Jhabua Pincodes

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Pincodes of Jhabua

Jhabua, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is a district known for its rich tribal heritage and vibrant culture. It’s a place where traditional lifestyles blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. The district is characterized by rolling hills, dense forests, and a variety of wildlife. Jhabua is particularly famous for its colorful tribal festivals and unique art forms. Each area within Jhabua is identified by specific Jhabua pincodes, which are crucial for mail delivery and pinpointing locations. These pincodes not only aid in administrative tasks but also reflect the diverse and distinct communities residing in the district.

Jhabua Pincodes

Here is a list of Jhabua Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agral457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
2Ajanda457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
3Alirajpur457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
4Alirajpur Bazar457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
5Amankua457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
6Amargarh457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
7Ambadaberi457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
8Ambari457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
9Amkhut457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
10Anantkhedi457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
11Andharkanch457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
12Andharwad457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
13Antarwelia457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
14Attha457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
15Badaguda457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
16Badi457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
17Badisardi457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
18Bajranggarh457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
19Bakhatgarh457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
20Balwasa457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
21Bamnia457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
22Ban457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
23Bani457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
24Baodi457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
25Barakhutaja457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
26Bardala457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
27Bardar457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
28Barwet457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
29Bedawa457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
30Bekalda457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
31Bhabhra457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
32Bhagor457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
33Bhamel457772JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
34Bherogarh457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
35Bhilkhedi457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
36Bhimkund457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
37Bodayta457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
38Bokadia457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
39Bolasa457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
40Bori457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
41Borjhad457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
42Borkhad457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
43Borkua457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
44Chandpur457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
45Chapaner457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
46Chhaktala457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
47Chhayan Paschim457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
48Chhotaitara457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
49Chhotamaota457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
50Dabdi457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
51Darkali457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
52Dehndi Chhoti457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
53Devigarh457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
54Dhaturia457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
55Dhyana457885JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
56Fata457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
57Foolmal457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
58Gangakhedi457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
59Ghodamandan457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
60Ghughri457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
61Guwali457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
62Hamirgarh457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
63Harinagar457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
64Hatyadeli457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
65Jamli457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
66Jhabua457661JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
67Jhabua Bazar457661JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
68Jhabua Collectorate457661JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
69Jhabua Gailtownship457661JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
70Jhaknawda457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
71Jheeran457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
72Jobat457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
73Kachaldara457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
74Kachhala457885JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
75Kadwal457885JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
76Kajlidungari457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
77Kakanwani457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
78Kalyanpura457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
79Kanakakad457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
80Kanjwanikhas457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
81Kanwada457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
82Karangarh457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
83Kardawad457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
84Karwad457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
85Katthiwada457885JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
86Khajuri457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
87Khalkhandwi457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
88Khandala457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
89Khattali457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
90Khawasa457772JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
91Kheda457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
92Kodli457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
93Kolyabardi457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
94Kukdipada457772JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
95Kumarkhedi457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
96Kundalwasa457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
97Laxmani457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
98Madrani457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
99Makodia457772JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
100Malwai457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
101Mandan457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
102Mandlinathu457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
103Matasula457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
104Mathmath457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
105Mathna457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
106Mathwad457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
107Megha457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
108Meghnagar457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
109Miyati457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
110Mohankot457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
111Mohanpura457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
112Mordundia457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
113Morjhari457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
114Motibadoi457885JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
115Nanpur457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
116Narela457772JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
117Paledi457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
118Panchkui457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
119Panchpiplia457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
120Parwalia457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
121Petlawad457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
122Pipliawat457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
123Raipuria457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
124Rambhapur457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
125Ramgarh457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
126Rampuria457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
127Ranapur457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
128Ringol457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
129Rupgarh457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
130Sad457779JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
131Sagwa457772JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
132Sajelimaljisath457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
133Samoi457993JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
134Sarangi457770JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
135Sejawaa457882JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
136Sejgaon457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
137Semlia457772JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
138Shivgarh457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
139Silota457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
140Sondwa457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
141Sorwa457893JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
142Talawali457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
143Tarkhedi457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
144Temria457773JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
145Thandla457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
146Titi457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
147Ublet457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
148Udaiga R.s.457777JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
149Udaygarh Kanas457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
150Umarkot457775JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
151Umda457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
152Umrali457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
153Undari457990JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
154Walpur457888JhabuaMadhya Pradesh
155Walwai457887JhabuaMadhya Pradesh

About Jhabua

Jhabua is a district in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, with the town of Jhabua serving as its administrative center.


