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Pincodes of Kolkata

Welcome to our in-depth reference to West Bengal, India’s energetic capital city of Kolkata, Pincodes. Kolkata is home to a varied population and is renowned for its vibrant urban life, rich history, and cultural legacy. In Kolkata, which is a fast-paced city, postal service delivery is made possible by the division of the city into multiple zones, each with its own Postal Index Number (PIN). Postal index numbers, or pincodes, are an essential component of the postal service. They make it easier to precisely sort and transport mail, guaranteeing that letters, packages, and parcels go to their intended recipients on time and error-free.

Kolkata Pincodes

Here is a list of Kolkata Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1A.J.c.bose road700020KolkataWest Bengal
2Abinash Chaowdhury lane700046KolkataWest Bengal
3Alipore700027KolkataWest Bengal
4Alipore Bodyguard line700027KolkataWest Bengal
5Alipore Civil court700027KolkataWest Bengal
6Alipore Dist board700027KolkataWest Bengal
7Asylum Lane700014KolkataWest Bengal
8Badartala700044KolkataWest Bengal
9Baghajatin700086KolkataWest Bengal
10Bakery Road700022KolkataWest Bengal
11Ballygunge700019KolkataWest Bengal
12Ballygunge Rs700019KolkataWest Bengal
13Ballygunge Sc college700019KolkataWest Bengal
14Bamboovila700014KolkataWest Bengal
15Barabazar700007KolkataWest Bengal
16Barisha700008KolkataWest Bengal
17Bartala700018KolkataWest Bengal
18Behala700034KolkataWest Bengal
19Behala Municipal market700034KolkataWest Bengal
20Beleghata700010KolkataWest Bengal
21Bengal Chemical700054KolkataWest Bengal
22Bhawanipore700025KolkataWest Bengal
23Bidhangarh700066KolkataWest Bengal
24Bijoygarh700032KolkataWest Bengal
25Bosepukur Road700042KolkataWest Bengal
26Bowbazar700012KolkataWest Bengal
27Brace Bridge700088KolkataWest Bengal
28Brahma Samaj road700034KolkataWest Bengal
29Chetla700027KolkataWest Bengal
30Chittaranjan Avenue700073KolkataWest Bengal
31Circus Avenue700017KolkataWest Bengal
32Cmda Abasan700054KolkataWest Bengal
33College Square700007KolkataWest Bengal
34Colootola700073KolkataWest Bengal
35Council House street700001KolkataWest Bengal
36Customs House700001KolkataWest Bengal
37Daulatpur700141KolkataWest Bengal
38Dhakuria700031KolkataWest Bengal
39Dharmatala700013KolkataWest Bengal
40Dover Lane700029KolkataWest Bengal
41E.K.t700107KolkataWest Bengal
42Elliot Road700016KolkataWest Bengal
43Esplanade700069KolkataWest Bengal
44Fort William700021KolkataWest Bengal
45Ganguly Bagan700047KolkataWest Bengal
46Garcha Road700019KolkataWest Bengal
47Garden Reach700024KolkataWest Bengal
48Garfa700075KolkataWest Bengal
49Garia Bt700047KolkataWest Bengal
50Gariahat Market700019KolkataWest Bengal
51Gobinda Khatick road700046KolkataWest Bengal
52Gokhel Road700020KolkataWest Bengal
53Golf Green700095KolkataWest Bengal
54Golpark700019KolkataWest Bengal
55Great Eastern hotel700069KolkataWest Bengal
56Haltu700078KolkataWest Bengal
57Haridevpur700082KolkataWest Bengal
58Hastings700022KolkataWest Bengal
59Hindustan Building700072KolkataWest Bengal
60Hyde Road700088KolkataWest Bengal
61Income Tax building700069KolkataWest Bengal
62Indrani Park700033KolkataWest Bengal
63Intally700014KolkataWest Bengal
64Jadavgarh700078KolkataWest Bengal
65Jadavpur University700032KolkataWest Bengal
66Jairampur700061KolkataWest Bengal
67Jayshree Park700034KolkataWest Bengal
68Jhowtala700017KolkataWest Bengal
69Jodhpur Park700068KolkataWest Bengal
70Joramandir700010KolkataWest Bengal
71K.C.mills700024KolkataWest Bengal
72K.G bose sarani700085KolkataWest Bengal
73K.M.hospital700020KolkataWest Bengal
74K.P.bazar700082KolkataWest Bengal
75K.P.roy lane700031KolkataWest Bengal
76Kalabagan700053KolkataWest Bengal
77Kalagachia700063KolkataWest Bengal
78Kalighat700026KolkataWest Bengal
79Kalikapur700099KolkataWest Bengal
80Kalimandir700026KolkataWest Bengal
81Kalindi Housing estate700089KolkataWest Bengal
