Pradesh
17Betma453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
18Bhagana453111IndoreMadhya Pradesh
19Bhagora453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
20Bhanwrasala453111IndoreMadhya Pradesh
21Bhatkhedi453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
22Bhilbadoli453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
23Bicholi Mardana452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
24Bijasan Road452005IndoreMadhya Pradesh
25Binawda453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
26Burankhedi452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
27Chadoda453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
28Chambal453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
29Chittoda453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
30Choral453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
31Chordia453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
32Dakachia453771IndoreMadhya Pradesh
33Datoda452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
34Depalpur453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
35Dhannad453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
36Dharnaka453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
37Dudhia452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
38Farkodha453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
39Fc Ganj453236IndoreMadhya Pradesh
40Gandhinagar453112IndoreMadhya Pradesh
41Gautampura453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
42Gawlipalasia453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
43Girota453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
44Gokulpur453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
45Gujarkheda453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
46Guran453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
47Gurunanak Chauk452007IndoreMadhya Pradesh
48Harsola453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
49Hasalpur453661IndoreMadhya Pradesh
50Hatod453111IndoreMadhya Pradesh
51Indore Cgo complex452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
52Indore Cat452013IndoreMadhya Pradesh
53Indore City-2452002IndoreMadhya Pradesh
54Indore Cloth market452002IndoreMadhya Pradesh
55Indore Collectorate452007IndoreMadhya Pradesh
56Indore Courts452007IndoreMadhya Pradesh
57Indore Ddu nagar452010IndoreMadhya Pradesh
58Indore Govt. college452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
59Indore Industrial area452015IndoreMadhya Pradesh
60Indore Javeri bagh452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
61Indore Kanadia road452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
62Indore Kumar khadi452003IndoreMadhya Pradesh
63Indore Malwa mill452003IndoreMadhya Pradesh
64Indore Manorama ganj452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
65Indore Nagar452007IndoreMadhya Pradesh
66Indore Pardesipura452003IndoreMadhya Pradesh
67Indore R.s.s.nagar452008IndoreMadhya Pradesh
68Indore Raj mohalla452002IndoreMadhya Pradesh
69Indore Ram bagh452007IndoreMadhya Pradesh
70Indore Siyaganj452007IndoreMadhya Pradesh
71Indore Tillaknagar452018IndoreMadhya Pradesh
72Indore Tukoganj452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
73Indore Uchchanyayalay452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
74Indore.452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
75Industrial Estate452015IndoreMadhya Pradesh
76Jalodiyagyan453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
77Jamburdi Sarwar453111IndoreMadhya Pradesh
78Jamburdihapsi453112IndoreMadhya Pradesh
79Jamli453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
80Jhalaria452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
81Jindakheda453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
82Joshiguradia452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
83Juni Indore452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
84Kachalia453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
85Kadwali Bujurg453771IndoreMadhya Pradesh
86Kalaria453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
87Kallibillod453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
88Kalmer453111IndoreMadhya Pradesh
89Kamadpur453661IndoreMadhya Pradesh
90Kampel452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
91Kanadia452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
92Kanadia Road452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
93Kankariapal453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
94Kanwasa453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
95Karadia453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
96Kasturbagram452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
97Kelod453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
98Kelodkartal452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
99Khatiwala Tank452014IndoreMadhya Pradesh
100Khedi Sihod453661IndoreMadhya Pradesh
101Khudel452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
102Khurdi453661IndoreMadhya Pradesh
103Kishanganj453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
104Kodria453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
105Kudana453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
106Lasudia453771IndoreMadhya Pradesh
107Limbiodapar453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
108Lokmanya Nagar indore452009IndoreMadhya Pradesh
109Machal453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
110Machla452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
111Maithwada453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
112Manglia453771IndoreMadhya Pradesh
113Manpur453661IndoreMadhya Pradesh
114Men453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
115Mendakwasa453220IndoreMadhya Pradesh
116Mhow453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
117Mhow Barracks452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
118Mhow Cantt453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
119Mhow College of combat453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
120Mhow Gaon453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
121Mhow Infantry school453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
122Mhow Railway stattion453441IndoreMadhya Pradesh
123Murkheda453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
124Nanda Nagar452011IndoreMadhya Pradesh
125Neori453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
126Pagnispaga Indore452007IndoreMadhya Pradesh
127Palakhedi453112IndoreMadhya Pradesh
128Palda452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
129Paliya453111IndoreMadhya Pradesh
130Panod453771IndoreMadhya Pradesh
131Paphund453661IndoreMadhya Pradesh
132Pedmi452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
133Pigdamber453331IndoreMadhya Pradesh
134Pipalda452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
135Piwdai452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
136Radio Colony indore452001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
137Rajendra Nagar452012IndoreMadhya Pradesh
138Rajoda453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
139Rangwasa453331IndoreMadhya Pradesh
140Rao453331IndoreMadhya Pradesh
141Rasalpura453446IndoreMadhya Pradesh
142Rolai453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
143Sadar Bazar indore452006IndoreMadhya Pradesh
144Sagdod453001IndoreMadhya Pradesh
145Sanawadia452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
146Sanwer453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
147Sanwer Link road indore452003IndoreMadhya Pradesh
148Semlia Chau452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
149Simrol452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
150Sivani452016IndoreMadhya Pradesh
151Solsinda453551IndoreMadhya Pradesh
152Sonway Bhensolay audygik kshet453332IndoreMadhya Pradesh
153Sudama Nagar452009IndoreMadhya Pradesh
154Sumtha453115IndoreMadhya Pradesh
155Tihi453331IndoreMadhya Pradesh
156Tillorbujurg452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
157Tillorkhurd452020IndoreMadhya Pradesh
158Todi453771IndoreMadhya Pradesh
159Umaria453331IndoreMadhya Pradesh
160Vallabhnagar452003IndoreMadhya Pradesh
161Vijay Nagar452010IndoreMadhya Pradesh
162Yashwant Nagar453661IndoreMadhya Pradesh

