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Pincodes of Kannauj

Welcome to our Kannauj Pincodes database, your trusted source for locating postal index numbers (PIN codes) for numerous regions in the historic city of Kannauj, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Kannauj is well-known for its rich cultural heritage, scents, and historical significance. PIN numbers are an important part of the postal system since they ensure the effective sorting and delivery of mail and deliveries. Each municipality in Kannauj is allocated a unique PIN code, which allows postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to its intended recipients. Using the correct PIN code is critical for guaranteeing timely and accurate mail delivery.

Kannauj Pincodes

Here is a list of Kannauj Pincodes

1Agaus209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
2Amolar209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
3Anaugi209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
4Aruha209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
5Asaltabad209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
6Aseha209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
7Auser209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
8Bahadurpur Majhgaon209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
9Bahbalpur209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
10Bahosi209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
11Balanpur209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
12Bamrauli209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
13Bangawan Kharg209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
14Barauli209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
15Basta209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
16Bazaria Chhibramau209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
17Behrin209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
18Behta Rampur209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
19Belamau Saraiya209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
20Bhadausi209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
21Bhadehi209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
22Bhagwantpur209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
23Bhaunrajpur209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
24Bhunna209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
25Bibia Jalalpur209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
26Binaura Rampur209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
27Birpur209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
28Bishungarh209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
29Chanderpur209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
30Chapunna209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
31Chhibramau209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
32Chhipatti209725KannaujUttar Pradesh
33Dadauna209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
34Deodha209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
35Dundwabuzurg209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
36Fatehpur209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
37Ferozpur209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
38Galla Mandi cbr209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
39Gangemau209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
40Godhani209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
41Gugrapur209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
42Gulariyapur209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
43Gurusahaiganj209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
44Gyaspur209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
45Hamirpur209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
46Haraipur209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
47Hari Nagar209725KannaujUttar Pradesh
48Hariharpur209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
49Haseran209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
50Hathin209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
51Ibrahimpur Zagir209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
52Indergarh209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
53Ishampur209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
54Ismailpur209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
55Jafrabad209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
56Jalalabad209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
57Jalalpur Panwara209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
58Jankhat209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
59Jasmai209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
60Jaspura Pur209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
61Jeramau Alampur209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
62Jewan209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
63Jot209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
64K. p. banwari209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
65Kaitholi209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
66Kalsan209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
67Kannauj209725KannaujUttar Pradesh
68Kannauj Samachar209725KannaujUttar Pradesh
69Kasawa209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
70Khadini209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
71Khairnagar209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
72Khama209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
73Khanpur209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
74Khojipur209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
75Khubariapur209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
76Kiratpur209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
77Kisai Jagdishpur209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
78Kudhina209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
79Kulhapur209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
80Kushum Khor209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
81Lakh209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
82Lohamarh209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
83Lokpur209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
84Madhonagar209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
85Madhpura209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
86Mahteypurwa209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
87Majhpurwa209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
88Majhupur209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
89Makrand Nagar209726KannaujUttar Pradesh
90Malikapur209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
91Matauli209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
92Mawai Bilwari209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
93Merapur Garhiya209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
94Mighauli209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
95Mirgawan Ki garhi209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
96Miruan Marha209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
97Mitra Senpur209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
98Miyaganj209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
99Mohanpur Ratanpur209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
100Muraiya Buzurg209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
101Murra209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
102Nademau209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
103Nandlalpur209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
104Naugai209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
105Nauli209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
106Nazrapur Patti209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
107Nera209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
108Nigoh209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
109Nizampur209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
110Painda Bad209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
111Paraur209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
112Parsaramau Majhretha209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
113Patti209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
114Prempur209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
115Pura Rai209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
116Rampur Majhila209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
117Rohili209735KannaujUttar Pradesh
118Rura209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
119Sakatpur209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
120Sakrawa209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
121Salempur209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
122Samdhin209748KannaujUttar Pradesh
123Sarai Prayag209735KannaujUttar Pradesh
124Sarai Theku209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
125Saraimira209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
126Sarifabad209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
127Sataura209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
128Saunsarapur209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
129Saurikh209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
130Sikanderpur209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
131Simaria209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
132Sursi209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
133Tahpur209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
134Talgram209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
135Tera Jaket209735KannaujUttar Pradesh
136Tera Rabbu209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
137Teramallu209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
138Thathia209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
139Tidiyapur209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
140Tirwa209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
141Tirwa Ganj209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
142Todarpur209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
143Umarda209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
144Umrain209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
145Uncha209722KannaujUttar Pradesh