82Kankurgachi700054KolkataWest Bengal
83Kasba700042KolkataWest Bengal
84Kasthadanga700061KolkataWest Bengal
85Keoratala700026KolkataWest Bengal
86Khengrapatti700001KolkataWest Bengal
87Khiddirpore700023KolkataWest Bengal
88Kolkata Mint700053KolkataWest Bengal
89Kolkata University700073KolkataWest Bengal
90Kolkatta.700001KolkataWest Bengal
91L.R.sarani700020KolkataWest Bengal
92Lake Gardens700045KolkataWest Bengal
93Lake Market700029KolkataWest Bengal
94Lalbazar700001KolkataWest Bengal
95Lansdowne Market700025KolkataWest Bengal
96Linton Street700014KolkataWest Bengal
97Little Russel street700071KolkataWest Bengal
98Madrassa700016KolkataWest Bengal
99Mahendra Banerjee road700060KolkataWest Bengal
100Mansatala700023KolkataWest Bengal
101Memanpur Chandannagar700141KolkataWest Bengal
102Middleton Row700071KolkataWest Bengal
103Mominpur700027KolkataWest Bengal
104Mott Lane700013KolkataWest Bengal
105Mukundapur700099KolkataWest Bengal
106N.R.avenue700053KolkataWest Bengal
107Naktala700047KolkataWest Bengal
108Narkeldanga700011KolkataWest Bengal
109Natioinal Library700027KolkataWest Bengal
110Netaji Nagar700040KolkataWest Bengal
111New Alipore700053KolkataWest Bengal
112New Market700087KolkataWest Bengal
113New Secretariat bldg.700001KolkataWest Bengal
114P.G.reach700024KolkataWest Bengal
115Panchanantala700034KolkataWest Bengal
116Panchasayar700094KolkataWest Bengal
117Park Circus700017KolkataWest Bengal
118Park Street700016KolkataWest Bengal
119Parnasree Pally700060KolkataWest Bengal
120Parsibagan700009KolkataWest Bengal
121Paschim Barisha700063KolkataWest Bengal
122Paschim Putiari700041KolkataWest Bengal
123Pgh Shah road700032KolkataWest Bengal
124Phulbagan700054KolkataWest Bengal
125Princep Street700072KolkataWest Bengal
126R.K.seva pratisthan700026KolkataWest Bengal
127R.N. mukherjee road700001KolkataWest Bengal
128Rabindra Nagar700018KolkataWest Bengal
129Radha Bazar700001KolkataWest Bengal
130Raipur Jorabagan road700047KolkataWest Bengal
131Raja J.n.market700023KolkataWest Bengal
132Raja Ram mohan sarani700009KolkataWest Bengal
133Rajabagan Dock yard700044KolkataWest Bengal
134Ram Krishna samadhi road700054KolkataWest Bengal
135Ramkrishna Park700025KolkataWest Bengal
136Rash Behari avenue700029KolkataWest Bengal
137Regent Estate700092KolkataWest Bengal
138Regent Park700040KolkataWest Bengal
139Reserve Bank building700001KolkataWest Bengal
140Russa700040KolkataWest Bengal
141Russel Street700071KolkataWest Bengal
142S.R.f.t.i.700094KolkataWest Bengal
143Sahanagar700026KolkataWest Bengal
144Sahapur700038KolkataWest Bengal
145Sales Tax building700015KolkataWest Bengal
146Sankaritola700012KolkataWest Bengal
147Santoshpur700075KolkataWest Bengal
148Santoshpur Avenue700075KolkataWest Bengal
149Sarat Bose road700029KolkataWest Bengal
150Sarsoona700061KolkataWest Bengal
151Seal Lane700015KolkataWest Bengal
152Sealdah700014KolkataWest Bengal
153Senhati700034KolkataWest Bengal
154Shakespeare Sarani700017KolkataWest Bengal
155Sirity700041KolkataWest Bengal
156Sonai700043KolkataWest Bengal
157Sooterkin Street700072KolkataWest Bengal
158South Eastern railway700043KolkataWest Bengal
159Southern Market700026KolkataWest Bengal
160Strand Road700007KolkataWest Bengal
161Subhash Sarabor700010KolkataWest Bengal
162T.C.road700033KolkataWest Bengal
163T.G.road700024KolkataWest Bengal
164Taltala700014KolkataWest Bengal
165Tangra700015KolkataWest Bengal
166Taratala Road700088KolkataWest Bengal
167Telecom Factory700088KolkataWest Bengal
168Telephone Bhawan700001KolkataWest Bengal
169Thakurpukur700063KolkataWest Bengal
170Tiretta Bazar700073KolkataWest Bengal
171Tollygunge700033KolkataWest Bengal
172Treasury Building700001KolkataWest Bengal
173Viveknagar700075KolkataWest Bengal
174W.B.assembly house700001KolkataWest Bengal
175W.B.governors camp.700062KolkataWest Bengal
176Watgunge700023KolkataWest Bengal
177Writer's Building700001KolkataWest Bengal
178Yogayog Bhawan700012KolkataWest Bengal

