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Pincodes of Jalaun

Welcome to our Jalaun Pincodes database, your reliable source for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of many localities in the ancient district of Jalaun, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Jalaun is well-known for its cultural history, beautiful scenery, and thriving neighborhoods. PIN numbers are an important aspect of the postal system since they ensure the effective sorting and delivery of mail and shipments. Each locality in Jalaun is allocated a unique PIN code, which allows postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to its intended recipients. Using the correct PIN code is critical for ensuring that your mail is delivered on time.

Jalaun Pincodes

Here is a list of Jalaun Pincodes

1Abhedepur285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
2Aeir285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
3Aindha285223JalaunUttar Pradesh
4Ait285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
5Ajeetapur285129JalaunUttar Pradesh
6Aknewa285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
7Akorhi285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
8Akorhi Dubey285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
9Alipur285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
10Amkhera285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
11Anda285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
12Ata285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
13Atagaon285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
14Atarehati285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
15Atariya285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
16Atra Kalan285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
17Aurekhi285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
18Babai285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
19Babina285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
20Bagi285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
21Bahadurpur285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
22Bairai285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
23Bandhauli285122JalaunUttar Pradesh
24Bangra285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
25Baoni Estate285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
26Baragaon285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
27Barkhera285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
28Baroda Kalan285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
29Barsar285223JalaunUttar Pradesh
30Baseeth285206JalaunUttar Pradesh
31Basob285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
32Beerpura285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
33Beri285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
34Bhadari285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
35Bhadeikh285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
36Bhadreikhi285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
37Bhaoupura285128JalaunUttar Pradesh
38Bharsoonda285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
39Bhend285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
40Bhendi285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
41Bichauli285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
42Bilayan285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
43Bilond285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
44Binaura285223JalaunUttar Pradesh
45Birasni285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
46Birguwan Buzurg285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
47Birguwan Khurd285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
48Chaki285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
49Chamari285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
50Chamend285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
51Chandurra285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
52Chatela285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
53Chhani285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
54Chhiriya Salempur285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
55Chhonk285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
56Chilli285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
57Chitaura285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
58Churkhi285196JalaunUttar Pradesh
59Dakore285122JalaunUttar Pradesh
60Damras285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
61Daulatpur285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
62Deogaon285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
63Dhagwan Kalan285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
64Dhamna285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
65Dhanaura285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
66Dhantauli285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
67Dhoota285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
68Dhurat285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
69Diraoti285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
70Dvc Road orai285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
71Eekon285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
72Eeton285129JalaunUttar Pradesh
73Gadhela285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
74Gaindoli285206JalaunUttar Pradesh
75Garhar285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
76Garherna285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
77Garhgawan285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
78Garrehi285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
79Ghillaur285206JalaunUttar Pradesh
80Gohan285134JalaunUttar Pradesh
81Gopalpura285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
82Gora Bhoopka285128JalaunUttar Pradesh
83Gora Rathor285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
84Gulaoli285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
85Guraoti285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
86Gurha285122JalaunUttar Pradesh
87Hadrukh285128JalaunUttar Pradesh
88Harauli285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
89Harchandpur285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
90Hardoi Guzar285131JalaunUttar Pradesh
91Hatheri285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
92Imiliya285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
93Imiliya Buzurg285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
94Ingui285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
95Itahiya285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
96Itaura285231JalaunUttar Pradesh
97Jagammanpur285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
98Jaganpura285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
99Jagnewa285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
100Jaigha285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
101Jaisari Kalan285122JalaunUttar Pradesh
102Jaitpura285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
103Jakha285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
104Jakhauli285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
105Jalaun285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
106Jalaun Town285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
107Jamrohi Khurd285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
108Jugrajpura285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
109Kailiya285251JalaunUttar Pradesh
110Kailor285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
111Kainth285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
112Kakrau285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
113Kalpi285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
114Kalpi R.s.285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
115Kanasi285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
116Karamchandpur285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
117Karmer285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
