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Pincodes of Jhansi

Welcome to our Jhansi Pincodes database, your dependable source for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of several localities in the ancient city of Jhansi, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Jhansi is known for its dynamic neighborhoods, rich history, and cultural heritage. PIN codes are an essential component of the postal system, ensuring accurate sorting and delivery of mail and parcels. Each locality in Jhansi is allocated a unique PIN code, which allows postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to its intended recipients. Using the correct PIN code is critical for ensuring that your mail is delivered on time.

Jhansi Pincodes

Here is a list of Jhansi Pincodes

133 Bn. pac jhansi284135JhansiUttar Pradesh
2Abbotganj284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
3Ahiraura284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
4Aivani284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
5Akseo284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
6Amanpura-war284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
7Ambabai284419JhansiUttar Pradesh
8Amgaon284306JhansiUttar Pradesh
9Amra284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
10Amrokh284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
11Asta284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
12Atariya284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
13Aupara284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
14Ayurvedic University284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
15Bhel284120JhansiUttar Pradesh
16Babina Cantt.284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
17Babina Town284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
18Badokhari284304JhansiUttar Pradesh
19Baghaira284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
20Baidora284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
21Bajhera284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
22Bakwan284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
23Bamaur284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
24Bamhori284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
25Bangra284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
26Bangri284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
27Banka Pahari284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
28Bara Bazar284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
29Baragaon284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
30Baral284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
31Baratakalan284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
32Barauri284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
33Bargahpur273157JhansiUttar Pradesh
34Barhwar284206JhansiUttar Pradesh
35Barwasagar284201JhansiUttar Pradesh
36Basobai284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
37Belma Kalan284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
38Belwa Qazi273301JhansiUttar Pradesh
39Berwai284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
40Bhadarwara284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
41Bhadarwara Khurd284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
42Bhagwantpura284127JhansiUttar Pradesh
43Bhandra Khilara284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
44Bharosa284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
45Bhasneh284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
46Bhattagaon284127JhansiUttar Pradesh
47Bheonraghat284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
48Bhojala284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
49Bijauli284135JhansiUttar Pradesh
50Bijaura284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
51Bijna284206JhansiUttar Pradesh
52Bilati Karke284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
53Birguwan284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
54Bonda284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
55Boodha284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
56Brahmasari273213JhansiUttar Pradesh
57Bundelkhand University284128JhansiUttar Pradesh
58Burhpura284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
59C & w workshop284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
60Chakdah273164JhansiUttar Pradesh
61Chamrauwa284120JhansiUttar Pradesh
62Chanaoni284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
63Chauraha Municipal board284001JhansiUttar Pradesh
64Chelra284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
65Cheriya273401JhansiUttar Pradesh
66Chhatai273212JhansiUttar Pradesh
67Chheonta284304JhansiUttar Pradesh
68Chirgaon284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
69Chirgaon Khurd284304JhansiUttar Pradesh
70Churara284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
71Dangarwaha284419JhansiUttar Pradesh
72Deori Singhpura284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
73Dhamna Payak284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
74Dhamnakhurd284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
75Dhanaura284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
76Dhaurra284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
77Dhawakar284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
78Dhawari284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
79Dhurwai284206JhansiUttar Pradesh
80Dhuswakala273162JhansiUttar Pradesh
81Dumrai284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
82Erich284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
83Gairaha284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
84Garautha284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
85Garhiagaon284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
86Garhmau284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
87Garhwai284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
88Ghat Kotra284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
89Ghat Lehchura284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
90Ghisauli284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
91Ghughuwa284201JhansiUttar Pradesh
92Ghuraiya284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
93Ghurat284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
94Gokul284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
95Gonti284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
96Gursarai284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
97Haiwatpura284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
98Hasari284135JhansiUttar Pradesh
99Isagarh284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
100Iskil284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
101Itayal284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
102Jakahi273212JhansiUttar Pradesh
103Jakhaura284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
104Jaryai284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
105Jaunra284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
106Jhansi284001JhansiUttar Pradesh
107Jhansi Cantt.284001JhansiUttar Pradesh
