Katni Pincodes

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Pincodes of Katni

Katni, a district in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich mineral resources and industrial importance, especially in limestone and bauxite production. The district is characterized by its varied landscape, which includes lush greenery and rivers. Katni’s history and culture add to its charm, making it a unique blend of tradition and development. For administrative and postal purposes, various areas are identified by specific Katni pincodes. These pincodes are crucial for efficient mail delivery and help in accurately locating different regions within the district, reflecting its diversity and organizational structure.

Katni Pincodes

Here is a list of Katni Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Adarsh Gram dhaivaiya483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
2Agaria Tikaria483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
3Amagawan483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
4Amraiyapar483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
5Anghora483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
6Antarved483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
7Bachaiya483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
8Badera483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
9Badggaon483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
10Badkhera483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
11Badwara483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
12Bahori Band483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
13Bakal483331KatniMadhya Pradesh
14Baklehta483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
15Bamhangawan483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
16Bandha483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
17Barhi483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
18Barnmehgawwan483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
19Basadi483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
20Bela483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
21Bhadora483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
22Bhainswahi483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
23Bhajia483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
24Bhandra483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
25Bharatpur483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
26Bhoola483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
27Bhudsa483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
28Bichua483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
29Biharia483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
30Bijouri483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
31Bilhari483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
32Bujbuja483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
33Chadankheda483331KatniMadhya Pradesh
34Chaka483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
35Chapna483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
36Chargawan483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
37Chhapra483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
38Dang483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
39Darshni483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
40Dasarman483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
41Deodongra483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
42Deogaon483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
43Deora Kala483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
44Deori Guda483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
45Deori Hatai483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
46Deorimawai483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
47Dhangawan483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
48Dharwara483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
49Dheemarkheda483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
50Dhoreshar483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
51Dithwara483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
52Diwan Siding483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
53Dukaria483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
54Gairtalai483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
55Gandhi Gram483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
56Ganeshpur483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
57Gatakheda483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
58Gaura Khamaria483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
59Ghat Simaria483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
60Ghughara483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
61Ghunnaur483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
62Godana483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
63Gosalpur483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
64Gouraha483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
65Gudeha483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
66Guhawal483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
67Gulwara483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
68Gurjikala483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
69Hadarhata483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
70Hantala483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
71Hardua483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
72Hardwara483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
73Harraiya483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
74Harsinghi483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
75Hathiagarh483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
76Hathkuri483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
77Hinota483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
78Hirapur Kaudia483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
79Hirdey Nagar483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
80Imalaiya483331KatniMadhya Pradesh
81Indrana483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
82Itoura483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
83Jagua483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
84Jamowani Kalan483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
85Jhansi483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
86Jhingrai483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
87Jhinjhari483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
88Jhinna Piparia483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
89Jiwara483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
90Jobi Kalan483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
91Juhla483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
92Junwan Kalan483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
93Kachhargaon483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
94Kahangaon483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
95Kailwara Kala483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
96Kailwara Khurd483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
97Kailwas483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
98Kakrehta483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
99Kannaur483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
100Kanti483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
101Karela483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
102Karoritalai483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
103Katangi Kala483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
104Katariya483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
105Katni483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
106Katni Bazar483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
107Katni Bhatta mohalla483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
108Katni Cement factory483504KatniMadhya Pradesh
109Katni Madhaw nagar483504KatniMadhya Pradesh
110Katni New yard483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
111Katni Ordinance factory483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
112Katni Purani basti483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
113Katni R.s.483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
114Katni Rubber483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
115Khalari483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
116Khamaria483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
117Khamaria (bakal)483331KatniMadhya Pradesh
118Khamaria(jhanda)483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
119Khamtara Paharua483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
120Khand483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
121Kharkhari483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
122Khirahani Kala483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
123Khirahni483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
124Khitola483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
125Khitoli483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
126Kondia483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
127Koodan483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
128Kua483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
129Kulhua Badkheda483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
130Kumharwara483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
131Kumhi Khurd483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
132Kumhi(satdhara)483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
133Kundrehi483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
134Kuteshwar Lines483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
135Kuthiya Mahgawan483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
136Kuthla483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
137Kymore483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
138Lakhanpur483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
139Lamkana483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
140Mahagawan483220KatniMadhya Pradesh
141Mahner483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
142Majhgawan483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
143Majholi483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
144Makura483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
145Mangal Nagar483504KatniMadhya Pradesh
146Mangela Deori483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
147Marha483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
148Mehgaon483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
149Mohas483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
150Mohniya483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
151Mohtara483331KatniMadhya Pradesh
152Mureth483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
153Murwari483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
154Nadavan483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
155Nanhwara Kala483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
156Nanhwara Sejha483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
157Neemkheda483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
158Nigehra483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
159Nimas483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
160Nitarra483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
161Niwar483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
162Nunji483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
163Padarbhata483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
164Padkhuri483880KatniMadhya Pradesh
165Padwar483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
166Pahrua483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
167Pali483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
168Parsel483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
169Pathradi Piparia483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
170Patonha483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
171Patori483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
172Phanwani483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
173Pindrai483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
174Piparia Paroha483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
175Piparia Sahalwan483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
176Piparia Shukla483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
177Pipriya Kalan483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
178Piprondh483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
179Pola483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
180Ponda483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
181Pondi483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
182Pondi Kala (b)483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
183Pondikala (a)483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
184Ponia483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
185Raipura483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
186Rampatan483330KatniMadhya Pradesh
187Ranital483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
188Rithi483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
189Rohniya483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
190Rupondh483773KatniMadhya Pradesh
191Sagona483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
192Sahajpura483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
193Salaiya Sihora483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
194Sansarpur483442KatniMadhya Pradesh
195Saroli Majhgawan483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
196Science College483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
197Sihora Khitola bazar483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
198Sihora(mp)483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
199Sihundi483331KatniMadhya Pradesh
200Silondi483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
201Silua483222KatniMadhya Pradesh
202Singhuli483334KatniMadhya Pradesh
203Singodi483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
204Slleemanabad483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
205Sugwan483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
206Talad483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
207Tehkari483990KatniMadhya Pradesh
208Teori483440KatniMadhya Pradesh
209Tilgawan483501KatniMadhya Pradesh
210Ubra483770KatniMadhya Pradesh
211Umaria Dhirha483336KatniMadhya Pradesh
212Umaria Jujhari483225KatniMadhya Pradesh
213Umaria Pan483332KatniMadhya Pradesh
214Vijayraghavgarh483775KatniMadhya Pradesh
215Vilayat Kalan483773KatniMadhya Pradesh

