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Located in the busy suburb of Kakkanad, Kerala, India, lies Kakkanad Pincode 682030. Renowned for its swift urbanization, IT parks, and academic institutions, Kakkanad has a lively blend of residential neighborhoods and business spaces. Because of its advantageous location next to SmartCity and Kakkanad Infopark, the region is a favorite among IT professionals. With its abundance of retail centers, educational institutions, colleges, and leisure centers, Kakkanad offers its citizens a well-rounded metropolitan experience. Its proximity to important thoroughfares and the Kochi Metro improves connectivity. A vibrant and well-connected neighborhood in Kochi, Kakkanad Pincode 682030 offers contemporary metropolitan conveniences and an expanding way of life.

Kakkanad Pincode

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About Kakkanad

In Thrikkakkara, in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, India, there is a significant residential and industrial area called Kakkanad. The area is a part of the metropolitan area of Kochi. Numerous industrial and IT projects, including the KINFRA Export Promotion Industrial Park, Infopark, Smart City, and the Cochin Special Economic Zone, are located in Kakkanad. It serves as the District of Ernakulam’s administrative hub as well. Thrikkakara Municipality is the democratic local government entity that includes Kakkanad. Kakkanad is where the district office is situated. This is also the location of the Ernakulam district collectorate.


Kakkanad is situated close to Thrikkakara, the legendary King Mahabali’s capital. The twelve districts of Tamil Nadu where Koduntamil is spoken are Thenpandi Nadu, Kutta Nadu, Kuda Nadu, Karka Nadu, Venadu, Poozhi Nadu, Pandri Nadu, Aruva Nadu, Aruva Vadathalai, Seetha Nadu, Malai Nadu, and Punal Nadu, according to a venpa recited by Sankara Namasivayar in verse 273 of Naṉṉūl, a 13th-century book on Tamil grammar. It is thought that “Karka Nadu” alludes to Kakkanad. Karkanad-thrikakara is the previous name for kakanad.


As the central administrative hub of Ernakulam district, Kakkanad is home to numerous state and federal government offices, including the District Panchayat office, the Airman Selection Board, Siksha Bhavan (the Central HRD Ministry office), Kendriya Shram Sadan (the Regional Labour Commissioner office), and the Civil Station (which houses the District Collectrate, the RTO, etc.).

IT Hub

Kakkanad is a significant center for technology and information in Kerala. It is the location of the well-known Infopark and the SmartCity, which are home to several tech enterprises, startups, and IT organizations. This has made the city a vibrant hub for tech-related professions and innovation, drawing in a sizable community of IT experts.

Residential Communities

There are several different types of housing available in the area, such as independent homes, gated communities, and apartments. This variety of accommodation meets the demands of professionals, families, and students, fostering a multicultural community.

Academic Prominence

Kakkanad is home to a number of universities, training facilities, and schools. The attractiveness of the suburb is enhanced by the existence of educational facilities, which guarantee adults and children’s access to high-quality education.


Why is Kakkanad famous?

It is particularly noteworthy because of its importance to the Onam festival and the legend surrounding it that connects it to the renowned Thrikkakara temple. The history of Kakkanad dates back to the time of King Mahabali, when all people lived in equality and prosperity.

Is Kakkanad a good place to live?

Kakkanad is a nice area. It is well-connected to the market, bank, hospital, college, and school.

Which municipality is Kakkanad in?

It serves as the District of Ernakulam's administrative hub as well. Thrikkakara Municipality is the democratic local government entity that includes Kakkanad.

What is the price per square foot in Kakkanad?

Properties in Kakkanad cost, on average, Rs. 4,586 per square foot. At Rs. 9,300 per square foot, the most expensive property on the Kakkanad real estate market.

Which Taluk is Kakkanad in?

Ernakulam is located to Kakkanad. .