118Kartalapur285128JalaunUttar Pradesh
119Kashirampur285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
120Keolari285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
121Khairi285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
122Khaksis285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
123Khanua285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
124Kharka285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
125Kharoosa285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
126Kharra285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
127Khutaila285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
128Kishunpura285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
129Konch285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
130Konch Bazariya285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
131Kotra285223JalaunUttar Pradesh
132Kudaari285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
133Kukargaon285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
134Kurahna Alamgir285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
135Kurkuru285223JalaunUttar Pradesh
136Kursenda285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
137Kusmara285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
138Kusmiliya285122JalaunUttar Pradesh
139Kuthond285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
140Kuthonda285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
141Kuthonda Buzurg285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
142Lahchura285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
143Lamsar285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
144Lidaupur285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
145Lohagarh285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
146Lohai285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
147Madaripur285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
148Madhogarh285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
149Madora285128JalaunUttar Pradesh
150Madori285128JalaunUttar Pradesh
151Magraul285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
152Mahewa285211JalaunUttar Pradesh
153Mai285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
154Mainupur285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
155Majeeth285129JalaunUttar Pradesh
156Mandri285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
157Manpura285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
158Margayan285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
159Masgaon285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
160Matra285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
161Mawai Ahir285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
162Mijhauna285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
163Mohammedabad285122JalaunUttar Pradesh
164Mohana285122JalaunUttar Pradesh
165Musmariya285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
166Nadai285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
167Nadigaon285206JalaunUttar Pradesh
168Nahili285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
169Naoli285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
170Naraul285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
171Navin Mandi konch285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
172Nawar285129JalaunUttar Pradesh
173Nibahna285204JalaunUttar Pradesh
174Ninaoli285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
175Nipaniya285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
176Nunsai285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
177Orai285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
178Orai Kutchery285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
179Orai Railway station285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
180Orai Town285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
181Pachipuri285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
182Pachokhara285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
183Paniyara285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
184Parasan285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
185Parawar285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
186Parwatpura285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
187Patrahi285124JalaunUttar Pradesh
188Pindari285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
189Piprayan285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
190Pipri Athgaiyan285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
191Pipri Gaharwar285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
192Pirona285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
193Pratap-pura285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
194Rahiya285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
195Ramhetpura285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
196Rampura285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
197Rampura Kirwaha285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
198Rath Road orai285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
199Rendhar285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
200Rirua285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
201Romai Mustkil285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
202Roora Addu285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
203Roora Jaitia285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
204Rudrapura285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
205Rura Sirsa285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
206Sadupura285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
207Sahav285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
208Said Nagar285223JalaunUttar Pradesh
209Sajera285206JalaunUttar Pradesh
210Salabad285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
211Salaiyya Buzurg285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
212Sami285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
213Sandhi285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
214Sarawan285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
215Sarr285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
216Sarsai285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
217Sarsela285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
218Satoh285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
219Shahjadpura285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
220Shahjahanpur285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
221Shankarpur285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
222Sheikhpur Ahir285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
223Sheikhpur Buzurg285128JalaunUttar Pradesh
224Sidhpura285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
225Sihari285126JalaunUttar Pradesh
226Sihari Daoodpur285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
227Sikri Raja285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
228Sikri Vyas285223JalaunUttar Pradesh
229Simhara Kasimpur285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
230Sirsa Dogarhi285121JalaunUttar Pradesh
231Sirsa Kalar285130JalaunUttar Pradesh
232Somai285201JalaunUttar Pradesh
233Sunaya285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
234Teehar285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
235Tikri285125JalaunUttar Pradesh
236Timron285001JalaunUttar Pradesh
237Titra Khalilpur285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
238Toomra285205JalaunUttar Pradesh
239Udanpur285203JalaunUttar Pradesh
240Umri285129JalaunUttar Pradesh
241Uncha285127JalaunUttar Pradesh
242Urgaon285123JalaunUttar Pradesh
243Usargaon285202JalaunUttar Pradesh
244Waoli285125JalaunUttar Pradesh

About Jalaun

Jalaun district, located in Uttar Pradesh, India, takes its name from the town of Jalaun, once the seat of a Maratha governor. However, the administrative center of the district is currently situated in the town of Orai.


