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Pincodes of Lalitpur

Lalitpur Pincodes – Discover the Key to Your Location! Welcome to ‘Pincodes of My Location,’ your gateway to Lalitpur’s unique postal codes. Lalitpur, a historic city in Uttar Pradesh, boasts a diverse range of pincodes that define its various neighborhoods and localities. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, our comprehensive list of Lalitpur pincodes will help you navigate the city with ease. From planning deliveries to finding specific areas, our user-friendly website ensures you have the precise information you need. Explore Lalitpur’s distinctive pincodes and simplify your location-based needs effortlessly. Uncover the secrets of Lalitpur’s diverse neighborhoods through ‘Pincodes of My Location.'”

Lalitpur Pincodes

Here is a list of Lalitpur Pincodes

1Alapur284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
2Arjunkhiriya284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
3Asaupura284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
4Baarod284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
5Bachhraoni284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
6Badiwar Kalan284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
7Baghaura284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
8Balabehat284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
9Bamhori Bahadur singh284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
10Bamhori Kalan284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
11Bamhori Khandel284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
12Bamhori Madawra284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
13Bamhori Sarr284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
14Bangawan Kalan284136LalitpurUttar Pradesh
15Banpur284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
16Bansi284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
17Barh284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
18Barkhiriya284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
19Baroda Daang284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
20Baroda Swami284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
21Baroda-bijlaun284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
22Basatguwan284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
23Bastrawan284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
24Bhailoni Lodh284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
25Bhailoni Suba284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
26Bhaoni284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
27Bhondi284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
28Bhuchera284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
29Bijrautha284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
30Billa284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
31Birdha284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
32Bomori Bansa284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
33Bunt284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
34Burhwar284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
35Chadhraoo284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
36Chhapchhaul284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
37Chiglauwa284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
38Chungi284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
39Dailwara284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
40Daoni284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
41Dasrara284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
42Deoran284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
43Deori284501LalitpurUttar Pradesh
44Dhangol284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
45Dhauri Sagar284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
46Dhaurra284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
47Dhawa284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
48Dhawari284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
49Didonia284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
50Dongra Kalan284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
51Dongra Khurd284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
52Dulawan284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
53Gadiya284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
54Gadyana284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
55Garholi Kalan284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
56Gauna284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
57Ghatwar284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
58Ghisauli284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
59Gidwaha284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
60Girar284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
61Gona Kushmadh284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
62Gurha284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
63Hasarkalan284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
64Jakhaura284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
65Jakhlaun284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
66Jamalpur284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
67Jamuniya284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
68Jeeron284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
69Jijyawan284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
70Kachnadakala284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
71Kadesarakalan284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
72Kailguwan284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
73Kailwara284501LalitpurUttar Pradesh
74Kakdari284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
75Kakrauwa284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
76Kalyanpura284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
77Karitoran284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
78Karmai284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
79Katra Bazar lalitpur284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
80Khajuriya284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
81Khandi284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
82Khiriya Chhatara284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
83Khiriya Latkanju284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
84Khitwans284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
85Kisalwans284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
86Kuagaon284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
87Kuantala284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
88Kumheri284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
89Ladhwari284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
90Lagaun284501LalitpurUttar Pradesh
91Lake-view-camp284125LalitpurUttar Pradesh
92Lakhanpura284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
93Lalitpur284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
94Lalitpur Railway station284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
95Madanwara284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
96Madawra284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
97Mahauli284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
98Mahroni284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
99Mainwara284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
100Marrauli284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
101Masaura Khurd284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
102Matatila284136LalitpurUttar Pradesh
103Mirchwara284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
104Miyaoon284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
105Muhara284122LalitpurUttar Pradesh
106Nagara284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
107Naikaura284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
108Nainwara284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
109Nanaura284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
110Narahat284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
111Natthikheda284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
112Nauharkalan284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
113Niwai Nibaho284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
114Paah284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
115Padhna284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
116Pali284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
117Paraul284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
118Paron284123LalitpurUttar Pradesh
119Patauwa284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
120Patha284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
121Patna284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh
122Pawa284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
123Pipra Raipur284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
124Piprai284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
125Poora Kalan284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
126Poora Virdha284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
127Pura Kakdari284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
128Rajawan284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
129Rajghat Dam project284501LalitpurUttar Pradesh
130Rajwara284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
131Rakh Panchampur284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
132Ronda284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
133Sadhumar284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
134Saidpur284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
135Sanori284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
136Sarsend284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
137Satarwans284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
138Saujana284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
139Serwans Kalan284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
140Serwans Khurd284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
141Siddhisagar284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
142Silawan284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
143Silgan284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
144Sindwaha284405LalitpurUttar Pradesh
145Siron Kalan284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
146Siron Madawra284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
147Sirsi284124LalitpurUttar Pradesh
148Sonrai284404LalitpurUttar Pradesh
149Sunwaha284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
150Talbehat284126LalitpurUttar Pradesh
151Tera284403LalitpurUttar Pradesh
152Thanwara284501LalitpurUttar Pradesh
153Udaipura284402LalitpurUttar Pradesh
154Umariya284406LalitpurUttar Pradesh

