Baramulla Pincodes

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Baramulla Pincodes

Baramulla Pincodes, a picturesque town in Jammu and Kashmir, boasts several unique pincodes to efficiently navigate its diverse localities. These Baramulla pincodes are crucial for precise postal deliveries and pinpointing specific regions within this scenic region. Whether you’re sending a letter, parcel, or simply seeking to locate an address in Baramulla, these pincodes serve as your geographical coordinates, ensuring swift and accurate deliveries. From the bustling markets to the serene neighborhoods, Baramulla’s pincodes are your gateway to exploring this culturally rich and breathtaking destination with ease and precision.

Baramulla Pincodes

Here is a list of Baramulla Pincodes

1Achoora193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
2Ajas193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
3Aloosa193508BaramullaJammu And kashmir
4Amchikundal193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
5Andergam193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
6Arin193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
7Asham193504BaramullaJammu And kashmir
8Ashpora193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir
9Ashtingoo193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
10Athoora193198BaramullaJammu And kashmir
11Ayatmulla193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
12Babareshi193402BaramullaJammu And kashmir
13Baduab193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
14Badugam193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
15Bagtore193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
16Balhama193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
17Balkote193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
18Bandipora193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
19Bandipora Chowk193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
20Bankote193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
21Baramulla193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
22Barnoi Kashpeth193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
23Batvina193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
24Behrampora193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir
25Bijhama193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
26Binner193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
27Bomai193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
28Boniyar193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
29Botingoo193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
30Bulgam193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
31Chandanwari193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
32Chandil waniyam193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
33Chandilora193402BaramullaJammu And kashmir
34Chandooda193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
35Chatloosa193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
36Chatoosa193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir
37Check Sariwarpora193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
38Chetti Bandi193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
39Chijhama193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
40Chiva193504BaramullaJammu And kashmir
41Chutimulla193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
42Dachi193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
43Dangerpora193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
44Dangiwacha193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir
45Delina193103BaramullaJammu And kashmir
46Devbugh193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
47Devpora193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
48Dhanisaidan193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
49Doabgah193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
50Dooru193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
51Ferozpora193402BaramullaJammu And kashmir
52Gamroo193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
53Ganasthan193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
54Gantmulla193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
55Garkote193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
56Garoora193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
57Gingle193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
58Gohan193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
59Goshbugh193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
60Gujran193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
61Gulmarg193403BaramullaJammu And kashmir
62Gund Ibrahim193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
63Gund Jahangir193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
64Gund Kh. qasim193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
65Gurez193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
66Hadipora193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
67Haigam193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
68Hajhal193402BaramullaJammu And kashmir
69Hajin193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
70Hakbara193504BaramullaJammu And kashmir
71Hanjiwera193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
72Hard Ahoora193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
73Hard Shora193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
74Hardichhloo193402BaramullaJammu And kashmir
75Harduchanam193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir
76Hardushiva193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
77Hariwatnoo193402BaramullaJammu And kashmir
78Harwan193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
79Hathlangoo193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
80Heavan193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
81Ijara193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
82Isham193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
83Jabla193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
84Jamia Qadim193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
85Kachawa Muqam193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
86Kalantra193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
87Kaloosa193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
88Kamalkote193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
89Kanispora193103BaramullaJammu And kashmir
90Kanzalwan193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
91Kawarahama193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
92Khadnyar193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
93Khahmoh193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
94Khaipora193198BaramullaJammu And kashmir
95Khaitangan193103BaramullaJammu And kashmir
96Khanpeth193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
97Khanpora193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
98Khawaja Bagh193103BaramullaJammu And kashmir
99Khenusa193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
100Khore193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
101Kralweth193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
102Krankshivam193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
103Kreeri193198BaramullaJammu And kashmir
104Kunzar193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
105Lachipora193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
106Ladoora193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
107Lalpora Bangil193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
108Langate193302BaramullaJammu And kashmir
109Laridora193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
110Lawaypora193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
111Madwan193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
112Magam193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
113Malangam193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
114Malmoh193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
115Malpora193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
116Mamoosa193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
117Mantrigam193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
118Markoot193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
119Matipora193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
120Met , sopore193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
121Mirgund193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
122Mohara193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
123Mulgam193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
124Mundji193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
125Nadihal193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
126Naidkhai193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
127Nambla193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
128Nehalpora193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
129Nesbal193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
130Nowgam193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
131Nowpora193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
132Nowshera193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
133Onagam193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
134Palhallan193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
135Panzala193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
136Panzinara193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
137Parampilla193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
138Pattan193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
139Pringal193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
140Puranatilel193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
141Quilmuqam193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
142Rajghat193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
143Rengpeth193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir
144Rohama193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
145Sadadkootbala193504BaramullaJammu And kashmir
146Sadunara193504BaramullaJammu And kashmir
147Safapora193504BaramullaJammu And kashmir
148Sagipora193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
149Salamabad193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
150Saloosa193198BaramullaJammu And kashmir
151Sangrama193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
152Saradab193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
153Seelu193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
154Seer193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
155Seru Dangerpora193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
156Shadipora193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
157Shahgund193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
158Shirpora Bangil193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
159Shitloo193301BaramullaJammu And kashmir
160Shree193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
161Singhpora193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
162Sonawari193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
163Sonerwani193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
164Sopore193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
165Sopore Chowk193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
166Sultan Daki193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
167Sultanpora193501BaramullaJammu And kashmir
168Tangmarg193402BaramullaJammu And kashmir
169Tapper Waripora193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
170Tarbal193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
171Tarhama193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
172Tarzoo193202BaramullaJammu And kashmir
173Tilgam193198BaramullaJammu And kashmir
174Trikanjan193122BaramullaJammu And kashmir
175Tujar193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
176Uri193123BaramullaJammu And kashmir
177Ushukura193101BaramullaJammu And kashmir
178Wadoora193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
179Wagoora193103BaramullaJammu And kashmir
180Wail Kralpora193401BaramullaJammu And kashmir
181Wampora193503BaramullaJammu And kashmir
182Wanigam193198BaramullaJammu And kashmir
183Warpora193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
184Watergam193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir
185Watlab193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
186Watpora193502BaramullaJammu And kashmir
187Yal193121BaramullaJammu And kashmir
188Zaloora193201BaramullaJammu And kashmir
189Zethan193303BaramullaJammu And kashmir

