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Ananthnag Pincodes​

Ananthnag Pincodes, a picturesque district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, boasts a range of unique pincodes that cater to its diverse topography and population. The Ananthnag Pincodes encompass this region’s towns, villages, and remote areas, facilitating efficient mail delivery and location identification. These pincodes are essential for residents, businesses, and government services to ensure seamless communication and logistics. Ananthnag’s pincodes reflect its geographical and cultural diversity, making it easier for anyone to pinpoint specific areas within this scenic district nestled in the heart of the Himalayas.

Ananthnag Pincodes

Here is a list of Ananthnag Pincodes

1Achabal192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
2Achan192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
3Ahalangodol192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
4Aharbal193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
5Ahmedabad193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
6Akhal192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
7Akingam192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
8Akura192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
9Anantnag192101AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
10Anantnag City192122AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
11Arrah192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
12Arwani192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
13Ashmuji192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
14Awenura192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
15Barsoo192122AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
16Beerwara192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
17Behibagh192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
18Bijbehara192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
19Bonagand192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
20Brah192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
21Brinal Lamar192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
22Buchoo192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
23Buchroo192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
24Bugam192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
25Bulbul Nowgam192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
26Bumthan192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
27Chadder192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
28Chakilpora192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
29Chakura192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
30Chambgund192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
31Chanderwadi (sessional)192230AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
32Chandhara192122AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
33Chattargui192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
34Cheersoo192122AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
35Chimar193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
36Chitragam192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
37Chowgam192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
38D.H pora193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
39D.K marg193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
40Daksum192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
41Dalseer192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
42Danipora192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
43Demidulla192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
44Dethunagnarian192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
45Devsar192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
46Dhane Bougund192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
47Dhawtoo192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
48Dialgam192210AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
49Digripora192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
50Dooru192211AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
51Fatehpora192211AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
52Frisal192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
53Gadipora192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
54Gairoo192122AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
55Gopal Pora192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
56Gopalpora193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
57Gosani Gund192211AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
58Gouripora192122AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
59Guddar192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
60H.C.gam192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
61Hakura Badasgam192211AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
62Halsidar192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
63Hardtour192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
64Hef Shermal192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
65Hiller Arahama192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
66Hiller Shahabad192211AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
67Honipora192121AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
68Hugam192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
69Hutmarah192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
70Janglath Mandi192101AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
71Kanilwan192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
72Kanipora192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
73Kapran192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
74Kaprin192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
75Kathsoo192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
76Katrasoo192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
77Khanabal192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
78Khanda192121AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
79Kharam192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
80Kharapora192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
81Khigogipora192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
82Khull193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
83Khuri Bhatapora193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
84Kilam Bazgam192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
85Kokarnag192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
86Konibal192121AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
87Kragsoo192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
88Krandigam192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
89Kriri Nowpora192211AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
90Kullar192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
91Laripora192126AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
92Larkipora192211AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
93Larnoo192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
94Lathpora192122AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
95Litter192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
96Lower Mundah192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
97Ludhoo191103AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
98M/gufan192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
99Malwan192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
100Mandakpal191103AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
101Manjmoh192221AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
102Manzgam193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
103Marhama192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
104Martand192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
105Mirhama192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
106Mnadhole192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
107Mohind192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
108Monghal192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
109Muti Handoo192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
110Naina192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
111Nalasundhari192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
112Nambal192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
113Nandi Marg193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
114Nandigam193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
115Nanil192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
116Narapora192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
117Nasnoor193303AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
118Nehama192121AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
119Nellow192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
120Nissu192221AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
121Noonmai192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
122Nowbug192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
123Nowgam192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
124Nowpora192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
125Omanagri192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
126Opzen192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
127Pahaloo192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
128Panchtarni(sessional)192126AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
129Panzeth192221AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
130Panzgam192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
131Pariwan192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
132Phalgam192126AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
133Qanmar192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
134Qazigund192221AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
135Quimoh192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
136Ranbirpora192125AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
137Ratnipora192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
138Reban Gund192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
139Sadinare192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
140Sallar192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
141Sambura192121AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
142Sangam192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
143Sarnal192101AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
144Shalgam192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
145Shamsipora192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
146Shangas192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
147Sheshanag (sessional)192230AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
148Shurat192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
149Sirhama192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
150Soaf Shali192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
151Sopat Tougpora192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
152Srigufwaea192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
153Sugan192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
154Tarigam192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
155Telwani192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
156Tulkhana192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
157Turka Wangam192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
158Urranhal192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
159Utersoo192201AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
160Vailobrang192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
161Vandevalgam192202AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
162Vanpoh192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
163Veeri192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
164Verinaag192212AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
165Vessu192102AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
166Vokey192231AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
167Wachi192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
168Waghama192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
169Wallarhama192401AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
170Wangund192221AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
171Wasoora192305AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
172Yaripora192232AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
173Yarkhoshipora192221AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
174Zanipora192124AnanthnagJammu And kashmir
175Zantrag191103AnanthnagJammu And kashmir