About Indore

Indore District, located in the central part of Madhya Pradesh, India, is thought to be named after the Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, where the deity Indra is worshipped. Historical Gupta inscriptions refer to it as “Indrapura”. Often referred to as the administrative capital, the district is a part of the Indore Division. As of the 2011 census, it held the distinction of being the most populous among Madhya Pradesh’s 50 districts.


Indore District, in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India, boasts a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Originally a small trading hub, it grew under the rule of local chieftains, the Rajputs. The region gained prominence in the 18th century under the Holkar dynasty, particularly under the leadership of Malhar Rao Holkar. It became a key political and commercial center during this period.

The city of Indore, the district’s heart, was planned and built by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, a revered and just ruler known for her administrative acumen. Under her reign, Indore flourished in trade, arts, and culture, attracting merchants and artisans from various regions.

Post-independence, Indore continued to develop rapidly, evolving into an educational and industrial hub of central India. The city played a pivotal role in India’s modern history, blending its royal heritage with contemporary growth. Today, Indore District is a testament to its historical significance, marked by its blend of ancient traditions and modern developments.


Indore District covers an area of 3,898 square kilometers and is surrounded by Ujjain to the north, Dewas to the east, Khargone (West Nimar) to the south, and Dhar to the west. The district’s main rivers are the Chambal in the west, which originates from the Vindhya range south of Mhow, and the Kshipra, a tributary of the Chambal, in the east. Additionally, smaller rivers like the Gambhir and the Kanh, both feeding into the Kshipra River, flow through the district.


Indore district is divided into 10 areas known as tehsils, which are Bicholi Hapsi, Depalpur, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Hatod, Juni Indore, Kanadia, Khudel, Malharganj, Rau, and Sanwer. In addition, there are four blocks: Indore, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Sanwer, and Depalpur. Across these blocks, there are 51 police stations. The district includes a total of 335 Panchayats (local government councils) and 649 villages.


As per the 2011 census, Indore District has a population of 3,276,697, ranking it as the 105th most populous among India’s 640 districts. The area has a density of 841 people per square kilometer. The gender ratio is 928 women for every 1,000 men, with an overall literacy rate of 80.87% (87.25% for males and 74.02% for females). A significant 74.09% of the population resides in urban areas. Language-wise, 71.39% speak Hindi, followed by 15.05% speaking Malvi, 3.54% Marathi, 2.81% Urdu, 1.74% Sindhi, 1.39% Nimadi, 0.98% Gujarati, 0.81% Punjabi, and 0.49% Bhili as their primary language.


Is Indore a district or a city?

Indore is the biggest and most populated city in Madhya Pradesh, India. It's known for being the cleanest city in the country. The city is the administrative center for both Indore District and the wider Indore Division.

Which district is near to Indore?

Indore District covers an area of 3,898 square kilometers and is surrounded by Ujjain to the north, Dewas to the east, Khargone (West Nimar) to the south, and Dhar to the west.

Why is Indore so famous?

Indore, renowned for its deep historical roots and swift industrial growth, is famous for its cotton handloom industry, splendid palaces and temples, delicious street food, vibrant night markets, and much more. It's no surprise that the city is gradually turning into a favorite travel spot for visitors from all over the country.

What is Indore famous food?

Indore is celebrated for its vibrant street food like Poha-Jalebi stands out as a popular breakfast choice, combining light and fluffy poha (flattened rice) with sweet, syrupy jalebis. The city is also famous for its Indori Namkeen, a range of savory snacks that includes sev, mixtures, and other delectable treats, all known for their distinctive flavors. Additionally, Indore's kachoris and samosas are a must-try; these spicy, deep-fried snacks are filled with a delicious mixture of lentils or spiced potatoes and are a staple in the local culinary scene.

Which sweet is famous in Indore?

In Indore, the sweet that stands out most is Jalebi. Their crispy exterior and juicy, sweet interior make them a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Jalebis in Indore are often enjoyed with Poha, creating a unique and delightful combination of sweet and savory flavors.