108Jhansi City284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
109Jhansi Kutchery284001JhansiUttar Pradesh
110Jhansi Railway station284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
111Jhansi Saddar bazar284001JhansiUttar Pradesh
112Jonri Buzurg284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
113Kachir284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
114Kachneo284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
115Kakarwai284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
116Kakwara284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
117Karari284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
118Karguwan284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
119Karguwan Khurd284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
120Karkos284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
121Katera284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
122Khadaura284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
123Khailar284120JhansiUttar Pradesh
124Khajraha Buzurg284120JhansiUttar Pradesh
125Khajraha Khurd284120JhansiUttar Pradesh
126Kharauwa284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
127Khilli284306JhansiUttar Pradesh
128Khisni Buzurg284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
129Khushipura284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
130Kochha Bhanwar284128JhansiUttar Pradesh
131Kudri284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
132Kumhariya284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
133Kumhrar284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
134Kureecha284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
135Kuretha284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
136Labhera284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
137Lachchipur273007JhansiUttar Pradesh
138Ladawra284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
139Lahar Gird284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
140Lal Kurti bazar284001JhansiUttar Pradesh
141Lawan284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
142Lehrabazar273157JhansiUttar Pradesh
143Luhari284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
144Magarpur284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
145Mahewa284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
146Manpura284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
147Markuan284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
148Mathurapura284120JhansiUttar Pradesh
149Mauranipur284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
150Mauranipur Bus stand284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
151Medida273162JhansiUttar Pradesh
152Mlb Medical college284128JhansiUttar Pradesh
153Moth284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
154Moti Katra284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
155Nagra284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
156Nai Basti284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
157Nandkhas284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
158Nari284306JhansiUttar Pradesh
159Naria Bazar284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
160Nauta284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
161Nayakhera284401JhansiUttar Pradesh
162Orchha Gate284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
163Padra284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
164Pahargaon284306JhansiUttar Pradesh
165Pahari Buzurg284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
166Palar284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
167Pali Pahari284419JhansiUttar Pradesh
168Palra284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
169Pandori284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
170Pandwaha284206JhansiUttar Pradesh
171Parasurampur273152JhansiUttar Pradesh
172Parichha Thermal power project284305JhansiUttar Pradesh
173Pasaura284206JhansiUttar Pradesh
174Patha284302JhansiUttar Pradesh
175Patha Dhakarwara284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
176Pathguwan284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
177Patti Kumharra284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
178Pepeeganj273165JhansiUttar Pradesh
179Poonchh284306JhansiUttar Pradesh
180Premnagar284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
181Pulia284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
182Punaoli Kalan284419JhansiUttar Pradesh
183Puranderpur273162JhansiUttar Pradesh
184R.Bhawchak273301JhansiUttar Pradesh
185Rajapur284419JhansiUttar Pradesh
186Rajdhani273405JhansiUttar Pradesh
187Raksa284419JhansiUttar Pradesh
188Ram Nagar284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
189Rampura284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
190Ranguwan284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
191Ranipur284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
192Ratausa284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
193Rautapur273209JhansiUttar Pradesh
194Reo284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
195Rewan284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
196Roni Baragaon284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
197Rora Bhatpura284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
198Rupa Dhamna284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
199Sainyargate284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
200Saipura284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
201Sakin284304JhansiUttar Pradesh
202Sakrar284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
203Samthar284304JhansiUttar Pradesh
204Sarol284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
205Sarsenda284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
206Sekhanli273004JhansiUttar Pradesh
207Semri284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
208Sersa284306JhansiUttar Pradesh
209Sesha284306JhansiUttar Pradesh
210Shahjahanpur284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
211Shaildah273162JhansiUttar Pradesh
212Siaoni Khurd284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
213Siaori284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
214Sijari Buzurg284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
215Simardha284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
216Simiriya284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
217Simraha284127JhansiUttar Pradesh
218Simthari284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
219Sipri Bazar284003JhansiUttar Pradesh
220Siya284301JhansiUttar Pradesh
221Siya Kharka284203JhansiUttar Pradesh
222Soot Bazar284204JhansiUttar Pradesh
223Subhashganj284002JhansiUttar Pradesh
224Sukrauli273213JhansiUttar Pradesh
225Sutta284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
226Taindol284201JhansiUttar Pradesh
227Talaud284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
228Tehrauli284202JhansiUttar Pradesh
229Tori284303JhansiUttar Pradesh
230Tori Fatehpur284206JhansiUttar Pradesh
231Ujyan284121JhansiUttar Pradesh
232Uldan284205JhansiUttar Pradesh
233Vijay Garh284205JhansiUttar Pradesh