The history of Jhabua, is deeply rooted in its tribal heritage. Predominantly inhabited by the Bhil and Bhilala tribes, Jhabua’s history is intertwined with the rich culture and traditions of these indigenous communities.
Historically, Jhabua was part of the larger region ruled by various dynasties like the Mauryas, Guptas, and Mughals. However, the district largely retained its tribal character due to its geographical isolation and dense forests. The tribal communities in Jhabua have a long history of self-governance, with their own social and cultural norms.
During the British Raj, Jhabua became part of the princely state of Gwalior. The British influence was relatively limited, allowing the tribes to maintain their traditional lifestyle and customs.
Post-Indian independence in 1947, Jhabua was integrated into the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It was officially recognized as a separate district in 1948.


Jhabua district, located in the western part of Madhya Pradesh, is bordered by Gujarat’s Dahod and Chhota Udaipur districts, Rajasthan’s Banswara district, and Madhya Pradesh’s Alirajpur, Dhar, and Ratlam districts. Covering an area of 3,782 km², it features hilly and uneven terrain. The district receives an average rainfall of about 800 mm and is divided into five tehsils and six development blocks. In May 2008, Jhabua district was split into two parts, creating the new Alirajpur district, which includes Aliarajpur, Jobat, Udaigarh, Bhabra, Sondawa, and Katthiwada blocks. The remaining blocks in Jhabua district are Jhabua, Meghnagar, Ranapur, Rama, Thandla, and Petlawad.


The 2011 census reports that Jhabua District has a population of 1,025,048, ranking it 440th among 640 districts in India. It has a population density of 285 people per square kilometer. The gender ratio in Jhabua is 989 women for every 1,000 men, and the literacy rate is 44.45%. Only 8.97% of the population lives in urban areas. Before Alirajpur was separated, the 2001 census showed Jhabua had 784,286 people, mostly rural (91%) and tribal (85.60%). At that time, the sex ratio was 990 and the population density was 206 per km². Jhabua is primarily an Adivasi district, with high illiteracy and poverty rates. Almost half of its population lives below the poverty line. The Bhil and Bhilala tribes are predominant, and over 85% of the population speaks various Bhili dialects. During the 2011 Census in India, 82.19% of Jhabua’s population spoke Bhili as their main language, followed by 9.37% speaking Hindi, 3.45% Malvi, and 2.40% Bhilali. The district also has speakers of Rathwi Bareli, a Bhil language, and Bhilali, with significant numbers of speakers for each.


What is Jhabua famous for?

The Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh is known for the Bhil tribe, often called 'India's brave bowmen'. This region, nestled between the Mahi River in the north and the Narmada in the south, forms the cultural heartland of the Bhil tribe, with Jhabua at its center.

Which state touches Jhabua?

Located in western Madhya Pradesh, Jhabua district borders the Baroda and Panchmahal districts of Gujarat, and also shares a boundary with the Banswar district of Rajasthan.

Which tribes are in Jhabua?

The Jhabua region is primarily inhabited by three tribes: the Bhil, Bhilala, and Pateliya, with the Bhils being the most numerous.

What language is spoken in the Jhabua district?

During India's 2011 Census, in Jhabua district, 82.19% of people reported Bhili as their primary language, followed by 9.37% speaking Hindi, 3.45% Malvi, and 2.40% Bhilali.

How many villages are there in Jhabua?

Jhabua district is home to a total of 823 villages.