Jalaun District boasts a rich historical tapestry. The region initially flourished under the rule of the Chandelas and later the Muslim rulers of Delhi. The 16th century saw it become part of the Mughal Empire, witnessing significant development. In the 18th century, Jalaun’s fate intertwined with the Marathas, who established their governance, leaving behind a blend of cultural and architectural influences.

The British era marked another chapter, with Jalaun playing a role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Following India’s independence in 1947, Jalaun became part of the newly formed state of Uttar Pradesh. The district, through its journey from ancient dynasties to modern times, reflects a mosaic of cultural and historical changes. Its legacy is visible in its architecture, traditions, and the resilience of its people, making Jalaun a district with a story that mirrors the broader narrative of India’s rich history.


Jalaun District, part of Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi Division, covers an area of 4,565 km². As per the 2011 census, it has a population of around 1.69 million, with a density of 370 people per km². Geographically, the district is characterized by the flat plains of Bundelkhand, north of the hilly regions. It’s almost encircled by the Yamuna River to the north, with its tributaries, the Betwa to the south and the Pahuj to the west, forming natural boundaries.

The heart of Jalaun is a vast expanse of cultivated land, notable for its sparse tree cover and dotted with villages. The southern part is a continuous stretch of agriculture. The Non River cuts through the district, creating several small ravines. Surrounding Jalaun are the districts of Etawah and Kanpur to the north across the Yamuna, Hamirpur to the east and southeast, Jhansi to the southeast, and Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind District to the west, across the Pahuj.


Jalaun District showcases a predominantly agrarian economy. The fertile plains of Bundelkhand, which encompass the district, are ideal for farming, and as a result, agriculture is the mainstay of the local economy. Farmers in Jalaun primarily cultivate a variety of crops, including wheat, pulses, and oilseeds, leveraging the benefits of the region’s rich soil and favorable climate.

Besides agriculture, small-scale industries contribute to the district’s economic landscape. These industries include manufacturing, handicrafts, and the processing of agricultural products. The district’s markets are bustling with local produce and handicrafts, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of its residents.

Jalaun’s economy is also supported by its livestock and dairy sectors, which are integral to rural livelihoods. In recent years, there has been a gradual shift towards diversifying the economy with the introduction of new technologies and practices in agriculture and small industries. This evolution reflects the district’s adaptation to modern economic trends while staying rooted in its traditional economic practices.


As of the 2011 census, Jalaun District’s population stood at 1,689,974, placing it 296th among India’s 640 districts. Its population density is 366 people per square kilometer. The gender ratio in Jalaun is 865 females to every 1000 males, and the literacy rate is 75.16%. Nearly a quarter of the population, about 24.79%, resides in urban areas. Orai is the largest city in the district, followed by Konch.

Language-wise, 96.64% of the district’s residents primarily speak Hindi. Bundeli, a local dialect, is spoken by 2.01% of the population, while 1.30% speak Urdu as their first language.



Which district is Jalaun under?

Jalaun district is not under any other district. It is itself a district within the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Jalaun is part of the Jhansi Division, which is an administrative grouping of districts in Uttar Pradesh.

Why is Jalaun famous?

The historical site of Kalpi, once the stronghold of the rulers of Jalaun State, was taken down by the British in 1860. In its place, a market named Whiteganj was established. Jalaun is home to several noteworthy sites, including the Vyas Temple, Lanka Meenar, and 84 Gumbad. Additionally, the district is known for its numerous Dargahs, such as Khankhah and the Dargah of Sayyad Meer Tirmiji, making it a place rich in cultural and historical attractions.

What are the blocks of district Jalaun?

To oversee and manage development projects, Jalaun district is segmented into nine development blocks. These are Rampura, Kuthaund, Madhogarh, Nadigaon, Jalaun, Maheva, Kadaura, Dakor, and Konch. Each block plays a key role in the execution and supervision of various developmental schemes in the district.

What is the area of Jalaun?

Jalaun District, located within the Jhansi Division, covers an area of 4,565 square kilometers. As per the 2011 census, it has a population of 1,689,974, resulting in a population density of about 370 individuals per square kilometer.