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kaushambi Pincodes

Here is a list of Kaushambi Pincodes

1Afjalpurwari212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
2Afzalpur Saton212205KaushambiUttar Pradesh
3Alipur Jeeta212205KaushambiUttar Pradesh
4Alwara212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
5Amirsa212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
6Andhawan212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
7Anetha212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
8Arkamahabirpur212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
9Aureni212205KaushambiUttar Pradesh
10Badagaon212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
11Bairampur212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
12Balak Mau212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
13Balipur Tata212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
14Balkaranpur212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
15Bamrauli212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
16Bandhawa Rajwar212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
17Bandhuri Rasulipur212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
18Banthari212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
19Barat Fariq212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
20Basuhar212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
21Berauncha212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
22Beruwa212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
23Bhadehri212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
24Bhakanda212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
25Bharwari212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
26Bhelkha212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
27Bhikhpur Mendwara212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
28Bidaom212206KaushambiUttar Pradesh
29Bisara212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
30Boonda212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
31Chail212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
32Chalauli212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
33Champaha Bazar212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
34Charwa212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
35Daranagar212204KaushambiUttar Pradesh
36Dariyapur Majhiyawan212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
37Dharampur212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
38Dorma212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
39Faridpur Salem212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
40Ganpa212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
41Gauhani Badi212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
42Goraju212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
43Govindpur Goriyon212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
44Guwara Gayyabpur212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
45Harraipur212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
46Hasanpur212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
47Hinauta212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
48Hisambad212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
49Inguwa (kathgaon)212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
50Jahangirabad212204KaushambiUttar Pradesh
51Jalalpur Sana212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
52Kadipur212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
53Kaju212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
54Kakorha212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
55Kanaili212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
56Kanwar212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
57Karari212206KaushambiUttar Pradesh
58Kasenda212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
59Kasia Pashchim212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
60Kasia Purab212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
61Katari212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
62Kaushambi212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
63Khandeora212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
64Khonpa212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
65Kokhraj212201KaushambiUttar Pradesh
66Korion212205KaushambiUttar Pradesh
67Kumbhiyawan212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
68Kurron212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
69Lokipur212203KaushambiUttar Pradesh
70Mahila212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
71Makdoompur Dhoksaha212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
72Manjhanpur212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
73Maohar212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
74Mawai212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
75Mohabbatpur Painsa212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
76Mohiuddinpur212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
77Nara212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
78Naugira212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
79Nawawan212204KaushambiUttar Pradesh
80Nidura212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
81Osa212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
82Paras212205KaushambiUttar Pradesh
83Pashchim Sarira212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
84Purab Sarira212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
85Ramaipur212214KaushambiUttar Pradesh
86Rampur Dhamawan212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
87Raxwara212206KaushambiUttar Pradesh
88Saini212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
89Samsabad212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
90Sarai Akil212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
91Sarswan212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
92Sawrai Buzurg212204KaushambiUttar Pradesh
93Selraha212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
94Shahpur212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
95Shakha212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
96Sirathu212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
97Siyara Mithepur212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
98Tanda212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
99Ten Shah aimabad212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
100Tewa212207KaushambiUttar Pradesh
101Tilgodi212202KaushambiUttar Pradesh
102Tulsipur212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
103Udhinbuzurg212217KaushambiUttar Pradesh
104Vaish Kanti212206KaushambiUttar Pradesh
105Yugrajpur212216KaushambiUttar Pradesh
106Zafarpur Mahawan212206KaushambiUttar Pradesh

About Kaushambi

Kaushambi district, situated in Uttar Pradesh, India, finds its administrative center in Manjhanpur. Established on April 4, 1997, the district was formerly a part of Prayagraj. The Manauri Bajar railway bridge on SH-95 conveniently links Prayagraj and Kaushambi. Manjhanpur, located 55 kilometers (34 miles) southwest of Prayagraj on the north bank of the Yamuna River, lies surrounded by Chitrakoot district to the south, Pratapgarh district to the north, Prayagraj district to the east, and Fatehpur district to the west. Kaushambi is an integral part of Prayagraj division, with Bharwari serving as the nearest railway station, connecting it to Delhi, Prayagraj, Kolkata, Gaya, and Kanpur.


Kaushambi district, established on April 4, 1997, emerged from Allahabad district. The district’s administrative hub, Manjhanpur, graces the southwest of Allahabad, nestled along the north bank of the Yamuna River, approximately 55 kilometers from Allahabad. It is encircled by Chitrakoot to the south, Pratapgarh to the north, Allahabad to the east, and Fatehpur to the west.

Yet, this district boasts a rich historical legacy. In ancient India, centuries before the birth of Christ, Kaushambi held the esteemed position of being the capital of Chedi-vatsa janapada, a significant division among the Indo-Aryan people. References in Brahmanas, Upanisads, the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana validate its ancient origins, attributing its foundation to notable figures like Proti Kaushambeya and Kusamba. Kaushambi’s venerable history adds depth to its cultural significance.


As of the 2011 census, Kaushambi district recorded a population of 1,599,596, comparable to that of Guinea-Bissau or the U.S. state of Idaho. This places it at the 313th rank among India’s 640 districts. The district boasts a population density of 897 individuals per square kilometer, reflecting its vibrant community. From 2001 to 2011, the district exhibited a population growth rate of 23.49 percent. Kaushambi maintains a sex ratio of 905 females for every 1,000 males and a literacy rate of 63.69 percent. Approximately 7.78 percent of the population resides in urban areas, while Scheduled Castes account for 34.72 percent of the populace.


Which district is Kaushambi in?

Kaushambi is in the Kaushambi district, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

What is Kaushambi famous for?

Kaushambi is famous for its historical significance as the ancient capital of Chedi-vatsa janapada and its archaeological remains, including Buddhist stupas and relics.

Which rivers are in Kaushambi district?

The Kaushambi district is situated along the banks of the Yamuna River, with the Yamuna serving as the primary river in the region.

Which religion is in Kaushambi district?

Kaushambi district is home to a diverse religious landscape. The predominant religion in the district is Hinduism, but it also has a significant Muslim minority, along with other smaller communities.