About Ananthnag

Anantnag, alternatively known as Islamabad, stands as the pivotal administrative hub within the Anantnag district of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, nestled amidst the contentious Kashmir region. Situated approximately 53 kilometers (33 miles) away from the capital of the union territory, Srinagar, it ranks as the third-largest city in Jammu and Kashmir, following Srinagar and Jammu. The urban agglomerate houses a population of 159,838, while the municipal limits embrace 109,433 residents. Anantnag, with its unique blend of culture and history, is a significant center in this politically sensitive region, marked by its strategic location and historical significance.


Anantnag stands as one of the world’s ancient human settlements, with a rich history spanning nearly 3,000 years. It finds its roots deeply embedded in the annals of time, making appearances in legendary epics, ancient chronicles, and meticulously preserved archival records. Dating back to the Neolithic age, Anantnag is an enduring testament to human civilization’s enduring presence. This historical city-state has weathered the ages, retaining its significance and offering a captivating glimpse into the past, shaping the cultural and historical tapestry of the region for millennia.


Anantnag, a significant urban center in Jammu and Kashmir, presents three distinct definitions based on population and geographical boundaries. Firstly, the Anantnag Municipal Council, covering an area of 15.72 km2, recorded a population of 109,433 in the 2011 census. Secondly, Anantnag city, including its outgrowths, expanded over 37.94 km2 and housed 150,592 residents during the same period. Lastly, the Anantnag Urban Agglomeration encompassed a larger area of 40.44 km2, accommodating 159,838 individuals. In 2011, the city’s population, including outgrowths, comprised 52% males and 48% females, with a notable 73.8% literacy rate among those aged six and above, highlighting the region’s demographic diversity and educational attainment.


Anantnag is situated at coordinates 33.73°N latitude and 75.15°E longitude, perched at an elevation of 5,300 feet (1,600 meters) above sea level. This charming town is located approximately 53 kilometers (33 miles) away from the bustling city of Srinagar. It sits along National Highway 44, formerly known as NH 1A before the comprehensive renumbering of India’s national highways. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the region, Anantnag’s geographical location not only offers a serene escape from urban life but also serves as a pivotal point for travelers exploring the scenic wonders of Jammu and Kashmir.


In 2010 Anantnag was declared as major City of Export excellence with a total GDP of 3.7 billion $.The high GDP of Anantnag is due to the centralised position and presence of high concentration of troops and migrant labours in it. Anantnag has a strategic position lying on the main North-South Corridor Road and with the highest number of tourist destinations it an economic hub of Kashmir Valley. The city suffered heavily during conflict times of the 1990s; many roads, bridges, and government buildings were reduced to ash. But in the 2000s, it made a quick recovery. It has been listed among 100 fastest economically developing cities


What is Anantnag popularly known as?

Anantnag is popularly known as the "Land of Springs" due to its abundance of natural springs and scenic beauty, making it a captivating destination in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

In which district Anantnag comes?

Anantnag is a district itself in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, located in the southern part of the region, known for its natural beauty and cultural significance.

Which is the largest village in Anantnag?

The largest village in Anantnag district is the village of Mattan, known for its historical and religious significance, including the ancient Martand Sun Temple ruins.

Which airport is near to Anantnag?

The nearest airport to Anantnag is the Srinagar International Airport, which is approximately 65 kilometers away from the district and serves as the primary gateway for air travelers to the region.

Which temple is famous in Anantnag?

The famous temple in Anantnag is the Martand Sun Temple, an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the Sun God. It is renowned for its architectural and historical significance.