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Tamil Nadu, India’s picturesque Kallakurichi district is represented by Pincode 606202. Kallakurichi, renowned for its natural beauty, agricultural importance, and cultural legacy, provides a special fusion of rustic charm and history. Discover tranquil settings, verdant farmlands, and historic temples that all speak to the area’s natural charm and rich past. Access to the center of this district, where tradition, spirituality, and agriculture coexist peacefully, may be found at Kallakurichi Pincode 606202. These pincodes provide an unforgettable voyage into Kallakurichi’s rustic and cultural charm, whether you’re visiting temples, taking in the breathtaking scenery, or feeling the kindness of the local people.

Kallakurichi Pincode

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NoLocationPincode District State
1Kallakurichi606202VillupuramTamil Nadu

About Kallakurichi

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Kallakurichi serves as both the district’s administrative center and municipality. The town’s population was 73528 in 2019.


The 2011 census found that Kallakurichi had a population of 52,508 and a sex ratio of 984 females for every 1,000 males, which was much higher than the 929 national average. There were 5,541 children under the age of six in all, 2,914 of them were boys and 2,627 were girls. The proportion of the population that belonged to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes was 15.49% and.27%, respectively. The town’s average literacy was 77.08%, while the national average was 72.99%. There were 12,801 dwellings in the town overall.


The state government declared in January 2019 that Viluppuram district would be split to become Kallakurichi district. It was formally announced on November 26, 2019. The main crops grown in the agrarian district are black gram, sugarcane, maize, and paddy. The Gomukhi and Manimuktha river dams, as well as tank and rain irrigation, are the district’s primary water sources.


With a high temperature of 38 °C and a low of 21 °C, the climate is described as warm to hot. The town receives rainfall in the winter from the northeast monsoon and in the summer from the southwest monsoon. Rainfall totals for the year average 1,070 mm.

Agricultural Hub

Kallakurichi’s economy is based primarily on agriculture. The area is ideal for growing a wide range of crops, including as paddy, sugarcane, groundnuts, and pulses, due to its rich soil and plentiful water supplies. The state’s food production is greatly aided by the farming methods used in Kallakurichi.

Cultural legacy

With a variety of customs and celebrations, Kallakurichi boasts a rich cultural legacy. The local people’s life are greatly impacted by temples, religious rites, and cultural activities. The district is renowned for its traditional dance and music styles, which are essential to its unique cultural identity.

Natural Beauty

Kallakurichi is a gorgeous place with verdant hills, calm rivers, and lush green surroundings. Trekking and outdoor enthusiasts frequently visit the Parvathamalai and Kallakurichi hills. Those looking to get in touch with nature can find peace and quiet in this area because to its natural beauty.

Economic Activities

Kallakurichi has experienced economic diversification in addition to agriculture. Due to the rise of small-scale industries, commerce, and businesses, the district’s economy has expanded and job possibilities have been created.


What is special about Kallakurichi?

Kallakurichi has a unique charm that comes from its picturesque hills, well-known temples, and the simple beauty of the charming surroundings.

Which city is Kallakurichi under?

One of Tamil Nadu's thirty-seven districts, Kallakurichi is situated in the southernmost point of India. The district office can be found in Kallakurichi. On November 12, 2019, the Viluppuram district was divided into the newly formed Kallakurichi district.

How many villages are there in Kallakurichi?

2 Revenue Divisions, 6 Administrative Taluks, 562 Revenue Villages, 1 Municipality, 7 Town Panchayats, 9 Blocks, and 412 Village Panchayats make up the Kallakurichi district.

Which river is named in kallakurichi?

The district's principal rivers include the Gomukhi, Gadilam, Manimukthar, and Thenpennai. The main irrigation sources include wells, lakes, and canals.

Does kallakurichi has railway station?

One of the busiest train stations in the country is Kallakurichi Railway Station. With connections to the rest of India, it functions as a significant center for both passenger and freight transit.