About Jhansi

Jhansi, embodies historical richness in Uttar Pradesh, India. Once known as Balwant Nagar, it resides in Bundelkhand along the Pahuj River’s banks, marking the southern edge of Uttar Pradesh. Serving as the administrative center for Jhansi district and division, it’s acclaimed as the Gateway to Bundelkhand. Nestled close to the Pahuj and Betwa rivers, at an altitude averaging 285 meters (935 feet), it’s 420 kilometers (261 miles) from New Delhi and 315 kilometers (196 miles) from Lucknow, the state capital.


Prior to the construction of Jhansi Fort in 1613 atop Bangra hill, the land was veiled by forest, part of Lahargird village within the realm of Orchha’s raja. Around 1553, two Ahir pastoralists established huts at the hill’s base for their herds. Raja Bir Singh Deo commissioned the fort’s construction, sparking the growth of Balwantnagar village. The transition to Jhansi’s nomenclature remains unclear. After Jhujhar Singh’s demise, Orchha’s control lapsed, and Jhansi fell under Mughal dominion. Mughal troops and officials governed until the early 1700s.


According to the 2011 Indian Census, Jhansi housed 505,693 people, with 265,449 males and 240,244 females. The 0 to 6 years age bracket accounted for 55,824. Among them, 373,500 were literate, comprising 73.9% of the populace, with male literacy at 78.9% and female at 68.3%. The overall literacy rate for those 7 and above stood at 83.0%, with male and female rates at 88.9% and 76.6% respectively. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes numbered 110,318 and 1,681. The city comprised 91,150 households in 2011.


Jhansi, positioned at 25.4333 N 78.5833 E with an elevation of 284 meters (935 feet), rests upon the rocky plateau of central India. Its terrain slopes naturally northward, bordering the Tarai plains of Uttar Pradesh, fostering citrus fruits and crops like wheat, pulses, and oilseeds. Relying on monsoon rains for irrigation, a government initiative, the Rajghat canal, is underway to bolster irrigation in Jhansi, Lalitpur, and parts of Madhya Pradesh. Agricultural trade, notably grain and oilseeds, holds significant economic sway, while the city thrives as a hub for brassware production.


The administrative framework encompasses three primary divisions: Law and Order overseen by the District Police Chief (SP/SSP), Development supervised by the Chief Development Officer, and Revenue managed by the District Collector. Each stream, led by its respective head, plays a pivotal role in maintaining lawfulness, fostering growth, and overseeing financial aspects within the district’s governance. The District Police Chief ensures law enforcement, the Chief Development Officer drives developmental initiatives, while the District Collector manages revenue-related affairs. Together, they form an integral structure governing various facets crucial for the district’s functioning and progress.


Why is Jhansi famous?

Jhansi, nestled amid the Pahunj and Betwa rivers, embodies bravery and resilience. It was integral to Chedi Rashtra, Jejak Bhukit, Jajhoti, and Bundelkhand, a bastion of the Chandela rulers.

What is Jhansi called now?

Jhansi, nestled amid the Pahunj and Betwa rivers, embodies bravery and resilience. It was integral to Chedi Rashtra, Jejak Bhukit, Jajhoti, and Bundelkhand, a bastion of the Chandela rulers.

Which language is spoken in Jhansi?

In Jhansi, locals primarily speak Hindi, Bundeli, and English. Bundeli, a Hindi dialect, holds a pleasing tone. Hinduism is the dominant religion, followed by Islam and Christianity.

Who is called a queen of Jhansi?

Lakshmi Bai, the queen of Jhansi, swiftly led and took command of the rebels in Bundelkhand during the Indian Mutiny of 1857–58, showcasing remarkable organizational skills.

Is Jhansi a smart city?

Jhansi Municipal Corporation won selection for India's SMART City Mission, chosen through a competitive process by the Government of India.