About Kannauj

Kannauj, an administrative hub in Uttar Pradesh, derives its name from the ancient Kanyakubja. Situated 104 kilometers west of Lucknow, it holds a rich historical legacy as a nucleus for Indian dynasties. Once the seat of the Maukhari dynasty, it later flourished under Emperor Harsha of the Vardhana lineage. Successively ruled by the Gahadavala dynasty, its zenith arrived during Govindachandra’s reign, marking an era of unprecedented grandeur. Notably, Kannauj played a pivotal role in the intense Tripartite struggle among the Gurjara-Pratihara, Palas, and Rashtrakutas, epitomizing pivotal conflicts in Classical India.


Archaeological findings reveal Kannauj’s occupation by the Painted Grey Ware and Northern Black Polished Ware cultures around 1200-600 BCE and 700-200 BCE, respectively. Referred to as Kuśasthala and Kanyakubja in Hindu Epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, and by Patanjali around 150 BCE, it was a recognized town. Early Buddhist texts name it Kannakujja, noting its position on the trade route from Mathura to Varanasi and Rajgir. Potentially recognized by the Greco-Roman world as Kanagora or Kanogiza in Ptolemy’s Geography (c. 140 CE), the association remains unverified. Additionally, it was visited by Chinese Buddhist travelers Faxian and Xuanzang in the fifth and seventh centuries CE, respectively.


According to the 2001 India census, Kannauj boasted a population of 71,530, with males making up 53% and females 47%. The town flaunted an average literacy rate of 58%, showcasing a gender disparity in literacy levels—64% for males and 52% for females. Additionally, approximately 15% of Kannauj’s population was below the age of 6, hinting at a significant proportion of young inhabitants contributing to the town’s demographic landscape.


Kannauj, situated at 27.07°N 79.92°E, boasts an elevation averaging 139 meters (456 feet). The Ganges, pivotal to the district, marks its northeastern boundary, while the Kali river frames its north and the Ishan river meanders within. Its climate showcases hot, arid summers and pleasingly cool winters, with an average rainfall of 80 cm. Surrounded by Farrukhabad to the north, it’s bordered by Hardoi, Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat, Auraiya, Etawah, and Mainpuri districts. Comprising three tehsils and eight development blocks, Kannauj emerged as a distinct district on September 18, 1997, stemming from Farrukhabad and falls under the jurisdiction of Kanpur Division.


The region comprises a network of governance units, including four Tehsils, six Blocks, 48 Nayay Panchayats, and 601 Panchayats. Among these, 216 are Adarsh Rajasv Gram, while the total count of villages stands at 1133. Notably, the Blocks are named Amroha, Joya, Hasanpur, Dhanaura, Gajraula, and Gangeshwari, each contributing to the administrative framework and community development within this diverse landscape. This interconnected system forms the backbone of local governance, fostering community engagement and facilitating the implementation of policies and initiatives across various levels within the region.


What is Kannauj famous for?

Kannauj, dubbed "India's perfume hub," hosts over 200 perfume distilleries and is renowned for its government-protected Kannauj Perfume. It serves as a pivotal market for perfumes, tobacco, and rose water.

Why was Kannauj so important?

Kanauj's pivotal Gangetic plains site fueled commerce, enhancing its worth. Once Harshvardhana's capital, controlling it meant asserting political authority across North India.

What is the modern name of Kannauj?

Kannauj, an ancient Indian site, bears rich heritage. Once known as Kanyakubja or Mahodya, it was later renamed Kannauj, preserving its archaeological and cultural significance.

Why Kannauj is called perfume city?

Kannauj, acclaimed as India's fragrance hub, earns the title "perfume capital" akin to Grasse in France. Experts affirm its millennia-long legacy as the nation's perfumery epicenter.

What is the religion of Kannauj?

As per the 2011 census and 2023 population data, Kannauj District in India is predominantly Hindu, comprising 83.05% of its population, with Muslims forming a minority at 16.54%.