About Katni

Katni District, alternatively known as Murwara District, is among the 52 districts in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The town of Katni, also referred to as Murwara, serves as the district’s administrative center. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Jabalpur Division and spans an area of 4,949.59 km².


Katni District in Madhya Pradesh has a history that traces back to ancient times, marked by its strategic location and rich mineral resources. Historically, it was a significant center during various Indian empires due to its abundance in minerals like limestone and bauxite. The region played a vital role during the British Raj, particularly in the development of railways, making it one of India’s largest rail junctions. Post-independence, Katni continued to grow as an industrial hub, leveraging its mineral wealth. The district’s blend of historical significance and industrial development makes it an important area in central India.


Katni District, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its diverse geography. The district covers an area of approximately 4,949.59 km². It is rich in natural resources, particularly minerals like limestone and bauxite, which contribute to its industrial significance. The landscape of Katni is a mix of plains and hilly terrains, offering a variety of topographical features. The region’s soil is fertile, supporting agriculture alongside its mining activities. Katni’s strategic location has also made it a key railway junction, connecting various parts of India. This blend of natural wealth and geographical advantages makes Katni a notable district in central India.


Katni, a town in Madhya Pradesh, is notable for being one of India’s largest railway junctions and housing the country’s second-largest diesel shed. The district is known for its abundance of minerals, particularly lime and bauxite. In 2006, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj listed Katni as one of India’s 250 most backward districts out of 640. As a result, it is among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that are receiving financial support from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF) to aid in its development.


The 2011 census reported that Katni District has a population of 1,292,042, placing it at 379th among India’s 640 districts. It has a population density of 261 people per square kilometer, and the gender ratio is 948 women for every 1,000 men. The literacy rate is 73.62%, with 20.41% of residents living in urban areas. The Kols form the largest tribal group, accounting for 41% of the tribal population, followed by the Gonds at 34% and the Bharias at 20%. In terms of language, 97.98% of the district’s population speaks Hindi and 1.56% speaks Sindhi as their primary language.


Why is Katni famous?

Katni, a town in Madhya Pradesh, is notable for being one of India's largest railway junctions and for housing the country's second-largest diesel shed. Additionally, the district is rich in minerals, particularly known for its lime and bauxite deposits.

Is Katni in Baghelkhand?

Katni, situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, has its administrative center in the town of Katni. It is a district within the Jabalpur division. The region is a melting pot of cultures, blending elements from three distinct cultural areas: Mahakausal, Bundelkhand, and Baghelkhand.

What is the name of Katni?

Officially known as Murwara, Katni is a city located along the Katni River in Madhya Pradesh, India, serving as the administrative center of Katni District. Situated in the central Mahakoshal region, the city is about 90 km away from Jabalpur, the divisional headquarters of the region.

When was Katni district established?

Katni district, established in 1998, is situated in the northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh. It is the northernmost district in the Jabalpur commissionerate division. Before becoming a separate district in 1998, Mudwara, the largest tehsil in terms of area, was part of Jabalpur.

Which river flows in Katni?

The Katni River begins near a hill in Bhitrigarh, located in the Bahoriband Tehsil, and then flows through Sleemanabad, Bilehri, and Katni City, before joining the Chhoti Mahanadi River near Rohaniya Village. Within Katni city, the river stretches for approximately 3.5 kilometers. The downstream part of the Katni River primarily carries the city's sewage.