About Baramulla

Baramulla, also referred to as Varmul in Kashmiri, stands as a significant city and municipality within the Baramulla district in the contested Kashmir region, under Indian administration. It serves as the administrative headquarters for the district and is situated alongside the banks of the River Jhelum, downstream from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Historically known as the “Gateway of Kashmir,” Baramulla played a pivotal role as a distribution hub for goods entering the Kashmir valley via the Jhelum valley cart road.The town’s original name was Vārāhamūla, derived from Sanskrit words, ‘Vārāha’ signifying “wild boar” and ‘Mūla’ denoting “root/origin.” It once thrived as a prominent urban settlement and trade center, though it endured substantial damage during the 1947 Pakistani tribal invasion of Kashmir. Today, Baramulla stands as a vital hub for commerce and education in Northern Kashmir.


Baramulla’s historical legacy dates back to approximately 2306 B.C., with legend attributing its founding to Raja Bhimsina, though concrete evidence is scarce. Across the centuries, this city has captivated notable travelers, such as the Chinese scholar Xuanzang and British historian Moorcraft, who chronicled their experiences here. Baramulla held a distinct allure for Mughal emperors, serving as a pivotal rest stop on their journeys into the picturesque Kashmir Valley. In 1508 A.D., Emperor Akbar graced Baramulla with his presence, and according to Tarikh-e-Hassan, he adorned the city during his stay. Similarly, in 1620, Emperor Jahangir chose Baramulla as his temporary residence during his visit to Kashmir. These significant historical episodes continue to enrich Baramulla’s cultural tapestry, adding layers of heritage to its timeless charm.


Baramulla, situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is the fourth-most populous city in the region.[23] The city is divided into two distinct areas: the old town, known as Shehr-e-Khas, and the newer part referred to as Greater Baramulla. In terms of religion, Islam is the predominant faith, with 85.28% of the population following it, followed by Sikhism at 8.69%, Hinduism at 5.57%, Christianity at 0.29%, Buddhism at 0.03%, and a small percentage not stating their religious affiliation, as per the 2011 census data. As of 2011, Baramulla had a total population of 71,434, comprising 38,677 males (54%) and 32,757 females (46%). Among them, 8,878 individuals (12.4%) fell in the age group of 0-6, with 4,851 being males (55%) and 4,027 females (45%). The literacy rate for the population above six years old was 79.6%, with males at 87.3% and females at 70.6%.


Baramulla, situated at the highest point along the Jhelum River, spans from Village Khushalpora in the east to Village Boniyar in the west within its Baramulla tehsil. The historic old town resides on the northern bank of the river, while the newer settlement sprawls on the southern bank, interconnected by five bridges, including a suspension bridge linking Gulnar Park and Dewan Bagh. Additional bridges are under construction or in the planning stages, with one set to connect Khanpora and Drangbal areas. The older town, though densely populated, is smaller, while the new town houses government offices, hospitals, the bus station, and various amenities. The Baramulla railway station lies on the eastern fringe of the new town, adjacent to the river. Downstream from the old town, the Jhelum River bifurcates at Khadanyar, forming an island recognized as Eco Park.


Baramulla, situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, holds the distinction of being the largest producer of horticulture products in the region. Its expansive landscape is dotted with lush apple orchards that yield world-class apples. Additionally, the district is home to a rare Rabbit Farm in Palhallan, Pattan, making it one of just two such facilities in Northern India, with the other located in Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, Baramulla boasts a Silk Worm breeding unit at Mir Gund, Pattan. The district also contributes significantly to the state’s power generation with three state-owned powerhouses: the Lower Jehlum Hydel Project at Gantamulla, Mohra Power House, and Asthan Nallah. The impressive 480 MW Uri Civil Hydel Power Project, owned by NHPC, harnesses the power of the Jehlum River in Uri, with its II Phase (220 MWs) currently in progress. This diverse range of agricultural and power-related activities has transformed Baramulla into a vibrant economic hub, earning it the moniker of “Eco Park.”


Is Baramulla in India or Pakistan?

Baramulla is located in the region of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a disputed territory claimed by both India and Pakistan. It is currently administered by India.

What is Baramulla famous for?

Baramulla is famous for being the largest producer of horticulture products in the region, particularly renowned for its apple orchards. It also houses a Rabbit Farm, Silk Worm breeding unit, and power generation facilities.

What is the name of Baramulla Highway?

The main highway passing through Baramulla is the Srinagar-Baramulla Highway, also known as National Highway 1D (NH-1D). It connects Baramulla to Srinagar and serves as a crucial transportation route in the region.

Is Baramulla a city or town?

Baramulla is a town located in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. While it holds significance as an urban center, it is typically referred to as a town.

What is the old name of Baramulla?

The old name of Baramulla was Varahamula, which dates back to ancient times. Over the years, it evolved into its current name, Baramulla.