About Kolkata

The largest and capital city of the Indian state of West Bengal is Kolkata. Situated 80 km (50 mi) west of the Bangladeshi border, it is situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. It serves as eastern and northeastern India’s main hub for trade and finance. With an estimated 4.5 million people living in the city proper, Kolkata is the seventh most populated city in India (0.45 crore). With a population of more than 15 million (1.5 crore), it serves as the hub of the Kolkata Metropolitan Region, one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the world.


The discovery and excavation of Chandraketugarh, which is located 35 km (22 mi) north of Kolkata, have shown that the area has been inhabited for more than two millennia. With the arrival of the English East India Company in 1690, which was strengthening its trade enterprise in Bengal, Kolkata’s recorded history began. Although Job Charnock is frequently recognized as the city’s founder, the Calcutta High Court declared in 2003 that the city did not have a founder in response to a public petition.


Kolkata is located in eastern India’s lower Ganges Delta, roughly 75 km (47 mi) west of Bangladesh’s international border. The city is broadly spread out north-south along the east bank of the Hooghly River, at an elevation of 1.5–9 m (5–30 ft). Over the years, a large portion of the city that had once been a wetland was reclaimed to make room for the growing population. A “wetland of international importance” was declared for the remaining undeveloped regions, referred to as the East Kolkata Wetlands, by the Ramsar Convention (1975).


Kolkata receives the majority of its yearly rainfall of 1,850 mm (73 in) from rains carried in by the Bay of Bengal branch of the south-west summer monsoon, which lashes the city between June and September. July and August saw the highest total monthly rainfall. The average monthly temperature is between 19 and 30 °C (66 and 86 °F); the annual average is 26.8 °C (80.2 °F). Maximum temperatures can surpass 40 °C (104 °F) in May and June during dry spells. Summers (March–June) are hot and muggy with lows in the 30s.


The Calcutta Stock Exchange is located in Kolkata, which serves as the financial and economic center of East and North-East India. It is one of five cities in eastern India with an international airport, and it is a significant military and economic port. Once the most important city in India, Kolkata saw a steady collapse in its economy in the decades after independence as a result of sharp population growth and an expansion in militant trade-unionism, which included regular strikes supported by left-wing organizations. Businesses moved and several factories shuttered between the 1960s and the late 1990s.


Residents of Kolkata are referred to as Calcuttan and Kolkatan. The population of the 185 sq km (71 sq mi) Kolkata district, as per the provisional results of the 2011 national census, was 4,486,679, with a population density of 24,252/sq km (62,810/sq mi). This indicates a 1.88% decrease for the 2001–2011 period. The gender ratio is below the national average by 899 females for every 1000 males. The increase of working men from West Bengal’s surrounding rural areas, who frequently leave their families behind, lowers the ratio.


Kolkata, the historic capital of India, is renowned for its revolutionary, artistic, and literary traditions. It also gave rise to contemporary Indian literary and creative thought. Kolkata has been dubbed the “cultural [or literary] capital of India” in addition to the “City of Furious, Creative Energy”. The city is distinguished by the existence of paras, or neighborhoods with a strong sense of community. Every para usually has a community club and perhaps a playing field. Addas, or casual conversations, are enjoyed by the residents and frequently take the shape of unstructured, thought-provoking dialogue.


What is a postal index number, or PIN?

To help with the effective sorting and delivery of mail inside India, each location or neighborhood is given a PIN, or Postal Index Number. It facilitates precise destination identification for postal services.

How can I locate the PIN for the Kolkata neighborhood where I live?

Using the search function on the Kolkata Pincodes page, you may quickly locate the PIN number for your neighborhood in Kolkata. All you have to do is type in the name of your community, and the associated PIN code will appear.

Are PINs the same in Kolkata for all areas?

No, every neighborhood, locality, and area in Kolkata has a distinct PIN code. Correct PIN code usage is essential for precise letter delivery and addressing.

How important is it to enter the right PIN code?

Your mail, shipments, and packages will arrive at their destination precisely and on time if you use the right PIN code. It improves mail delivery efficiency and simplifies postal operations.

What are the advantages of precise PIN codes for businesses in Kolkata?

PIN codes that are precise are useful for addressing, shipping, and logistics for businesses in Kolkata. A valid PIN number lowers shipping errors, guarantees on-time delivery of goods, and improves customer happiness.