About Lalitpur 

Lalitpur District, nestled in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, India, is a significant part of the Jhansi Division. Established in 1974, it encompasses an expansive 5,039 square kilometers, making it a notable district within the state. Lalitpur, serving as the district’s central hub and administrative capital, is where its heartbeat thrives. Situated in a unique geographic arrangement, the district shares a narrow connection with Jhansi District to the northeast, while it finds itself almost entirely enclosed by the state of Madhya Pradesh, forming a remarkable example of a salient. Explore this captivating district’s rich heritage, culture, and natural beauty.


The Lalitpur district’s history is intertwined with the region’s dynamic past. Initially part of the Chanderi state, established in the 17th century by a Bundela Rajput, descended from Rudra Pratap Singh of Orchha. In the 18th century, Chanderi, like much of Bundelkhand, fell under Maratha rule. In 1812, Daulat Rao Sindhia of neighboring Gwalior absorbed Chanderi. By 1844, the British took control, naming it the Chanderi District of British India, with Lalitpur as its hub. The British briefly lost control during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, regaining it in late 1858. In 1861, the district west of the Betwa, including Chanderi, returned to Gwalior, while the rest was renamed Lalitpur district. It remained a part of Jhansi district from 1891 to 1974 when it was separated.


According to the 2011 census data, Lalitpur district in Uttar Pradesh had a population of 1,221,592, which is roughly equivalent to the nation of Bahrain or the US state of New Hampshire. This population ranking places the district at 391st out of a total of 640 districts in India. Lalitpur has a population density of 242 people per square kilometer (630/sq mi), and it experienced a population growth rate of 24.57% between 2001 and 2011. The district has a sex ratio of 905 females for every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 64.95%. Approximately 14.36% of the population resides in urban areas. Scheduled Castes account for 19.69% of the population, while Scheduled Tribes make up 5.86%. Notably, the district is also home to the Saharias, a tribal community.


Lalitpur district is nestled within the picturesque Bundelkhand hill country, extending from the southern outskirts of the Vindhya Range to the northern tributaries of the Yamuna River. In the district’s southern reaches, you’ll encounter parallel ridged hills, while rivers meander through valleys, cascading over granite and quartz ledges. As you venture northward, the rugged granite formations give way to clusters of smaller hills. Notably, Lalitpur is rich in minerals, boasting an abundance of granite, maurum, pyrophyllite, sandstone, and various other valuable resources, making it a significant player in the mineral industry. Explore Lalitpur’s diverse landscapes and mineral wealth.


In 2006, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj designated Lalitpur as one of India’s 250 most disadvantaged districts, out of a total of 640. Presently, it is among the 34 districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh that are beneficiaries of financial support through the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). This program aims to uplift and develop regions facing socio-economic challenges, focusing on improving the overall well-being and infrastructure of such areas. Lalitpur’s inclusion underscores the government’s commitment to addressing disparities and promoting progress in underserved regions, ultimately fostering growth and development for its residents and communities.


Is Lalitpur in MP or up?

Lalitpur is in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), not Madhya Pradesh (MP).

What is special in Lalitpur?

Lalitpur is known for its historical significance, ancient temples, and cultural heritage. It's also recognized for its intricate pottery and craftsmanship, reflecting the city's rich traditions.

Which language is spoken in Lalitpur?

The primary language spoken in Lalitpur is Hindi, as it is the official language of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, people may also speak Bundelkhandi and other regional dialects.

Which river flows in Lalitpur?

The Betwa River flows through Lalitpur, adding to the region's natural beauty and providing water resources for the local communities and agriculture.

What are the 4 stupas of Lalitpur?

Lalitpur is famous for its four ancient Buddhist stupas known as the "Lalitpur Chaitya," including Dhunge Dhara, Pulchowk, Gopadattu, and Teta (Pipalpati) stupas, which hold historical and cultural significance.